avoiding Death's visit
taking time to decide
in which afterlife
I am going to hide

those last mysterious ties
simply psychopomp
helping me to this stage
a joyous romp

joining Marzanna
the silver-blue toucan
on this gradual walk
on this deadly plan

but it's not overnight
a lifetime thing
of ticking clocks
and web-like strings

I don't count the hours
it's a continuous ride
to another chapter
of life's ebb and flow tide

DeaBeePea 12-28-17

Raggedy Ann

did Raggedy Ann
have a Raggedy Ann?
it appears so
from this pictures clan

and with her bear along
the theme of love
a sea of buttons
flying above

Andy is sleeping
or has he been transposed?
into that plantigrade
being held in pose

it's a raggedy situation
in the Enchanted Square
being blind to her doll
until imagination bears

so as long as her mind
is wild and free
there is nothing in this world
that she can't see

DeaBeePea 12-22-17


this beautiful
gemeyed stigiforme
tranquil and still
waiting for the storm

streaked in vanilla
and charoite eyes
its feathered woven
in silent cries

fearful and bold
intelligent and forewarned
steadfast but quick
its face adorned

unruffled and poised
panning the skies
watchful in chatoyancy
and snowy white guise

DeaBeePea 12-21-17

Thank you to R. Hulit for her Hulitoon

How Far Can You Go

life is no line
or a distance
not measured
with limitless persistence

although infinite
it is immeasurable
we try to stop
when it is most pleasurable

it is more like
a floating bubble
bouncing and bumping
staying clear of rubble

but it's always there
this stiff grey mist
that bogs us down
as we try to exist

so my length is unknown
as I see in minutes
hours, days and weeks
months and years are all in it

they vary in duration
as each moment is new
time is unknown
in this conglomerate stew

so my conclusion is
that I go as far
as my life is perceived
as a visible star

DeaBeePea 1-3-18


I hear that bark
crackling and wheezing
buggy and sneezing
a stripey mark

it's never dark
in the white birchy wood
as a quietly stood
in a mood so stark

a wilderness park
where birds do roam
a happy rodent home
a multitudinous ark

peeling in lark
shedding it's coat
preparing to dote
on its rooted embark

DeaBeePea 1-4-18

It's Already

already the 2nd
what is going on?
nothing has changed
I'm feeling deranged

I've been waiting
for a revolution
to take me away
from the silliness at play

laughter and fun
all around the world
a trumpless place
that is not a disgrace

more intelligence
and productive outspokenness
making changes
with loving exchanges

I'm very impatient
I don't want to wait
so let's get our asses in gear
so I can negate my fear!!

DeaBeePea 1-2-18

The Birchbark Canoe

I often think of the little you birchbark canoe I had as a child. I would fill it with my "Indian" men (a tight fit) and tried to float it in the tub. It was a challenge (impossibility) to keep it from tipping.

Looking back I had an appreciation (but ignorance) of aboriginal culture (not a term used back then, the latest is indigenous). So I ponder the amazing craft and its artisans.

Birch bark is amazing, as it is smooth, hard, light, flexible, resilient and waterproof. And it was easy to shape as it was naturally contoured.

The frames of the canoes were formed from cedar, carefully hewn and soaked and then shaped. The joints were tied with white pine or spruce roots. These roots were boiled for long periods to attain their elasticity and would be stronger as the boiling bonded the fibres. This was a task designated to the women.

The resin for the seams and waterproofing was made with hot spruce or pine resin, gathered and applied with a mere stick. This was done on an almost daily basis to maintain safety and performance.


stripped and coated
cut and curved
resined and tied
and insignia applied

smooth and yar
light and strong
through the rivers
like a sharpened sliver

paddled with strength
and faithful passion
the lifeline of home
a nomadic poem

singing of love
for fish and berries
buffalo and grouse
in the spiritual dowse

the canoe was king
so lively and quick
the birch's brother
from dancing Mother

DeaBeePea 1-4-17


one could say
life is a challenge
so I try to avoid
this pitfall play

although it can be
rather difficult
I try to think
of a cruise on the sea

it's been mapped out
this journey afloat
as I try to navigate
without too much shout

so I let the wind blow
taking it with ease
shrugging my shoulders
going with flow

if I get too many worries
my chances of sinking
increase with my panic
as my happiness scurries

so this earthly being
that we have in appointment
might as well be fun
in my way of seeing

DeaBeePea 1-15-18


where did it go?
it was here a minute

I didn't go anywhere
I've been right

I put it down
right in front of

No one else
has been here at

I think I'm going crazy
it cannot be happening can

Now I don't remember
what I just

So whatever went missing
it doesn't matter

Because I forgot
what the heck it

DeaBeePea 1-15-18

Monet's Springtime

youthful innocence
and lilacs canopy
light breaks through
of muslin snow

a garden pose
of graceful times
enchantment and bliss
where happiness grows

DeaBeePea 1-13-18


the lively immediacy
and thoughtful sky
a tossing wind
and determined reply

the awaiting valley
for a queen of rose
and a pout of bold
in ominous throes

DeaBeePea 1-13-18

Madonna of the Pinks

in Flemish darkness
the pagan world in ruins
the handing of carnations
to a playful child

but his name is Passion
and he is blessed
in naked love
flower of God so mild

DeaBeePea 1-13-18

with dancing purpose
and twitching fingers
and fluttering feathers

and popping eyes
synchronized limbs
and snouty blether

a bowing ballet
of rosy feet
leaning sashays
and waving hips

a chorus of carnation
in magical prance
a blaze of glory
and floppy flips

DeaBeePea 1-13-18

Notes from Norway

why does that idiot
think I would consider
moving there
laughable, I swear

we have fiords
and socialized medicine
and free tuition
it's our discretion

and the fourth largest
per capita income
and a Human Development Index
that is bar none

we're the most democratic place
and we are proud
and our leaders
aren't quite as loud

so thank you Donald
but I'll stay put
looking at your mouth
I can see the foot

DeaBeePea 1-11-18

It was there...I think

it was a sane place
once upon a time
though, with lots of problems
including crime

but there was a semblance
of humanity
and not so much prevalence
of profanity

I guess their history
of prejudice and war
tells us to beware
and maybe, close the door

or build a wall
to protect us from madness
so we aren't submerged
in chronic sadness

but when I was naive
a saw a decent place
but I guess I was blind
with my innocent face

it was there.... yes
that simple notion
of strength and friendship
that pleasant potion

but are true colours
flying now?
or is it a blip
of a raging cow

DeaBeePea 1-11-18


the exercise of exercise
a blood-running time
a bit of a sweat
and relaxation's crime

but after the blast
it's rather a trip
a sense of tranquility
and peaceful glip

the joints may flicker
a twitch of pain
but if not overdone
it's a pleasant drain

so yes, I recommend it
along with good food
of a Mediterranean flair
that's good for mood

so the sedentary state
I try to avoid
as inactivity
gets me annoyed

and hypertension
is a foe not a friend
so now I must partake
in a few elbow bends

DeaBeePea 1-11-18

Band Wagon

my little old wagon
red and rusty
smiling with hope
despite its fusty

it wants me to
belong to joy
being my ride
as a happiness toy

jumping on
to be a part
of something that has
a loving heart

so there will always be
a joining thread
faith in numbers
and a consensus said

I hold the tongue
in careful path
steering my way
to a fruitful bath

the wheels spin
and skid in response
to overzealous belief
and rigid ensconce

it's not always right
but it believes in me
and who I am
in humility's plea

DeaBeePea 1-10-18


beware of this desire
lassoing your life
it could reject
your sharpened knife

be alert
and walk with caution
and build a fence
perimeters for your portion

let yourself be tickled
and taste the menu
surrounding you
in this crazy venue

mold and shape
with your intelligent hands
but don't use force
with rubber bands

or things could snap
with inflexible style
so keep your bounce
and wear that smile

DeaBeePea 1-9-18

Where Is Everyone

this spectacular event
to which I am sent
seems to be mine
for me to dine

I guess I got it
and now I spot it
this crazy place
where I shine my face

I don't know its name
or if it has fame
but it fascinates me
suiting me to a tea

so I will wander on
waiting for the dawn
when others come
to the sound of my drum

but if I'm alone
my spirit I will hone
soaking in the magic
of this vast pelagic

DeaBeePea 1-8-17


it comes to the edge
that glistening glamour
the spray of power
as I await the clammer

but nothing makes it
as I wait for glory
that inner explosion
and inner story

perennial emptiness
that I always cover
when dreaming of
the perfect lover

sadness prevails
with that vivid brolly
sheltering me
from immediate folly

burrowing out of gloom
each morning asks
the reason for breath
as my cynicism basks

but there is an end
that offers me
a simple answer
that makes me free

DeaBeePea 1-8-18

What do I call it...

is very adaptable
and in its disguise
quite retractable

is it a who or thing?
amidst that mind
a very smart genius
that has a thick rind

books are written
about childlike behavior
leading to supposition
of who is savior

a doohicky of sorts
of which I use
to imagine reality
and things to refuse

like hearing BS
and putting up with crap
I have my pocket
prepared for a zap

I have the weapon
to defend my dignity
and giving me a chance
to practise benignity

DeaBeePea 1-7-18

Even Mean

what does that
even mean
a situation
so seldom seen

even is construed
by liers and cheats
and the kind of men
pre-occupied with sheets

and if you are questioning
the definition
you are looking at
a tricky transition

I don't know
what people say
other than the fact
that I hear the play

but the roles are chosen
with dubious mode
so I am cautious
about confirming the code

but I am not mean
at least I don't think so
although I get angry
and sometimes say whoa

getting even
is a perilous game
and leads the instigator
to misdirected blame

so even and mean
bounce in my head
a confusing mixture
after is done and said

DeaBeePea 1-6-18

Fly On the Wall

considering where
flies have been
a fly on the wall
is poopish sin

DeaBeePea 1-16-18

Fly on the Wall #2

I have no worries
as I share my thoughts
the fly can hear me
connect the dots

it seems to me
I have nothing to hide
while I ponder life
on this poetic ride

sometimes the buzz
irritates me
zooming in my ear
like a busy bee

buy what is worrisome
is the flies vision
because if it sees well
there will be derision

when I streak to the bathroom
the fly might see
a shocking sight
too much of me...

DeaBeePea 1-16-18


what to do with
my legion of files
some are sad
but many have smiles

downloads and desktops
memories and tears
moments of one
reviving the cheers

in solitary mind
or invisible drive
unknown and hard
or a soft archive

regardless of my scheme
the back-up is alive
not executed by key
but a spirited strive

my stick of life
a memory not slender
and not insertable
in a USB vendor

this dichotomy is
not a mystery to me
because one can short out
and the other is is glee

it's the existence of being
and being aware
of what is important
and what is a spare

DeaBeePea 1-18-18

WOW... another day to play

when will this stop
this chronic amusement
creating joy
and strange bemusement

twenty-four hours
to frolic and sleep
and of course the meals
that sink in me deep

there appears to be
no end at all
but yes, I know it's there
waiting to fall

but I am not concerned
until it occurs
and then it won't matter
as time concurs

so for tomorrow
I will play with friends
and share our thoughts
of what?... well that depends

DeaBeePea 1-17-18


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