I was checking out a website that ranked actresses. I thought I would rank them in TIERS. These rankings are not based solely on talent. If an actress in in Tier 1 that means that she has INSPIRED ME with a performce(s). For example, Michelle Pfeiffer has been consistently brilliant in many films and inspired me in "Love Field" and "The Fabulous Baker Boys". Deanna Durbin on the other hand has simply been a source of  light entertainment at it's very best.

Tier 1

Judy Garland              

Greta Garbo               

Michelle Pfeiffer        

Julianne Moore          

Vivian Leigh              

Meryl Streep              

Bette Davis               

Joan Allen                

Emma Thompson 

Jean Simmons          

Shirley Maclaine

Jodie Foster            

Mary Astor

Myrna Loy

Deanna Durbin


Tier 2

Natalie Wood           

Kate Winslet            

Jane Fonda              

Holly Hunter            

Marilyn Monroe 

Nicole Kidman         

Parker Posey          

Sissy Spacek          

Ginger Rogers

Natalie Portman      

Doris Day

Jennifer O'Neill

Joan Bennett


Tier 3

Joanne Woodward      

Grace Kelly                

Anne Bancroft           

Reese Witherspoon   

Liza Minnelli    

Jean Harlow 

Part 2: The Bombshells  

Marilyn Monroe*****

Jennifer O'Neill***

Greta Garbo*****

Marlene Dietrich*****

Ann Sheridan***1/2

Suzy Parker***

Eleanor Parker***

Myrna Loy*****

Kim Novak****

Elizabeth Taylor****

Jean Harlow****

Clara Bow****

Rita Hayworth***

Jane Russell**

Jane Fonda****

Ann Sothern***

Greer Garson****1/2

Jane Greer***1/2

Rhonda Fleming**

Jean Simmons*****

Merle Oberon***1/2

Arlene Dahl**

Laraine Day**1/2

Grace Kelly****1/2

Ava Gardner***1/2

Donna Reed***1/2

Frances Farmer***1/2

Joan Bennett***1/2

Natalie Wood***1/2

Michelle Pfeiffer****

Julianne Moore****

Vivian Leigh*****

Nicole Kidman****

Julia Roberts***1/2

Kate Hudson***

Kathleen Turner***













Ann Sheridan

Priscilla Lane

Barbara Stanwyk

Katharine Hepburn

Jessica Lange

Naomi Watts

Audrey Hepburn

Lillian Gish

Frances McDormand

Mary-Louise Parker

Liv Ullman

Cloris Leachman

Marlene Dietrich

Teresa Wright

Margaret O'Brien

Jane Alexander




Claudette Colbert

Julie Christie

Deborah Kerr

Annette Benning

Kirsten Dunst

Kathleen Turner

Susan Sarandon

Liv Ullman

Cyd Charisse

Helen Mirren

Kate Hudson

Miriam Hopkins



Kim Novak

Sally Field

Julia Roberts

Shelley Winters

Judy Holiday

Joan Leslie

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