a motley crew
unbounded energy
pouring emotion
creating a synergy

unfolding though
and all insecurities
honest and bold
reflecting futurity

many words
of meticulous form
stretching the rules
causing a storm

but it might be quiet
or intensely extreme
enlightening of truth
through descriptive dreams

noveled or flash
or poetic in shape
the message still shines
with linear grace

but the lines start to dance
in polygons and bubbles
forecasting caution
and inherent troubles

but hope is there
in these tender words
that occasionally crash
into blasts that begird

suffocating our hearts
but freeing our souls
breathing anew
with lettered controls

paragraphs of love
words of fear
gathering strength
through listening ears

an art of passion
that challenges us each day
a continuous flow
a community hooray

DeaBeePea 4-20-18

Political Games

we must stand up
for what is right
winning or losing
is only a measure of might

it doesn't matter
about the end result
it's the process of love
that makes us exulty

victory and power
that we must fear
its a vicious solution
in out ethical rear

being for good
is all that matters
as it conquers your soul
and repairs the tatters

waking each day
on the path of good
kissing the weeds
and the rotting wood

the flowers rejoice
in generous heart
knowing that caring
is the essential start

so do not believe
the practical word
the "I have the answers"
that are really absurd

simple words
that define the leader
are merely escapes
for the process impeder

we must resist
that urge for a bandeau
the colour doesn't matter
of this superfluous bestow

take the walk
that keeps you steady
despite the threats
that make you unready

stay strong in faith
and even if you crawl
the right path is safe
in our beautiful withal

DeaBeePea 4-18-18

What is Change?

change is not talk
or funny quips
or very loud voices
or whimsical tips

but it's the biggest gathering
of everything we are
and a sudden bang
as we see the star

a humble realization
of a universal home
joined by love
and a miracle dome

surrounding us
in a quiet hush
a cultural explosion
creating a magic dust

where we simply listen
and respectfully nod
a dignified response
to a personal god

it can be defined
in many different ways
and simply does not matter
which way it sways

the boat can be rocked
and sometimes it tips
but we have to be there
for these frequent dips

and pat each other
on our tired backs
to admit you tried
despite the stony sacks

carried through life
sometimes without help
that makes us cry
and quiver in yelp

as long as our hands
are joined together
we are a ring for the future
the storm we will weather

DeaBeePea 4-18-18


people don't understand
the difference
between spoken logic
and reality

they are so engrossed
in money
that they fail to see
financial verity

arrogant capitalists
spewing the word
raising fear
of an egalitarian stance

but why do we run
from what is right
absorbing the greed
of this insolent dance

why don't we hear
the voices of right
who want to help
in the avoidance of avidity

we are plunging downward
listening to hate
and the quest for power
that creates a bifidity

a polarized world
between sharing or not
there is still a chance
to gather the leaves

and jump and toss
in a pile of joy
coloured in love
that our sincerity believes

DeaBeePea 4-17-18

What To Do?

If Ontario
becomes FordNation
what will I do
in my current station?

will I freeze myself?
and thaw in four years
hoping things are different
and I can dry my tears

or get even madder
and start a revolution
change a few things
ridding of mental pollution

or pass a law
that bans stupidity
arrogance and ignorance
creating lucidity

or ship our whole province
to a tropical island
and have bliss for four years
in apple-pie land

one way or another
this torture will pass
and we will wake up to sanity
and sneer at our past

DeaBeePea 4-11-18

Why Life Get's Better yes, it's funny how life get's better because so much around us is a burdening fetter but love seems to grow and hate is gone as age and awareness is a picture drawn

it's getting fuzzier and gentle to touch this unpredictable life one hand on the clutch to a gear of joy a smoother ride even when the road is a foggy guide hugs and laughter is my holiday plan that lasts forever in its spinning span DeaBeePea 4-9-18

A Friend

a few hours away
I miss her smile
but she's always here
in my vacant aisle

she's like a movie
so full of fun
spinning a plot
leaving nothing undone

and giving of love
a carefree spirit
with a gentle glove

touching me
with hope and laughter
with anticipation
I await the after

another time
that we sip the wine
she is so special
she spreads the shine

DeaBeePea 4-9-18


I pray for the water
that quenches anger
rinsing hate
silencing the clangor

back and forth
from contrasting love
from loud retort
to gentle shove

I am helpless
to help the illness
I wish I could
because I cherish stillness

I have no acrimony
it's gone with time
I only feel
the friendships rhyme

in a hug of understanding
enveloped in
a genial landing

DeaBeePea 4-9-18


there are no answers
we weep
and can't believe
the senselessness of tragedy

and in quick response
we are glad it's not us
but of course it is
we share it all

but there are questions
we can ask
the things we do
and the way we do them

we don't take care
of the sanctity of life
we are careless and wreckless
in driving for more

we must gear back
and be more primitive
not letting progress
tear at our hearts

we must cherish quiet
and slow lazy days
and hold our hands
our fingers locked

so in our prayers
let's not just beseech
but start a movement
to quell the storm

DeaBeePea 4-8-18


My blanket is me
It took years

I have found my way
All the cheers and tears

I understand love
Its warmth
And beautiful simplicity

But I don’t understand
And its toxicity

And although I can’t explain
It has arrived

I thank God, and my friends
And myself
My life revived

DeaBeePea 4-6-18


What isn’t imposing
As I scratch my head
Trying to be alert
After my time in bed

Coffee helps
But there are too many
Questions to ask
And answers, are there any?

I fear stagnation
From over-stimulation
Whizzing stupidly
Losing my station

But the so-called routines
Become a savior
Giving direction
And leveling behavior

And by the end
Of an ordinary day
I am thankful
For the lovely boring play

That is really
A quiet fire
Soothing and smiling
The perfect mire

DeaBeePea 4-6-18

Many Faces

I can change
a furrowed brow
a questioning look
a searching prow

unkempt hair
and tattered shirt
scuffed up shoes
ditching dirt

withholding pain
tears inside
a toughened front
a bumpy ride

the brightest smile
and teasing gait
attracting attention
in aging bait

dressed to the nines
immaculate and cool
maybe deluding
or perhaps a fool

speaking loudly
in passionate words
supporters, yes
but to some, for the birds

slouching and quiet
thinking or bored
a very fine line
with my multi-use sword

there is even evil
lurking inside
but it's not my fashion
amidst this hide

but I am everything
a universal cell
giving and taking
ringing my imperfect bell

DeaBeePea 4-5-18


sitting still
on the meandering branches
feet, overgrown with ivy
spreading limb-like trances

but these many protrusions
are going nowhere
not knowing fingers from toes
in feeble attempt to scare

doodled ghosts
created by unthinking
with a dreaming hand
and eyes so blinking

staring into space
with their crowns of kings
but so flimsy they are
with feathery strings

they will crack and splinter
from their useless dawdle
and will join the guano
in leafy swaddle

DeaBeePea 4-4-18

Thank you Rebecca Hulit

Tribute to Albert Pujols (the squirrel)

Albert was a survivor
escaping the curt flood of St. Louis
and the brockish stealing
and the musical musial so boorish

and in the town of Moses Bates
connected by the Twain
singing Huck Finn Blues
without a vocal strain

he could hear the loud horns(by)
echoing the cheer
of world series victories
with Mr.Gibson so near

scampering to the lighthouse
Hanibal's beacon of light
Garrison Keillor's refrains
and fast-balls of delight

Yes, Albert is a hit
a diamond-studded rodent
finding his private dugout
a place for his deodorant

DeaBeePea 4-4-18

Thank you to Elizabeth Harney for creating Albert.

The Egg Hunter

as the rainbow circle glows
the Egg Hunter trudges
in a conceited gait
as the egg-leaves he smudges

they have a crackle
because they are shelled
just like the eggs
of the journey impelled

pink and purple
with a belly of gold
it ponders the catch
and where it can hold

is it the mouth
and significant snout
or that side-cavity
that would fit just-about

no, it's the ears
perfectly curved
containing those yolks
until they are served

DeaBeePea 4-4-18


not a real thing
a lingering mist
combining faith
in hope to exist

no, not real
but survivals request
so I can laugh
and be a guest

of amazing beauty
surrounding my head
as the dreams trick me
and take me to bed

sometimes they fall
turning to doubt
and I become sad
in a fallen drought

but this string connects
mind to universe
spinning a yarn
where my imaginations converse

and I fall in love
with what I admit
smelling the flowers
as my insecurity sits

this comforting friend
we call blinding trust
joins our hands
in this enlightening gust

a soothing wind
that hugs our soul
hidden within
this planted boll

DeaBeePea 4-4-18


like yellow brick roads
leading with hope
to those vestibule nodes

then stop and look up
then down
choices surrounding
we feel like clowns

tree's branches
streams of light
Through windy quivers

our nervous look
into futures offering
our search unwitting

the birds and ivy
perching on rails
as the overpasses tangle
as misdirected sails

there is no destination
we are forever lost
but not walking
would be a greater cost

DeaBeePea 3-31-18

Easter Thoughts

This Day

Yea, the Sunday of Resurrection
The Third day of soil
The culmination of his passion
As Holy Week resigns its toil

We see the celebration
The washing of the feet
The Death at Calvary
In Seven weeks of Eastertide, we meet

And as the full moon looks down
On Passovers loom
Weaving the Sunrise
Decorating the empty tomb

So we are enraptured
The foundation of Christian faith
A powerful Son of God
Where righteousness lies unwraith

death is swallowed up in victory
a new birth into a living hope
we are brought to life with Him
to external salvation rope

Through Supper, sufferings, and the crucifixion
The upper room is hollow
Soon in preparation
In his final statement, to follow

the drawing of the blood
matzah and cup of wine
Ridding of the old yeast
The Passover Lamb divine

Between the two evenings
Attending to the Unleavened Bread.
As the equinox announces a lawful Easter
With Jerusalem’s doors ahead

As this is written
On Holy Saturday
And the Great Vigil of Easter
I kneel down and pray

But also look up to the stars
Surrounded in total awe
Of the rise of Love
And amazing humility’s caw

DeaBeePea 3-31-18

Dark and Light Duology


Thick and black
A licorice taste
Scheming to hide
My emotions of fear

But dreams arise
And spiritual inspiration
As I feel for meaning
In my blinding steer

Quietness profound
The thunder not heard
As it tranquilizes thought
Numbing my real

It is soft and serene
Yet strong in substance
Foggy and spongy
Yet made of steel

Redefining infinity
In my limited perception
Causing me to stumble
Awaiting an answer

My senses listen
To a musical lyric
Exposing me to nakedness
Like a pantless dancer


Strangely pale
And awakening me so pallid
But its nutritional hope
Invites me to envision

Colour and hope
And texture with shadow
A feel of familiarity
Avoiding collision

Implications from sun
Of universal faith
But doubt still lingers
In a breakfast of shame

But a creative juice
Impels me to search
For rights and reasons
To justify my name

But yes, there is warmth
And sometimes a glow
Reassurance of sorts
In our chaotic sky

So I laugh, in nervousness
Seeing what I see
Trying to define
Why I will not cry

DeaBeePea 3-30-18

Palm Sunday

he enters into Jerusalem
to the voices of Mark, Matthew, Luke, John
a week before life anew
stepping on box, willow, olive and yew

the Canonical Gospels
near Lents gentle sleep
the branches reaching
before Resurrections song of teaching

the mortal donkey
so stubborn in peace
to the anger Sanhedrin
in judgemental faults release

weeping over the city
foretelling the suffering that awaits
the Second Temples demise
in destructions burdensome weight

laying down their garments
with the modest lulav
for the Prince of Peace
in the Goddess' of Victory caprice

he was triumphing
as Simon of Cyrene
was awed with the power
of sins divine forgiveness serene

this is the Sunday of Passion
may we both follow
in his resurrection and patience
through the Lord, his Love we wallow

DeaBeePea 3-25-18


I thought of these
and decided to do it
hip hip hooray

soda water and root beer
it works very well
as I made a mess

it makes them airy, soft
and sweet
and there is something else
that can't be beat

I added pineapple chunks
so tangy
smothered in syrup
it almost rangy!

and of course the butter
cholesterol is great
for ongoing slobs

and I had some coffee, but
there will wine
as I get ready to croon

and I will soon be leaving
to do much later
according to wishes

DeaBeePea 3-24-18


are we really that stupid?
to vote for this guy
with bad connections
and thoughts that don't fly

named for a car
oily and rusty
that doesn't run
in its peril of fusty

blowhard is a word
that seems to fit
a lot of hot air
he's kind of a nit

the populist label
is just a cover
for a power-hungry nut
with hate that hovers

if we support him
we show we're dumb
as bad as those
south of the border so numb

so if you like him
don't tell me please
I'm liable to get angry
and impossible to appease

DeaBeePea 3-24-18


we are seeing the sun
penetrating my space
streaks of light
tickling my face

I can feel the warmth
and the asking pry
for me to wake up
and give things a try

small blankets of snow
crying in the breeze
reflecting their thoughts
of springs early sneeze

a sparkling cover
disappearing from sight
a soggy goodbye
in hibernations delight

bicycles come out
and baby shoots
singing their emerald chorus
in muddy boots

the colour blue
joins us in celebration
high and strong
in its solstice citation

I toast this time
with the wine of love
and stand outside
in awe of the above

DeaBeePea 3-24-18


a meeting minds
and political binds
sharing ideas
and critical finds

voting for those
who make a good pose
and considering qualifications
with a suspicious nose

but we don't forget
we are together in debt
fighting for a cause
that makes us a set

social-democratic vows
without any bows
we're not here for credit
but for planning the hows

egalitarian outlook
is our premise of book
writing an agenda
that compassion cooks

always good means
without unoiled machines
rivers and banners
creating beautiful scenes

it's not about winning
but playing each inning
promoting love
and a new beginning

DeaBeePea 3-24-18

Sean is On

Sean is huge
a muscle mass
full of ideas
and never crass

although he expounds
with wild thoughts
they are creative genius
that put me in knots

laughter and tears
it's all from the heart
choices are open
if you want to take part

but beware of the storm
amidst this modest soul
he is quite the package
on his weightlifting role

DeaBeePea 3-23-18

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