Extra Terrestrial or Amphibious

the inauguration 

a flattened tail

swimming, lateral undulation

twins syncronized

vegetarian dish,  a prescription

mate with dark gonads

a burning to inquire

no fear of fire, but to rebut

ancient terrestrials

gradually growing limbs abut

seeing flaming planets

retrocede, the parasite, residue ajut

these wiggling slims

then, gradually growing limbs

absorbing a tail, appendage nil

the noodles transformed?

ah!, the telltale external gills

apoptosis, death, of sorts

a metamorphose tail

shifting life in anxious prevail

commence in  breathing air

smaller intestines, transmutism, 

choosing carnivorism...

Thank you for the visual presentation of Becky Hulit

DBP 4-25-14

The Legend of Foghorn and Puffin

textiled feathers
big green hair
golden throat of heather
a treasure within
threads of wisdom, foregone
hidden within
as dim wittedness beak-ons

shining behind
from the glaring sun
royally crested
sharing tail-feathers so spun...
Puffinish and crafty
subordinate, one
devoted to it's twin

a military artist
flying into the light
to avoid hunters of dread
"There comes a time, 
the possum said,
when if all else fails
just play dead"

to Trudgalong...
challenged by attachment
everlasting love
or resentment

damage in the attic...
"That's a joke, ah say, that's a joke, son."
overbearingness creates static
self-amused but foolish
Camptown Races...tone erratic
"DOO-Dah! DOO-Dah!"
as his boxers fall....cinematic...ly

fit. "Aaaaaahhhhh, shuuutupp!!" 
no chance for Miss Prissy
an Amphisbaen conundrum
of axial bifurcation

Thank you for the visual presentation of Becky Hulit

DBP 4-26-14

Rain and Fences

Coming rain,

water, and a fence

barriers hence

people run

fences confine 

lands beyond

seem further

kids climb

shallow or deep 

pools of glass

reflection, laughter

thoughts seep

no death, ideally


but not really 

water should last, intrinsically

but it might not

but kids will 

in our hearts

no fence.  

Thank you Marco Pucci for your visual creation

DBP 4-26-14

DBP 4-26-14



and resplendent

the gift of conflagration

to receive with bewitchment

and then celebration

to be lit within...

an arrow points

to the "It" girl

bowing, as the arrow swirls

to ignite...platinum combustion

of the sugar  kane...

a confectionary itch 

of torrid rain

the kindling catches

over red dust, as the bombshells 

blaze a pyre

Carnal stirrings...

the live wire, smitten

that soft-shoes and burns

the sound of a whipping kitten

the streaking flame

of the Black Venus

forever  extremous

later the suttee

of the luminous spitfire

a Mexican desire

the fire-trap, 

an ever spinning ferris

of misery, a waif's home

broils with the cries

of Satchel Mouth

telling of the skies

of mosaic habitat patches

from Storyville to Paris

as the pounding

and chorus strums

of Chick's drums

and the tiskets

of the Queen's basket

points and aspires, 

to a Brazilian wildfire, 

of fruity hats

rising higher

charcoalified cotton

from a voice, that

the Duke decries

Ivie's glow...unforgotten

as Blossoming,

a virtue orion

the arson in love

a minivering siren

and a raging Pre-Raphaelite

incandescent Magdalene

a penitent sheen

the miracle of Saint Peter Martyr

Vivarini vivated

crucified, inverted

but still ablaze

a courageous raise

the Black-body radiation

fills the emission spectra

as my firestorms elate

hitting me me like a Molotov

a passionate resolve

and restoration

DBP 4-26-14



the wealth of wine

velvety richness

the texture of kisses

a lover's bouquet 

golden Chardonnay

or  Mourvedre red so gay

sprouting calmness

to celebration, gathering

a bottle of white so fine

bottle of red divine

the exposition of jive 

rhythmic excitement 

the impulsivity of improvisation 

harmonious freedom 

comradery and distinction 

and brassy interlocution 

segragating blues 

a raggy time

and  fusion of cool that derives

a syncopated unity to thrive

rich in composition

Dicken's delights

satirical reflection

lakes deep with dreams

portraits in language

erotic passions, in adage

the triumph over tragedy

by its cover

the ignition of inquisition

inside a  truth revelation

vintage celluloid

elegance and dignity

a journey in time

slapstick fruits

devising humour

star-crossed amour

and the victory of courage

over wrath

romantic confusion employed

the barriers of euphoria buoyed


the infinite wine

swings with paragraphs

reeling with 

faith, and a sign

of humanities vine


Afternoon Delight

a calming celestial afternoon gonebye

in the quaint dehiscence of a misty meadow

the dew has long-since waved goodbye

the sun announcing a rest from pageantry

A lone white flower

standing so strongly in swoon

it's defined and proud festoon

poised to dance to Okawari

rich and polite leaves

placing their hands in adoration

two kindred spirits

painted in the darkness of isolation

awareness of effloresce sibling

a simple white aven, 

an ant-laden Drummond's Dryad

or the Wild Calla, spinning it's magical haven

the long and stemming tower

girdered with stipules of secretory canals

as the sun disc absorbes the evenings lambency 

...the nocturnal slumber in destiny

the tranquility and enchantment

of the mystic haze

and the singing choral clusters

of halcyon days


DBP 6-9-14

"No Impediment Within the Sediment"

What does it take to flourish?

to grow to only exist, or

to luxuriate to inspire and nourish

the sun rises every morning

and the rain does fall

the earth feeds

and is nurtured in mead

I could seed in any place

but I choose to take a path 

that I have carved from no trace

through rock and in shadows

where the water comes and goes

like a rapid stream

where the winds might embark me

and the heat of the sedimentary beam

might spark me

my leaves may be few

my colours not vivid in throng

and my size miniscule

but my roots are strong

and determined in dual

and as each season passes

I wait for my chance as a purveyor,

to blossom and never foresake

sharing the Middle Jurassic layers

with tiger beetles and snakes

the wasps and the wildflowers

I choose no pasture

but the steep slopes

that delineate the valley

I reach with my pulpy fingers, and crawl

as I boast with humble courage

DBP 6-7-14

Friday's Lost Socks and Saturday's Needles

Interesting isn't it
one day lost socks
the next, needle and thread
Fridays and Saturdays interlocked
so hemmed inbred
a sock has a toe-hole
but which one needs darning?
the lost stocking unconsoled
or the one hanging on the arm chair
looking sad and forelorn, so unfair 
I don't mean to needle
but the hole is beckoning
as well as the minute one in the pin
threading it's way through perilous repairing
pricking fingers on it's way so daring
the mystery must be solved
for until I know
which sock to bestow
I will be impelled 
to do the laundry
in a state of quandry

DBP 6-6-14

A Lost "Sock"

What is a lost sock?
a punch gone awry
or a unit of apparel
missing a mate to dock
I did engage in pugilism once
and amiss my delivery was
but such a wonderful jab it was, acrunch
never to be found again
but there is a piece of injured air
floating somewhere
wondering how to reply
whatever round it is to ply
no one knows
the crowd is gone
and as a matter of fact, now foregone
the anger has been annulled
so I remove my protective wear
and envelope love so bare
and proceed to a turnbuckle
to embrace my inspirations
I am matched to my calling
a knitted friend
the toe so darned
alluding to odor, appalling
through thick and thin
we are akin

DBP 6-6-14


such a signpost to long-rooted faith

by an ancient trellis of centuries’ stature

new life breathes into this endless portrait

as new artistry frames to blossom

It has it's roots to hold it

and life to live amongst it's challenges

even thorns sarcastically adorn

the frontyard  espalier of faded wood

oh where is the ivy that it captured, that

eventually, creeping up the thin but sturdy slats

as the grille boasted with Monastic Wisdom

so sturdy, orderly, and timeless

to be reborn with wild plants

comforted by the sun in daylight time

growing into their beautiful serendipitous jewels

teased by the weeds that dare to climb

but cognicant of the humility, humanity and hospitality

telling the truth of our Earthiness

under-walked by women upon the coattails

as the patriarchal and religious legend avails

the humus and the rooted

and the touch of man

so grounded in tuition

Knowing who you are in fruition

and accepting one’s limitations as gifts

and not just as sad statues 

of our finity 

DBP 5-19-14

Ordinance No. 13,032

discovering a new world, ...of the past

a Storyville of caste

but breathing fascination

so long ago, allowing such vices

the village illuminated in red

sixteen blocks of  recalcitrance

the rollicking train station, a thread

announcing the District and the Quarter

"Order of the Garter" 

Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense 

cheap fifty-cent  "cribs" for the decrepit seducer

the unhidden dishonor

stone throw to the mansions of Basin Street

twenty-five cents guides you on beat

the anthem of the Blue Book 

full disclosure, and racial division

The philanthropic Tom Anderson

and Lulu White's Saloon

the octoroon hall in bloom

forty girls in the hall of mirrors

stained glass and solid marble

five floors and fifteen rooms so suite

chandeliers, potted ferns and elegent tufted furniture

stomping on the mohogany

with steam heat

"But I can't get warm

without your hand to hold.

The radiators hissin still I need your kissin

to keep me from freezing each nite"*

a facade hiding the indignity

the black men barred

the show can't be the ticket...

and the jazz the bordellos picot

piano, maybe banjo, maybe the blues

small bands in the palaces

in saloons, brothels, dance clubs and cribs

improvising a mixture of roux

lyrical de-segregation

trapped in dementia praecox, 

Buddy Bolden asylumed

the King dethroned from station

Jelly Roll Morton lies and brags

and Pops Foster's slapping bass

the shut down in '17

as the dens crawl to screen

"Thought I heard, Buddy Bolden say

The nasty and dirty, take it away

You're terrible and awful, take it away

I thought I heard him say"**


*Richard Adler and Jerry Ross. "Steam Heat" 1954

**Buddy Bolden. "Funky Butt" or "Buddy Bolden's Blues" 1905?

DBP 5-18-14

The Lion of Admission

The magnate  

a small mining town

no diversions abound

no impending hope 

college and insecurity 

no love, no aspiration

counting and processing

step by step veracity

making decisions and imposing 

savings and prospering

as the desolation is slowly dissipating

the unscrupulous are the summit 

the snowy peaks of detachment 

he is now in a manor

a high wrough iron barricade

spears to attack my curios investment

matching imaginary fenials 

if the gate allowed me so congenial

to approach with a tangible inference

the shallow boxwood hedge 

a wide stone walk of crushed white slate 

my eyes aspire to the

proud flat tegula

as I pause to trepidate

I succumb to discernment

..."Fear is the highest fence." 

lofty shuttered casements 

and the stunning segmental Farajan arch 

encasing the oaked castle door 

expecting a refuter or 

dog of device 

but the story, not so vice

as my chronicle

tells a different truth

of accomodation and reparation

DBP 5-17-14


The Extricated

Am I river kill? 

...am I rooted

how have the tributaries

routed me 

those hikers passing 

look down upon me

and stories they tell

my life as a tree 

proudly reigning over

a Muskoka grove

felled for firewood

then displaced for a portal

to mortal resource

will I ever dislode

or become a gradually

eroding pedestal 

to become locked the ice 

the visits per annum

maybe some savior

will savour me , a device

for their conservatory

a symbol of rusticity

and heroism!

DBP 5-18-14


the memories as I walk

from the boulevard at sunset

my playful friend

the legend in emerald frock...

our Connie-Mae Greene

she was a celluloid Queen

as I ascend, to what was once

the servants quarters

but behold...

she partook in them

for an attendant of gems

reticent and permitting

adulated by her obedients 

so sweet and adored

congened in Baltimore

the same moment as Lady Day

a gloomy sunday

taken away

to a heartless home

that exhilerated a westward roam

anon a child icon 

"Stairs to Babylon"

as I touch the mildewed stone

and feel the overhanging pepper trees

holding those rails that suspend

I am bemused by the mansardian facades

and  bequeathed by a collage of colliding shadows

did my princess fall on descend?

or pushed by a drunken disciple

some say a seppuku

an almost demonic dress-rehearsal

no reason no rhyme?

alas, it was her time

the pictures of dissertation

bid her farewell

we live in her heavenly dreams

where we are closest it seems

to her infinite bewitchment

our bobbling little blossom


I was standing up in my hammock

wishing it was elevated

to a position of potentate

but the trees were towering

as firs often do

so I searched for openings

but none were found

so I looked to the sky

but the sun was too bright

discouraged my plight

so I gathered three lawn chairs

and stacked them with flair

positioned but rickety 

I climbed the slings

an improved view to behold

but I yearned for a few feet more

"Mother", I implored

favour please

"Gladly" she replied 

"But, what?" (with no chide)

"Two thick books, please"

she brought them

thick they were, and like concrete

I leaned and grabbed them

and slid them under my feet

now this was cool!

I stood and scanned the entire day

at dinner I would descend

at least I contemplated such a way

when it was five PM

I prepared to dismantle

but then mother came hither

"Would you hold the Hibachi, please"

so without dither

I surrender to appease

DBP 5-12-14


the language of now
indecisively coy
tampered and adjusted
a manipulative toy

from all directions
in text or speech
convoluted in time
an electronic beseech

what do you mean
I ask in response
wanting to confirm
the meanings renaissance

the clarity is lost
in the barrage of words
but we chatter on
in bemusing absurd

but we make it an art
that is truly fun
jotting our dreams
in ironic pun

DeaBeePea 4-26-16

Just Sayin'

where it came from
no one's sure
but it's popular now 
for us to endure

just imagine
what life would have been like
if this phrase was ancient
beyond the Third Reich 

to be or not to be
that is the question... just sayin'
or a friend to all
is a friend to none... just sayin'

certainly sounds silly
it's a fire escape
avoiding the commitment
to thoughts we shape

most folks are as happy
as they make up their minds to be... just sayin'
the secret to getting ahead
is getting started... just sayin'

insecurity and fear
seem to prevail today
in our speech and implication
as if wrong has to pay

silence is a true friend
who never betrays... just sayin'
once we accept our limits
we go beyond them... just sayin'

modernizing wisdom
is an amusing practice
but a fateful step
in our verbal cactus

... just sayin'

DeaBeePea 4-27-16


once and always
this clumsy lad
naive and simple-minded
lonely and sad

it never leaves me
this endless peril
a part of my soul
a melancholy carol

but I hold my chin up
regardless of name
smiling and laughing
regardless of game

I stumble and fall
and pick myself up
considering good
and thankful for cup

the juices of love
and imagination's kind
resolve by fear
my impervious rind

my Ichabod stance
an awkward existence
giving me strength
and embarrassment's resistance

happiness found
and a joy in the search
hope and faith
preparedness for lurch

DeaBeePea 4-28-16

Crystal Doorknob Mystery
the everything eye of magic proportions thousands of pupils learning each footfall seeing the door open and close two feet scuffling and a head dropping noise no ears to hear but seeing the blood trickling along in its terrible pall she passes by dragged away it sees two hands in silent poise it's reflective memory tells the story of the brutal man and the girls fatal glory DeaBeePea 4-29-16

Saturn's Day

the very first hour
the perceived connection
between the scythe of Saturnus
and springs reflection

the eve of the sun
sharing the light
generational miracles
and liberations delight

the bloodied weapons
given to Ops
a rather gross illustration
of continuums path

an omen of future
where workmen protest
fatigue and anger
before a confident quest

Frigg's day is waning 
awaiting the splore
that is sunnanæfen's legend
the partyman's door

a day of the bath
cleansing our souls
negotiating our rest
and defining our best

but misguided we are
priorities' scandals
the paling of days
caused by ritual's vandals 

memories of washing day
the milk and bread's visit
a foothold for life
the anchor exquisite

DeaBeePea 4-29-16

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