how I love sleep

such a rejuvenating ride

over pillows and sheets

where I've previously cried


incredible dreams

some X-rated

but I'll keep my mouth shut

or I'll be ill-fated


DeaBeePea 5-24-19



first coffee


second coffee

almost whole

then that glass of wine

of late of afternoon


now I am complete

such a shame

my day

is three-quarters over

and now is time to dine


DeaBeePra 5-22-19



actually, I am fond

of nudity

if a had pure skin

and a robust body

I would

consider it seriously


but now I love clothes

because they allow me

to look tolerable

and as long

as I shower alone

I will sing deliriously


DeaBeePea 5-19-19

The Street


After the rain

Nature’s glare

Of lamps and the moon

Chilling flares


Procuring dreams

That are mostly lies

This slow moving river

With banks that cry


Barriers and bars

And rules so stark

Wails and screeches

Avoiding the dark


Tramps and thieves

Of little heed

In empty patterns

That the past has freed


Just dime-store mannequins

And errant night-walkers

Or lonely patrons

And bar-room knockers

Those crevice homes

For giving-up heroes

Is the quiet a warning

For a future of zeroes


This icy black stream

Leading to the throat

Of gaping fate

For a goodbye note.


Opposite my window,

The stars an awning,

Blinding in glitter,

A plum-colour spawning


A wealth of soul

And children of hope

But how can this be

In the concrete tree


I am watching

And listening for a noise

Of confirmation

With morning’s poise


DeaBeePea 5-19-19



a bit stale

and fitting

into the nooks and crannies

of my aging teeth

the satisfying crunch

and convincing perseverance

and my diet

says no butter

so I will

dig deep

even into unpopped territory

before I venture into my world

of dental floss

scotch and beer


DeaBeePea 5-19-19





poverty, racism

nature's demise

as we

float in revolution



an overthrow

subjecting ourselves

to ignorance

as the spiral stops

as a final solution


is this anger

of God

or just

our due comeuppance

like a leaky faucet

or ice-cold day


as we cover ourselves

with silly complaint

saying yes

and no

at all the wrongs times

as we play


so this universal disaster

no apparent warning

but all along

it's been hovering

but we are blind

to this impelling stray


will we be incinerated

or frozen stiff

it depends

on our direction

a simple choice

for this error-prone fray


I have no preference

but it would be nice

falling into a heaven of words

a planetary mosaic

a milky co-existence

with a knowing way


dignity and peace

chameleon colours

dancing asteroids

with stormy concerts

as space decides

the fate of our celestial bouquet


DeaBeePea 5-18-19




am I fit for

in this empty fruit

the pits rotted

future's symbol


from the tree


is it life

with unanswered questions

sunny clouds

laughing frowns


flying free


endless runs

of de-oxygenated peril

finding surprises

in determination and guilt

saying goodbye

to rewarding sweat


giving me advice

dare I heed

I think I know myself

but doubt lingers

over miles of fear

and clownish debt


but for death

well prepared

in unavoidable detainment

but future days

beckon me

to rhyme and sing


so if I untie

this strangest of knots

sailing on oceans

of soothing waves

I will sink into peace

where revival clings


no more definition

just clarity of moral

joining forces

of gravity and love

bringing me to birth

forever growing


me and my rattle

a restless noise

with a teething froth


with tender anger

blood anxiously flowing


DeaBeePea 5-18-19



crossing the road

the chicken stopped

on the white line

what does this designate? she thought

is it the line of demarcation?

no, I am not in Spain

is it the line of control?

no, I am not in Kashmir

is it the line of beauty?

no, I am not in Northamptonshire

is it the line of fire?

no, I see no one with a gun before me

Another chicken voice is heard

"It is the line of duty"

That makes no sense

I am not crossing the street as a duty

I am just going to the other side

I have no reason

"You are wrong,

you are fulfilling the prophecy of a riddle

The Knickerbocker 1847"


but I do not read

nor am I a historian

"Do not underestimate yourself, my friend

you are doing more than that"

I am?

"Yes, there is an egg crossing the street,

and I want to know who wins the race"


DeaBeePea 5-16-19



Where do they go

These loving hearts

They can’t be shut away

I will not let them leave me

So I travel

Out of mind

Into a strange dark place

Always warm

Full of honest wisdom and unrestrained love

Wearing misty coronas

Dancing in the lightest breeze

White poppies in hand

The thoughts are a melody

My ears are widening petals

The fragrance is thinning

And mystery lingers

Are you saving your inspiration

For those in your cessation

How far do I go

To stay in your place

This Shangri-La

Is there dissipation


Fragmenting into science

A hypothetical formula

The laughter a mocking

They pollinate the dust

In shriveled elegance

my lips… bitter

I loved the light

How far down does it go

Or does it circle;

Starting over…


DeaBeePea 5-16-19



I am rich

I dare say

in my simple home

of style and (some) grace


I look in the mirror

surprised I'm alive

gladly accepting

my (barely) tolerable face


I write a lot

yes, I am thankful for words

and occasionally laugh

at my (almost) funny lines


I spend money

like it's going out of style

and look at my account

soaked in red (and white) wines


but most of all

I have friends

so full of love and wonder

an amazing (strangely) lot of stars


as they fret and fumble

but always encourage

it gives me the courage

to contact (don't know their language yet) writers on Mars


DeaBeePea 5-16-19



yes, there are rules


but where is freedom

under fears umbrella


exercise caution

I am told

but safety must be qualified

in life's strange novella


I dare not offend

but there is evil

that is asking for trouble

in my mindset of moral


so do I swear

or throw mighty stones

never giving in

to humanitarian laurels


this blatant trust

of chronic lies

is the illness of fear

and cynicism's cheer


lazy and bedraggled

is the spirit of man

but in community lies hope

in peace so near


so I shall not stand

in over-niceness

when anger can be transfixed

into hand-held solution


short spurts of phrase

and words of ignorance

the un-news of our words

for mental pollution


so I ask not

for permission, of word or body

letting passion bleed

for rightness sake


it's a tightrope walk

is there a net or not

yes, I believe there is

it's love in its wake


so excuse me

for inappropriate rants

at least so defined

by careful voices


it's looking for that needle

in the haystack of dignity

and limitation

of our meandering choices


DeaBeePea 5-16-19



These colours of change

Grasses in scattered groves

New-earth a breath of spring

A breeze of smouldering cloves


The rainbow of roofs

A tiles sky of friends

Trying to blend in a season

That brings out hope to cleanse


The winds are uncertain

Balmy in chilling refrain

Rabid and gentle

Skittish in thoughts of feign


The tree invites me

The umbrella of leaves a sky

Listening for silent thieves

As I think of little white lies


My honesty in question

This miracle a taunt

Who am I amidst

My imaginations flaunt


My calm and gentle hands

Opening the pages

Of dog-eared philosophy

And humorous and satirical rages


But this doesn’t fit

As I ponder the close-pressing night

Shadows moving

At the speed of jetting flight


Ancient authors

Have spelled a wisdom, inspiring

Losing my mind

In timeless idea, tiring


Is there a poison fragrance?

Touching my skin

As I fall into romanticism

A collage of mind so thin


The out-flung sea of darkness

Is in my dreams

As I fear this prolonged light

And its foggy weakening seams


The colours haven’t changed

Because the rainbow spins its yarn

Shaping a kissing ribbon

Its scattered blanket to darn


This pause is forever young

A re-birth of poetic thirst

Lines of endless stars

Enclosing to a split-second burst


DeaBeePea 5-15-19

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