Gordon to Gynt

Bruce Gordon



Piranha 1978, The Black Bounty Hunter, Machismo--40 Graves for 40 Guns 1971Slow Run, Tower of London, The Scarface Mob, The Buccaneer, Love Happy 1950, Mystery Rider, Hands Off, Desert Dust, The Poor Nut, The Escape 1926, Moran of the Mounted, The Vanishing American, Transcontinental Limited, Lawless, Born to the West, Smooth as Satin, Don X, Midnight Alley, No Man's Law, Three Wise Crooks, The Courageous Coward, The 40th Door, The Fatal Mistake, The Love Gambler, Forbidden Valley 1920


C. Henry Gordon


 Renegades 1930You, The People, Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum

1940, Kit Carson, Passport to Alcatraz, Man of Conquest, Sharpshooters

1938, Yellow Jack, Stand-In, Sophie Lang Goes West,Charlie Chan

at the Olympics, Hollywood Boulevard, The Charge of the Light Brigade

1936The Big Broadcast of 1936 1935, The Crusades, Lazy River, Fugitive Lovers,

Broadway Thru a Keyhole, Gabriek Over the Whitehouse, Miss Pinkerton,

Rasputin and the Empress 1932, A Devil with Woman, The Black Camel,

Scarface 1932, The Strange Love of Molly Louvain 1932

Dick Gordon



Romance Road, Phantom Police, Words and Music, Imitation of Life, Risky Business 1939, Union Pacific, Another Thin Man, The Thin Man 1934, Sadie McKee, Waterloo Bridge 1940, The Case of the Missing Brides, The Whistler, Mystery of the 13th Guest, Booked on Suspicion, Bedside Manner, 13 Rue Madeleine 1946, The Dolly Sisters, The Killers 1946, Johnny O'Clock, Repeat Performance, The Schemer, The Black Widow 1947, It's a Wonderful Life, The Velvet Touch, Hideout, Impact, Flamingo Road 1949, Trapped 1949, Bright Leaf, I Was a Communist for the FBI 1951, The Racket, Dreamboat, The Silent Voice, Ma and Pa Kettle Go to Paris, The Caddy, Here Come the Girls, Black Widow, Hell's Island, Over-Exposed, The Boss 1956, Giant 1956, I Married a Woman, Dead Reckoning, Force of Evil, 

Dorothy Gordon



Unseen Forces 1920, The Wise Fool 1921, Ten Commandments 1923, The Sheik 1921, The Cheat 1923, Brewster's Millions 1921, The Sheik 1921, Blood and Sand 1922, For the Term of His Natural Life 1927, Hills of hate 1926.

Dorothy Gordon



The Silver Fleet, The Women of Twilight, Love in Pawn, Hobson's Choice 1954, The Crowded Day 1954, All for Mary, Life in Emergency Ward 10, The Grip of the Stranger, Sons and Lovers 1960, Never Let Go, The Marked One, House of Whipcord, Siblings, Sugar, All I Wanna Do, Elvis and Me (TV), Meet Me Tonight, The Tempest (TV), Tilly of Bloomsbury (TV 1948), The Brontes (TV 1947) 

Gale Gordon



The Burbs 1989, Sergeant Deadhead, Speedway, All Hands on Deck, Dondi, Don't Give Up the Ship, Visit to a Small Planet 1960, The 30-Foot Bride of Candy Rock, Francis Covers the Big Town, Her Comes the Nelsons, Rally Round the Flag, Boys!, A Woman of Distinction, Here We Go Again 1942, Our Miss Brooks 1956 

Gavin Gordon


The Medicine Men 1929, Chasing Through Europe, Romance, The Bitter Tea of General Yen 1993, The Mystery of the Wax Museum, Black Beauty 1933, Bordertown, Bride of Frankenstein 1935, Ticket to Paradise, Paper Bullets, Notorious, The Vagabond King, The Bat 1959, Pocketful of Miracles 1961

Hal Gordon

Give Me the Stars, Welcome, Mr. Washington, Theatre Royal, Come On George! Trouble Brewing, It's in the Air, Father O'Nine, The Divorce of Lady X 1938, Brake the News 1938, Keep Fit, Southern Roses, Dusty Ermine, Keep Your Seats, Please!, One Good Turn, The Amazing Quest of Ernest Bliss 1936, Queen of Hearts, Captain Bill, No Monkey Business, Lend Me Your Wife, A Southern Maid, 18 Minutes 1935, Invitation to Waltz, Lost in the Legion, Sometimes Good, Master and Man, Facing the Music, Their Night Out, Happy 1933, Let Me Explain, Dear, For the Love of Mike, Sleepless Nights, His Wife's Mother, Insult, Jack's the Boy, The Indiscretion of Eve 1932, Brother Alfred, Out of the Blue, Up for the Cup, Poor Old Bill, Tilly of Bloomsbury, Windjammer, Adam's Apple 1928

Huntley Gordon
Men 1918, The Glorious Lady, Enchantment, What's Wrong With the Women, Bluebeard's 8th Wife, The Wanters, The Enemy Sex, Wine, The Great Divide, The Golden Web 1926Our Dancing Daughters 1928, Outcast, Melody Lane, The New Movietone Follies of 1930 1930, Sally of the Subway, Midnight Warning, Secrets, Corruption 1933, Murder by Television, Daniel Boone, Gangster's Boy, Stage Door 1937, China Passage, Phantom of Chinatown

Mary Gordon




West of Wyoming 1950, The File on Thelma Jordan, Challenge to Lassie, Highway 13, Haunted Trails, Mighty Joe Young, Fort Apache, The Strange Mrs. Crane, The Invisible Wall, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty 1947Sister Kenny 1946, Sentimental Journey, Dressed to Kill 1946, The Hoodlum Saint, Shadows Over Chinatown, The Dark Horse 1946, Music for Millions, The Woman in Green 1945, Strange Confession, The Body Snatcher, Hollywood Canteen 1944, Ladies Courageous, The Spider Woman, Irish Eyes are Smiling, Secrets of Scotland Yard, The National Barn Dance, Sweet Rosey O'Grady, Two Tickets to London, Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon, Whispering Footsteps, The Pride of the Yankess, Gemtleman Jim, Blue, White and Perfect, Sherlock Holmes Faces Death, Sherlock Holmes in Washington, The Munny's Tomb, Sealed Lips, Dr. Broadway, It Happened in Flatbush, Four Jacks and a Jill, Flight of Destiny, How Green Was My Valley 1941, Unfinished Business, It Started With Eve 1941, The Doctor Takes a Wife, Brother Orchid 1940, Women Without Names, Kitty Foyle 1940, No, No Nanette, Nobody's Children, The Invisible Woman, The Invisible Man Returns, Elas Maxwell's Public Deb No. 1, Broadway Serenade, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, The Night of Nights, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 1939, The Hound of the Baskervilles 1939, Tail Spin 1939, Rulers of the Sea, Joe and Ethel Turp Call on the President, The Jones Family in Hollywood, Angels With Dirty Faces, City Streets, Kidnapped, Damsel in Distress, Double Wedding, Way Out West, Nancy Steele is Missing!, The Man in Blue, The Toast of New York, Mannequin 1937, The Great O'Malley, After the Thin Man 1936, Stage Struck 1936, Little Lord Fauntleroy, The White Angel, Mary of Scotland, The Whole Towns Talking, Ginger, Bonnie Scotland, Mutiny on the Bounty 1935, The Little Minister, The Power and the Glory, Metropolitan 1935, Blonde Venus 1932, Hell's Heroes, Naughty Nanette, The People vs Nancy Preston, Broadway Rose 1922

Maude Turner Gordon

Sweethearts 1938, The Emperor's Candlesticks, After the Thin Man 1936Shadow of a Doubt 1935, A Night at the Ritz, Alias Mary Dow, The Luckiest Girl in the World, Black Sheep, She Loves Me Not, Flirtation Walk 1934, Gentlemen are Born, , Shopworn 1932, Back Street, Lawful Larceny, Illusion, The Last of Mrs. Cheyney, Kid Gloves, Duck Soup 1933, Sally, Hot News, Just Married, Home Made, The Palm Beach Girl 1926, The Little French Girl, The Price of Possession 1921, Enchantment, Away Goes Prudence, Bringing Up Betty, The Ordeal of Rosetta, The Lie, The Honeymoon 1917, Miss George Washington 1916, The Idler 1914



Nora Gordon



Old Mother Riley's Circus 1941, Facing the Music, Journey Ahead, The Mark of Cain, My Brother Jonathan, 

Night Was Our Friend, Sing Along With Me 1952, Murder at 3am 1953, Murder By Proxy, Twice Upon a Time,

The Glass Cage, The Constant Husband 1955, Police Dog, Woman in a Dressing Gown, Horrors of the Black Museum,

High Jump, Ticket to Paradise, Four Winds Island, The Piper's Tune, Twice Round the Daffodils 1962, The Nanny

Ruth Gordon



    Camille , Two-Faced Woman, Dr. Erlich's Magic Bullet 1940, Inside Daisy Clover 1966, Lord Love a Duck, Edge of Darkness,

Rosemary's Baby 1968, Harold and Maude 1971, Where's Papa?, Whatever Happened to Aunt Alice?,

Every Which Way But Loose 1978Scavenger Hunt, Any Which Way You Can, The Trouble With Spies, Abe Lincoln in Illinois 1940

Serena Gordon

1. House of Mirth, The (2000) as Gwen Stepney.

2. Tom's Midnight Garden (1998) as Melody Long.

3. Diana & Me (1998) as Lady Sarah Myers-Booth.

4. For My Baby (1997)

5. Goldeneye (1995) as Caroline.

6. Shell Seekers, The (1989) as Amabel.



Vera Gordon



     Humoresque 1920, THE Greatest Love, The Good Provider, Potash and Perlmutter 1923,

 In Hollywood with Potash and Perlmutter, Sweet Daddies, Millionaires 1926, Kosher Kitty Kelly, Four Walls, 

The Cohens and the Kellys in Paris, The Cohens and the Kellys in Scotland, 50 Million Frenchmen 1931, When Strangers Meet,

You and Me, The Living Ghost 1942, Abie's Irish Rose

Marius Goring



  Flying Fifty-Five 1939 , A Matter of Life and Death 1946,  The Red Shoes, Odette, Pandora and the Flying Dutchman,

The Man Who Watched the Train Go By 1952, The Barefoot Contessa, The Adventures of Quentin Durward, Moonraker, Exodus,

I Was Monty's Double 1958, The Inspector, Girl on a Motorcycle, First Love,  Strike It Rich 1990,

The Case of the Frightenend Lady 1940, Zeppelin, The 25th Hour, Up From the Beach 1965

Helen Goss



Jane Eyre (TV), Half a Sixpence, The Spy With a Cold Nose, The Uncle, Moment of Danger, The Hound of the Baskervilles 1959, 

Carry on Sergeant, Gideon's Day,  Action of the Tiger, Three Cornered Fate, The Sword and the Rose, The Pickwick Papers 1952, 

The Planter's wife, Something Money Can't Buy, Appointment With Venus, Blackmailed, My Sister and I, The Mark of Cain,

Pink String and Sealing Wax 1945, The Wicked Lady, They Were Sisters, A Place of One's Own, The Chance of a Lifetime (TV),

The Reverse Be My Lot 1937, Important People 1934 

Ferdinand Gottschalk



The Adventures of Marco Polo 1938, Ali Baba Goes to Town, The Gay Deception, Clive of India, Les Miserables 1935, Cleopatra, 

Madame DuBarry 1934, Girl Missing, Female 1933, Berkeley Square , I Am a Thief, The Notorious Sophie Lang, 

Gambling Lady 1934, Ex-Lady, Grand Hotel 1932, Zaza

Jetta Goudal




Business and Pleasure 1932, Lady of the Pavements, The Cardboard Lover, The Forbidden Woman, White Gold,

Fighting Love, Paris at Midnight, Three Faces East, Her Man o' War 1926, The Road to Yesterday,

The Coming of Amos 1925, The Spaniard, Salome of the Tenements 1925, Open All Night, The Bright Shawl,

The Green Goddess 1923, Timothy's Quest, 

Lloyd Gough



   House Calls, 1978,  The Private Files of J. Edgar Hoover, Earthquake, Madigan 1968, Executive Action, Storm Warning 1951,

The Great White Hope 1970, Tell Them Willie Boy is Here, Madigan, Tony Rome, Valentino , Sunset Blvd., River Lady,

The Babe Ruth Story 1948, Black Bart 1948, The Scarf

Michael Gough

Alice in Wonderland (voice), Corpse Bride 2005, Sleepy Hollow, The Cherry Orchard 1999, St. Ives, Batman & Robin, Batman Forever, Nostradamus 1994, Uncovered, The Age of Innocence, Wittgenstein, The Wanderer, Let Him Have It, The Garden, Strapless, Out of Africa 1985, Oxford Blues, The Dresser 1983, Venom, Question of Love, Satan's Slave, Galileo, Horror Hospital, Save Messiah, The Corpse, The Go-Between 1971, Trog 1970, Julius Caesar, Women In Love, Curse of the Crimson Affair, Berserk, They came From Outer Space, The Skull, Game for Three Losers, Tamahine, Black Zoo, The Phantom of the Opera 1962, Mr. Topaz, Konga, Horrors of the Black Museum, Model for Murder 1959, The Horse's Mouth, Dracula 1958, The House in the Woods, Reach for the Sky, Richard III, The Sword and the Rose, The Night Was Our Friend, The Man in the White Suit, Blackmailed, The Small Back Room, Saraband for Dead Lovers 1948, Blanche Fury, Anna Karenina 1946

Harold Gould


     Inside Daisy Clover 1966, The Lawyer, The Sting 1973, The Front Page, Gus, The Scarlett O'Hara War 1980, The Fourth Wise Man, Romero, My Giant 1998, Silent Movie 1976, Love and Death 1975

Sandra Gould

Deep Cover, The Kid With the 200 I.Q., Chatter Box, The Barefoot Executive, Honeymoon Hotel, Blue Denim, 
Imitation of Life 1959, Teacher's Pet 1958, Beau James, The Clown 1953, The First Time, Rhubarb, Fourteen Hours,
Caged 1950, Joe Palooka Meets Humphrey, City Across the River, The Story of Molly X 1949
The Girl From Jones Beach 1949, June Bride, Romance on the High Seas 1948

Gibson Gowland



    The Birth of a Nation 1915, Macbeth, Molly Entangled, Macbeth 1916 , Ladies Must Live, Blind Husbands, The Border Legion,

 Greed 1924, The Outsider, The Phantom of the Opera 1925The Broken Gate, Hell Harbour, Topsy and Eva, Rose-Marie,

 A House Divided, S.O.S. Iceberg, The Isle of Forgotten Women 1927, The Storm, The Private Life of Don Juan,

 The Human Comedy 1943Henry Goes Arizona, The Ape, The Wolf Man 1941, How Green Was My Valley1941, Crossroads,

 The War Against Mrs. Hadley, The Secret of the Loch , The Ape, The Man From Down Under, A Guy Named Joe 1943,

 Going My Way, Gaslight, Wilson, The Picture of Dorian Gray 1945

Wilton Graff


     Earl of Puddlestone 1940, Gangs of the Waterfront, Strange Confession, The Unknown 1946, Shadowed 1946, Dead Reckoning 1947, A Double Life, the Babe Ruth Story, Caught, Take Me Out to the Ball Game, Reign of Terror 1949, Million Dollar Mermaid, Miss Sadie Thompson, The Benny Goodman Story 1956, Lust for Life 1956, Compulsion 1959, Bloodlust!, Lonnie

Fred Graham

Guns of a Stranger, Man and Boy, North to Alaska, The Alamo, The Horse Soldiers, These Thousand Hills, Rio Bravo 1959, Vertigo 1958, Return to Warbow, Jet Pilot, Accused of Murder, The Last Hunt, Backlash, The Conqueror 1956, Rear Window 1954, Witness to Murder, Split Second, Code Two, Kansas Pacific, The Big Sky, The Sellout, The Pride of St. Louis 1952, Dreamboat, The San Francisco Story, Close to My Heart. Angels in the Outfield, Valentino, Mr. 880, Affairs of Sally, Convicted 1950, Sands of Iwo Jima, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon 1949, The Woman on Pier 13, Trapped 1949,  Tulsa, They Live By Night, Brick Bradford, The Trespasser, The Sea of Grass, Son of Zorro 1947, My Pal Trigger, The Razor's Edge 1946, The Inner Circle, Dakota, Road to Utopia, Federal Operator 99, The Woman in the Window 1944, Silent Partner, Buffalo Bill, Captain America, A Lady Takes a Chance, Pilot #5, Panama Hattie, My Favorite Spy, Shadow of the Thin Man 1941, Reap the Wild Wind, Manpower 1941, The Gay City, New Moon, Each Dawn I Die 1939, Confessions of a Nazi Spy 1939, The Dawn Patrol, The Shopworn Angel 1938, Maytime, Libeled Lady, Romeo and Juliet 1936Mutiny on the Bounty 1935

Gloria Grahame



     The Big Heat 1953It's a Wonderful Life 1946, 1946 Crossfire 1947, In a Lonely Place, Blonde Fever,

The Bad and the Beautiful 1952, The Greatest Show On Earth, Macao, Sudden Fear 1952, Human Desire, Oklahoma!,

Ride Beyond Vengeance, Blood and Lace 1971Chandler, Tarot, The Nesting 1981, In a Lonely Place 1950, The Cobweb

Margot Grahame



   Saint Joan 1957, The Beggar's Opera, The Assassin, Black Magic 1949, The Buccaneer, The Hal Roach Comedy Carnival 1947,

 Two in the Dark, The Three Muskateers 1935Counterfit, Yes, Mr. Brown, Illegal, The Arizonian , Sorrell and Son,

 One Embarrassing Night, Glamour, Uneasy Virtue, Rookery Nook 1930

Alexander Granach



    My Buddy, The Seventh Cross, The Hitler Gang, Three Russian Girls 1943, For Whom the Bell Tolls 1943,

Mission to Moscow 1943, Half Way to Shanghai, Joan of Paris, Foreign Correspondent, The Hunchback of Notre Dame 1939,

Ninotchka 1939, Danton, Svengali 1927, People Along the Way, Nosferatu 1922,

Joseph Granby



Shorts: The Lie Sublime, The Temptation and the Man, The Capital Prize, His New Automobile, The Man From Nowhere 

The Tattered Dress 1957, Written on the Wind, Belle Le Grand, Where the Sidewalk Ends 1950, Special Agent, 

The Barkleys of Broadway, Free For All, Joan of Arc, The Lady From Shanghai, O.S.S., Her Adventurous Night, 

The Phantom Speaks, And Now Tomorrow, Danny Boy, Diane of Star Hollow, Black is White 1920, Kismet 1944, 

The Great Romance 1919,  Rasputin, The Black Monk, The Awakening 1917, Jealousy, The Great Flamarion 1945

Dorothy Granger



Dondi 1961, Oil's Well That Ends Well (short), Miss Mink of 1949, Sealed Verdict, Pardon My Lamb Chop (short), Louisiana, Hired Husband (short), Dick Tracy VS Cueball 1946, Maid Trouble (short), Birthday Blues (short) 1945, Under Western Skies, Cowboy in Manhattan, The Amazing Mrs. Holliday, Pardon My Stripes, Blue Montana Skies, Dramatic School 1948, I've Been Around 1945, Mixed Nuts (short) 1934, Married in Haste, Madison Sq. Garden, The Beast of the City 1932, Under 18, The Primrose Path 1931, Words and Music 1929

Farley Granger



      Rope 1948, The Purple Heart, Enchantment, Side Street 1950, Strangers on a Train 1951, I Want You, Full House

Small Town Girl, The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing, Guerilla Strike Force, So Sweet, So Dead, Arnold, The Prowler 1981,

The Imagemaker, The Next Big Thing 2001

Greta Granstedt



Excess Baggage 1928, The Last Performance, Buck Privates, Close Harmony , Embarrassing Moments 1930, The Lightning Express, Hot Curves, His Errors, Street Scene 1931, The Deceiver, Night World 1932, Pugs and Kisses, Night Parade, After Tomorrow, Hat Check Girl, Should Crooners Marry?, Reformatory 1938, French Fried Patootie, Dangerous lady, Nocturne, Unconquered, Blondie's Secret 1948, Johnny Holiday, Dark City, The Eddie Cantor Story, The Return of Dracula 1958

Kathryn Grant (Crosby)



      So This is Love, Arrowhead, Forever Female, Cell 2455 Death Row 1955, Unchained 1955, Rear Window 1954,

 The Phoenix City Story, My Sister Eileen, Reprisal!, The Wild Party, The Night the World Exploded, The Brothers Rico,

 Anatomy of a Murder 1959, Queen of the Lot 2010

Lawrence Grant



To Hell With the Kaiser, The Great Impersonation, Abraham Lincoln, Happiness 1924, His Hour, Extravagance, 

The Eternal City 1915, Their Mad Moment, The Unholy Garden, Bulldog Drummond, The Exalted Flapper, Serenade, Red Hair,

The Canary Murder Case 1929, The Case of Lena Smith, Command Performance 1931, By Candlelight, The Mask of Fu Manchu, 

The Woman From Moscow 1928, Faithless, Man About Town, Queen Christina 1933, Shanghai Express, The Squaw Man 1931,

Divorce in the Family,  Riptide, The Count of Monte Cristo 1934, The Man Who Reclaimed His Head, The Dark Angel 1935, 

A Feather in Her Hat, A Tale of Two Cities 1935, Werewolf of London, The Painted Veil 1934, Mary of Scotland 1936, 

Little Lord Fauntleroy, The House of a Thousand Candles, Vanessa: Her Love Story, Bluebeard's Eighth Wife, Confession,

The Lost Horizon, Service De Luxe 1938, The Young In Heart, Ninotchka 1939, Son of Frankenstein, Wife, Husband and Friend,

British Intelligence 1940, Pride of the Blue Grass, Devil's Island, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The Son of Monte Cristo, 

The Living Ghost, My Heart Belongs to Daddy, Confidential Agent, The Ghost of Frankenstein 1942, A Dispatch From Reuters 1942

Lee Grant



There Was a Crooked Man, The Landlord, Valley of the Dolls, Detective Story 1951, Divorce American Style, 

In the Heat of the Night 1967, Marooned, Don't Ring the Doorbell 1978, The Swarm, Shampoo 1975,

Portnoy's Complaint, Voyage of the Damned, Airport ''77 1977, Backstairs at the White House,

Little Miss Marker, Bare Essance, Teachers, Defending Your Life, Citizen Cohn, The Substance of Fire,

Dr. T. & the Women 2000, Mulholland Dr. 2001

Rachel Grant



     The Tournament 2009, Brotherhood of Blood, Until Death 2007, The Purifiers, Die Another Day 2002

Bonita Granville



    Westward Passage 1932, Ah, Wilderness, These Three, Merrily We Live, My Bill, Nancy Drew- Reporter 1939,

Third Finger- Left Hand, Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase, The Glass Key 1942, Anne of Green Gables 1934,

Andy Hardy's Blonde Trouble, The Truth About Murder 1946, Love Laughs at Andy Hardy 1946, The Lone Ranger,

Peggy, Driftwood, Oklahoma!

Charlotte Granville



Rose of the Rancho, Werewolf of London 1935, Behold My Wife!, Now and Forever, The Hours Between, Just a Gigolo 1931, A Damsel in Distress, The Impostor, The Floor Below, The Girl and the Judge, The Red Woman 1917, The Antics of Ann

Charley Grapewin



    Chimmie Hicks and the Rum Omelet, Hell's House 1932, The Woman in Room 13 1932, The Kiss Before the Mirror,

 Torch Singer, Caravan, One Frightened Night, Ah, Wilderness, The Petrified Forest 1936, The President Vanishes 1934,

 Libeled Lady, The Good Earth 1937 , Captains Courageous, The Girl of the Golden West, The Wizard of Oz 1939, Sabotage, 

 The Grapes of Wrath 1940, Tobacco Road 1941 , Follow the Boys, Ellery Queen and the Murder Ring, When I Grow Up,

 The Shannons of Broadway 1929, No Man of Her Own 1932

Peter Graves



   Rogue River, Angels in the Outfield, The Congregation, Stalag 17 1953, Beneath the 12-Mile Reef, The Yellow Tomahawk 1954,

The Night of the Hunter 1955, The Court Martial of Billy Mitchell 1955, It Conquered the World, Bayou, A Stranger in My Arms, 

A Rage to Live 1965, The Ballad of Josie, Sergeant Ryker, Sidecar Racers, The Clonus Horror 1971, Airplane! 1980, 

Airplane II: The Sequel, Addams Family Values, 

Ralph Graves




Joe Palooka and the Counterpunch, Alimony, Batman and Robin 1949, Eternally Yours, Street of Missing Men, The Black Coin, Ticket to a Crime 1934, The Impossible Lover, men Women Love, Dirigible, Hell's Island, Ladies of Leisure 1930, A Dangerous Love, Flight 1929, The Sideshow, Glad Rag Doll, Bitter Sweets, Submarine 1928, That Certain Thing, The Cheer Leader, A Reno Divorce, Rich Men's Sons, Swell Hogan, Womanpower, The Funnymooners (short), Big Ideas, Blarney, Hurry, Doctor! (short), Cupid's Boots (short), Good Morning, Nurse (short), The Plumber (short), Off His Trolley (short), Love's Sweet Piffle (short), Little Robinson Corkscrew (short) 1924, Yolanda, Daughters of Today, The Extra Girl, Prodigal Daughters, The Jilt 1922, The Ghost Patrol, The Long Chance, Darlin', Dream Street 1921, Polly With a Past, Little Miss Rebellion, Scarlet Days, The Greatest Question, Nobody Home, The Home Town Girl 1919, The White Heather, The Scarlet Shadow, The Yellow Dog, Sporting Life 1918, Tinsel 1918, Men Who Have made Love to Me

Alexander Gray



   Sally 1929, The Show of Shows 1929, The Show of Shows, No, No, Nanette 1930, The Spring Is Here,

The Song of the Flame 1930 , Viennese Nights, Moonlight and Pretzels 1933

Coleen Gray



    Kiss of Death 1947, Red River 1948 , Sand, Father is a Bachelor, The Sleeping City, Kansas City Confidential 1952,

The Killing 1956, The Leech Woman 1960, P.J., Mother, Town Tamer 1965

Dolores Gray



   Mr. Skeffington 1944Designing Women 1957, The Opposite Sex 1956, Kismet 1955, Lady for a Night

Dorothy Gray



What a Life (short) 1948, Three Russian Girls, Little Miss Nobody, Rose-Marie, Black Fury, Princess O'Hara, As the Earth Turns 1934Little Women 1933, The Wrecker, Daddy Long Legs, The Public Enemy 1931, The Scarlet Letter, Crashin' Through 1924

Dulcie Gray





A Man Could Get Killed 1966, There Was a Young Lady, Angels One Five, The Franchise Affair 1951,

The Glass Mountain, Mine Own Executioner, The Years Between, They Were Sisters 1948, Madonna of the Seven Moons 1945,

Two Thousand Women, Banana Ridge, A Man About the House, My Brother Jonathan 1948, Wanted For Murder 1946

Eve Gray



Poppies of Flanders 1927, The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog 1927, One of the Best, Moulin Rouge 1927, Smashing Through, Why Sailors Leave Home, Die Abenteurer G.m.b.H 1929, The Wickham Mystery 1931, Night Birds, The Flaw, Smithy, Womanhood, The Crimson Candle, Big Business, What's in a Name?, Murder at Monte Carlo, Three Witnesses, Department Store 1935, Scrooge 1935, The Happy Family, Jury's  Evidence, When the Devil Was Well, Strange Adventures of Mr. Smith 1937, The Vicar of Bray, Fifty-Shilling Boxer, His Lordship Regrets, One Good Turn 1951 

Lorna Gray



The Sea Hornet, Oh! Susanna, Brimstone, The Plunderers 1948, Under Colorado Skies, Exposed, Man From Rainbow Valley, Out California Way, Valley of the Zombies 1946, Federal Operator 99, Oh, My Darling Clementine, Father Steps Out, Drums of the Desert, Deadwood Dick 1940, Cafe Hostess, The Stranger 1939, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, The Gates of Alcatraz, Good Girls Go to Paris, Missing Daughters, Flying G-Men, Red River Range, The Big Broadcast of 1938, That Navy Spirit 1938

Mack Gray



The Glass Key, Car 99 1935, Exclusive 1937, Sudden Money, Internes Can't Take Money, Night Club Scandal, Rumba,

I Stole a Million, A Night at Earl Carroll's 1940Meet John Doe 1941, Broadway, Johnny Angel, The House Across the Bay,

Each Dawn I Die 1939, They Drive by Night 1940, All of Me, Nocturne, A Dangerous Profession, Wabash Avenue, Rhubarb 1951, 

Who Got the Action?

Nadia Gray





The Naked Runner 1967Two for the Road, The Crooked Road, Kookie & Co. (TV), Maniac 1963, Mr. Topaze, 

La Dolce Vita 1960, The Captain's Table 1959, Music in the Blood, Folies Bergeres 1956,

Honor Among Thieves 1957, Dames Get Along 1954, 100 Years of Love, Rhine Virgin, Top Secret, Valley of Eagles 1951,

The Spider and the Fly 1949

Sally Gray 



   School for Scandal 1930, Loves of a Dictator, Lucky Days 1935, Hold My Hand, Saturday Night Revue,

 Me and My Gal, The Saint in London, A Window In London 1940, Lady in Distress, Carnival 1946, Obsession 1949

 The Saint's Vacation, Green for Danger, I'll Get You, Escape Route 1952

Jessie Grayson



One Dark Night, The Little Foxes 1941, Syncopation, Claudia, The Youngest Profession 1943, 

The Adventures of Mark Twain 1944, Wilson, Tomorrow is Forever, The Unfinished Dance, Homecoming 1948, 

Cass Timberlane 1948, Stars in My Crown, Our Very Own

Eva Green

       Franklyn, The Golden Compass, Perfect Sense, Womb, Cracks, Casino Royale 2006, The Dreamers 2003, Arsen Lupin 2004, 



Mitzi Green





Bloodhounds of Broadway 1952, Lost in Alaska, Santa Fe Trail 1940, Transatlantic Merry-Go-Round, 

Little Orphan Annie 1932, Girl Crazy, Huckleberry Finn 1931, Newly Rich, Dude Ranch, Skippy 1931, Finn and Hattie,

Tom Sawyer 1930, The Santa Fe Trail 1930, Love Among the Millionaires, Honey, The Marriage Playground 1929

Angela Greene



     The Very Thought of You 1944, Mildred Pierce 1945, Too Young to Know, Humoresque 1946, Stallion Road, Love and Learn, Wallflower, The Royal African Rifles, Shotgun, Affair in Reno 1957Spoilers of the Forest, Night of the Blood Beast,

 The Cosmic Man 1959, Tickle Me, The Day of the Locust 1976, Futureworld 1976 

Lorne Greene



Tight Spot, The Silver Chalice, Autumn Leaves 1956, Peyton Place 1957, The Gift of Love, The Trap, The Buccaneer, The Hangman, The Errand Boy, The Legend of Amaluk, Pygmies 1973, Nevada Smith, SST-Death Flights, Battlestar Galactica 1979, Conquest of the Earth, Code Red, Heidi's Song, Vasectomy, a Delicate Matter, The Canadian Conspiracy, The Alamo: 13 Days to Glory, Mission Galactica: The Cylon Attack

Raymond Greenleaf



    The Naked City 1948State Department: File 649, Pinky 1949,All the King's Men 1949, East Side, West Side 1949 A Ticket to Tomahawk, Storm Warning, The Secret of Convict Lake, FBI Girl, Paula, Angel Face, Living It Up 1954, Over-Exposed, Three Violent People, Jeanne Engels 1957, The Story From Page One, On the Terrace 1960

Alvin Greenman



      Miracle on 34th Street 1994, The Cobweb, Hit the Deck, The Last Time I Saw Paris 1954, The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms, Down Among the Sheltering Palms, We're Not Married! 1952, Miracle on 34th Street 1947

Sidney Greenstreet



    The Maltese Falcon 1941, The Hucksters 1947, Malaya, Across the Pacific, Casablanca 1942, Christmas In Connecticut 1945Flamingo Road, The Woman in White 1948, Devotion, Pillow to Post

Charlotte Greenwood



   Jane 1915, So Long Letty, Orders is Orders 1933, Driftwood 1947, Stardust, Moon Over Miami 1941, Up in Mabel's Room, Springtime in the Rockies 1942,  Steppin' Out, The Opposite Sex 1956

Joan Greenwood



   Kind Hearts and Coronets 1949 , My Wife's Family 1941, A Girl in a Million, The Bad Lord Byron, Flesh & Blood, They Knew Mr. Knight, The Man In the White Suit 1951The Importance of Being Ernest 1952, Moonfleet, Stagestruck, Mysterious Island, Barbarella, Girl Stroke Boy, The Water Babies 1978, Tom Jones 1963, The Hound of the Baskervilles 1978, Little Dorrit

Dabs Greer



    Deadline- U.S.A. 1952, Scarlet Angel, Monkey Business, House of Wax 1953, Julius Caesar, Half a Hero, China Venture, Riot in Cell Block Eleven 1954, Rose Marie, Private Hell 36, The McConnell Story 1955, Invasion of the Body Snatchers 1956Chain of Evidence, Young and Dangerous, I Want to Live! 1958, Day of the Outlaw, Cash McCall 1960, Roustabout, Shenandoah 1965, Rage 1972, Evil Town, Pacific Heights 1990, The Green Mile 1999

Everley Gregg



Deadly Record, Bachelor of Hearts, Room at the Top 1959, Carry on Admiral, Brothers in Law, Lost 1956, Moulin Rouge, Night of the Silvery Moon, Tess of the D'Urbervilles (TV) 1952, Father Brown, Stolen Faces, The Promise, The Magic Box, High Treason, Worm's Eye View, The Astonished Heart, Marry Me, The Huggets Abroad, Great Expectations 1946, Gaiety George, Brief Encounter 1945, The Gentle Sex, The Demi-Paradise, Freedom Radio, Pygmalion 1936, Hands Across the Sea (TV), Blondes for Danger, I, Claudius, The Ghost Goes West 1935, The Scoundrel, The Private Lifes of Henry VIII 1933 

Virginia Gregg                                    

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virginia_Gregg                                               http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Joc9BnF0XQs

    Psycho III, Psycho II, Heidi's Song, Samson and Delilah, Evita Peron, S.O.B. 1981, Forbidden Love, Goodbye, Franklin High, Airport 1975 1974, No Way Back, Heaven With a Gun, Madigan, A Walk in the Spring Rain, A Big Hand For the Little Lady 1966Joy In the Morning, Man-Trap 1961,  Love is a Many Splendored Thing 1955, Two on a Guillotine 1965, Spencer's Mountain, Man-Trap, Psycho, Operatoion Petticoat 1959, Croime in the Streets, The Hanging Tree 1959, The Amazing Madame X, Casbah, The Gay Intruders, Body and Soul 1947, Gentleman's Agreement 1947Notorious

James Gregory 



    The Comeback Kid (TV), The Main Event, The Strongest Man in the World, The Weekend Nun (TV), The Late Liz 1971, The Hawaiians, The Million Dollar Duck, The Love God?, The Secret War of Harry Frigg, Beneath the Planet of the Apes 1970, The Ambushers 1967, Clambake, A Rage to Live, The Sons of Katie Elder, A Distant Trumpet, Captain Newman M.D.,PT 109 1963, The Manchurian Candidate 1962, Hey Boy!, Hey Girl!, Onionhead 1958, The Big Caper, Nightfall 1957, The Scarlet Hour 1956, The Naked City 1948, Al Capone (narrator) 1959


John Gregson



    The Night of the Generals 1967 , The Longest Day 1962, SOS Pacific 1959The Battle of the River Plate, Three Cases of Murder 1955, The Crowded Day, The Frightened City 1961, The Titfield Thunderbolt, The Holy and the Ivy 1952Genevieve, The Lavender Hill Mob 1951, Treasure Island, Scott of the Antarctic 1948, Whiskey Galore! 1949, The Assassin, Jacqueline, Young and Willing, Rooney, The Battle of the River Plate

Joyce Grenfell



The Yellow Rolls Royce, The Americanization of Emily, The Old Dark House 1963, The Pure Hell of St. Trinian's 1960, Blue Murder at St. Trinian's 1957, The Bells of St. Trinian's 1954, Forbidden Cargo, The Million Pound Note, Genevieve,Th e Good Companions, Laughter in Paradise 1951, The Pickwick Papers 1952, The Happiest Days of Your Life 1950, Poet's Pub, Alice in Wonderland 1949, The Lamp Still Burns, The Demi-Paradise 

Anne Grey



The Warning, The Runaway Princess, The Squeaker, The Nipper, School for Scandal 1930, The Faithful Heart 1932, Chinatown Nights, Just My Luck, Road House, Lady In Danger 1934, The Scoop, The House of Trent, Just Smith, The Lure 1933, One Precious Year, Leap Year, Arms and the Man 1932, Murder at Covent Garden, The Calendar 1931, The Happy Ending, Other People's Sins, Guilt, Taxi for Two, 

Murder at Covent Garden, , The Man at Six, The Happy Ending, The Calendar 1931, Arms and the Man 1932,

She Was Only a Village Maiden, The Golden Cage, The Lost Chord, Just Smith, Colonel Blood 1934, The Scoop,

Road House, Bonnie Scotland 1935, Chinatown Nights 

Lynda Grey



Bring on the Girls 1946, The Uninvited, Lady in the Dark, For Whom the Bell Tolls, The Crystal Ball, Happy Go Lucky, Star Spangled Rhythm 1942, The Major and The Minor, Holiday Inn 1942, Night in New Orleans, This Gun for Hire 1942, Louisiana Purchase, Shadow Over Shanghai, Stage Door 1937, Stella Dallas 1937

Nan Grey       


  Babbitt 1934 , Mary Jane's Pa, Dracula's Daughter 1936, Three Smart Girls 1936, Some Blonde's Are Dangerous,

Tower of London 1939, A Little Bit of Heaven , Margie 1940, The House of Seven Gables 1940, The Invisible Man Returns,

Girls' School 1938, Reckless Living, The Black Doll, Three Smart Girls Grow Up 1939, The Great Impersonation,

The Woman in Red, 

Shirley Grey



Secret Service, One Man Law, Uptown New York 1932, The Riding Tornado, Get That Girl, Cornered 1932, Virtue 1932, 

Out All Night, Too Much Harmony, The Life of Jimmy Dolan 1933, The Girl in 419 1933, The Crime of Helen Stanley, 

Wednesday's Child 1934, Transatlantic Merry Go-Round, Girl in Danger, Green Eyes, Treason 1933, 

Twin Husbands, The Defense Rests, Public Opinion, The Girl Who Came Back, Stranded 1935

Virginia Grey 



    Uncle Tom's Cabin , Airport 1970, Jazz Mad, The Great Ziegfeld, Rosalie, The Hardy's Ride Again, The Big Store 1941, Tish, Sweet Rosie O'Grady, Unconquered, The Rose Tatoo 1955, Jeanne Eagels 1957, Back Street, The Naked Kiss, Unknown Island, Strangers In the Night 1944,  Slaughter Trail, Portrait in Black, Madame X 1966, Rosie!, Airport, Mr. and Mrs. North, Another Thin Man 1939, Old Hutch, Rosalie, Idiot's Delight 1939, The Women 1939, Grand Central Murder, Stage Door Canteen 1943, The Threat, The Forty-Niners, The Last Command


Eddie Gribbon



Married Life 1920, Mally O', The Crossroads of New York, Captain Fly-by-Night, The Victor, The Fourth Musketeer,

Crossed Wires 1923, After the Ball, The Mansion of Aching Hearts, Code of the West 1925, The Flaming Frontier,

Man Bait, Under Western Skies, The Limited Mail, Man Bait 1926, The Bat 1926, Night Life, Streets of Shanghai, 

Cheating Cheaters 1927, United States Smith, Bachelor's Paradise, Buck Privates, From Headquarters, 

Two Men and a Maid, Good Intentions, Born Reckless 1930, Not Exactly Gentlemen, Mr. Lemon of Orange 1931,

I Can't Escape, Rio Rattler, The Shadow of Silk Lennox, Rip Roaring Riley, Millionaire Kid, The Big Shot 1937,

Big City, The 13th Man 1937, San Quentin 1937, Little Orphan Annie 1938, Mannequin, Fast and Furious,

The Leatherpushers, Edison, the man 1940, L'il Abner, Another Thin Man 1939,  The Great Dictator, Blazing Guns,

 Mr. Muggs Steps Out, Mr. Hex 1946, Joe Palooka in the Knockout, Smart Woman, Joe Palooka in Fighting Mad, 

The Beautiful Blonde From Bashful bend 1949, Joe Palooka in the Squared Circle, Joe Palooka in Triple Cross

Ethel Griffes           http://www.answers.com/topic/ethel-griffies-1


     Billy Liar, Bus Riley's Back in Town, The Birds 1963, Millie's Daughter, Saratoga Trunk, Devotion,

The Strange Affair of Uncle Harry, The Horn Blows at Midnight 1945Anne of Windy Poplars 1940

The White Cliffs of Dover, Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch 1942, Castle in the Desert, Son of Fury: The Story of Benjamin Blake,

How GreeWas My Valley 1941, A Yank in the R.A.F., Waterloo Bridge 1940, Irene,  Jane Eyre 1934, The Return of Peter Grimes,

Mystery of Edwin Drood, Four Frightenend People, Anna Karenina 1935, The Return of Peter Grimm, 

Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back, The Cost of a Kiss 1917, Manhatten Parade, A Lady's Profession, White Woman

Josephine Griffin



The Extra Day, The Spanish Gardener, The Man Who Never Was, The Portrait of Alison 1955, The Crowded Day 1954, Room in the House, The Purple Plain, The Weak and the Wicked, The House and the Arrow, Music at Night (TV), Lady From Edinburgh (TV 1948)

Corinne Griffith




Paradise Alley 1962, Lilies of the Field 1930, Saturday's Children, The Divine Lady 1929, Outcast, The Garden of Eden, Three Hours, Syncopating Sue, Classified, Infatuation, Black Oxen 1924, Six Days, Divorce Coupons, Island Wives, The Single Track, Moral Fibre, The Whisper Market, The Garter Girl 1920, The Girl Problem, Thin Ice 1919, The Tower of Jewels, Miss Ambition, The Menace, I Will Repay, The Love Doctor, Transgression, The Last Man 1916

Hugh Griffith

A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square 1979, The Hound of the Baskervilles 1978, Loving Cousins, Luther 1974,
The Passover Plot, Craze, Che?, Dr. Phibes Rises Again 1972, The Abominable Dr. Phibes 1971, 
Start the Revolution Without Me, Who Slew Auntie Roo?, Oliver!, The Amorous Adventures of Moll Flanders, 
Oh Dad, Poor Dad, Mama's Hung You in the Closet and I'm Feelin' So Sad, The Bargee, Hide and Seek,
Tom Jones 1963, Mutiny on the Bounty 1962, Lisa, Exodus 1960, The Day They Robbed the Bank of England,
Ben-Hur 1959, The Story on Page One, Lucky Jim, The Sleeping Tiger, The Beggar's Opera 1953, Gone to Earth, 
Laughter in Paradise, So Evil My Love

James Griffith                                  



    Stage to Tuscon, Blonde Ice, As Young as You Feel , Rhubarb 1951, Eight Iron Men, No Escape, The Shanghai Story, Dragnet 1954,

 The Kid From Left Field 1953, Day of Triumph 1954The Vampire, Raintree County 1957, Bullwhip, The Blue Veil 1951,

 How the West Was Won, Lorna, A Big Hand For the Little Lady, Seventh In Darkness, Search for Danger, The Killing 1956, 

 Bright Leaf, Holiday Affair 1949, Payment on Demand, Goodbye, My Fancy, Kettle at the Fair 1952Ma and Pa, Spartacus 1960,

 Pocketful of Miracles 1961, Speedtrap, Seven Alone, Like It Is

Raymond Griffith



All Quiet on the western Front 1930, Trent's Last Case 1929, You'd Be Surprised, Wet Paint, Hands Up!, A Regular Fellow, 

Fine Clothes, The Night Club, Forty Winks 1925, Miss Bluebeard, Lily of the Dust, Changing Husbands 1924, 

Nellie, the Beautiful Cloak Model, The Dawn of a Tomorrow 1924, Poisoned Paradise, The Eternal Three, Minnie,

The Crossroads of New York 1922, The Follies Girl,

Shorts: Gertie's Joyride, Tears and Sunshine, A Scandal at Sea, A Saphead's Revenge 1915, Blackmail in a Hospital, 

A September Mourning, Mr. McIdiot's Assassination 1916, Blue Blood But Black Skin, A Busted Honeymoon, 

The Bankruptcy of Boggs and Schultz 1916, The Great Smash, The Surf Girl, An Aerial Joyride, His Speedy Finish 1917, 

Props, Drops and Flops, His Thankless Job, Caught in the End, False to the Finish, Ruined by a Dumbwaiter 1918

Post Mortem 1929, The Sleeping Porch 1929

Karolyn Grimes                                   http://www.zuzu.net/biography/index.html


   Honeychile, Rio Grande 1950, Alburquerque, The Bishop's Wife 1947, The Mother Wore Tights 1947 , Sweet and Low, Blue Skies,

It's a Wonderful Life 1946, The Private Affairs of Bel Ami 1947Pardon My Past, That Night With You  

Ilka Gruning                                        



   Passsage West, Convicted 1950, A Foreighn Affair, Captain China, Words and Music, Desperate, Rendezvous 24 1946,

 Madame Curie 1943, Murderr in the Music Hall 1946, Desperate Journey, Iceland, Casablanca, King's Row 1942, Hunted Men, Nora,

 Maria Magdalene, ProstitutionPeer Gynt 1919, Catherine the Great 1920, Youth 1922, Underground 1941,

 The Starnge Death of Adolf Hitler 1941 

Kit Guard
The Joker Is Wild 1957, Fear Strikes Out, Around the World in Eighty Days, The Girl on the Red Velvet Swing, Vicki, The System, Call Me Madam, Pier 23, The San Francisco Story 1952, Always Leave Them Laughing, Master Minds, He Walked by Night, Johnny O'Clock, The Perils of Pauline, Bringing Up Father, Night In Paradise, Dick Tracy VS Cueball 1946The Hoodlum Saint 1946, Doctor's Warning, She Gets Her Man, Bell of the Yukon, Alaska 1944, Show Business, The Lodger 1944, Lady of Burlesque 1943, No Time for Love, It Happened in Flatbush, My Favorite Spy, Honolulu Lu, Shadow of the Thin Man 1941, Sergeant York 1941, The Big Boss, Tin Pan Alley, City for Conquest 1940, The Shadow, Mutiny in the Big House, Torchy Runs for Mayor, Let Us Live, Nancy Drew... Reporter, Frontiers of '49, Up the River, You Can't Take It With You 1948, Paroled From the Big House, Over the Wall, Kid Galahad, The Hit Parade, Dick Tracy, Missing Girls 1936, The Mystery of Diamond Island, Barbary Coast, The Whole Town's Talking, Shadows of the Orient, Kid Courageous, Lady by Choice, Blind Date, Good Girl, Carnival Lady, The Prize Fighter and the Lady, Twin Husbands, the Great Schnozzle, Riot Squad, Wanted, Officer 13 1933, the Phantom Broadcast, Madison Sq, Garden, The Thirteenth Guest, Society Girl, Determination, The Unholy Garden, The Gang Buster, Beau Broadway, French Leave 1927, In a Moment of Temptation, Her Father Said No 1927Assorted Nuts (short 1927), One Minute to Play 1926, The Patent Leather Pug, Fighting Blood, The Face at Your Window 1920 

second from right...

Christopher Guest

The Invention of Lying 2009, Night at the Museum 2, For Your Consideration 2006, A Mighty Wind 2003, Best In Show, Smart Soldiers, Waiting for Guffman 1996, A Few Good Men, Sticky Fingers, the Princess Bride, Beyond Therapy, Little Shop of Horrors 1986, This is Spinal Tap 1984, The Number, Heartbeeps, The Long Riders, The Million Dollar Bubble, Girlfriends 1978, Jungle Burger, The Fortune, Death Wish, The Hot Rock, The Hospital 1971

Georges Guetary

     Monsieur Pompadour (TV), Baron Tzigane, An American in Paris 1951, Jo-la-Romance, Monsieur Hector

George Guhl



Wake Up and Dream 1934, The Case of the Curious Bride, Calm Yourself, A Night at the Opera 1934, The Case of the Lucky Legs, 

Front Page Woman, Age of Indiscretion, The Case Against Mrs. Ames 1936, San Francisco 1936, Les Miserables, 

After the Thin Man, Murder Man, My American Wife, The Devil is a Sissy, Navy Born, Double Wedding, Jezebel 1938, 

The Petrified Forest 1936, I Married a Doctor, Smart Blonde, White Bondage, Love on a Budget, Night Club Scandal, 

Torchy Blane, the Adventurous Blonde 1937, Charlie Chan on Broadway, City Girl,  Blondes at Work, Young Fugitives, 

Blackwell's Island, Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase, Torchy Gets Her Man 1938, Torchy Blane in Panama, Dodge City, 

6,000 Enemies, The Story of Alexander Graham Bell, Union Pacific, Another Thin Man 1939, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, 

City in Terror, Nancy Drew, Reporter, Abe Lincoln in Illinois 1940, Virginia City 1940, Torchy Blane in Chinatown, Wyoming,

Framed 1940, Little Nellie Kelly, Remember the Night 1940, Tight Shoes, Birth of the Blues, Andy Hardy's Private Secretary, 

Model Wife, Love Crazy 1941, Murder by Invitation, Maisie was a Lady 1941, 20 Mule Team, Reap the Wild Wind, 

Woman of the Year 1942, I Married a Witch, Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch 1942, The Amazing Mrs. Holliday, 

Crime by Night, D.O.A. 1950

Paul Guilfoyle                                   http://www.nndb.com/people/573/000092297/


     The Crime of Dr. Crespi 1935, Bringing Up Baby 1938, Behind the Headlines, Crashing Hollywood, The Soldier and the Lady 1937,

Sky Giant, The Story of Alfred Nobel, Sabotage 1939, The Grapes of Wrath 1940, The Virginian 1946 , Madero of Mexico,

White Heat 1949, Roses are Red 1947, Miss Mink of 1949, The Boy and the Pirates, Julius Caesar 1953, Confidence Girl ,

Torch Song, The Saint in Palm Springs 1941, Three Ruussian Girls 1943, Roaming Lady, Wanted: Jane Turner, Hideaway,

Danger Patrol, Crashing Patrol, Maid's Night Out, Blind Alibi, The Saint in New York 1938, Fugitive for a Night, 

Our Leading Citizen, Remember the Night, The Saint Takes Over 1940, Abe Lincoln in Illinois, Who is Hope Schuyler?, 

Time to Kill, Petticoat Larceny, It Happened Tomorrow, The Seventh Cross, The Missing Corpse, Roses are Red, 

Mighty Joe Young, The Woman on Pier 13 1949, White Heat 1949, The Body Beautiful, Apache, Trial 1955

Texas Guinan



Broadway Thru a Keyhole 1933, Queen of the Night Clubs, I Am the Women, The Stampede,

Shorts:  Spitfire 1921, The Girl of the Border, Vengeance of Texas Grey, The White Squaw, The Wildcat, A Moonshine Feud,

The Sacrifice, Little Miss Deputy, South of Santa Fe, The She Wolf 1919, Just Bill, My Lady Robin Hood 1919, Outwitted,

The Desert Vulture, The Lady of the Law, The Hellcat 1918, The Love Brokers, The Gun Girl, The Feul of Life,

The Stainless Barrier 1917

Moses Gunn

Of Mice and Men (TV), Nothing But a Man, Carter's Army (TV), WUSA, The Great White Hope 1970, Wild Rovers, 

Eagle In a Cage, The Hot Rock, Shaft's Big Score 1972, If You Give a Dance, You' Gotta Pay the Band (TV),

The Iceman Cometh 1973, Amazing Grace, Cornbread, Earl and Me, Aaron Loves Angela, Rollerball 1975, 

Remember My Name,  The Ninth Configuration, Ragtime 1981, Amityville II: The Possession, Firestarter 1984,

The NeverEnding Story, Certain Fury, Heartbreak Ridge 1986, Dixie Lanes, Leonard Part 6, Dixie Lanes,

The Luckiest Man in the World, Murder Times Seven (TV), Gabriel's Fire (TV), Memphis (TV), Shaft 1971

No Room for Opal (TV)



Bob Gunton



     The Lincoln Lawyer 2011,The Trail, 24: Redemption, The Least of These 2008, Rendition, Dead Silence, Judas 2004, Dallas 362,

 The Pact 2002, 61* 2001, When Billie Beat Bobbie, The Perfect Storm 2000, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil,

 Elvis Meets Nixon, Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, Kingfish: The Story of Huey B. Long, The Shawshank Redemption 1994

 Demolition Man, Bats 1999, Patch Adams, Murder In the Heartland, Sinatra 1992, The Public Eye, Patriot Games, JFK 1991,

 A Woman Named Jackie, The Bride In Black, Born on the Fourth of July 1989, Cooki, The Pick-Up Artist, Static,

 Lois Gibbs and the Love Canal 1982, Rollover


Alizia Gur                           



    The Hand of Night 1968, Kill a Dragon, Agent for H.A.R.M., Night Train to Paris 1964, The Beauty Jungle, 

From Russia With Love 1963          

Sigrid Gurie




   The Road Back, The Adventues of Marco Polo 1938, Three Faces West,  Dark Streets of Cairo 1940A Voice in the Wind 1944,

Sword of the Avenger, Sofia

Eula Guy



Over the Hill, Society Girl, Ever Since Eve, Elinor Norton 1934, Housewife, Fashions of 1934 1934, 

They Came to Blow Up America, Marriage is a Private Affair, Storm Over Lisbon, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm 1932, 

The Spider Woman Strikes Back 1946, The Glass Alibi, Undercurrent 1946, Yankee Fakir, Cynthia, Blaze at Noon, Devil's Cargo, 

The Bride Wore Boots, A Date With Judy 1948, Joan of Arc, The Sainted Sisters, The Boy With Green Hair, Call of the Forest,

They Live by Night 1949, Harvey 1950, Side Street, Mystery Street 1950, Cheaper by the Dozen, The Great Caruso, 

Young Man With Ideas, Paula 1952 

Sheila Guyse



The Green Pastures (TV) 1959, Harlem Follies of 1949 1950, Miracle in Harlem, Sepia Cinderella 1947, Boy! What a Girl! 1947

Edmund Gwenn



      The Trouble With Harry 1955, Miracle on 34th Street 1947, Calabuch, It's a Dog's Life, Them! 1954, Bonzo Goes to College,

 The Student Prince, The Bigamist, Les Miserables 1952, Pretty Baby 1950, Mister 880, Peking Express, Apartment For Peggy,

 Green Dolphin Street 1947, Life With Father, A Woman of Distinction, Bewitched, Lassie Comes Home, Between Two Worlds, 

 Forever and a Day, A Yank at Eton, Foreign Correspondent 1940, Scotland Yard, Pride and Prejudice 1940, Penny Paradise,

 A Yank at Oxford, Anthony Adverse 1936, Sylvia Scarlett 1935, Waltzes From Vienna, The Bishop Misbehaves,

 Friday the Thirteenth 1933Early to Bed, Smithy, Crash, Love on Wheels, Hindle Wakes, The Skin Game 1921, Unmarried

Fred Gwynn                                           



     Shadows and Fog, My Cousin Vinny 1992, Pet Sematary, Ironweed, Fatal Attraction 1987, Vanishing Act, Off Beat,

Kane & Abel 1985, Water 1985, So Fine, The Munsters' Revenge 1981Simon, Captains and the Kings, Munster, Go Home,

On the Waterfront 1954

Anne Gwynne                  universalqueens.org/gwynne.aspx


   Unexpected Father 1939, The Man From Montreal, Framed, It's a Date 1940, Nice Girl?, The Strange Case of Dr. Rx,

Broadway 1942, Weird Woman 1944, Ladies Courageous 1944, House of Frankenstein, Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome, Breakdown,

Meteor Man 1958, Adam at 6 A.M. 1970

Greta Gynt





The Runaway 1963, Bluebeard's Ten Honeymoons, The Crowning Touch, The Witness, Fortune is a Woman 1957, 

Morning Call, My Wife's Family, See How They Run 1955, The Blue Peter, Born for Trouble, Devil's Point,

Forbidden Cargo 1954, The Last Moment, Destination Milan, Three Steps in the Dark, The Ringer 1952, 

Whispering Smith Hits London, I'll Get You for This, Shadow of the Eagle, The Calendar 1948, 

Mr. Perrin and Mr. Traill,  Take My Life 1947, Dear Murderer, London Town, Mr. Emmanuel, Tomorrow We Live,

The Common Touch 1941, Room for Two, Bulldog Sees it Through, The Middle Watch 1940, 

She Couldn't Say No 1940The Arsenal Stadium Mystery 1949, Sexton Blake and the Hooded Terror, 

The Last Curtain, Boys Will Be Girls

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