Composite Floor Plan

Khirbat al-Mafjar

a Jericho jewel

multi-coloured diamonds

an embroidery pool

smooth curves

and static squares

hub-like circles

and intricate lairs

the axial nave

an apse mosaic

spout, ethrog, knife

patterned in algebraic

a hypnotic basket weave

of equal tessera

marbles announcement

of looming Hegira

crosses and octagons

flower-like bands

four-point tessellation

of textile strands

a precise bouquet

and isosceles path

sharply zigzagging

in ceramic lath

quadrants of hall

and shining stars

resting in diwan

on a carpets bazaar

scalloped shells

seven elements portrayed

eclectic in shimmer

an enormous tray

serving our vision

with enormous themes

The Tree of Life

conquers light and dreams

DeaBeePea 2-4-16

Bed and Breakfast

options forthwith

for head

and for tummy

a soft luxurious pillow

a room

atmospherically yummy

pancakes rolled

fruit inside

and whipped cream to boot!

beautiful scenery

friendly smiles

away from the bruit

a century home palace

noises imagined

history reflected

but on other hand

I lay in my place

anticipation neglected

someone out of nowhere

enters surprise

tray beforehand

steaming coffee

toast and jam

aromas so grand

breakfast in bed

a shock to my system

my dream has been fed

DeaBeePea 2-5-16


Even if you’re poor

You can share many hearts 

If you’re not a star

You can play a bit part


And if your tone is deaf

Your song should still be sung

And if your girth is extensive

Your inner beauty is wherewith sprung


If your future conveys the worst

Your honest faith is catalyst

To make the world shine

As followers enlist


When I look around

In astonishment and wonder

I realize in humility

That we are quiet thunder

There is no better

Than our meek expression

Of love and caring

Leaving soft impression 

DeaBeePea  2-6-16

My apologies…


I’m always apologizing

It’s a habit of mine

An automatic response

of nonchalance

it clears the air

with lightning speed

and everyone nods

in quiet lauds


it could be described

as humility in a way

but carried too far

like an au revoir


a confession of guilt

with ne’er a trial

just a blatant confession

void of progression


but when it comes down to it

I am very sorry

I didn’t mean it to occur

Consequences I defer 

DeaBeePea 2-6-16

Hey, I'm Awake

as I mature

the difference is closing

my dreams are enticing

and personally imposing

so being awake

or asleep indisposed

it doesn't so much matter

as the analysis is closed

I don't have the answer

to these questions of dormancy

or lightness or darkness

in my private informancy

being dozy is relative

in can occur any moment

as if I am controlled

by a mysterious comint

being razor sharp

a state of opinion

I can fool people sometimes

in my verbal dominion

so whether or not

I am awake at this time

is left for the wizards

of reason and rhyme

DeaBeePea 2-7-16


OK then

we're off...

catch you later

Hey! Wait!


it has been decided

we will go ahead

Hey! Wait!

I guess

w'e'll stop here

we're all tired

Hey! Wait!


we're having fish 'n chips

not pizza

Hey! Wait!


it might rain

so it's cancelled

Hey! Wait!


You weren't here

so I ordered for you

Hey! Wait!

a girl phoned

but didn't leave her name

and I forgot to ask

Hey! Wait!

I told her

you would shovel her drive

I knew you had nothing to do

Hey! Wait!

the committee

in your absence

elected you President

Hey! Wait!

We're heading to the pub, can you come?

Yes, but I'll be about fifteen minutes

No problem, we'll wait.

That's great!

DeaBeePea 2-8-16


Being told to wait

is like resting in state

and the period of dormant

allows time for an informant

accusing you of intent

that is incredibly bent

and the world could change

to an incredible range

while you pondering situation

evaluating your station

the only reason you are paused

is what somebody else caused

it's filling their ambition

but certainly not your mission

so to heck with this

I'm not putting up with this time amiss

they can get a hold of me

and wait for answer after tea!

DeaBeePea 2-8-16


nine years of combat
five futures written

ambushed in hopelessness
helpless and alone

family images fading
as rescue suddenly appears

the quick reaction force
indelibly stamped the zone

Operation Endearing Freedom
Taliban angry in revenge

the hero settles isolation
from agencies help and valor

it took five years, so long
bureaucratic entanglement evolved

but thankfully much proceed
preventing interpreters pallor

from survivors unselfish faith
from understanding and compassion

an international brotherhood
giving reason of wars stupidity

Iraq and Afghanistan training
for translating loves message abroad

an emergency transponder beacons
saving first responders from turbidity

thank you No One Left Behind
my admiration ineffaceably signed

DeaBeePea 2-9-16


I have often admired

the cleanliness of dirt

it's been all over me

but I have never been hurt

our definitions vary in film

many classifications

but to me it's all the same

just a case of little filtration 

dust is light

with an air of whimsy

easy to swish

and dancing in whish

filth seems more extreme

but it's just named in anger

really just dirt

that comes in big squirts

and grime is from work

and industrious muck

so proudly worn 

glad that it's stuck

we spend so much time

getting it out

that everything else

gets messed up enroute

streaks and detritus

we remove in norm

sometimes cleaned by nature

temporary in nomenclature

permanent crud

might take major renovation

but deliberate gook

is a stylish grunge of kook

we can activate our system

to repel this feculence

but forms of bacteria

can act as defence

deficiency of mineral 

can cause us to eat it

as a tasty desert

it's hard to beat it

but seriously though

it can cause behavior

compulsive in pattern

lost perspective and flow

DeaBeePea 2-12-16

Who Are You Now

one thing I know
am not the same
as yesterday

more hopeful
sprig wiser
sprouting yea

hopeful growth
safe in confusion
foundation secure

tiny steps
senses aroused
ideas pure

right or wrong
doesn't matter
moral power

unpredictable walk
open suggestions
fluctuationg shower

confident hugs
assurance of am
laughing with

bending in wind
pointing to stars
a grateful withe

DeaBeePea 2-16-16

Black Ice

I could not come up

With brilliant lines

As my mind kept slipping

On detailed confines


They couldn’t get traction

On my mental path

That seemed to be transparent

In a frozen bath


When I put on brakes

With idea too fetched

I just kept skidding

Into shoulders etched

 My imagination driven

With caution today

As the temperatures rise

And I get a grip for play

DeaBeePea 2-15-16


walls have many sides

as I observe

and strangely enough

some even have a curve

some have doorways

to break them up

creating more edges

so they have personalities setup

most are picture adorned

some in modern's splash

others in countryside's sash

framed in "Wall" Mart (hope not)

some end without join

they must be strong

to avoid a fall

creating a trip to mall

plaster and paints are common

but that old pine paneling

is still seen around

knot holes so tightly bound

but I must say

in general I can conclude

that these partitions are unnecessary

unless I'm naked, 

oh so scary!

DeaBeePea 2-14-16


Those dangerous keys

afraid to touch

extreme results

that might destroy me that much

or maybe the world

like a nuclear bomb

as soon as it's clicked

the end is calm

or erasing the key

to my life's past glee

or corrupting a file

the actually defines me

but I suppose I might try

if I'm frustrated as pie

as hard as I can

in angers reply

DeaBeePea 2-14-16

The 3.14 Poems of Pie

Pie is wonderful

In such sweet sphere

A golden crust

Heaven so near….


Cherry and apple

Or rhubarb so tart

Another piece please

I cannot part


Osgoode raisin

Creamy and light

That pure white topping

Such a delight



DeaBeePea 2-16-16


Coincidentally... when someone smiles and says "Good morning", suddenly it is
Coincidentally, when there's a sale, I save more by staying home
Coincidentally, when I'm coming home from an all-you-can-eat buffet, I feel a sense of fulfillment.
Coincidentally, it always seems easier arguing with a smart person than a dumb one
Coincidentally, a bitter person is bad, but a bitter beer is good
Coincidentally, with humour, I see the light, but its source is darkness.
Coincidentally, rotten people don't necessarily make good banana cake.
Coincidentally, the only way to leave me speechless is to punch me in the mouth.
Coincidentally, if you actually do think you sing well in the shower, you're all wet.
Coincidentally, the windows of the world, can sometimes be a real pane.

DeaBeePea 1-4-17

The Great Lie 2

I must pay homage to a GREAT film... The Great Lie 1941

Peter Van Allen
a bit of a jerk
taking advantage
of a legal perk

the two women
converge in scheme
passing a child
of whose to deem

Peter's death
is thought to be true
until he shows up
creating a brew

of lies and fakery
the story grows
Sandra wants him back
with the boy in tow

but his love is reserved
for Maggie of quiet
so Sandra waves
adieu with her diet

of music so classical
with her son to care
everyone is happy
after this dramatic blare

DeaBeePea 1-8-17

The Great Lie

making America great again
according to whom
as an observer of history
and a polluting boom

robber barons and hate
from where I see
not the best of taste
and war of civil scree

native exclusion
and immigrant locks
religious narrows
and tenement blocks

tinsel and glory
lies that are told
I would look forward
and not back to the fold

DeaBeePea 1-8-17

Planting the Flag

I tore a piece
from my old flag
that was lying in
a tattered bag

I walked outside
to garden bare
and planted this patch
with little fanfare

I watered it
with cautious pride
thinking of those
who tragically died

I prayed for peace
and a better place
starting anew
erasing disgrace

DeaBeePea 1-9-17


these colours are livid

in their cool exposure

like icebergs

under the moon

as smooth as slate

and ringing

a quiet chime

of a blue-bell loon

in glaucous flight

the feathers twinkle

winged cadets

of steel blue bravery

as the Roman silver rhythm

beats in the shadows

as we study the sky

in our eyes of savory

DeaBeePea 1-10-17

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