Mothers and Daughters

A connection


that remains

from the hatchable

they wear the same colours

whether orange and blue

or others of rue

there might be anger

even years of stranger

but it's always alock

mind back to the flock

hand in hand

like a ragtime band

the tears they share

and expectations they bare

The path they walk

may be long to dock

but love is found

somewhere on the ground

picking up the pieces

their palms together

no releases

DBP 8-7-14

Ode to Chanterelles

things are mushrooming

in my mind

so versatile

and much in style

fried or sauted

or even raw, not dismayed

super in salad

or a theme for a ballad

"You Are My Shitake Baby"

nice on pizza

I would love a piece-a

right now

with sausage and pineapple

and a little scrapple

They stuff them too

with various things

and oh, no nice

with steak and spice

Some people slice em

others dice em

but on the "whole" 

they are wonderfole

the gills breath so quiet

and the cap can be a riot

a funny thing they are

the stalk tricky to cut

and volvas can get stuck

but the annulus

a bit granulus!

and if they grew big enough

umbrellas they could be

exceeding expectations you see

edible rain protectors

a new concept for me

8-7-14 DBP


a nuance

like a dance

the way of carving

a note that is larvaeing

the rhythm so wilting

as it evades it's jilting

the word can be perfumed

by a tone that is broomed

whisked by a voice 

unheard by choice

as the story evolves

and our emotions revolve

Rebecca tickles us

with Hulitoons that pickle us

and Kathy so magical

in thoughts so tragic or pelagical 

and as I write

with jazz in flight

my thoughts are of dreams

oncoming in streams

the touches of fairies

and life in merries

DBP 8-11-14


Leaf with a hole...

kind of silly on the whole

I mean, it could mean anything

even something menacing

But my God!

I need more information to break sod

on this issue

regarding live tissue

who does Kathy think I am

the King of Siam?

when the chasm was made

was the weather staid?

It could have been wind 

that made perforation so pinned

from things flying

that had points applying

or worms

that squirmed

or flying fellows that pecked

nice leaves they wrecked

or bats that debugged

that tree so mugged

or a kid doing science

a project in leaf pliance

so I have no idea

maybe I am missing the Gaea

It could be hockey player

injured in prayer

a Toronto Maple Leaf

bludgeoned by a stick, I bequeath

so this whole aperature thing

in a bract I sing

a song of regret

it is something I just don't get

but it's a challenge

and as I peel my orange

I watch an ant eat through the peel

so I guess holes and bugs

go together...unreal!

DBP 8-11-14

GRIM...not necessarily

such a symbol

so undeititic in hymnbal

rather skeletal and slack

beneath his robe of black

likely not enduring enough

to Dance Macabre, without huff

the cemetarial witching hour

fiddling at October's end, to glower

pondering the foolishness

of earthly possession so sour

to be tricked or bribed

the spirit not blithe

as long grasses are scythed

a horseman is he

one of four in flee

but alas...just a costumed man

a tolerant perception so bland

Photo by Marco Pucci

8-11-14 DBP

My friend Yo-Yo

Yo-Yo gets me mad

I guess I shouldn't be so unglad

sometimes I tell her to blow

but she always manages to show

She's not so bad really

but she does get too touchy feely

for I am somewhat befuddly

with poultry who are cuddly

and she is always quacking

and is never slacking

from her Duncan Top elevating

a trick that is very escalating

one of her skills

that creates a lot of thrills

is the vertebrae illustration

produced in duplication

it even lays eggs, in biaction

but not I note, in dissatisfaction

so although this turkey

leaves me dismurky

I guess friends are good

I must count my blessings, withstood

DBP 8-11-14

Tribute to the Folies

moon reflected


ceiling of populaire

beaming with stable conscious so frail in temperment 




bowl of locks, so simple and strong

the waist and bust along

in exposition of light with fruit and armagnac de montal

Melon de Bourgogne visiting frontal

a reverberated lace 


a reward so choking

emulating dignity, revoking 

preserved in Manet

corsage and bracelet...singing her tracelet


prostituting her doom, from

countrysides of loom

Orange so juicy permeating in zest

questioning the pest

the bass in barley and voice

as England awaits it's plume

sadness, no joy

despite Tuileres

fun imperiled in magnetic force

the course

stumbling forward

un bar toward

the final painting...

DBP 8-12-14

This is a response to Manet's "Un bar aux Folies Bergère"

Webbed Rosetta

A netherworld

co-habitation so swirled

the smallest of panthera pardus

and the zebra finch among us

the plundered rainforest

and cherry tree home to rest

the ghostly past

when man was supreme in vast

the black cat reminds us

with fear and teeth clenched tremendous

but serenity prevails

for all that ails

three comrades in diplomacy

united nations preyless in precis

hands cupped, no commotion

sipping waters of infinite oceans

gradually flowing to other planets

adjoined by sunlight of granite

hidden by compassion

and loving ration

Photo by Maria Ginex Zorka

8-12-14 DBP

In Range


so undefinable

and lacking course

man does things

with little remorse

change relative to what

he must understand

knowing history

is a helping hand

social altering

can be done with care

or it can be dictated

by men of evil dare

in hockey, it means new line

in persona, fresh attitude

in tolerance it stresses

that we take latitude

in verbage, clean clothes

a literal translation

considered etiquettte

in the social station

so I suppose it is always there

but somehow disappears

as moral revolution

is always in arrears

DBP 8-12-14

Table Setting

Physical pain

so easy

it comes and goes

like the breeze

But emotional pain

lingers like an urchin

needing to be fed

by thoughts

that are recusant and lurking 

But there is a way

to deal with such ache

to set a table

with a chair for distress

welcoming the soreness

and toasting as guest

but always assuring

the head table for fondness

the wine is sipped

and thankfulness equipped

to carry our spirit

through all that corrupts it

to resist the stabbing sword

is to turn on your will

caress your passion

and let the blood spill

8-12-14 DBP


Forgetting things

or how we would miss

that searching bliss

our life half spent

looking for things

that amusement brings

what would we do

with our valuable hours

if it wasn't for misplacing what's ours

Instead of being mad

just laugh and howl

at how we fail to remember as we prowl

I had a perfect last line

for this verse of mine

but I misplaced it

how asinine... 

DBP 8-12-14

The Toad on My Wallpaper


from random data

ah, yes!...unknown strata!

I question that

what dossier so spurious?

We can potentially perceive so curious

a hidden message?

from all that is seen

and has ever been


a man on the moon

or a rabbit in lune

Reading wall stains

a rather odd pastime I remain

but nothing is deviant really

a callus in a tree

could be a chimpanzee

molybdomancy in candlelit shadows

molten and mikado

The Silurian Dragons

breathing fossiled fire

or Cydonian mesa

or a flowing Contessa

The inkblot test

surely mental unrest!

"hard-wired" from birth

to identify the facial girth


such long a word

for shortsightedness, absurd

As our early cognition

creates "La Gardienne des Gorges", the saga

Hoburgsgubben and Baba Yaga

in such imperforate recognition

The clustering illusion

our cognitive infusion

such early construction

as we incur our seduction


History "Strawn"

Long internodes

and the slender stems

of malacca gems

The spines so finely woven

The roots into wicker

harvested in ease to adorn

and transported with breezy luminance

the cathedra is born

Now to homeland so guarded

a historic revival regarded

now enhancing the parlour

as harmony proceeds through analogy

Living in Eastlake

portraying a new frugality

and insistent durability 

the Queen herself personified

Morality exported

as the Gilded Age

attempts to hide and cap

the ensuing Malthusian Trap

The family cocooning

in privacy and faith balooning

the unknowing individual,

the facade covering mysteries

Sewn in the fabric

and themed in literature

whether Astley's Amphitheatre

or quilting bees to feature

Derby and Disraeli in reform

or Carnegie's steel empire so born

Tammany Hall or the Mugwumps

the new world is in storm

Solitary man was confined

to his chair and his mind

in wonderment, despair

and fear and courage

In composition or

the use of brawn and gun

he was supported and decorated

buy the days warmth and sun

Sitting in modesty, so proud

but wearying of the infinity

of war and poverty

but smiling of future and child

DBP 7-25-14


Let me introduce in humility

my many legged family

the Detritovores I honour

in humble fawner

although they can be difficult

I find worthy to exult

the fact they nutritious

and can be delicious 

Mr. Millipede so myriapodous

and large mandibles so biting

and a rather crusty bodice

for some that are uniting

Lady Louse a crustacean

a roly poly clown renown

she has a bad name

but is still in acclaim 

Daddy Dung Fly

so ubiquitous, on the hunt

with it's miracle spiracle befront

attracted to poop

...yes, that is the scoop

and Sister Slug

my, such a mug

a gastropod in nod

passing in desiccation, to pod

the opporunistic

Senora Sea Star I bequeath

ochre and reef

they have no beef

hydraulic power with lief

My uncle Trepang

who recycles in gang

calcified in harangue

in salad he hangs

Oh...I almost forgot

my musical lot

Fidel, the Fiddler

so crabby in kin

but large clawed and in din

a jubilee in the sea

his concert in lee

Aunt Poly Kate so annelid

so bristly as she slid

robust and widespread

the depths she fled

So my clan in span

so vast in pan

and fecal as debris

rather slimy 

I foresee

but I don't want a glimmer

of a protein skimmer


A Perception of Mars

Our terrestrial minds

holding us away to run

from air so thin

a fourth from the sun

So much the same

polar ice caps remain

Olympus mountains

and Marineris canyons

To be impacted by craters

sharing in illusion imbued

so optical and magnetic

searing in orange and red

We dust the silica-rich sediment

from our nouget impediment

and think of past waters

as we bite the almond

Bonneville no vehicle

in fear of the asteroid belt

as thermal inertia is felt

pondering Slough in Berkshire

You cannot measure


but the lava bar

orbits in magic astar

Imagine that

a dark and light journey

into midnight history 

a planet inviting in mystery

Finding mini-eggs

in habitable zones

no peanut trace is known

blown away by solar winds

Soft caramel abounds

pouring from mounds

caressing the chilled rocks

forming de-crystalized honeycombs

as the vanilla sand

learning from Viking probes at hand

is sprinkled on our fantasy

so "out of this world" and sweet

DBP 7-23-14 

 My personal hymn for the holiday season...


forgive the anger
and guilt that plagues
our sinful hearts
and the tearing apart

be blessed and thankful
for those that fill
the empty places
smiling the spaces

celebrate the secular
and praise the Lord
for his saintly compass
over our selfish rumpus

quell all the storms
that break the bonds
of unifying love
as our hands look above

we cannot do
what our creation disallows
so follow the wind
so we can be twinned

with the Godly spirit
that erases our doubt
and fears that separate
our souls from great

the birth of peace
is around the corner
if we swallow our pride
and conceit we hide

our Christmas tree
points to heaven
as the Angel sits
quietly moonlit

and may all our gifts
console our minds
not as objects
but love so decked

goodwill aspires
to conquer our being
as I wish you all
a starlit hall

DeaBeePea 11-29-16


A glandular surface
Somewhat distasteful
In its toxic refrain
And camouflaged stain

Smooth and moist
Warty or spotted
it’s a respiratory organ
amphibious slotted

susceptible to poison
of man’s inept creation
secretion its savior
and slippery in mobilization

shedding this exterior
swallowing as nutrition
staying healthy in sponge
a natural transition

a rather formal term
but body temperature is regulated
with this thin layer, expelling germ

the colour is the welcome
to tell the sun its role
avoiding overheating
coolness to console

we’ve heard of mucus membrane
it has a irky sound
but it’s essential for survival
this fibrous tissue wound

water conservation
a cause for this magic skin
sleeping in water a way
to keep the aridity at bay

so if you match this description
jump from log to log
and accept your vulnerability
and don’t allow and emotional bog

DeaBeePea 11-28-16

Magic Spell a brand new system an inner twitch allowing perfection without a hitch

making me the magic man spelling everything in instant plan etymology and latiny considerations realizing in fill of nonsensical collation and sometimes I guess and I'm always right a God-given talent of literary might inveigle breaks the rule of i before e but I knew that because my mind is free not shackled by rules or grammatical law I just spill out the letters in an alphabetical thaw DeaBeePea 12-4-16


I would wish time away
but only if
there was a guarantee
of something better

but at the moment
life is growing
and nurturing fruit
the life of celebration
a love letter

telling me
follow inspiration
attend the party
open invitation

at least
those who love thought
and sharing
our insightful station

if time disappears
my motion stops
a type of death
although peaceful I admit

but for now
I will journey
and stretch the clock
testing my endurance
and measure of wit

DeaBeePea 12-13-16


both noun and verb
this mighty broth
vocal and spirited
in ale and tale

the tummies warmed
and lips relaxed
a caroling excursion
strong in song

the rosemary tree
and leaves so green
a-wand'ring souls
hailing and wassailing

from door to door
the bowls are served
spices and mead
distilled in goodwill

the needy rejoice
with hope and myrrh
may peace be with them
to share with prayer

DeaBeePea 12-14-16

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