The Wait

I await a challenge

from Sharon Tice

will it be about spring

that would be nice

or maybe something bolder

of controversy or smoulder

to get my juices flowing

and sinful side...foreboding

DeaBeePea 5-25-15


a beautiful blend

agouti and black foundations

a reddish brown

of burnt sienna crown

no black points allowed

tones of copper and blood

mahogany and seal

orange-gold in blazing scud

the bob-tailed nag in chase

who will win the race

somebody bet on the bay

in Camptown's joyous hurray.

DeaBeePea 5-25-15


a place to anchor

no undettled ranchor

a bayou of hope

and futures scope

dreams and visions

harbored thoughts

loching monsters

away in my naught

a creature lagooned

looking for life's little bight

ungulfing my spirit

as the shore offers might...

DeaBeePea 5-25-15

BAY 3 The Bay Window

a cubicle so cozy

as the days offers posies

a bouguet of hope

and comforting sun

I sit by the niche

a cubicle so rich

a window to the world

cushioning my fear

a recess of serenity

a place to read

capturing the corners

of humanities creed

DeaBeePea 5-25-15

BAY 4 Vocal Cries

A growl and grunt

maybe hungers call

a snarl and yip

yearning for trip

an anxious bark

a needy hark

a message for master

to avoid disaster

a woof sometimes

resembles anger

but it's just a reliance

of faithful alliance

DeaBeePea 5-25-15

Endless Summer

endless summer would be sad

my snowshoes would grow cobwebs

that is bad!

and my cross-country skis

would co-habitate with bees

that is weird!

all my friends who snow plow

would be out of work

that would be terrible... and how!

and Christmas would be green

which would be quite an unusual scene

with Santa's 4WD sleigh

and there would be no snow days

no days off for kids

now that just wouldn't pay

and my snow covered garden

would have no time to rest

a winter garden jest!

and keeping beer in the snow bank

while i enjoy a day outside

I would miss that... my silly bide!

but I guess my imagination

is lacking in depth

a change in venue... might create a new fixation

DeaBeePea 5-25-15


something fairly old

as it lingers in my past

but happen it can

it it's sudden haunting blast

selfish ideas

and arrogant plans

that consider no one

especially impoverished clans

and those who consider

their words as doctrine

assuming I am stupid

with my egalitarian spin

I'm called a dreamer

that can make me mad

because life is not worth it

unless chimeras can blossom

in our fight for what's right

for a world garden so awesome

DeaBeePea 5-25-15


Funny how match

rhymes with patch

but they seldom ever do

the patch on my elbow

doesn't match the one on my knee

and the quilty plats

usually don't agree

and fixes of cloud

each make there own figure

while shreds of fog

fail to configure

and try to find one cabbage

exactly the same

or one of those dolls

with just the same name

but my memory is patchy

and my thoughts kind of scratchy

so don't take my word

as it is sometimes absurd

DeaBeePea 5-23-15

How Long Does It Take to Shower

Many come late

well after eight

making excuses

regarding timely abuses

someone phoned

the meat had to be deboned

a minor flood

or the battery was a dud

"I got so busy...

then had to shower in a tizzy"

but really showers

can be quick as you scour

and saying you forgot

the time...NOT

that is so lame

as if you have fame

that your schedule is essential

for the world's potential

stop making reasons

for your confusion of seasons

you're a disorganized mess

face it...and get dressed!!

DeaBeePea 5-21-15

History of the GROOVE

They came in cylinders

Caruso’s tenor strains

mechanical analog

audio mediums cog

A gramophone disc

simply known as record

shellac on the surface

Then chloride’s poly chords

A modulated spiral groove

peripheral threads

spiraling to center

On dancing treads

Originally a horn

piped to skin

vibrating stylus

For a big band’s din

The loud players stood

far from the mic

as the meeker sounds sat

on close quarters mat

From vacuum tubes

to electro-magnets

and measured groove-spacing

Victor and Columbia tracing

Victor Orthophonic Victrola

an acoustical marvel

and electric reproduction

from Electrola’s elocution

Those wondrous machines

cost as much as a Ford

so priorities were tested

for one to afford.

Interior folded exponential horn

from transmission-line theory

and impedance matching query

a new language is born

The 78 passed its reign

to the 33’s long play

and then the 45

rocked and rolled to stay

that is till the CD

came to be the way

and now the signals

come from far away

but the turntable lives

and the spinning glory

needling our souls

telling its marvelous story

DeaBeePea 5-20-15


There was a young lady named Fern

Whose attitude was quite a concern

She criticized our writing

Her comments were biting

And my limericks she loudly did spurn…

DeaBeePea 5-19-15


neither seeds nor flower

in the land of spores

their stems and leaves

open shady doors

fiddlehead music

from falling rain

swelling fronds

in delicate refrain

from Devonian days

stalwart and true

horsetails and whisks

stirring the dew

millions of years

fossiled and strong

ornamental blankets

among flowering throngs

so many families

in rhizomous crawl

the creeping stolons

in rigorous gall

towers of trunk

woody and straight

their leaves in a scroll

winding in gait

numerous homes

remote mountain groves

dry desert rock faces

watery fields a trove

Scottish bracken

And mosquito Azolla

in tropical lakes

and viney pergola

crackling crevices

bogs and swamps

rain-soaked moors

in meandering romp

Diet for bullfinch

And woodmouse of Europe

short-tailed bats

licking as syrup

fiddles of cinnamon

and vegetable dingle

and brakes of hedge

for poison commingle

licorice root

a pleasant flavor

and poplar thicket

for builders to savor

a Slavic tale

blooming in annuity

Kapulac nights

The flower sends rites

Hidden treasures

A will o’ the wisp seed

a Midsummer dream

bathing in mead

DeaBeePea 5-19-15


many women

have an attitude

defining their patience and latitude

but there are many reasons

for these behavioral seasons

its because of the other sex

who tend to create in them vex

you see, gentlemen play these superfluous games

that really make no sense, it's a shame

so women endure

sometimes flippant in allure

teasing and sarcastic

at the guys who aren't elastic

I find it kind of cool

that ladies are this way

it keeps my head a spinning

and makes me want to play....

DeaBeePea 5-15-15


it often works
I'm a fraidy cat

I'm not a tough guy
this than THAT

but I will admit
coming with old age

I can manoeuvre
with my spoken sage

so if you bully
look out
I might outsmart you

I'll be nervous
but poetic
in my literary BOO

life is better now
I know my strength

confident in my skin
durable at length

I offer you hope
no fear
because you can do it too

be your passionate self
and turn those people blue!!

DeaBeePea 11-2-16

Sing Song

it might sound
like a company
electronic in desire

but, no
it's perfect unity
the joining of voice
in choral mire

highs and lows
and off-tune strains
with occasional laughter
around the fire

each voice sounds better
than in solo echo
breeding confidence
in singing aspire

the confluence resounding
each looks at each other
a glorious refrain
enough to admire

let's do another
the crowd suggests
we'll sing all night
in infinite choir

DeaBeePea 11-16-16

Little Red Wagon

carrying toys
and dirt and sand
a prop of errands
of honour so grand

tongue in hand
steering a course
that invites adventure
in its bumpy force

tipping over
a spillage of message
might as well romp here
in playful presage

wheels get loose
it doesn't matter
like a teddy bear eyeless
a comforting tatter

new roads to travel
but the need does dwindle
as the little red wagon
becomes memory's kindle

I call it Rosebud
my tired sleigh of glee
of innocence and frolic
and grass-stained knees

DeaBeePea 11-15-16

Tribute to Sir James Martin

good morning
ah... I see you read
yes books are wonderful
I read myself

a have a few
but I fear
gathering dust
upon my shelf

many people read
it seems
it's a quiet hobby
not much spoken

but I suppose that conversation
is overrated
except for these moments
of morning not broken

I am so glad we chat
it clears the air
although we have no quarrel
now fancy that

we are of two worlds
you of there
and me of here
no reason to spat

and my presence here
is of no consequence
other than the prospect
of a visitor I gain

although I recall
no formal invitation
of which I allow
a certain blot of vain

but I am essentially
a humble man
whose impression upon you
is dependent upon your eyes

and your perspective on me
as a prospect of love
of which I have no opinion
relying on your cries

do not get me wrong
I am not imposing
just making conversation
of which I master in irony

as a gentleman of society
peering upon matrons
in wishful reverie
of a pairing in barony

DeaBeePea 11-15-16


when you make them
they seem just right
absolutely necessary
and within reality's sight

sometimes they are fun
which is quite a bonus
and occasionally an exercise
a sweatful tonus

but to my disdain
what they become
is a totally other thing
making your life undone

because appointments invariably
are a total nuisance
a pain in the ass
the inconvenience an impuissance

DeaBeePea 11-14-16

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