a test for the best

whether it be of my chest

as I have fessed

imperfection of quest

or other things I've messed

but careful, invading my nest

that I have professed

despite the jest

I consider myself blessed

you might have guessed

for I ride the crest

of waves request

I pound my breast

at a celebrative fest

fancifully dressed

admittedly, self-impressed

with explosive zest

I deplore the arrest

that questions me, lest

I am evaluated at rest

I am a momentary pest

of little emotional rest

and time is pressed

planning I wrest

I wear my vest

of many colours, so acquiesced

the buttons are stressed

my waistline assessed

these issues addressed

as I consider abreast

what I digest

regardless of detest

These inquiries you invest

that you have candidly expressed

the results will ingest

many facets compressed

into a conclusive bequest

of a continued contest

examinations to infest

my brain obsessed

with visions west

an adventurous protest

which makes me suggest

that I might be suppressed

but that would make me depressed

positive ideas would congest

but love I have finessed

to inspire me, never to molest

the winds from the northwest

cool my thoughts possessed

as the survey has progressed

thought fibres tressed

I have never confessed

limitations oppressed

but they have coalesced

into a humorous retest

of my faculties recessed

though never repressed

my confidence caressed

never for anyone to divest

I am not oppressed

from these challenges transgressed

as the results have coalesced

into something dispossessed

But I have digressed

I must leave, for I am undressed...

DeaBeePea 6-30-15


Testing. testing

for what I ask

to see if I fit

into your complicated life?

Why don't you accept me

for what I am

after all

I could be a knife

slippery and sharp

and menacing you know

I could be rough

and mean in spirit

and preoccupied with vice

and superfluous things

and vain and careless

and proud to mirror it

but I think you are fine

and sweet and nice

and I enjoy your company

and silly pranks

you make me laugh

and feel relaxed

so accept your life

and my honest thanks

I am here for while

how long I don't know

so let's have fun

with wild oats to sow!!

DeaBeePea 6-30-15

Rebecca's Cave

Rebecca has walked

on an arthropod path

in sea of forbiddden weed

of golden spiders wrath

a treasure crawling

with fangs of venom

to islands of fear

in a craggy oaks plenum

like wooden snakes

spindly and stubborn

a rigid web is formed

the avenues adorned

with rubied clusters

jewels to entice

a warning light

for greeds large price

the passages claimed

by spirits of doom

Rebecca's courage is calmed

by her hearts pure room

Wonder and sharing

in a world of presage

universal allegience

is a soulful massage...

DeaBeePea 6-29-15


Why are there borders

they seem to cause harm

silly divisions

that bring them to arms

religion and poverty

hatred and prejudice

leading these places

to a frightful precipice

these lines often happened

so long ago

they make little sense now

with old cities below

so many wars

and needless death

but the demarcations remain

in weakness of breath

it could be said

they are experimental lines

for practising peace

and humanitarian signs

I hope this is true

so we can survive

in this universe of turmoil

a joyous solution we strive

DeaBeePea 7-2-15

Sand Castle

This ode

so many stories it tells

in my tragedy

no matter what

my soul remains

with what I love

nothing leaves

it only disappears

in mysterious silence

the ruins of home

as I spin away

lying on the shore

time unknown

my bed with you

whoever you are

I hear the song

keeping me awake

in rapids rhythm

a lullaby of death

from my cradle past

the rock remains

passionate spills

over rocks of sand

eroding my present

I envision others

but they do not talk

as I sleep in wonder

I weep as a tree

speechless in ardor

streams of magic

DeaBeePea 8-9-15

I Did Not Know


a snail's breath

in fresh water

avoiding death

limpets and ram's horns

lungs adorned

from the pond

a bladders wand


the mantle's thin wall

gastropod species

dry air they trawl

gilless crawlers

climbing plants

floating to surface

algae their dance

joining the mud snails

with their gills that prevail

two slow communes

sunning from pale

DeaBeePea 8-8-15



electromagnetic light

no escape

general relativity

compact mass

black hole

event horizon


dark reflection



micronic kelvins


emotional funnels


no tolerance

unfounded fear


no sharing

fruits in lock

flooded seeds

waste of heart



greedy astronauts

passing by

gaping trap

the shock

demise unexpected

naive lessons...

Dea BeePea 8-10-15


sternutation caused

by peppered cashew so yum

a corticosteroidal effect

100 miles per hour in rhumb

a rather nutty snneze

I must say

CASH-EW I went

on this summer' day

DeaBeePea 8-11-15


without sounding boastful

or conceited in declaration

I think I do get it

in my thoughtful mode of frustration

deceit and greed

dictate activities of indulgence

and that is the predicate

of analysing points to divulge

but on the other hand

there are those with intention

who create fields of wisdom

and motivate those of kindly invention

so I look to the sky

thankful of many devotions

and join the fray in confidence

that I will make sense of all the commotion

DeaBeePea 8-12-15


power and strength

enormous wings

stirring the wind

Wakį́nyąn sings

with clapping feathers

binesi beats

adjoining clouds

rhythmic bleats

lightning eyes

blinking fire

the reptilian bolts

dangling in dire

dazzling colour

totemed to announce

with curling horns

and beak pronounced

transforming as tribe

married in flesh

in solitude and slavery

a vengeful mesh

heroes of prey

hunters of Unktehila.

on floating mountains

pompous regalia

great horned snakes

defied in quell

as the Great Sun sends

his message of knell

Three Fires tales

rising to nest

healing concoctions

for a soothing rest

DeaBeaPee 8-7-15

 Framed Reality

within the gilding

so clear and bright

reflecting brother

and carving light

moulding so broad

covering baroque

ornaments planted

in double stroke

beyond is hazy

Christ so dim

a spot of blaze

and choired hymn

I hear as much

as my eyes behold

a silent scream

and wonderous enfold

DeaPea 12-30-14


I have friends

who are

open and close

loyal and kind


seldom verbose

chat and laugh


never morose

support and love


exerting ploce

lifelong pals


to diagnose

DeaPea 12-31-14

Poem 2 for Open and Close



and doors


and drawers

jewellery boxes

and trunk

a key

to spelunk


and bottles


to throttle

but most


parents to dare

girls legs

open ne'er

and my mouth

to waggle


like gaggle

DeaPea 12-31-14

Sunday's challenge... a cat in the candy store...

a playful grin

with paws in task

dancing a tune

with a whiskered mask

it's loonie pink

and tabby gold

sixlets and pearls

floating murals

sapphire sweets

and aurelian treats

teal coated

and dahlia floated

a cheshire song

nine lives prolonged

DeaPea 12-20-14

Surreal Cereal...An Ode to Puffed Rice

Big bag very gossamery

free glass inside

poured in bowl

in feathery tide

breakfast bizarre

unusual dream

little pearly boats

in alabaster ooze afloat

little black specks

I see oars in motion

freakish commotion

uncanny flecks

the spoon disrupts

slashing bow in thrust

a current swirls

as the crafts begin to hurl

the magic lantern

shines so bright

phantasmagorical light

on waves of white

down my esoph

brown sugar suffused

my morning taste

an unearthly bemuse

DeaPea 1-2-14


are reality

true magic

in sensation


with imagination


stimuli's swarm

perfect imagery

for poets

and dreams

streams of suspense

in an everyday


1-8-14 DeaPea


were we looking
I'm not sure
but caught off guard
now needing a cure

love will spill
through the cracks
and trickle down
our painful backs

the stupid mop
on someone's head
will gather dust
and fear our dread

we will win
whoever we are
because we care
about the scars

and maybe this pillar
that is actually feeble
will stumble and fall
from heights of evil

hope remains
the anchor of heart
and gritted teeth
our strengthened chart

DeaBeePea 11-9-16


not just a deadline
but a possible wall
built by hate
and stupidity's brawl

the voting line
will come and go
but history might stop
America's glow

it's been dimming for while
spinning without aim
but now is a crisis
with hope to claim

regardless of mood
celebration might occur
because at least
there's sanity's myrrh

drawn in the sand
dignity or shame
in some strange way
are we all to blame?

DeaBeePea 11-8-16


Some people say
"That's the way
I'm wired."
God forbid

is it true
that we are currents
rated by voltage?
...and transmissional rid

Yes, I know
we can be shocking
but we can also
be shocked.

and even though
we have a sort of retention
we can also forget
our memory docked

we think of Frankenstein
but that is fiction
not a monstrous reality
of pre-set diction

it's just an "expression"
that hair stands on end
and the fact I'm robotic
I must decry and defend

I admit sometimes
I say I'm not plugged in
but that is also a phrase
of metaphorical kin

so when I retire
this evening to bed
I set the alarm
of which I dread

because when I awake
before my battery is charged
I will feel dead
my energy barged

and my total argument
has just been thrown out
I am an electron
my ideas no clout!

DeaBeePea 11-7-16


looking at his hair
he must be wired
someone electronic
from which he was sired

his mouth short circuits
idiotic sounds
and his brain has been through
many boxing rounds

I would pull the plug
before it's too late
this man is connected
to a surge of bait

it appeals to nuts
and angry jerks
who love a person
with stupid perks

high voltage look out
his wig has flipped
dumbness has arrived
and the tide has tipped.

DeaBeePea 11-7-16

Poem #1 UH-OH

This phrase
if I may call it one
has taken on
a note of interplay

someone issues
a problem of sorts
and you know it's nothing
not worthy of say

so you say UH-OH
in sarcastic ploy
letting on you sympathise
in your laughing mind

you'd even help
if you knew it mattered
but you realize it doesn't
so you keep them blind

letting them
carry the responsibility
and deal with naivete
until they're aware

that their problems are few
only embellished
in the thoughts
of their minds silly glare

DeaBeePea 11-6-16

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