Fight for Humility


These are outsiders, always.

Unlike the stars

Evaluating the seasons

And light and dark so calm


Thousands of years

These inklings of wisdom

Our heads over-scratched

With our outlying palms


Our pain inflicted

With our selfish knives

Slicing our bread

In greedy anticipation


Dare I say,

Are we on the other side of history

Values and laws

In sneaky segregation


We bend down and pray

Denying the friendly ear

Sitting in an invisible throne

Drowning in hopeless tears


What does it mean

This human thread

Is it some kind of honour

Demanding cheers


Because I cannot see beyond

I take notice

Of a designated course

With mortality’s tale


Therefore; I ask

What is the choice

Do we dare to read

The obvious mail


Myth is written

Orbiting through the stars

Connecting magic

To our unbending mind


Rivers, roads and imagination

All take us there

As we travel in time

All our senses that we find


This ordeal, need not be

The gifts have been laid

Under our tree

Ever green in its love


How slowly I die

In this awakening

Is there a power to shine

On the humility we must behove


DeaBeePea 4-5-19

The Storm


It began years ago

As I looked to the sky

And heard this sea-shell like sound

A beautiful echo of air


Although the sky was blue

And the grass was green

I felt something uneasy

Despite the day so fair


There was a turbulence

Though there was no rain

And I sensed the swirling wind

Within my secret domicile


I could see through the lenses

Of my worries and concerns

And ignored the placid faces

And languid empty smiles


I carried my umbrella

An invisible shield of fear

And took an aimless walk

Down the streets of humdrum lane


The uncertainty surrounded me

In my helpless journey of fate

And I knew the answers were teasing me

My ignorance and knowledge were twain


But the tempest brewed

And no one seemed to care

I looked around and gawked at the apathy

And cried in lonely tears


I only had one choice

And that was the naked truth

To bare myself to the cold and blustery

And wait for heavens cheers


DeaBeePea 11-14-19



Where is my soul

Buried in truth

But falsely accusing

Evil’s cruel heart


Looking elsewhere

Hiding my head

In shallow sand

Where my shadow lurks


My excuse is infinite

In humour’s wake

And black and white dreams

Within is my part


I pamper my guilt

With ribbons and bows

Making my face

An image that shirks


The answer outlaid

On my plastic pedestal

The echo distorted

As the audience talks


Bending the message

As I let it go

In denial’s home

Where accountability walks


DeaBeePea 11-11-19

Wrecking Ball


The swing is the thing

It’s hit and miss

And it really hurts

Despite the thrill


That glorious smash

That we all love

And sense of glee

And spiteful chill



From crumbling walls

Spilling all over

To territory unspelled


What just happened

Is my remorseful cry

As I turn around

To look at the felled


Apologies might help

I think to myself

But it might take time

To stand on my own


And the battered victims

Shake their heads

Dealing with peril

And optimism thrown


As time goes by

I have tucked that crane

Into mere oblivion

With a somber heart


Each step is taken

With thanks and regard

The ball is rusting

New plans to impart


DeaBeePea 11-7-19

Rambling (in honour of today's writer's group)


The consequences of my actions

Bringing forth a stew

Spicy meat indeed

Buy my God, the potatoes are blue


My plate has overrunneth

My lap a gooey mess

I stand up to relinquish

My scalding wet duress


I contemplate my future

And a fear of change ensues

That, of which I cannot deal

As I have paid my dues


My reward is my madness

And ability of aimless laughter

And tears, for the sake of tears

And happiness thereafter


This concocted mixture

Of love and mental pranksterism

Has supported many a rising sun

As I take my daily run


Jogging through juxtaposed memories

Remembering 1969

Missing recent appointments

As rhymes walk sublime


The wheels are turning

And I’m not out of gas

But the fumes are getting nasty

And my comrades are becoming aghast


But I continue to fathom

How the rain, sun and snow

Spell to me a miracle

That feeds my satirical blow


DeaBeePea 10-31-19

Faith or Knowledge


the dilemma

of Antonius Block

alive in many a soul

as I devour my self-image


Is it a must?

to speak to Death

and make demands

while on my final trek


am I at war?

with those of nihilistic dreams

each step such a burden

in my bold and heartless scrimmage


the confession

is rather startling

looking at that pale face

a feeble but menacing wreck


the flutist and juggler

perform before the crowd

as I am submerged in humility

as my anger begins to grow


the controversy of the cross

laid down upon the soiled land

tired and despised

the prayers and taunts in consent


the answer lies in truth

and a game of strategic skill

the blood rushing to your hand

to make a move of know


This facsimile of strength

defies the power of faith

ensuring Death a victory

the King in denials assent


DeaBeePea 11-22-19

Popcorn Sneeze


enjoying life

satisfying cravings

a temporary disregard

with gouda-chive flavour


the bag almost empty

is there a reason?

only content

with swallowing every morsel


catching a film

and taking phone-calls

while busy chomping

with many hours to savour


I have no aim

just a ravenous inspiration

a salty response

as I steer my hunger's dorsal


My anxiety grows

and opinions gather wildly

impressions begin to bloom

as my teeth begin to entrap


and then the sneeze erupts

and I covered the ground with residue

maltodextrine and saliva

leaving me in a flap


DeaBeePea 11-22-19

The Wall


the stone and mortar

in rigid voice

drawing parameters

for anxious feet


in crumbling protection

of a hero's life

antiquated and tainted

with arrogant lips


the paint and repair

will not diffuse

history's application

with the bloody beat


so we walk around

with ambiguous worship

surrounded by questions

and our mental eclipse


we renovate our thoughts

our imagination stirred

with potential freedom

of a fenceless passion


where is the end?

and where is the beginning?

is the gate and entrance

to truth and deliverance?


or is it a trap of ignorance?

testing our metal

as we ponder revolt

with kindred compassion


so we must tear down

with hammers or love

the barriers of fear

and lazy indifference


DeaBeaPea 11-21-19



the question of joy

so finely tainted

with guilts desire

and hatreds love


walking blindly to

morbid songs

and missing the aroma

of aging kisses


greeting faces

of doubtful refrain

shaking hands

with nervous gloves


playing games

with winning's grasp

surfacing anger

at careless misses


shaking your head

at romantic notions

with fear and denial

and laughing ears


for this to discard

a celebration in colour

feeling the miracle

of a songbird's rhyme


there is a reward

for a passionate smile

and tender hug

of understanding years


waste not a second

for a happy romp

kicking leaves

through the forest of time


DeaBeePea 11-20-19

What is a Footlong?


a common phrase

used to-and-fro

implied generically

with arms held to show


in Auusi-land

they now have fries

where the 12-inch phrase

now applies


other times

it is regarding cuisine

a hot dog, sausage

or submarine


but to me

it is something, in joyous clap

to signify

that I've had a good crap


DeeBeePea 11-22-19



Lost horizons

as the sagging shelves

Await my hand

And a binding fingerprint


The author’s lay


It eloquent silence

Yet, there is a hum


At times it is a roar

From neglect

Blurry stripes

From my second glint


What was that?

I ask in bewilderment

A voice from Darwin

In inquiring thrum


Time is squeezed

From medieval courage

To modern mystery

With satire in between


What is good for me?

At this time of respite

Gazing upon the thickness

Of Dicken’s in volume


Standing tall

The dust is gathering

And that hidden second row

So seldom seen


Is their jealousy among them

To those already read?

Surely they must know

For future’s assume


Is it truth lying before me

Whether imagination or not

Telling me to consume

This litany of conference


It seems to be a place

Of magically stormy weather

Yet peaceful grace as well

In esoteric splendour


Is this forever

A monument for all time

Not caring for my essence

Just a refection for my reference


Or will it fall

In a desperate motion to warn

Against the lazy encroachment of mind

Wisdom, its glorious tender


DeaBeePea 8-29-19

The Line


To describe the darkness

As a leafy collage

As I dramatically wait for light

Each stem dancing in stillness


In sleep or an awakening

I do not care

The laughing moon is awaiting

My acknowledgement in smile


Or will there be tears

But not from sadness

but from the holy awe of breath

Strong in its silent shrillness


In the questioning sky

I hear the surging sea

And see the white-capped stars

A cluster in shimmering beguile


This forever island

To which I daily travel

Inherits my growing fear

Metamorphosing to words of tuille


Spelling my lust for truth

Accusing everyone of nothing

Singing only love songs

Filling a ticking heart


Weaving a swampy hush

Knee-deep in slippery sludge

Finding this fascination

A bubbly gurgling vestibule


Is the whole world sleeping

Not finding the shore

Or reaching the true horizon

Where hate and love do part


DeaBeePea 9-24-19

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