Floating Mattress


Night drips

The taps are open

I strain to hear

The message they sing



From inside my head

Or a sound of the earth

The turning brings


Yes, confused

Between the turmoil of awakening

Or the fear

Of a sleep of forever


I have left, myself

So many times before

Not knowing where to look

In my identity’s sever


Am I always in the mirror

Seeing the white streaks

Crawling over my face

Masking my exploration


So, I rinse my memories

Of who I was

Or who I think I am

And visit my current station


Taking steps

seemingly disconnected

but strangely not, as they create

beneath me, an escalator


inspired by the free spirit

and those on the brink of madness

seeing humour in tears

and pathos in laughter


so I venture into wise-cracking

and even attempt wit

finding vivid truth

and playful athletic verse


certainly sleep dissipates

or at least my perception

as waking hours are bumbled

with sleeping, with thinking’s curse


the mind is free

but life is not

so the parable of this dichotomy

is only to survive


so I take the lid

off my life

seeing Hammett’s works

and thank God that I am alive


DeaBeePea 6-26-19

What Am I Doing Here?


I cannot recall the process

that got me here

I was confused

along the way


and I don't recall

when my hair went grey

it was quite a while ago

when my kids were at play


I have moved twenty-three times

so it is a wonder

that I even know where I am

as I sit here and articulate


but phone calls and emails

place me here

setting my agendas

as my memory ablates


but the actual decision

to be here now

is a kind of blur

that leaves me awash


as my gill-like breath

gurgles and bleeps

looking for answers

as my words form a splosh


my dog-paddle through life

amidst my silly bark

has been rather amusing

despite the aimless piddle


the one thing that I know

is that I'm here for now

and don't feel like moving

to make a new riddle


I have seen no signals

of physical movement in space

so I think I'll relax

and avoid a new place


DeaBeePea 6-24-19



this forest of voices

by the horsehair stroke

the storyteller

and melody's cloak


waterproof from hate

and basking in walls

and out on the street

where sunshine falls


each thought, my day

basks in this glory

of lessons in love

and patient's allegory


the whys and hows

that challenge our brow

and trembles our hands

as we dare to avow


This transparent charge

and dramatic flair

opens our eyes

to hearts so fair


so take your passion

and render it light

to blend with the pigments

that colour you bright


Oh yes, it is true

this place is as beautiful

as our thoughtful images

songs so dutiful


prolonging our hope

and searing our distrust

the noise is music

and our grateful lust


DeaBeePea 6-23-19



dribbling down the court of injustice

throwing disgust at a basket

manufactured with arrogance

a key that no one can hold


pressing and defending

which way will we go

a tightrope walk between protection

and a desire to be bold


can we form a team

that will fight against the forces

crippling our freedom

and laughing at our simplicity


Does it take millions

of cruel and destructive dollars

to build a team

that scores the points of insignificant synchronicity


what a useless waste

of building and smashing

when the final victory

only takes humble understanding


our lens must be adjusted

to focus on the heart

real pain and real joy

and all the in-between notwithstanding


do we relish the glamour

of wealth and victory

when all it is, is fleeting

and a toy of tactical campaign


let's gather and hug

looking into each other's eyes

celebrating the miracle

of love, and its forever reign


DeaBeePea 6-14-19

My Salt


The astronomical challenge 

Waking up each day 

Amidst the planetary wilderness 

And is currently at play


My mind in orbit 

The rings around my head 

My on gravity… imagination 

With the moon still on my bed


The vibrating lithosphere 

Is making me dance 

As if on hot coals 

Musical properties enhanced


The mercury is rising 

Yes, I’m feeling the heat 

Self-appointed pressure 

As I take my ergonomic seat


I am two-thirds ocean 

Waving to distant thoughts 

Wondering where time has gone 

Trying to join the dots


After a milky-way morning 

I reach a comfort zone 

Familiarity and routine 

In its erratic silly drone


But yes, there is love in this 

Seeing this miraculous float 

An atmosphere with fairy-dust 

A white and fluffy moat


The ebb-tide 

exposing star-fish desert 

with plucky pungence 

in anxious blurt


The spin is all there is 

No beginning, no end 

Not even death 

In this wild and woolly wend


So tomorrow, and after 

Will be the same old story 

But, a reason to rejoice 

In all its hopeless glory!


DeaBeePea 6-11-19




and lovers

so close to you


you come and go

sifting by



to be around

but still you are one

in spirit

and mind



one day

both agree

time to part



what is unknown

it is now

the day to join


no longer entities



no need to understand

just laughter and play


but now

the message has come



and live


each other





infinte peace


DeaBeePea 6-12-19

Nonsense Poetry


Chili Pancakes


the pigs are hunting

the truffles running scared

apple pie a la mode

I might just explode


hot sunny days

arriving in June

wine and cheese

I'm ready to sneeze


political arguments

and mathematical philosophy

my head is spinning

and patience thinning


madness some say

realization to others

that the end is near

so we must inherit fear


milkweed demands

and special roses

single-use plastics

and ignorant bombastics


reviewing monarchs

with butterfly dreams

using insect spray

and avoiding the fray


infinite Facebook friends

emails galore

dandelion suggestions

and nasal congestion


undone shoelaces

and holey socks

reoccurring zits

and cherries with pits


dirt in the leeks

and browning bananas

too many books

and falling out hooks


blackflies and bugs

and filthy rugs

attractive females

and over-filled gaols


lots of wine

almost out of beer

flat-tired bikes

and nature hikes


writing to edit

and thoughts to put down

between the dishes

and filleting fishes


I love you all

who read this drivel

you have noteworthy forbearance

and ethical transparence


DeaBeePea 6-8-19

The Deadly Hand


The beaches

In their wake

Memories waving goodbye

As Tidal Feuds cry


.45-caliber echoes

Pounding our heads

No one knows why

But our anger, recognized



Does it really exist?

A shell of resistance

To anger's loaded persistence


A thousand bullets


Blazing past the oaks

A borderline bar and grill


Squirrel Hill's stricken family

Climbing The tree of Life

A Colt-AR 14, and three Glock .357

Shattered hopes of eleven


The bills that never carry

Too heavy for the avarice

That triggers immortal evil

And plants the OK seed


Where is the poison

That tampers with this power

Killing the we care lies

That wealth so partially implies


What is right to carry

And this Black Rifle theme

Gutless Caste Doctrines

And NFA inclusions


It seems, I speak sadly

And farcically

That the victims must exceed

Those makers of legal greed


Will it take a crying nation

Flooded with despair

Before a trickle of blood

Is used as social medicine


Bump stocks

Leading over a winding road

1100 rounds

Of NRAish raped lazar sounds


Protest day and night

As we hear the growing voices

Killing off the hopelessness

Of futures dying days


DeaBeePea 6-2-19

The Challenge of Love


Does it matter


This instinctive rage

Pointing fingers


Wanting victory out of hate


Can we help this

As we see this cowardice

And evil stampede

Of wealthy feet

Burying hope

A convincing fate


Is there a chance to win

If we wield persecution

Thinking of words

Ignorant, arrogant, avaricious

Taking simplicity

To its barest root


How can we look

The other way

And love our fellow man


Regardless of human status

Praying in depute


Each soul is pure

In the theory of God

But we wonder

As we walk through the mud

Should we tote our sword

In defense of dignity


A daily process

Of encouragement and honesty

Practicing goodwill

Faith and intelligence

Our own planet of love

To cure our malignity


DeaBeePea 5-25-19



Do I have the wings

To journey

Between heaven and earth

In this perilous flight


It is not the sky

Or the universe

But another place

In hidden souls


It is found

In love and forgiveness


Humanity’s kite



From hungry passion


From curious bowls


Are these pinions growing

Or has the greyish dust

of cynicism

Joined with fear


Is the heavy air

Too much for my weakness

Voiding my passport

To glorious peace


I suspect that hope

And angelic gifts

Spring new seeds

Bringing cheer


And everlasting youth

Going to virgin lands

With a rebirth of song

Where melodies never cease


DeaBeePea 12-13-19



Once high and mighty

The branches are bowing

Laden with snow

In winter’s prayer


Kissing the ground

In chilly peril

A shadow of white

In silent glare


The weight of time

Will tell this story

The end unsure

Of December’s glory


DeaBeePea 12-12-19

This Side of Fire


In heated orbit

Our souls see the flame

Not knowing

From where or when


Are we under the coals

Starting this holocaust

Or breathing the smoke

Exhaling what we can


Is this a tempest

Of inner mind

Or a smouldering flare

Of outward attack


Are we the carcass

For an oven’s duty

Testing our resistance

To future’s black


Can we extinguish

This perpetual conflagration

Or is it commencement

For newer dreams


Time and space

Acting beyond us

Telling us a scintillating tale

In tropical reams


Combustible energy

Laughing at our innocence

And laughable futility

Of conquering mission


Our reward is tomorrow

Where we might not be

Leaving our home

Of destructive fission


DeaBeePea 12-11-19

People Evolution


Where or when

In my hermit mind

Passing through yes and no

Insecurity’s fire


Needs and wants

Responds to cries


Ignorance in mire


Attention and observation

This growing pull

Awareness and conclusion

For vanity’s tempt


And as we orbit

This larger world

We see the images

No longer exempt


The log cabin

And quiet lake

A paradise for the soul

That is pine-needle soft


But we also consider

The fate of obscurity

And our own distrust

Of our selfish loft


And we come back to love

With its furious cry

And speak the words

Of survivals voice


Resignation’s letter

Is not accepted

As I ponder humanity’s miracle

And make the ultimate choice


DeaBeePea 12-11-19



An ongoing grab

A cycle of greed

All distant relatives

Of obstacled office


The reward is lost

From the hired slave

To the white-collared face

Of empty hospice


The escape is unwieldy

Of assorted traps

and stereotypical names

of stratified class


the beginning ignored

in history’s favour

of recent invasion

with wealth to amass


an exploitation

of sacred land

and immortal heritage

of a shoestring past


This mighty pyramid

That trickles down

With sneaky smiles

And fortunes amassed


I am a colony

From layers of deceit

But have found the paths

Of human song


Lyrics that stop

this pillaging kingdom

with united hearts

from a thankful throng


DeaBeePea 12-9-19



A voice called: Testify the hope within you

Give slaves their rightful land

Leave your children of laws evil hold, behind

Believing that all will right


Henceforth, she rescued her battered son

From the clutches of evil captains

The first to win this battle

Over the landowners barbaric blight


The voice called again: The spirits call you

You still must go

To preach of abolition

And give pacifisms tolerant prayer


Working in all endeavours

From livestock to a factory of silk

She cried "I sell the shadow to support the substance"

In her speech of feminist dare


“Ain’t I a woman?”

Was her rallying call

I need not be helped over ditches

She spoke with much-unnoticed voice


Our rights, for the benefit of the whole creation,” she said

not only the women, but all the men

on the face of the earth, for they were the mother of them

aren’t all of God’s own choice?


In her usual whimsy

She opens, “Children, I have come here like the rest of you

to hear what I have to say.

And there is no need to laud


Were the Conventions full of mobbish opponents

Or were the faces beaming with joy and gladness

Truth herself declares not one discordant note

No one to silence her sacred prod


Religion without humanity

is very poor human stuff, she says

I know and do what is right

better than many big men of book


I have plowed and planted

and gathered into barns,

let no man lead me

with my sharp but gentle hook


Nobody helps me any best place.

Man has his own rights

And women's’ too

And he keeps them all to himself


I look up, at the same stars

And the same moon

But for my brothers and sisters

So far from oneself…


DeaBeePea 11-29-19

Faith or Knowledge


the dilemma

of Antonius Block

alive in many a soul

as I devour my self-image


Is it a must?

to speak to Death

and make demands

while on my final trek


am I at war?

with those of nihilistic dreams

each step such a burden

in my bold and heartless scrimmage


the confession

is rather startling

looking at that pale face

a feeble but menacing wreck


the flutist and juggler

perform before the crowd

as I am submerged in humility

as my anger begins to grow


the controversy of the cross

laid down upon the soiled land

tired and despised

the prayers and taunts in consent


the answer lies in truth

and a game of strategic skill

the blood rushing to your hand

to make a move of know


This facsimile of strength

defies the power of faith

ensuring Death a victory

the King in denials assent


DeaBeePea 11-22-19

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