Flaherty to Furse

Pat Flaherty



       Come on Marines,The Thin Man 1934, 365 Nights in Hollywood, Naughty Marietta, Eight Bells, Mutiny on the Bounty 1935,

My Man Godfrey, Navy Blue and Gold, A Day at the Races, A Star Is Born 1937, Pigskin Parade, Only Angels Have Wings,

Sabotage 1939, The Housekeeper's Daughter, Kitty Foyle: The Natural History of a Woman 1940, Meet John Doe, 

The Grapes of Wrath 1940, The Evil and Miss Jones, Sergeant York, Saboteur 1942 , Yankee Doodle Dandy,

It Happened In Flatbush, Gentleman Jim, Nocturne, The Best Years of Our Lives 1946,The Treasure of the Sierra Madre 1948,

Something In the Wind, The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer, The Daughter of Rosie O'Grady, Harvey, Tea for Two, The Lemon Drop Kid, Ball of Fire 1941,

The Pride of St. Louis, The Detective Story, Storm Warning, Pat and Mike, The Desperate Hours, The Bowery Boys Meet the Monsters

James Flavin



      The Airmail Mystery 1932King Kong 1933, Beloved, G Men, Magnificent Obsession 1935, Chinatown Squad 1935,

My Man Godfrey, San Quentin 1937, The League of Frightened Men 1937, 45 Fathers, Alexander's Ragtime Band 1938

The Roaring Twenties, The Grapes of Wrath 1940, The Gracie Allen Murder Case 1939 , Brother Orchid

The Man Who Knew Too Much, Four Mothers, Mannequin 1937, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Life Begins for Andy Hardy

The Strawberry Blonde 1941 , Girl in 313 1940, The Bride Came C.O.D., The Shadow of the Thin Man, Manpower 

Reap The Wild Wind, Yankee Doodle Dandy, Sabateur 1942High Sierra 1941Heaven Can Wait 1943, Laura, Mildred Pierce

The Big Sleep, Conflict 1945The Strange Love of Martha Ivers 1946, Unconquered, One Touch of Venus, The Fabulous Dorseys,

Up Front, O. Henry's Full House

Jo Van Fleet



     The Rose Tattoo 1955, I'll Cry Tomorrow, Gunfight at the O.K. Corral 1957, This Angry Age, 80 Steps to Jonah 1969,

Cool Hand Luke, Seize the Day 1986

Eric Fleming

The Glass Bottom Boat, Curse of the Undead, Queen of Outer Space 1958, Fright, Conquest of Space 1955

Ian Fleming



The Forsythe Saga (TV) 1967, The Lamp in Assassin Mews, Your Money or Your Wife, Innocent Meeting, High Flight, Return of a Stranger, Eight O'Clock Walk, Park Plaza 605, Black Orchid 1953, Wings of Danger, Appointment With Crime, George in Civvy Street 1946, Let the People Sing, They Flew Alone, It Happened to One Man, Man Accused 1959, The Silent Men 1940, The Lion Has Wings, Dial 999, Darby and Joan, Murder at the Baskervilles 1937, Prison Breaker, The Riverside Murder, Sexton Balke and the Madamoiselle, The Triumph of Sherlock Holmes 1935, School for Stars, After Dark, Lucky Girl 1932, The School for Scandal, The Devil's Maze, Second to None

Rhonda Fleming



   The Nude Bomb 1980, Waiting for the Wind , The Patsy, The Big Circus 1959, Alias Jesse James, The Buster Keaton Story,

While the City Sleeps 1956Gunfight at the O.K. Corral 1957Slightly Scarlet, Inferno, Jivaro, Pony Express,

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court 1949, Cry Danger, The Spiral Staircase , Spellbound 1945, Since You Went Away

Susan Fleming

God's Country and the Woman, Gold Diggers of 1937 1936, Star for a Night, The Great Ziegfeld 1936, Break of Hearts, Elinor Norton, Call it Luck, Charlie Chan's Courage 1934, When New York Sleeps, Broadway Thru a Keyhole, My Weakness 1933, I Love That Man, He Learned About Women, Heritage of the Desert, Million Dollar Legs 1932, Olsen's Big Moment, Careless Lady, The Range Feud, A Dangerous Affair, Arizona, Lover Come Back



Bramwell Fletcher



    Raffles 1930, The Millionaire, Svengali, The Mummy 1932Only Yesterday 1933, The Scarlet Pimpernel, The Undying Monster,

White Cargo 1942 Random Harvest 1942, Immortal Sergeant, Chick 1928

Dusty Fletcher

Killer Diller 1948, Boarding House Blues, Open the Door Richard (short) 1947Hi De Do 1947, King for Day (short), Rufus Jones for President (short) 1933



Louise Fletcher 



    One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest 1975Exorcist II: The Heretic 1977, The Lady in Red, Natural Enemies,

Mama From Heaven 2002,, Strange Invaders, Firestarter, A Summer to Remember, Nobody's Fool, Flowers in the Attic, Blue Steel,

Shadowzone, Two Days in the Valley 1996Tryst 1994, Return to Two Moon Junction, High School High, The Girl Gets Moe,

Johnny 316, Cruel Intentions 1999A Map of the World 1999, Big Eden, Finding Home, The Last Sin Eater, Fat Rose and Squeaky,

A Gathering of Eagles 1963, The Genesis Code 2010

Helen Flint

Gaslight 1944, Blonde Trouble, Married Before Breakfast, Sea Devils, Black Legion 1937, Early to Bed, Fury 1936, Little Lord Fauntleroy, Riffraff 1936Ah Wilderness! 1935, While the Patient Slept, Handy Andy, Manhattan Love Song, Midnight 1934, The 9th Guest, The Clyde Mystery (short) 1931



J. C. Flippen



     The Home Edition , They Live by Night, The Lemon Drop Kid, Winchester '73 1950, The Model and the Marriage Broker,

The Wild One, Carnival Story, Strategic Air Command, Kismet 1955, Hot Summer Night, Run of the Arrow, The Midnight Story,

The Lemon Drop Kid 1951 , The Deerslayer, Escape From Red Rock, Studs Lonigan, How the West Was Won 1962,

Looking For Love, Cat Ballou 1965, Hellfighters, The Seven Minutes 1971Night Passage 1957

Sheila Florance



A Woman's Tale 1991, Nirvana Street Murder, Golden Braid, The Tale of Ruby Rose, Hungry Heart 1987,

Cactus, Handle With Care (TV), The Devil's Playground 1976, Illuminations 1976, Peterson,

Country Town, Clay, Dangerous Corner (TV), Romanoff and Juliet (TV) 

Bess Flowers



     The Thrill of it All , Good Neighbour Sam. The Manchurian Candidate 1962, The Notorius Landlady,  The Facts of Life,

 Please Don't Eat the Daisies, The Young Philadelphians 1959, Judgement at Nuremberg 1961, The Fly,

Witness for the Prosecution 1957, Pal Joey, Funny Face, Autumn Leaves, The Benny Goodman Story, Strategic Air Command,

Executive Suite 1954, Rear Window 1954, Mildred Pierce 1945, Gilda, Conflict, Mr. Skeffington, Double Indemnity 1944,

Heaven Can Wait, The Palm Beach Story 1942, The Major and the Minor, Mr. and Mrs. North, Life Begins for Andy Hardy,

Ziegfield Girl, All About Eve 1950Witness for the Prosecution, Imitation of Life, The Razor's Edge, Anthony Adverse 1936,

Spring Time, It Happened One Night 1934A Night at the Opera 1935, Honky Tonk, Meet John Doe, Boom Town,

The Roaring Twenties, Three Smart Girls Grow Up 1939Holiday 1938, The Awful Truth 1937 , Topper,

Mr. Deed's Goes to Town 1936, Stand Up and Cheer!, Starngers May Kiss, Puttin' On the Ritz, Hollywood 1923

Joe Flynn



   The Babe Ruth Story 1948, McHale's Navy 1964 , McHale's Navy Joins the Air Force, The Strongest Man in the World, Superdad,

Now You See Him, Now You Don't 1972, Love American Style 1967, The Million Dollar Buck, The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes,

How to Frame a Fig 1971, The Love Bug, Did You Hear the One About the Traveling Saleslady?, Son of Flubber 1963,

Lover Come Back, Cry For Happy, -30-, This Happy Feeling, The Boss, The Steel Jungle, Trial, The Desperate Hours,

The Seven Little Foyes, Cry for Happy 1961

Rita Flynn



Hollywood Lights (short) 1932, The Cisco Kid, Enemies of the Public 1931, Lord Byron of Broadway, Sweet Mama 1930, Queenie of Hollywood (short), Crashing Hollywood (short), The Queen of Songs (short), The Lure of Hollywood (short), Three Hollywood Girls (short), Top Speed, Conflict 1930, What Price Melody?, Be Yourself!, The Girl From Woolworth's 1929, Fast Life,m Broadway, My Man 1928

Nina Foch



     How to Deal, Nine Girls 1944Pumpkin 2002Escape in the Fog 1945Hush 1998, Till There Was You, Sliver, Skin Deep,

Nomads, Jennifer, Johnny Allegro 1949, Such Good Friends, Spartacus,, Cash McCall, The Ten Commandments, Fast Company,

Sombrero, Scaramouche, An American in Paris 1951, The Dark Past, The Return of the Vampire, The Starnge Affair,

A Song to Remember, The Cry of the Werewolf, Executive Suite 1954You're Never Too Young 1955Spartacus 1960

Jennifer 1978

Benson Fong



     Destroyer 1943, Up in Arms, Thirt-Seconds Over Tokyo 1944,  China Sky, The Scarlet Clue, The Red Dragon,

The Left Hand of God 1955Flower Drum Song 1961, Girls! Girls! Girls! 1962Our Man Flint 1966, The Love Bug

Dick Foran




Taggart, The Big Night, The Fearmakers, Chicago Confidential 1957, Please Murder Me, Fort Apache,

Easy Come, Easy Go 1947, Private Buckaroo, The Mummy's Tomb, In the Navy, Riders of Death Valley, 

Four Mothers 1941, Horror Island, Rangers of Fortune, My Little Chickadee 1940, The House of Seven Gables 1940,

Four Wives 1939, Daughters Courageous 1939, Inside Information, The Sisters 1938, Boy Meets Girl, Over the Wall,

Love, Honor and Behave, Secrets of a Nurse, Black Legion 1937, Empty Holsters, The Devil's Saddle Legion,

Guns of the Pecos, Public Enemy's Wife, California Mail, The Big Noise 1936, The Petrified Forest 1936,  

The Golden Arrow, Lottery Lover, The Farmer Takes a Wife, Earthworm Tractors, It's a Small World, Dangerous 1935, 

Moonlight on the Prairie, Stand Up and Cheer! 1934, Gentlemen Are Born

Mary Forbes

       Houseboat 1958, Les Miserables 1952, The Black Arrow, The Exile, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty 1947, Ivy, 

Cigarette Girl, Terror by Night, A Stolen Life 1946, The Kid From Brooklyn, Lady on a Train 1945, The Picture of Dorian Gray,

Ladies Courageous 1944, Woman in Bondage, Flesh and Fantasy, Sherlock Holmes in Washington 1943, Almost Married,

We Were Dancing, Girl From Avenue A, Florian, Private Affairs, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 1939, 

Ninotchka 1939, Three Smart Girls Grow Up 1939, It Could Happen to You, You Can't Cheat an Honest Man 1939,

Just Around the Corner, You Can't Take It With You, Outside of Paradise, The Awful Truth 1937, Stage Door 1937,

Theodora Goes Wild, Captain Blood 1935, Rendezvous, Anna Karenina 1935, Roberta, The Painted Veil 1934, 

Sadie McKee, She Was a Lady, Shock, Bombshell 1933A Farewell to Arms 1932, Vanity Fair, Holiday 1930, Strictly Unconventional,

Sunnyside Up 1929,  Abraham Lincoln 1930, Inheritance



Constance Ford




          The Last Hunt 1956, 99 and 44/100% Dead 1974, The Caretakers, Shoot Out at Big Sag, The Cabinet of Caligari 1962

House of Women, All Fall Down, Rome Adventure 1962Claudelle Inglish, Home From the Hill, A Summer Place 1959,

Bailout at 43,000, The Iron Sheriff, 


Dorothy Ford



Thousands Cheer 1943, Bathing Beauty, The Picture of Dorian Gray 1945Love Finds Andy Hardy 1946, Godfathers, Let's Go Navy!, Pardners, Beyond a Reasonable Doubt 1956

Francis Ford



The Stolen Wireless (short 1909), Speed vs Death (short), Love's C.Q.D (short), Baseball. That's All (short), A Snake in the Grass (short), Mary's Strategem (short), The Reformation of Jack Robbins (short 1911), Bar Z's New Cook (short), The Empty Water Keg (short), Oil (short 1912), The Double Life (short), Custer's Last Fight (short 1912), A Double Reward (short), When Lincoln Paid (short 1913), War (short), The Toll of War (short), An Orphan of War (short), The Phantom Vioiin (short), A Study in Scarlet (short), The Heart of Lincoln (short 1915), The Campbells Are Coming (short), His Majesty Dick Turpin (short), Behind the Mask (short), John Ermine of Yellowstone, Crimson Shoals, Action, Storm Girl 1922, The Red Rider, Officer '444', Lash of the Whip, The Trail of '98, The Girl From Ireland, Frankenstein 1931, Destry Rides Again, Murder in Trinidad, Judge Priest 1934, Charlie Chan's Greatest Case, Doctor Bull, The Arizonian, The Informer 1935, A Star is Born 1937, Sins of Man, In Old Chicago, Drums Along the Mohawk, The Grapes of Wrath, Stagecoach, Tobacco Road, The Ox-Bow Incident 1943, The Loves of Edgar Allan Poe, Jitterbugs, the Big Noise, The Climax, Incendiary Blonde, A Family Story, State Fair 1945, Sister Kenny 1946, My Darling Clementine, High Tide, Driftwood, The Plunderers, Three Godfathers 1948, The Quiet Man 1952,  The Sun Shines Bright

Paul Ford


     The Russians Are Comimg, The Russians Are Coming 1966,  All the King's Men, The House on 92nd Street 1945

Perfect Strangers 1950, The Missouri Traveller, Advise and Consent, It's a  Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World , A Big Hand 

For the Little Lady, The Comedians 1967 , Richard, Journey Back to Oz, The Spy With a Cold Nose, The Matchmaker 1954

The Music Man 1962, Never too Late, 

Ross Ford

Cash McCall, Reform School Girl, Castle in the Air, The Flying Missile, Girls' School 1950, He's a Cockeyed Wonder,

Frisco Tornado, Manhattan Angel, Challenge to Lassie, The Fuller Brush Man 1948, Blondie's Reward, The Sign of the Ram,

The Voice of the Turtle 1948, Wallflower, That Hagen Girl, Nora Prentiss 1947, Love and Learn, That Way With Women, 

The Unfaithful 1947, Dark Passage, The Unsuspected, Deception 1946, Two Guys From Milwaukee, 

The Adventures of Mark Twain, Murder on the Waterfront, Mission to Moscow 1943, Air Force

Ruth Ford



   Too Much Johnson, The Lady is Willing, Murder in the Big House 1942, Woman Who Came Back, Truck Busters, Wilson,

Dragonwyck 1946, Secret Enemies, Lady Gangster, Murder on the Waterfront 1943, Act One, The Tree, 7254 1971,

Too Scared to Scream

Wallace Ford




    The Beast of the City, The Whole Town's Talking, Crack-Up 1946, Two In the Dark , The Mummy's Hand, The Mummy's Tomb

Shadow of a Doubt 1943Blues In the Night 1941, Blood on the Sun, The Green Years, Lover Come Back, A Woman's Man 1934,

They Were Expendable, Scatterbrain 1940, The Nut Farm, One Frightened Night , Harvey 1950, Embraceable You,

The Nebraskan, The Rainmaker, A Patch of Blue, Possessed 1931

Carol Forman

Ada 1961, By the Light of the Silvery Moon, Oh! Susanna, Brothers in the Saddle, Federal Agents vs. the Underworld 1949, The Feathered Serpent, The Mozart Story 1948, Superman, Docks of New Orleans 1948, Brick Bradford, The Black Widow 1947, Desperate, Under the Tonto Rim, Two Men and a Girl, San Quentin 1946The Falcon's Adventure 1946, Nocturne, From This Day Forward 1946





Joey Forman



      The Atomic Kid 1954Andy Hardy Comes Home 1958, The Errand Boy, The Wheeler Dealers 1963, Candy, The Nude Bomb

 The Big Operator

George Formby

Sally Forrest




Not Wanted, Never Fear, Mystery Street 1950, The Strip, Bannerline, The Daring Miss Jones 1951, The Strange Door,

Vengeance Valley, Excuse My Dust, Hard, Fast, and Beautiful, Code Two, Son of Sinbad, While the City Sleeps 1956,

Ride the High Iron, Medicine Ball Caravan

Steve Forrest           http://www.answers.com/topic/steve-forrest


       Crash Dive, The Bad and the Beautiful 1952, Battle Circus, So Big, Phantom of the Rue Morgue 1954, Bedevilled,

 The Living Idol, It Happened to Jane 1959, 5 Branded Woman, Heller in Pink Tights, The Longest Day 1962, Rascal,

 The Wild Country, The Late Liz, North Dallas Forty 1979, S.W.A.T. 2003

Cay Forrester




Airport 1975 1974, Showdown, Fuzz 1972, Advise & Consent 1962, Five Minutes to Live, D.O.A. 1950, Hold That Baby!, Canon City, 

Blonde Savage, The Pretender, Violence 1947, Smash-Up: The Story of a Woman, That Brennan Girl 1946, 

Deadline For Murder, Strange Impersonation, Blazing Guns, Dakota, Song of the Range, Brenda Star, Reporter 1945 

Dianne Foster




  Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed? 1963King of the Roaring Twenties; The Story of Arnold Rothstein 1961, The Last Hurrah, The Deep Six, Night Passage 1957, The Kentuckian, The Bamboo Prison 1954, The Steel Key, Uncle Willie's Bicycle Shop, Drive a Crooked Road 1954,The Q uiet Woman 1951

Helen Foster



Around the World In Eighty Days, Good Sam, Call Northside 777 1948, Swing Out Blues, Parachute Nurse, The Westerner, School For Girls 1934, Lucky Larrigan, The Road to Ruin 1934, The Desert Outlaw, The Boiling Point, Sinister Hands 1932, The Primrose Path, Gold Diggers of Broadway 1929, Painted Faces, Circumstantial Evidence 1929, The Harvest of Hate, Sweet Sixteen 1928, Haunted Island, The Road to Ruin 1928, 13 Washington Square, Naughty Nanette, California or Bust, Close Shaves (short), Maid in Morocco (short), Flying Courage, 

Norman Foster



Gentlemen of the Press 1929, No Limit, Young Man of Manhattan, City Streets, Her Dilemma, Reckless Living, Under 18 1931, Play-Girl, Steady Company, Working Wives, Strange Justice Prosperity, State Fair 1933, Pilgrimage, Rafter Romance 1933, Orient Express, Strictly Dynamite, Elinor Norton, Behind the Evidence, The Schoolmaster, Escape From Devil's Island, Super-Speed, Suicide Squad, Fatal lady, High Tension, Mysterious Mr. Moto, Girl of the Rio 1932, Ladies Crave Excitement 1935

Phoebe Foster



The Gorgeous Hussy, The White Angel, Anna Karenina 1935, Dinner at Eight 1933, Our Betters 1933, Night Angel, Tarnished Angel 1931, An Honourable Cad (short)

Preston Foster

     His Woman 1931, Doctor X, I Am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang 1932, The Informer 1935, Annie Oakley, Sea Devils, First Lady, American Empire, Unfinished Business, Guadalcanal Diary 1943, The Harvey Girls 1946The Valley of Decision, The Hunted, The Time Travelers 1964, Kansas City Confidential 1952, The Big Cat, I Shot Jessee James, Strangers All, The Arizonian 1935, A Gentleman After Dark 1942



Susanna Foster 



     The Great Victor Herbert 1939Detour 1992, Frisco Sal, The Climax, Top Man, Phantom of the Opera 1943, Star Spangled Rhythm , Glamour Boy 1941, The Hard-Boiled Canary

Byron Foulger

     Cockeyed Cowboys of Calico County, The Spirit Is Willing, Guns of Diablo, Marriage on the Rocks, Son of Flubber, Who's Minding the Store, Twelve Hours to Kill, The Rebel Set, Onionhead 1958, The Long, Hot Summer 1958, Up in Smoke, Dino, The River's Edge, You Can't Run Away From It, The Spoilers, Alarm, The Moonlighter, Confidentially Connie, We're Not Married 1952,  Rose of Cimarron, Home Town Story, The Return of Jesse James 1950, Riding High, Samson and Delilah, Mighty Joe Young 1949, Arson Inc., Dancing in the Dark, They Live By Night, The Three Musketeers 1948, Relentless, Linda Be Good, Unconquered, Easy Come, Easy Go, Hardboiled Mahoney, Dick Tracy VS Cuenball, Till the Clouds Roll By 1946, The Mysterious Mr. M. 1946, Suspense, The Postman Always Rings Twice 1946, Adventure 1945, Scarlet Street 1945, Cornered, Snafu, The Hidden Eye, The Blonde From Brooklyn 1945, The Master Key, Circumstantial Evidence, Brewster's Millions 1945, Black Arrow, Ministry of Fear, Mrs. Parkington, Dark Mountain, Maisie Goes to Reno, Ladies of Washington, 3 Men in White, The Whistler, The Miracle of Morgan's Creek 1944, The Black Raven, Appointment in Berlin, Coney Island, The Palm Beach Story 1942The Human Comedy 1943, Miss Annie Rooney,  Reap the Wild Wind, A Desperate Chance for Ellery Queen, Bedtime Story, Night of January 16th, The Deadly Game, The Penalty, Sis Hawkins, Dr. Kildare's Crisis 1940, Arizona, Boom Town 1940Edison, the Man, Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe 1940, Mr. Smith Goes to  Washington 1939, Sabotage, Abe Lincoln in Illinois 1940,Andy Hardy Gets Spring Fever, Streets of new York, Union Pacific, Tarnished Angel, The Mad Miss Manton, Test Pilot 1938, The Awful Truth 1937, The Lady in the Morgue, It Happened in Hollywood, A Day at the Races 1937, Dick Tracy, The Little Minister, Night World 1932 



Brenda Fowler

Manpower 1941, So Ends Our Night, They Drive by Night 1940, Untamed, Women Without Names, Stagecoach 1939, 

Young Dr. Kildare, Speed to Spare 1937, Can This Be Dixie?, Second Wife 1936, Anthony Adverse 1936, Two-Fisted Gentleman, 

The Case Against Mrs. Ames, The Story of Louis Pasteur, Lady of Secrets, Riffraff 1936, Ginger, The Bride of Frankenstein 1935, 

Carnival, Judge Priest, Ruggles of Red Gap, Change of Heart, Money! Money! Money!, Thirty a Week 1918

Douglas Fowley

     Homebodies, Run, Cougar, Run 1972, Guns of Diablo, Barabba, Buffalo Gun, Desire In the Dust, A Gift For Heidi 1958, 

The Badge of Marshall Brennan, Man From Del Rio, The Lonesome Trail 1955, Deep in My Heart, Casanova's Big Night, 

Untamed Heiress 1954, The Naked Jungle, Cat-Woman of the Moon 1953, The Band Wagon 1953, A Slight Case of Larceny 1953,

Singin' In the Rain 1952, Room for One More, Finders Keepers, Mrs. O'Malley and Mr. Malone 1950, Chain of Circumstance, 

Mighty Joe Young, Arson Inc., Manhattan Angel, Flaxie Martin, Docks of New Orleans 1948, Roses Are Red, Key Witness, 

Yankee Fakir, The Hucksters, Desperate, Undercover Maisie 1947, Rendezvous 24, High School Hero, Life With Blondie,

The Story of Dr. Wassell 1944, Detective Kitty O'Day, Rationing, See Here, Private Hargrove,  Minesweeper,

Sleepy Lagoon, Swing Shift Maisie, Bar 20, Dr. Gillespie's Criminal Case 1943, Pittsburgh 1942, The Parson of Panamint, 

The District Attorney in the Carter Case, Pier 13 1940, 20 Mule Team, Dangerous Lady, Slightly Honourable 1939,

It Could Happen to You, Time Out for Murder, Mr. Moto's Gamble, Alexander's Ragtime Band 1938, Charlie Chan on Broadway,

Woman-Wise, 36 Hours to Kill, Small Town Girl, Princess O'Hara 1935, Operator 13, Gift of Gab, The Thin Man 1934, 

The Woman Who Dared 



Eddie Foy



A Favourite Fool (short 1915)

Eddie Foy Jr.



Deadly Game (TV 1977), 30 Is a Dangerous Age, Cynthia, Goober Hill (TV), Bells are Ringing 1960, The Pajama Game 1957, The Farmer Takes a Wife, Honeychile, Wilson 1944, Yankee Doodle Dandy 1942, Powder Town, Country Fair, Dixie, Dixie Dugan, Jamboree, Murder in the Air 1940, Lillian Russell 1940, Scatterbrain, Frontier Marshall, Women in the Wind, King of Burlesque, Benny From Panama (short 1934), Moulin Rouge, Nearly Naked 1933, Queen of the Night Clubs

Allan Fox



Street Scene 1931, Young Bride 1932, It Happened One Night 1934, Marie Galante, Flying Hostess, Motor Madness, San Quentin 1937, That My Story!, The Crime of Doctor Hallett, Mr. Moto's Gamble, Keep Smiling, What a Woman, I am the Law, Meet the Girls, Serenade, Coast Guard, Golden Gloves, Jam Session 1944, Bring on the Girls, Christmas in Connecticut 1945

Bernard Fox



      Blue Murder at St. Trinian's 1957The Counterfeit Plan 1957, A Night to Remember, The Longest Day, Honeymoon Hotel,

Strange Bedfellows, Munster, Go Home! 1966

Michael Fox



       Last Train From Bombay 1952, Run for the Hills, Killer Ape, Gog, Conquest of Space 1955, Top Secret Affair,

The Girl in the Kremlin 1957, The Tijuana Story, Machine-Gun Kelly, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? 1962, Angels Flight,


Sidney Fox



Hawaiian Nights, School for Girls 1934Midnight 1934, The Adventures of King Pausole, The Merry Monarch, Adventures of Don Quixote 1933, Merry-Go-Round, Once in a Lifetime 1932, The Mouthpiece 1932, The Cohens and Kellys in Hollywood, Murders in the Rue Morgue 1932, Strictly Dishonourable, Nice Womaqn, Six Cylinder Love, The Bad Sister 1931

Earle Foxe



My Darling Clementine 1946, Dangerously Yours, Murder Goes to College, Crack-Up, 15 Maiden Lane, Mary of Scotland, The Golden Arrow, The Informer, St. Louis Woman, Bedside, A Bedtime Story, Blondie Johnson, A Passport to Hell, The All-American, So Big! 1932, The Expert, Union Depot 1932, The Spider, Transatlantic, Black Magic, New Yer's Eve, Fugitives, Blindfold, The River Pirate, Four Sons, Slaves of Beauty, Upstream, King Bozo (short), A Trip to Chinatown, The Reporter (short), Wages for Wives, A Spanish Romeo (short), The Hunt (short), A Lady of Quality, Fashion Row, Innocence, Vanity Fair 1923, The Prodigal Judge, The Honeymoon, Outwitted 1917, Panthea, Public Opinion, The Love Mask 1916The Trail of the Lonesome Pine 1916, The Eternal Feminine, Garrison's Finish (short), Carmelita's Revenge (short), The Escape, The Girl in the Shack (short), Home, Sweet Home 1914, The Influence of Sympathy (short), The Cub Reporter's Temptation (short), All for a Girl (short), The Tell-Tale Messenger (short), The Street Singer (short) 1912

Tony Franciosa



      City Hall, Ghost Writer, Death House 1987, Tenebre, Death Wish II, The Drowning Pool 1975, Across 110th Street,

 The Web of the Spider, A Man Called Gannon, Assault on a Queen, The Sweet Ride 1968, The Pleasure Seekers, 

Go Naked in the World, The Story on Page One 1959, Career 1959, The Long, Hot Summer 1958, A Hatful of Rain 1957,

A Face In the Crowd 1957, Period of Adjustment 1962, Wild is the Wind

Alec B. Francis



       The Mystery of Mr. X, Alice In Wonderland 1933, His Private Secretary, The Bishop Murder Case 1930, Looking Forward,

 Stout Hearts and Willing Hands  , Mata Hari, Beau Brummell 1924, Three Wise Fools, Evangeline 1929, Beyond the Rocks,

 The Great Moment, The Glorious Adventure, Thank You, A Thief in Paradise, Outcast Lady 1934The Pit 1914,

 The Gilded Cage 1916The Beautiful Mrs. Reynolds 1918, A Voice In the Dark

Anne Francis




          Lover's Knot, The Double O Kid, Born Again, Hook, Impasse 1969, Line and Sinker, Funny Girl, The Satan Bug 1965, The Invaders,

 The Rack, Forbidden Planet, Bad Day at Black Rock 1955, Susan Slept Here, A Lion is in the Streets, Blackboard Jungle 1955,

 Battle Cry, So Young So Bad, Summer Holiday 1948, This Time for Keeps, Portrait of Jennie 1948, Little Vegas 1990

Arlene Francis



        With These Hands, All My Sons 1948, Too Much Johnson, Murders In Rue Morgue 1932Fedora 1978, The Thrill of It All, One, Two, Three 1961

Kay Francis



            The Keyhole, Trouble in Paradise 1932 , 24 Hours, Scandal Sheet, Raffles 1930, The Virtuous Son,  Wife Wanted,

Divorce 1945 , Four Jills in a Jeep, Play Girl, Confession 1937, When the Daltons Rode, Charley's Aunt, It's a Date 1940,

24 Hours 1931, My Bill, Secrets of an Actress, First Lady, Confession, Stolen Holiday, The House on 56th Street 1933,

I Found Stella Parish, British Agent 1934, Mandalay, The House on 56th Street, The Cocoanuts 1929

Noel Francis



Sudden Bill Dorn, Stone of Silver Creek, Mutiny Ahead, The White Cockatoo 1935, The White Parade, Fifteen Wives 1934, 

The Loudspeaker, Good Dame, What's Your racket?, Only Yesterday 1933, Bureau of Missing Persons, Her Resale Value, 

Reform Girl 1933, Under-Cover Man, Manhattan Tower, I Am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang 1932, Madison Sq. Garden, 

Flames 1932, Guilty as Hell, the Mouthpiece, So Big! 1932, The Expert, Night Court, Blonde Crazy 1931, Smart Women 1931

Bachelor Apartment, Rough Romance, New Movietone Follies of 1930,  

Robert Francis



      The Long Gray Line, The Bamboo Prison 1954, The Caine Mutiny 1954, They Rode West

Betty Francisco




Romance in the Rain 1934, Mystery Ranch, Stowaway, Good Support, Charlie Chan Carries On, The Widow From Chicago 1930, Street of Chance, Broadway, The Spirit of Youth, The Gay Retreat, The Boy of the Street 1927, Long Pants 1927, Private Affairs, Man Bait, The Lily, Irene, On Probation, Uneasy Payments, East of Broadway, Big Timber, Gambling Wives, Maytime, Flaming Youth, Crinoline and Romance, Across the Continent, Greater Than Love, Sic-Em 1920, The Furnace, A Broadway Cowboy 1920

Steve Franken



Angels & Demons 2009, The Trumpet of the Swan, Dead Sexy, Nurse Betty, Extreme Limits, The Orange Code, 

The Pandora Project 1998, Freeway, Bring Me the Head of Dobie Gillis 1988, On Wings of Eagles, High School USA,

Curse of the Pink Panther 1983, The Fiendish Plot of Dr. Fu Manchu 1980, Hardly Working, The North Avenue Irregulars 1979,

Avalanche, The Missouri Breaks 1976, Ants 1977, Murder on Flight 502 1975, The Reincarnation of Peter Proud 1975,

The Stranger, The Voyage of the Yes, Which Way to the Front?, Angel in My Pocket, Panic in the City 1968, The Party 1968,

Wild Wild Winter, The Americanization of Emily 1964, Cop Hater

Irene Franklin



Fixer Dugan, Flirting With Fate, Rebellious Daughters 1938, Saratoga, Swingtime in the Movies (short) 1938

Midnight Madonna, Married Before Breakfast, Wanted: Jane Turner 1936, The Garden of Allah, Song and Dance Man, 

Whipsaw, The Affair of Susan, Ladies Crave Excitement, The President Vanishes 1934, Strictly Dynamite, 

Wanted For Murder 1918, Down to Their Last Yacht, Actor's Fund Field Day 1910

A Very Honorable Guy, Finishing School, Registered Nurse. Lazy River, The Woman in His Life,

Irene Franklin: The American Comedienne (short) 1929

William Franklyn



Robert Ryland's Last Journey, Splitting Heirs, Nutcracker 1983, The Satanic Rites of Dracula 1973, Ooh... You Are Awful, Cul-de-Sac, Pit of Darkness, The Big Day, Danger Within, The Snorkel 1958, The Flesh Is Weak, Quartermass 2, That Woman Opposite 1957, Above Us the Waves, The Love Match, The Crowded Day 1954, Time is My Enemy, Operation Diplomat 1953 


M. J.  Frankovich



      West Point of the Air 1935, The Adventures of Frank Merriwell, Meet John Doe 1941, The Great American Broadcast,

Tight Shoes 1941, Puddin' Head, Son of Zorro, Rendezvous With Annie, So You Won't Talk, 

Arthur Franz 



        Jungle Patrol 1948, Red Light, Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man 1951, The Sniper, The Member of the Wedding,

Flight Nurse, The Eddie Cantor Story, Bad for Each Other 1953, The Steel Cage, Bobby Ware Is Missing,

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt 1956, Hellcats of the Navy , The Devil's Hairpin, The Caine Mutiny 1954, The Carpetbaggers,

The Young Lions 1958, Dream No Evil 1970, Blue Boy, The 'Human' Factor, Sisters of Death 1977, That Championship Season

Eduard Franz



Wake of the Red Witch, The Iron Curtain, Oh, You Beautiful Doll, Madame Bovary 1949, Whirlpool, The Vicious Years, 

Francis 1950, The Du Pont Story, Molly, The Desert Fox 1951, The Great Caruso 1951, One Minute to Zero, Shadow in the Sky, 

Sins of Jezebel, The Jazz Singer, Latin Lovers, Dream Wife, Beachhead 1954, Living It Up, Lady Godiva of Coventry, 

The Indian Fighter, White Feather, The Ten Commandments 1956, A Certain Smile, The Miracle, Francis of Assisi,

The Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake, The Story of Ruth 1960, Beauty and the Beast, Cyborg 2087The President's Analyst 1967, 

Panic on the 5:22, Twilight Zone-- The Movie 1983

Elisabeth Fraser



The Ballad of Josie, Tony Rome, The Graduate 1967, Seconds 1966, The Glass Bottom Boat, A Patch of Blue, Ask Any Girl, 

Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed?, The Tunnel of Love 1957, So Big, Hills of Oklahoma, Dear Wife 1950, 

The Man Who Came to Dinner 1942, Young at Heart 1955, Commanchos Strike at Dawn, The Hidden Hand 1942

Liz Fraser



Chicago Joe and the Showgirl, Adventures of a Private eye, Adventures of a Tax Driver, Murder Can Be Deadly

Carry on Behind 1975, Up the Junction, Carry on Cabby 1967, The Family Way 1967, Call Me Genius, 

The Americanization of Emily 1964, Carry on Regardless 1963, A Pair of Briefs, Roommates, Double Bunk,

Carry on Cruising 1962, The Pure Hell of St. Trinian's 1961, Doctor in Love 1961, Two-Way Stretch, Wonderful Things

Phyllis Fraser



Lucky Devils, Little Men 1934, Fighting Youth, Every Saturday Night 1936, The Harvester, Winds of the Wasteland 1936, Everybody's Baby, For Beauty's Sake, Change of Heart, Tough to Handle 1937

Jane Frazee



Shorts: Study and Understudy, Up in Lights, Pharmacy Frolics, Arcade Varieties, Swing Styles,

So You Want to Be Your Own Boss 1954, So You Want to Be A Gladiator 1955, So You Want to Go to a Nightclub,

So You Want to Take in a Roomer, So You Want to Know Your Relatives, So You Don't Trust Your Wife, 

So You Want a Model Railroad 1955, 

Full length: Rhythm Inn, Incident, The Gay Ranchero, Springtime in the Sierras, Calendar Girl 1947,

George White's Scandals 1945, Swingin' on a Rainbow 1945, Ten Cents a Dance 1945, Practically Yours, Kansas City Kitty, 

Rosie the Riveter, When Johnny Comes Marching Home 1942, Moonlight Masquerade, What's Cookin' 1942, 

Moonlight in Hawaii, Hellzapoppin' 1941, Sing Another Chorus, Angels With Broken Wings, Melody and Moonlight


Alex Frazer



The Girl Can't Help It 1956, Lust for Life, The Boss, Ransom!, The Man Who Knew Too Much 1956, Moonfleet, The War of the Worlds, Les Miserables, The Strip, Fancy Pants, Rogues of Sherwood Forest, The Blonde Bandit, Kidnapped 1948, Shaggy, Lured, Brute Force 1947. From Nine to Nine, The Good Companions 1933, 

Robert Frazer



Law Men, Captain America 1944, Seeing Hands, Black Dragons, Roar of the Press, Cipher Bureau, Easy Money 1936, The Clutching Hand, The Vampire Bat 1933, The Three Musketeers, The King Murder, White Zombie, Sioux Blood, Back to God's Country, Desert Gold, The City 1926, Miss Bluebeard, Men 1924, The Dawn of Love, The Light at Dusk, Duty 1914, Rob Roy 1913 

William Frawley



  Tea for Two, The Lemon Drop Kid, Chicken Every Sunday 1949, St. Louis Blues, Moonlight and Pretzels, 

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn 1939Blondie In Society, Rose Bowl, The General Died at Dawn, 

The Bride Came C.O.D. 1941, The Ziegfield Follies, Miracle on 34th Street 1947, Lady on a Train 1945

Joe Palooka in Winner Take All, Safe at Home!, Bolero 1934, Pretty Baby 1950, Rhubarb 1951, Kill the Umpire,

East Side, West Side 1949, The Babe Ruth Story, My Wild Irish Rose 1947, Mother Wore Tights, Monsieur Verdoux,

Hit Parade of 1947, The Virginian 1946, Lake Placid Serenade, Going My Way 1944, Gentleman Jim,

It Happened in Flatbush, Sandy Gets Her Man 1940, The Quarterback, Untamed, The Farmer's Daughter 1940, 

The Rose of Washington Square, Mad About Music, Strike Me Pink 1936, Desire 1936, It's a Great Life, College Scandal,

Roberta, F-Man, Double or Nothing, Car 99 1934, The Crime Doctor, Bolero, Miss Fane's Baby is Stolen,

Lord Loveland Discovers America 1916

Stan Freberg



     Bugs Bunny and the Three Bears (voice) 1944 (short), Birth of a Nation (voice), What's Brewin', Bruin? (voice) 1948,

 The Be-Devilled Bruin (voice) , Bear Feet (voice), A Bear for Punishment (voice), A Rabbit's Kin (voice),

 It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World 1963Geraldine 1953, Lady and the Tramp (voice) 1955Stuart Little (voice) 1999

Bert Freed

Carnegie Hall, Boomerang 1947, Black Hand, 711 Ocean Drive, The Detective Story 1951, The Atomic City, Invaders From Mars, The Long, Long Trailer, The Cobweb, Paths of Glory 1957, The Goddess, The Gazebo, The Subterraneans, Why Must I Die? 1961, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? 1962, Shock Treatment 1964, Fate is the Hunter, The Swinger, Wild in the Streets, Billy Jack 1971, Evel Knievel, Love and the Midnight Auto Supply, 



Helen Freeman



The Loves of Carmen, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir 1947, The Pilgrim Lady, So Dark the Night, The Unknown, Saratoga Trunk, Mrs. Parkington 1944, Our Hearts Were Young and Gay, Mademoiselle Fifi 1944, Safety in Numbers, Bulldog Drummond Comes Back, Ah Wilderness! 1935, Anna Karenina 1935, Spring Tonic, Sadie McKee, Fashions of 1934, The Right to Romance, Fog 1933, The Song of Songs 1933, Symphony of Six Million, Abraham Lincoln 1930, Rasputin and the Empress, Are You a Mason?, The Morals of Marcus 1915

Howard Freeman

Dear Brigitte, Remains to Be Seen, Scaramouche 1952, Double Dynamite, The Snake Pit 1948, Cry of the City, Give My Regards to Broadway, Letter From an Unknown Woman 1948, Summer Holiday, Cass Timberlane, That Way With Women, Cigarette Girl, The Perfect Marriage 1947, California 1947, Monsieur Beaucaire, The Killers 1946, Night and Day, The Blue Dahlia 1946, Meet  Miss Bobby Socks, Mexicana, I'll Tell the World, Meet the People, Rationing, Girl Crazy 1943, Pilot #5, Dancing in Manhattan, The Human Comedy 1943, Slightly Dangerous 1943



Kathleen Freeman




        The Nutty Professor 1963, Dream Wife, The Bad and the Beautiful 1952, The Prisoner of Zenda, O. Henry's Full House,

 Monkey Business, The Greatest Show on Earth, Singin' In the Rain 1952Let's Make It Legal, A Place In the Sun,

 No Man of Her Own 1950, Naked City, The Affairs of Dobie Gillis 1953, The Fly, Artists and Models, The Errand Boy,

 The Patsy, The Ballad of Cable Hogue, Which Way to the Front? 1970, Nutty Professor II, The Klumps, Blues Brothers 2000,

 I'll Be Home for Christmas, Naked Gun 33 1/3; The Final Insult 1994 , Dragnet, 

 Little Nemo: Adventure In Slumberland (voice), The Best of Times 1986

Mona Freeman




     Till we Meet Again 1944, National Velvet 1944, Junior Miss, Black Beauty, Dear Ruth, Mother Wore Tights 1947, The Heiress 1949,

 Branded, The Greatest Show on Earth, I Was a Shoplifter, Dear Brat, Flesh and Fury 1952, Thunderbirds, Angel Face 1952, Battle Cry, 

Dial 999 1955, Huk!, The World was His Jury, Welcome Home, Johnny Bristol (TV) 1972

Frehel (Marguerite Boulc'h)




A Man Walks in the City 1950, Maya, Nightclub Hostess 1939, Berlingot and Company, Street Without Joy 1938, 

Gigolette, The Puritan, Confessions of a Cheat 1936, Street Without a Name 1934

Hugh French



Rogue's March, I'll Get You For This, Shadow of the Eagle, Fancy Pants, The Countess of Monte Cristo, A Woman's Vengeance 1948, Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid, If Winter Comes 1947, Simply Terrific

Otto Fries

The Mad Miss Manton, Test Pilot, Alexander's Ragtime Band, Expensive Husbands, Prescription for Romance, Bulldog Drummond Comes Back 1937The Prisoner of Zenda, Love in a Bungalow, Parnell, Espionage, Born to Dance, Love on the Run, The Trail of the Lonesome Pine 1936Ah, Wilderness 1935, George White's 1935 Scandals, The Mystery Man, A Night at the Opera 1935, Riptide, Footlight Parade, The Night of June 13, Monkey Business, The Younger Generation, Land of the Lawless 1927, The Simp (short) Moonshine (short)



Matt Frewer



Foreverland, 50/50 2011, Frankie & Alice, Wushu Warrior, Darfur, Rampage, Watchman 2009, Weirdsville, Desperation (TV),

Intelligence (TV), Riding the Bullet, Geraldine's Fortune, Intern Academy, Going the Distance 2004, Dawn of the Dead 2004, 

The Case of the Whitechapel Vampire (TV), The Sign of Four (TV), The Royal Scandal (TV),

The Hound of the Baskervilles (TV) 2000, Jailbait (TV), In the Doghouse (TV), Dead Fire (TV), Apollo 11 (TV), Generation X (TV), 

Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace 1996, Kissinger and Nixon (TV) 1995, Senior Trip, In Search of Dr. Seuss (TV), 

The Day My Parents Ran Away (TV), Twenty Bucks, The Taking of Beverly Hills 1991, Short Time, Far From Home, 

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids 1989, The Fourth Protocol, Ishtar, Spies Like Us, Supergirl 1984, The Meaning of Life 1983

The Lords of Discipline 


Brenda Fricker



Of Human Bondage 1964, High Kampf (TV) 1973, Bloody Kids, The Ballrooms of Romance, Russian Night....1941 (TV) 1982,

My Left Foot 1989, The Field 1990, Utz, the Sound of Silence (TV), Home Alone 2: Lost in New York 1992, 

So I Married an Axe Murderer, Angels in the Outfield 1994, Journey (TV), Moll Flanders, Swan, A Man of No Importance,

Masterminds, Resurrection Man, Pete's Meteor, Cupid & Cate (TV), The War Bride 2001, Painted Angels 1998, 

I Was a Rat (TV) 2001, The Intended, Conspiracy of Silence, Veronica Guerin, Inside I'm Dancing,

Call Me: The Rise and Fall of Heidi Fleiss (TV) 2004, Tara Road, How About You...2007, Closing the Ring 2007, 

Locked In, Albert Nobbs, Cloudburst, 

Dwight Frye



     The Circus Queen Murder 1933 , Dracula, The Maltese Falcon 1931Frankenstein 1931, The Western Code,

Bride of Frankenstein, The Vampire Bat, The Crime of Dr. Crespi, Alibi for Murder 1936, The Man Who Found Himself,

The Shadow, The Night Hawk 1938, Renfrew of the Royal Mounted, Conspiracy, The People VS Dr, Kildare 1941

The Ghost of Frankenstein 1942, The Blonde From Singapore, Dangerous Blondes, The Doorway to Hell 1930

Dale Fuller



Foolish Wives 1922, Robin Hood, Three Weeks, Merry-Go-Round 1923Babbitt 1924, Greed 1924, Lady of the Night, The Shadow on the Wall, Ben-Hur 1925, Volcano!, The Canadian 1926, Fazil, House of Horror, The Sacred Flame, The Great Meadow, Emma, The House of Mystery, Twentieth Century 1934, A Tale of Two Cities 1935

Penny Fuller

        King of the Corner, Shadow Conspiracy,  George Washington II: The Forging of a Nation (TV), 

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (TV),  Anne in Blue (TV) 1974, All the President's Men 1976, The Beverley Hillbillies 1993 



Fiona Fullerton



     Run Wild, Run Free, Nicolas and Alexandra 1972, A Question of Faith, The Human Factor, A View to a Kill 1985, 

Shaka Zulu, Diggity: A Home at Last 2001, 

Annette Funicello

Back to the Beach 1987, Lots of Luck (TV), Frankie and Annette: The Second Time Around (TV) 1978, Head, 

Thunder Alley 1967, Fireball 500, Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine, How to Stuff a Wild Bikini 1965, Ski Party,

The Monkey's Uncle, Beach Blanket Bingo 1965, Pajama Party 1964, Muscle Beach Party 1964, Beach Party,

The Misadventures of Merlin Jones, Babes in Toyland 1961, The Shaggy Dog 1959 



Yvonne Furneaux

Meet Me Tonight 1952, Twenty Four Hours of a Woman's Life, The Beggar's Opera 1953, The Master of Ballantrae 1953, 

The House of the Arrow, The Dark Avenger, Cross Channel, Lisbon 1956, The Mummy 1959, La Dolce Vita,

Leone Di Tebe, The Man in a Looking Glass (TV), Repulsion 1965, Temptation in a Summer Wind, 

Frankenstein's Great Aunt Tillie 1984, 



Betty Furness




North of Shanghai, It Can't Last Forever, Fair Warning, Mama Steps Out, Mister Cinderella, The President's Mystery 1936,

Swing Time 1936, Magnificent Obsession 1935, The Three Wise Guys, McFadden's Flats, Dangerous Corner 1934,

The Band Plays On, The Life of Vergie Winters, Chance at Heaven 1933, Beggars in Ermine, Ace of Aces, Emergency Call,

Cross Fire, Renegades of the West, Thirteen Women 1932

Judith Furse



Goodness How Sad! (TV), Goodbye, Mr. Chips 1939, A Canterbury Tale, Quiet Weekend, While the Sun Shines,

Black Narcissus 1947, One Night With You, Helter Skelter 1949, The Romantic Age, The Browning Version 1951

The Man in the White Suit, Old Mother Riley Meets the Vampire 1952, A Day to Remember, Doctor at Large 1957,

Mad About You, The Cockleshell Heroes, Blue Murder at St. Trinian's 1957, Further Up the Creek, Scent of Mystery, 

Sands of the Desert, Not a Hope in Hell, Carry on Regardless 1961, A Weekend With Lulu, In the Doghouse,

Live Now- Pay Later, The Iron Maiden, Carry on Cabby 1963, Carry on Spying 1964, Sky West and Crooked, 

Hold On: It's the Dave Clark Five (TV),  Twinky, The Adventures of Barry McKenzie 1972, 

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