I have spent most of my time on politics and entertainment up to this point, but look forward to entering some interesting sports blogs. Currently the CFL is going at full tilt, and I am an Argo fan, so stay tuned, there may be some interesting developments. I may also just have brief comments along the way as a response to controversial issues that may arise. The months of February , March and April should be busy, as that is curling season, which is my favourite sport. I will  also have comments on the Toronto Maple Leafs as the season goes along.
Dave's Crystal Ball
Season Record for 2010
was 40-32
Game by game analysis starts soon!

CFL Predictions for 2011

Allouettes  12-6
Tiger-Cats  10-8
Argonauts  9-9
Blue Bombers  5-13  
Lions 11-7
Roughriders 10-8
Stampeders 9-9
Eskimos  6-12

Toronto 29  Hamilton 28
Montreal 27  Toronto 19

Calgary 30  Saskatchewan 25
BC 31  Calgary 26

Grey Cup
BC 26  Montreal 25

It is very difficult to make projections at this point, and maybe by July 1 I'll have a different perspective, but now it looks like the Allouettes with a healthy Calvillo will still be an excellent ball club. The Argos are very unpredictable with the uncertainly at QB. Hamilton receiving core is darn good, and Colbourne might have a great year. The Blue Bombers will probably face major QB questions again.
I think Lulay will be successful leading the Lions. They will be a very physical team, and will be primed for a home appearance in November. Sask. and Calgary will be right behind. The Eskies will improve in their play, but I don't think it will show on their record. 
Week ONE!! 
Week TWO!!



Team RANKINGS after WEEK 4...noted July 17th
1. Saskatchewan...solid, consistent and aggressive...supurb quarterbacking.
2. Montreal...inconsistent on the ground, good receivers, experienced.
3. Toronto...I can't believe I have them third, but so far they've earned it. Protecting the ball, great pass defense.
4. Hamilton...good leadership, talented offense. Should move up over the next weeks.
5. B.C...nothing spectacular but the defense impressed against the Als...Cory Banks leads D...but issues at QB
6. Winnipeg...questions at QB, but Pierce has leadership qualities if he can stay on the field. Defense has slipped a bit.
7. Calgary...outside of Reynolds their offense is out of kilter. The Argos could have easily beaten them twice.  Defense is aggressive. 2-1 record misleading.
8. Edmonton...playing sloppy football...Ray needs to take charge, if he can!
Record After Week 4  10-6
Toronto  20   Montreal 26
BC  25   Edmonton  26
Hamilton  27  Saskatchewan  31
Winnipeg  26   Calgary 39 
Week 4 went as I expected except for the Stamps winning over the Riders. It seemed that Burris had to hit a low point before he got his act together. When the Calgarians offense is rolling they become possibly the leagues number 2 team. With Rambo coming back, they will be tough and should handle the Bombers. The Argos continue to win with solid defense and enough big plays to outscore their opponents, but I'm not sure that they are ready to beat the Als on the road. Saskatchewan are too good a team to lose two in a row, and will be in a miserable mood against the Tabbies, who still don't have their offense clicking. BC and Edmonton are two clubs going in the wrong direction, but Edmonton has a running game at least and they will be playing very desperate football, They should eke out a win.    
WOW...I went 4 for 4!!
Record is now 14-6      
New Rankings
Saskatchewan... The Riders have not been as sharp on big play execution which has made their games closer but they are so well balanced that any player in any position can come up with the big play. Montreal has an edge in week 6 only because of home field.
Montreal...The Als are nip and tuck with the Riders and Cobourne is starting to break out. They are showing depth at the receiver position, so a drop in receptions for Cahoon doesn't hurt much.
Calgary...The Stamps are improving. Rambo is a great addition and Burress is starting to play with more intensity. The defense is successfully pressuring the opposing QB's. Reynolds had a weak game...he must step it up.
Winnipeg...Playing solid football and could have beat the Stamps with better decision making by Jyles and the coaching staff. Their D-line is very tough, but they need the O-line to open more holes for Reid. They should get by Hamilton by putting a lot of heat on Glenn.
Toronto...The Argos had no chance against the Als and have the opportunity to rebound against the Eskies. The defense is giving up a little too much through the air. Maybe they're being aggressive to compensate for inconsistencies on passing offense. Lemon's passing is suspect, but he's disciplined and composed. I'd like to see Bell start though.
Hamilton...They look good but just seem to be having trouble putting it all together. Stala and Bruce are breaking out and their rushing game has to be established. I don't think they'll score enough on the Bombers to win. but it could go either way. 
Edmonton...Edmonton are still in disarray with the firing of Maciocia and need some tweeking on defense. Ray showed some leadership last week and they have a good chance of winning at home in week 6 against the Argos, though I'm calling for an Argo victory in a squeaker.
BC...The are in desperation at QB. Lulay is good but very raw and needs time. Simon is the only consistent receiver and their running game is wanting, so all the responsibility is left on the defense. The won't be able to score much against the Stamps.
Saskatchewan 33   Montreal 36
Toronto 26   Edmonton 25
Winnipeg 29   Hamilton 26
Calgary 25   BC 16
Record for Week 6 was 3-1
Record after week 6 is 17-7
Predictions for Week 7 are:
BC  21    Saskatchewan  32
Hamilton  29     Winnipeg   33 
Montreal  25    Toronto   26
Edmonton  34    Calgary  30
Rankings after Week 6:
1/2. Montreal and Saskatchewan are a dead heat. I'd give an edge to the Riders for having a more consistent offense but the Als haven't lost since weeek 1. 
3. The Stamps are dominant on defense and now have a lot of offensive weapons. They have only lost a game, and their offense hasn't really got on track yet. If they get hot offensively, and get Reynolds back in motion, they will threaten the Riders. Thelwell is suddenly becoming a factor.
4.  The Argos are number three by default. They are not turning the ball over and they have Boyd running wild. They have the old Argo style of "bend, but not break" defense and are pulling out victories in the fourth quarter. Lemon threw the ball significantly better in week 6.
5. The Cats and Bombers are pretty even, but the Cats have an edge at QB. Glenn is throwing very successfully to Bruce and Stala, but they still haven't got their running game going.
6. The Bombers are pretty solid at line play and have decent balance offensively, but aren't getting into the end zone. Jyles hasn't been consistent on executing intermediate plays.
7. The Eskimoes are playing hard, and are consistent on the ground but Ray isn't getting the ball to his receivers outside of Stamps. With stronger fourth quarters their record might not be bad.
8. The Lions are not good. Lulay wasn't even able to get the ball to Simon with any regularity, and Robertson didn't go anywhere this week. Some changes will be made.

WEEK 8: Record 19-9 (2-2 picks this week)

Winnipeg 19      Montreal  32
Hamilton 26    Toronto   29
1. Calgary...dominant defense...when Reynolds is going they have a very balanced attack as well
2. Saskatchewan...also a very balanced attack with great play variance, but defense not quite as strong as the Stamps
3. Montreal...still great against the run, but running attack slipped a bit last week
4. Toronto...score points in so many ways...but still need a bit more offensive consistency
5. Hamilton...need to improve running attack to compete with top teams
6. Winnipeg...looked better with Jyles later in last game, he spreads opposing defense better than Pierce
7. BC...no ground game...Jackson looked bad at QB last week
8. Edmonton..I thought they would rebound agianst the Stamps but the opposite happened, they imploded...only big changes will help now...how about Ricky Ray to the Lions for Simon!!

Picks 1-1 ....season record 20-10

Picks for this week

Calgary  28   BC  18
Saskatchewan  41     Edmonton   26

Rankings will be reported after the week 9 games.

WEEK  10

Picks 1-1...season record 21-11

Picks for this week:

BC  19     Montreal  30

Winnipeg  28    Saskatchewan  29

Toronto  21    Hamilton  25

Edmonton  16    Calgary  37


1. Calgary: Calgary is first in almost all defensive categories and their offense is improving every game.

2. Hamilton: The Cats are improving slowly and have moved up the ladder with the drop in play of the Als and Green Riders. Their defense might be under-rated. They still really haven't established offensive consistency.

3. Saskatchewan: Giving up a lot of ground yardage. Offense was totally flat for three quarters in Edmonton.

4.  Montreal: It's basically a pic 'em with the Riders but they get fourth because of Calvillo's injury.

5.  Toronto:  Couldn't move the ball in second half against Tiger-Cats and Copeland is out.

6. Winnipeg:  Unsure QB situation....still a decent running game and competitive line play. 

7.  Edmonton: Better line play this week, gave Zambrasky some time to pass (allthough he was a bit erratic). Run defense looked good and they covered Dressler well. 

8. BC:  Major problems at QB, I think it might be trade time.  No running game, although Davis gave them some life. Not getting the ball to Simon at all.

Week 11

Pick record 2-2...After Week 10 Record is 23-13

Calgary 40    Edmonton  19

Montreal  22   Hamilton   26

Toronto  22     BC   23

Saskatchewan  30   Winnipeg  28

Week  12

Pick record 2-2...After week 11 Record is 25-15

Calgary  33  Saskatchewan  22
Winnipeg  30    Toronto  20
Hamilton  21    BC
Edmonton  13     Montreal   36

Rankings after Week 11

1. Calgary...rolling along...can't run against them. Always force opponent to second and long...forcing the predictable play.
2. Montreal...looked great with McPherson. Very consistent receivers.
3. Winnipeg...are happy to know where they stand quarterback wise. Both lines very solid and well disciplined. A huge jump this week.
4. Saskatchewan...barely in forth. Passing game no longer aggressive. Durant forcing passes, often throwing too early to first called WR, rather than improvising... which is his game. 
5. Hamilton...will the real Tiger-Cats please stand up! When Glenn is on, I think the Tabbies are okay, but of course until they establish a running game the defense will be on the field all day.
6. BC...The Lions are on their way up. Printers looked better this weak and showed signs of being a bit more patient. The running game with Davis appears steady. Decent protection for Printers.
7. Toronto...a nightmare of errors! The Double Blue gave the game away last week and obviously discipline is the issue. I also think Lemon's improvement curve has stalled. He's going to have to pass more accurately in the future to establish himself as a CFL-type QB. He also signals plays.
8. Edmonton...they are done for 2010. There new GM should start re-building now. There are a lot of holes, but initially they have to give Zabransky some playing time to see if he is the real deal. If he is maybe they could deal Ray for some top draft choices, while Ray is still desirable. Jesse Lumsden will be a huge insert in the lineup if he can stay healthy.

Week 13

After week 12 I have slipped to 26-18 (1-3 this week)

(My ranking position is next to team)

Montreal (2) 33   Winnipeg (7) 23
Saskatchewan (3)  38     Hamilton (4)  33
BC (5)  26     Calgary (1)  30
Edmonton (8) 16    Toronto  (6) 27
1. Calgary: Still the best. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. The defense cracked a bit against the Riders, but it's bound to happen. They will be mean against the Lions.
2. Montreal: Still solid with no weaknesses. Have by far the best team in the east...so they might start to play a bit soft as the season goes on.
3. Saskatchewan: Looked a bit more like the old Riders. Fast and aggressive.
4. Hamilton: A bit more creative offensively agianst the Lions. Cobb finally cut loose.
5. BC: Improving every week. Should have knocked off the Cats. They were killed by a fourth quarter fumble.
6. Toronto: Strange team. Great defense...terrible offence. I would go with Bell at QB to open up the passing game.
7. Winnipeg: Im never sure where this team stands. They often lose because they dont have an offense or defense that can take over a game, even though they are both solid.
8. Edmonton: The new GM watched last week and Im sure the first changes will be made. Stay tuned. Without protection, Ray won' be able to lead the offense. Simple as that.

Things are getting trickier. I went 2-2 this week...so now I'm 28-20.

Next set of Predictions:

Montreal   37     Calgary   36
Saskatchewan   30     Toronto   19
Winnipeg   31     BC   29
Hamilton   29     Edmonton   26

Rankings next week.
Capsule comments: Green Riders have recaptured their panache and are heading back to a possible #1 ranking. Calgary was unprepared last week, including the coaching staff. I don't think they'll be able to rebound agianst the Als. Coach Barker has got to become a little more impatient. The Argo offense is a disaster. The Bombers and Lions are very interesting teams. They both have bad records, both are improving, both have a chance to become very competitive (if they're not already), and both have questions at QB, but I'd give Jyles an edge over Printers and Lulay. Hamilton goes when Cobb is effective. It seems to be as simple as that. They have a defense that isn't great but is consistently effective.

Prediction for standings: I think the Green Riders will end up first in the west. If the Bombers beat the Lions this week they have a shot at the cross-over playoff spot.  Of course they could catch the Argos as well. I think after its all over that the Argos will squeak in by a single game and BC will hang in and stay ahead of the Bombers by two games. 

WEEK: 15

2-2 for week 14...record now 30-22

My calls...

Edmonton  22     Hamilton  26

Toronto  19     Saskatchewan  35

Calgary  34     Montreal  33

BC  17     Winnipeg  26


1. Stamps...looking like the offense is back, no major injury issues, crowded backfield

2. Riders...The big play offense is working again, solid against the run (solid against the Argo pass, but that isn''t really saying anything), weakeness-special teams

3. Allouettes...Dropped down to third because there defense isn't stopping the pass, still solid, are they getting long in the tooth?

4. Tiger-Cats...weren't terrible against Edmonton, but still show inconsistency on offense

5. BC..basically a dead heat with the Bombers...maybe a notch better defensively

6. Blue Bombers...fairly balanced but Jyles has to connect on long routes for Winnipeg to win

7. Eskimos...the Igloomen are improving...Ray good on intermediate passing, defense more aggressive

8. Argonauts...the Argos are spinning downwards, they might end up fighting the Bombers for a playoff spot, passing game is totally dead, must change the playbook


Week 15 record 2-2....Season record 32-24


Hamilton  22   Toronto  28

Factor players: Boyd, Prefontaine

Edmonton  19     BC  29

Factor player: Davis

Winnipeg  30     Montreal  33

Factor player: Richardson

Calgary  26     Saskatchewan  36

Factor player: Fantuz


Record for week 16 was 1-3 OUCH!!! Record slipping to 33-27


Montreal 26 Hamilton 29

BC 21 Calgary 31

Toronto 23   Winnipeg 25

Saskatchewan 32  Edmonton 33

Current rankings:

1. Calgary- Burris seems hot and cold, but when they get a lead, they let Reynolds pound away, and they are hard to beat.

2. Montreal- Consistent and under great leadership from Calvillo. May stumble to the finish line, but will be playoff ready.

3. Saskatchewan- Have good games and bad games, but are explosive and always a threat.

4. Hamilton- Steady and improving defensively. Glenn provides leadership.

5. Edmonton- Improving both defensively and offensively and playing with desperation.

6. Winnipeg-  Exciting team, very compretitive, but mistake prone at key moments.

7. BC-  Pretty solid on defense, but Lulay is still learning.

8. Toronto-  You never know what they're going to do...but you can't rely on the offense.

The Grey Cup looks like its clearly between the Als, Stamps, and Riders, with the Ti-Cats as a possible threat.

 WEEK 18:

Another 2-2 week, now Im 35 and 29.


Montreal   26 Toronto   32
Hamilton   26 Calgary   27
Winnipeg   16 Edmonton   30
Saskatchewan  30  BC   31

New rankings:

1. Calgary...still first but slipping fast.
2. Montreal...still tough but playing for nothing
3. B.C...this is amazing, but BC right now is playing far better than Saskatchewan, and could get to the west final.
4. Hamilton...the defense has taken over
5. Edmonton...also moving up with a chance for a playoff spot and could even get to the final.
6. Saskatchewan...I don't have any idea where to put these guys, but they are reeling downwards.
7. Toronto...7th best team out of 8 and in the playoffs. Offense still doesn't work!
8. Winnipeg...Nothing to play for, plus no quarterback.
Week 19
Last week I was 3-1...total now 38-30


Montreal       Toronto     PRED: MONT 26     TOR 23
Winnipeg      Calgary     PRED: CALG 29     WINN 18
Saskatchewan     Edmonton     PRED: SASK 33      EDM 32
Hamilton     BC     HAM 31     BC 33



Hamilton 30   Toronto 21
Saskatchewan 29   BC 26

Second round predictions:

Montreal 29  Toronto 19
Saskatchewan 33  Calgary 32

GREY CUP Prediction

Montreal 34  Saskatchewan 29


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