The Great Race

a fable so grand

a race at hand

not fast and slow

but slow and slower

no rabbit or fox

just two lingering jocks

athletes of the mile

that takes quite a while

two gastropod molluscs

one with shell, the other so brusque

twenty-seven days

nine hours

forty-seven minutes

and sixteen seconds...I praise

those glorious mugs

with the dare of slugs

and quiet racers

behind the pacers

never to derail

the stability of snail

the snail won

by point zero one

it was a rainy track

and though he went slack

the shell helped him slide

downhill to collide

with the finish line stone

while the throng caused a drone

amazement at speed

a record indeed

beat old one by a day

what is there to say?

a hero was born

a lei to adorn

when asked for reaction

he had a retraction...

DBP 10-11-14

Dungeon of Phantoms

An apparition

defining sentience

spectre visible

or a manifestation

Instinctive necromancy

ritual magic

dreaming of ghost trains

and phantom ships in fomency

Dancing wraiths

appearing as before

unnatural, undesirable`

a white mist of breath

In omen or portent

The Flying Dutchman

no port is found

swirling waves of sound

A vortex of haze

mutinies of spirit

suicide of riches

a soul remains unfazed

Masking identity

balls of trickery

device in amour

in garb and armour

Ghost hunters anew

stirred by gothic malevolence

and sillhouetted terror

we chose our ride askew

Homer's Odyssey, a journey

of underworld caverns acheron

lined with vampirous bats

edge of world, closed to sun

The hungry Yidag in stagger

throat so tiny

stomach so large

in ritualistic dagger

Violent death

a premise consoled

and Krasue looking tame

our fears revised to blame

Pontianak and Penanggalan 

liberation from perilous infinity 

dying as birth

flying head in twinkling girth

"The Unquiet Grave"

mourning in peace

creating unrest 

restless to never cease

Troubling others

energy absorbed to pother

some are dormant

dead ghosts I apply

...infectious to end

DBP 10-10-14

The Stain in Spain Falls Mainly on the Wain

the stain I refrain

is to show off the grain

but naked is just as good

finely contoured as it should

blonde and ash is nice

saddle and chesnut does suffice

it makes me feel cozy 

a happy message so rosey

insinuation of simple man

appreciating nature as we can

Chrysler Town and Country cars antique

panelled sides with mystique

rec room walls so adorned

a sixties fetish, now is mourned

stereos and televions now are black

but once had grain, alas alack

even appliances had that look

when harvest gold helped you cook

so whether maple, oak, or pine

it all looks perfectly fine

DBP 8-5-14

Black Streak in Yellow

The Bracebridge 5477

a sister retinue

at half past eleven

honking and bellowing

surging through the gorge

the bedrock awoken in the forge

virtually a tremor

the windows shake

the ornaments clatter

some think in fictional chatter

but no it's real

the next at 3 AM

announcing arrival

joy so proud and loud

streaking through darkness

invading the starkness

an invincible metal snake

causing enormous rattle

the wondrous tattle

a ghost in vision

maybe an empty incision


with no destination


a cliff to back and forth

the train diving into

future and past

long and winding

our sentiment binding

9-12-14 DBP


winged hackneys

six wheels for hire

bumper to bumper

never to tire

unless of course

the fare to rise

the cost of fuel

a partial disguise

losing direction in madness

roaming over sandy swales 

learning to fly

ready to crash in bales

alternative energy, one idea

but many others need prevail

more than roads

are needed in rail

Ideas and passion

with a goal for emancipation

of being crowded in travel

we must free our station

the dunes that we dodge

seem meaningless in dream

as we detour in confusion

to gather on stream

so let us journey

together with binding

joined together

with imagination's findings

DBP 9-20-14

Dory Story

The little boats

in nature so made

softer and sweeter

than man's facade

Reminding me of Rupert's

way back home

the shining empress

a sliding daily express

Coming from wonderland

in a cloudless sky

the surface a blanket

and bed of sand

To Nutwood sweet

and magical Morwenna

the floaters meet

misty eyed in trance

Glass waters sing so clear

when clanged with

feathers tips

bowing to the cries of fear

Anthropomorphic musings

in circular rings

Love with peace

utopian dreams

DBP 9-19-14

The Ride

Some may think

the ride on ferris

repetitive to embarrass

boring in story

Same things while spinning

a resisting beginning

but NO

each time you come

to the same spot, ho hum

it is later 

and the air is anew

The people above 

and people below

have aged somewhat

unaware of their rut

The news is changing

in seconds rearranging

and other rides

are time bides

Some winning at bingo

others angry in defeat

but I am seeing world

from this rather high seat

And the weather is altering

from low to high

or the other way around, sigh

...and round is the issue

after all it's a wheel

and that's a big big deal!


Flying Erik

Icelandic excursions

are tales all wrong

Erik the Red travelled

by airship unravelled

The son of Þorvald Ásvaldsson

the dragon explorer

three years in exile, unfair

in nine-eighty-two

Strung by rumoured air

Golden tassles so weak

the journey snapping

ribbons flowing

Fire breating on strapping

Cut to celebrate,

settlements in mystery

keeping his setstokkr

Ornamented beams his joker

his card to faith

the "thing" that matters

rigid in seams that clatter

His battered vision 

spirit broken by prison

but Greenland his home

Leif Ericson to Vinland

Borrowing the car

dreams to afar

Vinland his star

not fearing frost

For hydrogen lost

to Snaefell and into Hrafnsfjord

and Eystribyggð he roared

the paramount chieftain incorrigible, his dirigible

history has soared!

DBP 9-28-14


Kyshtym disaster 

plutonium prophecy in boom

signalling doom

so recklessly ignored

waste delivered

to river Ob, ill bout

a giant cloud of fallout

contaminated hope

twenty-two villages to grave

ten-thousand forced to surrender

dreams that misunderstood corruption

trusting Zhores Medvedev to save

but numbers don't tell

of hate and greed

or the planted seed

of unabated fear

maybe truth in part

but Eurt, another story

newborn Aleshenka

left behind no carte 

in a rotting covered cradle

refracted molecules

relocated to Zinaidia

no soup to ladle

radio waves created

extra-terrestrial bound

high frequency sound

the visitors came

to rescue young waif

beautiful to them

an unconquered race

she is now a queen

celebrated with festivals of bean

far beyonds Jupiter beam

she will return at end times


Popular Belief

What the heck is popular belief

we read of it in apparent relief

we perceieve them as "they"

am I a member?

of this exclusive club

or am I some rub

a great thinker

worthy of statue

or am I a rare humanitarian

I think not (though glarian)

It is concluded that

"they" are created 

a populace sedated

made to buy

goods and false investments

Many have taste

I never dream in haste

as the illusions of hope

accompany the truth

so I pay testament

to those who know

and ignore what told

because our minds and spirit

are independent turrets

right is famous

and famous is right

as love is connectd

and lies interjected

DBP 9-18-14

Argument on a Woody Background

two faces

grained in conflict

hair ablaze

brows so braised

one is blaspheming

the other perturbed

eyes wide open

expecting to be blurbed

symbolized by trophy

background on woody plate

did they live to tell

of this angered quell?

DBP 4-7-14


the Saami

speaking Uralik

legend rooted

in Finno-Ugric

many places

from Denmark east

to Kola Peninsula

herding beast

special permission

hunting reindeer

in remission

tradition to "endeer"

the meaning of title

unknown in recital

some say some cloth

a patch for mending

circumpolar man

some in sea

some in mountain

fishing and trapping in jubilee

sadly segregated

mission to seclude

and black death

did invade their include

beautiful colours

to celebrate the marriage

man and nature

birth of winters carriage

leather sinews

curled toes

red and blue

luhkka so true

appliques so vivid

greens and whites

beads and shawls

climbing in heights

joyous in Yoikjoik

Kautokeino community

and rejoicing at Ljungris

shamanic drums in rhythmic impunity

Healing in animism

anger to resolve

passion in heritage

and dignity to devolve

DBP 9-8-14

Green Man

pharoahs beard
growing head
king of living
sprouting vegetation inbred
curling ostrich feathers 
fertile flooding
lord of silence
an inherited eternal life reliant
heliacal rising of Orion
and Sirius
appearing in mastaba
white crown of Atef imperious
carries the crook and flail
an aspect of Ptah
moral fitness 
facing the tribunal in trail
forty-two judges
right arm rising overhead
potable water adorning
wheat and clay
A mock battle
from temple to tomb
ceremony and destruction
Prayers and recitations
rebirth at dawn

DBP 10-17-14


this word is cool
supposing a toupee
or something wiggish

that creates an eeriness
that's like a disease
malariosity that's biggish

one who is mal-reliable
tricky and smooth
deadly and so diggish

yes contrived as spoken
but Nationalist in vain
kilty and fancifully jiggish

good luck or bad
I can't be sure
leading to a place so briggish

a kind of admiration
considering my intentions
seeing success in the priggish

but it won't interfere
with my goal in life
sponsoring a spirit of Friggish

DeaBeePea 8-18-16


I suppose I am lost
I don't really think
I care
if I find my way back

is very intriguing
I'm pretty sure
there is
another one off track

that there is light
the tunnels end
makes me
happy with my wander

that when I'm gone
will be another place
of wonderment
I think, an infinite yonder

as my heels click
the artful travels
random rhythms
and unforgettable pictures

but strangely content
that living life
is too short
to be a dispirited fixture

DeaBeePea 8-17-16


I started with my dump truck
just a young buck
and then
started making sounds
like a duck
and loved playing in the guck
playing street hockey
with my ruck
using a ball
instead of a puck
I had a lot of pluck
though some thought I was a schmuck
because of my silly jokes
though they left some
finally growing out
of my mother's tuck
but my nickname Junior
it was stuck
longer than I wanted
it really did suck
I thought about running amuck
being a crazy canuck
maybe I was moonstruck
or suddenly thunderstruck
but then love entered the scenario
now isn't that bumluck!

DeaBeePea 8-16-16

The Spring

yes, I admit
she was beautiful
... a radiant smile
and mischievous guile

bouncy hair
and nice little figure
what many gents yearn
but seldom do earn

she had a cute laugh
and was indeed quite witty
and her dynamic persona
had a glowing corona

she was helpful and kind
and was always present
and was dedicated to causes
that had desperate clauses

but despite all that
what really stood out
was her inexhaustible pep
and the spring in her step

DeaBeePea 8-23-16

Mountebank Collector

I collected those rowdy mountebanks
yes I did, from every world place
doing a rascal rid of sorts
relieving towns of disgrace

swindlers and magic men
and miscreants nefarious
reprobates and clowns
and soothsayers so various

the I started my cortege
travelling from sea to sea
the greatest sales team assembled
conniving and united as a phratry

we lulled our patrons with charm
and sold our cure-alls with ease
never labelled as intoxicants
and avoiding trouble with ease

but the womanizing got out of hand
and our perspective... beginning to slide
so I got stricter in my rule
but they no longer wanted to abide

so I formed a team of grifters
a feminine staff of the iniquitous
they sold a cure for jejuneness
rejuvenating the feminine mystiquitous

my scoundrels were mad at their commissions
and quit with rancor and bitterness
so I retired with my harem
and now I'm ecstatic in aglimmerness

DeaBeePea 8-26-16

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