'Tis the Season


Laughter and wine

Needles and balls

Velvet skirts

And cat’s jumping paws

Sugar plum visions
Holy night’s peace
Clatters arising
And Santa Claus

Pewter goblets
And yuletide logs
clashing sweaters
and rummy nog

Warming fires
Stockings overhung
Roasting chestnuts
And yuletide logs

The house is trimmed
Lit in gold and blue
The snowman smiles
In crispy air

The banks are carved
With mini-caves
And making mountains
In climbing dare

the glare is bright
Of pure white
As the early sun
Casts a glow divine

And as the day lingers
The sparkles change
To dancing shadows
And moonlight so fine

flickering candles
Cast a frosty glimmer
A flickering welcome
To a caroling throng

the chorus rings
A note of goodwill
So joyful and triumphant
In harmonic song

And then there comes 
A time for rest
Dreams of magic
And reindeers in flight

But it’s not just a day
Or week of love
But a spirit of family
And our friend’s delight

DeaBeePea 12-7-18

The Olde Time Christmas Tree

I recall those early tress

seeming much larger than life

with the majesty of the innocent angel

peering over us with grace

The full and long-needled Scots
Wide and happily round
a posture with a peculiar crick 
Defining its transplanted face

It took many patient tries
To have it stand straight and proud
As it twisted and turned
Till its summit was duly raised

The lights of course, were first
Evolving from their tangled web
To a winding red and green delight
That shone through the comb-like maze

Balls of silver, red and gold
Like a constant candied carnival
And little wooden soldiers
Falling thin and straight in reverent salute

And those lights so deftly placed
Far inside, echoing a nightly glow
Making for a little village
Between each branch and shoot

the garland that spun and glittered
dressing the tree in song
wrapped the vision like the sun
a blanket of warming gold

the family debated this decorative course
too full or empty we asked
but we used up every ornament
it was sight to behold!

Like a vine of grapes
This holy monument of hanging baubles
waited for the flying paw
in cat’s delightful play

the icicles are dropped
not until the very end
some in clumps like castles
others, a meagre drop to stay

little Santas and dancing deer
and hand-made mangers so minute
new trinkets added each and every year
adding to my awful bliss

but the ones that were forever
were my favourite adornments to hang
one with a broken nose
another with fingers amiss

and on that fluffy skirt of red
sat the paper and bows
hiding the mystery
until Christmas morn was closed

the needles slowly fell
and boxes packed away
but the branches touched our memories
with our peaceful dreams enclosed

DeaBeePea 12-10-18


The town was hidden

Withdrawing into an earthly pause

As the whirls of snow

Boasted of their magic blanket of gauze

The branches that were still bare
Looked out over the hills
And saw a stranger upon us
Of silhouette, yet no voice

There appeared before our quiet eyes
A message of innocence
We fared no fashion of exhibition
But humbled awe we cloaked

The sounds we heard
Were from our illusions
And our warming hearts
In miracles, we rejoiced

One of us broke the silence
Asking who he was
He looked up, buttoning his coat
“I am what is gone” he spoke

He stood erect and stern
And the lesson was sensed
A hope to bury our selfishness
And disregard for this saintly gnome

“The only thing I will give
Is some of my trees
My woods with my balsams
And needles so sharp and spry”

We gathered as good people
with axes and strong hands
and dragged our prizes home
to stand within our home

the air was filled with song
words of wisdom's season
Above thy deep and dreamless sleep 
The silent stars go by

The skirts we made
To gather what falls
A continuance of the cover
That buried what we knew

But now the stars were bright
And we knew what was real
It was the infinite wind
Passing through our souls, it blew

Then the gifts were born
And we shook our heads, amazed
Knowing this plenty was not of need
But a thank you for Father Christmas’ deed

DeaBeePea 12-11-18

Holiday Season


shopping, well,

maybe not today

how about the internet

the Indigo way

listening to music
the same old songs
White Christmas
and carolling bongs

tired of this by December one
we've heard a lot already
why does it start so early
it's like having a steady

racing around in a circle
people so dizzy
making poorly timed appointments
and then in a tizzy

worrying about weather
guess what my friends?
it's winter after all
that's where the analysis ends

and those hallmark movies
if you've seen one
you've seen em all
I am TOTALLY done

there is wine and goodies
yep, that's pretty cool
and lots of silliness
the M-O of the yule

family and friends
and a few strangers too
brief encounters
of a tantalizing brew

Christmas cards
just wait till you get 
then send really fast
obligations met!

don't cook a bird
be a person of fashion
Tofurkey vegetarian roast
to create my dispassion

I'm writing this now
on the 13th of Dec.
many parties ahead
I will probably be a wreck

then ready for New Years
a sequel of yawn
my cup would runneth over
but all my booze might be gone

DeaBeePea 12-13-18

My Gift


as the day becomes

I laugh at myself

my lack of wealth

and modest esteem

but I feel an obligation
to cast my shadow
with a sepia silhouette
like a past-Christmas dream

my heart is alive
and I feel empowered
to cast a spell
in an unrehearsed wave

it will not change the world
but it might create smiles
and give a little hope
to the loneliest slave

held back by fear
and fatigued by stress
not knowing the path
to glory and peace

I send a little love
and a whimsical grin
praying for your right
to the angels akin

the gift is understanding
a heartfelt dedication
to knowing the pain
and sharing the joy

we are all one
breathing infinite fumes 
I won't let go of your hand
we are each others hoy

my message is simple
just a little pause
thinking of my neighbour
and his yuletide prayer

maybe not realized
not a thing is needed
but trustful belief
in Bethlehem's flare

so I am thinking of you
in my silly way
but yes, it is sincere
as it disperses and parts

the experience is Divine
and I ask you to share it
and you will be blessed
with the warmest of hearts

DeaBeePea 12-13-18

The Sign of the Christmas Tree


Casting its greenish light

Generous branches seeking

Gathering guests in whisper

Quieted by its gentle voice

Those from the north
The south and east and west
Throngs of wayward folks
All in peculiar voyages of choice

Lodging at The Sign of the Christmas Tree
That seems to simplify
Their curious wiles
Mysterious nods, and becks, and smiles;

The secrets finding a meandering space
Between the mouths and ears so placed
Smothered laughs and fast-closed doors;
The tinkle of bells and playful guile

Lips ridden with single fingers
And heads turning in sneaky caution
The future and memories collide
In this ancient place of knights

There is a bustling
An undeclared excited angst
Amidst the flare of scarlet berries
And silvery streaks of garland light

The dreams are like clouds
Appearing to move
But still in the circling room
As sugar plums and fairies dance

A tall old man, so proudly moustached
And glamourous lady, of beaded splash
And little girls, somewhat alike
Wide beaming smiles, that seem to prance

A red-haired lad with big blue eyes
Cowlicked in naughtiness
And a baby fast asleep
Mangered in loving arms

Many offering an ornament
Or verse of caring thought
Dangling balls so red
Or bells without alarm

The blanket below gathers gifts
In a way of dignified suspense
The giving and the receiving
Undefined in its notion’s plee

Then, from the riches, where need is seen
Fill up the lives that are bare and lean.
As the command is heard for open ears
Called down on The Sign of the Christmas Tree.

DeaBeePea 17-12-18

It's fun to see if I can write a 12-verse poem in three minutes. This is what I came up with.


Hurry Poem


sometimes in a hurry

but I must write a poem

without it i'm empty

without my home

I know its crazy
but that's the way it is
once you're a writer
it puts you in a dizz

it clears my mind
and opens my heart
making me laugh
and cry in part

it's a hello to myself
and a wake-up call
announcing my consciousness
down my winding hall

going places
I normally don't go
it's all in the mind
but it has quite a glow

making an imprint
on my tenuous soul
making it alive
my emotions to dole

I'm half-way through
and my mind is still spinning
so it looks like I'll finish
from the very beginning

there is no end
not like the movies
when those two words are presented
where I get the woozies

this verse is silly
it's not going anywhere
but at least I'm rhyming
on a loquacious tear

I'm looking forward
to tonight and tomorrow
so many gathering
and very little sorrow

I pray for those
who are not so happy
and lacking the joy
that impels the snappy

all we can hope for
is goodwill and peace
and be kind to one another
in loving caprice

DeaBeePea 12-21-18



will he come?

just in case he doesn't

I have bought myself

everything I want


now I have a lot

of things

but Santa, if you do come

I would like one more bottle to flaunt


DeaBeePea 12-21-18

The Day Before Christmas


yes, it's tomorrow

expectations arise

but a mysterious silence

within me cries


what is this hesitation

or is it a stall?

or just a presence

as awareness calls


the child-like naivete

is almost gone

and in my surmise

a new joy has dawned


a simpler way

to journey through

a season called yule

that I once knew


Santa and reindeer

elves and Carols

decorating the tree

with gay apparel


it's all so grand

but underneath

is the truest message

for a human sheath


peace and goodwill

are only words

but said enough

they fly like birds


an honest heart

and honest prayer

taking the time

for loving care


the gathering of hearts

and open minds

held together with faith

that understanding finds


enjoying the quiet

and pensive times

not looking for a blare

of Christmas chimes


sipping the wine

as a nectar of solace

tickling our smile

of love so flawless


there is no mission

or uncontrollable hurrah

just a warming glow

of unassuming awe


DeaBee Pea 12-24-18

What Works for Me

Rhyming verses

Of unprofound thought

Skimming my head

That imagination brought

And teasing of others
But sent with love
To all my brothers

A very close lens
That splits my head
So freedom flies
Like a chimney bound sled

Reflecting my day
an unconscious wind
saying hello to me
my honesty pinned

forcing so gentle
emotions wavering breath
talking through sadness
and its celebrating death

never denying
reality or truth
feeding the blood
of memories youth

poetry is life
as each line has an end
but it keeps on with its wisdom
an unknowing blend

ideas and dreams
juxtaposed into one
fumbling through night
and greeting the sun

some in satire
others in thanks
walking me over
those treacherous banks

but there arises courage
in a most modest form
not proud but enlightening
in my mindful dorm

this creative twist
is such a joyous path
cleansing my soul
like a hotsprings bath

a morning ritual
bringing a smile and lust
for a simple life
and its friendly trust

DeaBeePea 12-24-18



I sought a theme

Searching in head-scratching vain

Hour after hour

Disappearing down this sceneless drain

Was I broken?
As creativity’s wind had stilled
Would I have to search my heart?
Satisfied with my past so chilled

The seasons seemed colourless
A black and white mirage
Visions so conformed
A clutter in aimless montage

So this pressure on my stale brain
Forced upon me an illusion
All my images formed
Grew new wings in extrusion


These patrons of my soul
A new inspiration born
Laughter and sadness in collusion
Oh, such a poet’s thorn!

Flying trumpets did blow
And stages taking on hulls
Congregations singing from heaven
The choir in spiritual cull

The movies flickered
And re-started in continental dance
A new rhythm in my feet
My floor a tiled manse

Each square a place to intrude
The corners ill-defined
This modernist enlightenment
So radically designed

Was I in recognition
Of a lost generation?
Parading like a soldier
Tangled feet in Charleston’s citation

My heart less embittered
Adorned with old songs and sentiment
Bow ties and courtly manners
No masquerade of lonely testament

This ride a re-birth
And faith in simple dreams
And imagination’s discarded forbearance
Filtering through the humourless seams

Chapters and pages
Leafing through the glory
Of mesmerizing confusion
Telling this marvelous story

DeaBeePea 12-29-18



I look in the mirror

and I notice some guilt

thinking about

that New Year's tilt


why did we celebrate?

nothing has changed

it still feels

that I am estranged


from what is reality

and its crazy bite

that asked me to speak

in conflict to incite


but I guess there is reason

to hoist a glass

we survived another year

while crying en masse


but we had some fun

and it will continue

because we're survivors

of this disconcerting menu


it's not a la carte

because one thing leads

to another in peril

as hope proceeds


the wine was bright

and company was warm

and the noise a drone

in this conversational swarm


the night was drizzly

and the sky was dark

but the spirits were high

and our eyes aspark


so why don't we do it

every night

to make the year special

a permanent bedight


oh excuse me, I'm dreaming

which I often do

it keeps me sane

in this swirling milieu


Oh, the mirror just cracked

is this a clue?

that the year will be cursed

and I will go blue


or is it a way

to say to me

don't look at yourself

just concentrate on...drinking Chablis


DeaBeePea 1-2-19



What is the strive?

with my soiled soles

slippery steps

as my thighs cajole



among the hedges

and windward paths

that success alleges


my heart is swimming

in fleshbound worry

without a thought

of others’ scurry


imagination’s vine

suctioned with doubt


in faith’s bold drought


Of unknown apology

this endless guilt

Teasing our hope

Where love is built


my blood a tide

Of ebb and flow

Diurnal dancing

As wisdom grows


The path is long

And my journey strange

But a smile remains

Over this rudderless grange


A field of dreams

My feet are weary

And yet steadfast

Over the hills so bleary


the ideas pile

and solutions dwindle

so what is this destination?

Of uncertain brindle


The spirit lies

Somewhere within

Yet comes from a place

Where forever has been


Stemming this confusion

A worthless fight

It conjures beauty

And colourful light


Without goal my reality

Aims are my breath

Ambiguity my days

imagination my undeath


DeaBeePea 1-8-19






I love happiness

DeaBeePea 1-8-19



Blunting the edge of silence,

Is the shrillness of my mind

Chopping at opinion

Splinter thoughts astray


There is a casual breeze

Offering to toss and turn

A taste of growing craziness

The feathers caught in flight


I see the miniature eddies

On the pond that flickers its light

Refracting my unstillness

In fear of stabbing prey


The sky an uncertain ceiling

As I look up to the stars

In prayer of hope with tears

In search of humble might


The powers overtaking

The sunlight just a whim

And raindrops send condolences

With morning dew’s reply


There seems to be a wall

Built between our hearts

As atmospheric doubt

Spins tales of pensive gloom


There is blowing, though

A fierce passion so dogged in desire

That amidst this lying treachery

We see a bluing sky


So this poison of untruth

getting louder and unkind

can be scorched by the sun

as we close of the barrier of doom


the seasons only periods

perspectives of altered moods

temperatures and colours

a kaleidoscopic pool


pungence and frank fragrances

Nature’s hoots and wails

As we loiter in awed amazement

Pausing in thinkless bliss


what is this ephemeral life

Do we celebrate the broken bough

As injuries teach us pain

In the spring of budding jewels


We don’t predict, dare say

Or claim to know the end

But we feel a calm acceptance

Of a sweet and soothing kiss

DeaBeePea 1-10-19



I don't swear

in my modest verse

and I'm not sure why

I do not curse


but after some thought

I think I have the answer

it has something to do with rhyme

and poetry's enhancer


as far as words go...

that come to mind I say

that end in uck and it

I'd rather use duck and quit

DeaBeePea 1-10-19



Is my heart lame

In its frequent followings

Running after things

Buried in my conscience of love


It is such a long way

And as the years are counted

The unreachable dream

Seems to be in mockery’s hold


Where is the home for this peace

Or is it unknown

Is my vision a misunderstanding

Of my presence thereof


Perhaps it is today

My breath will be taken

And you will be the answer

But not a conquered fold


My words are now dry

As observation’s eye

Becomes the dictator of my soul

And my ears beckon to a voice


It is the sound of touch

And an echo of laughter

A taste of sentiment too

Rejoicing in its power


Has this journey been

my inner voice, to no avail

Or is my perception

One of misallocated choice


Am I in the wrong Universe

Where my body is vacant

Exploring without knowledge

For a petaless flower


Is my breath almost gone

As I now inhale

Approaching new orbit

For a life unknown


A rebirth of passion

My legs anointed

Running through heavens

With stories of yearning


So I run back the way I came

Young spirit alive

Innocence relit

Its journey now flown


My lame heart sings

In lullaby’s strain

An old sweet song

A melody returning

DeaBeePea 1-11-18



My laughter, my unrehearsed music

A gossamer voice

Layered in insecure hunger

Never in disguise


But it teases my conscience

A trill through the trees

Bouncing back

As others smile in fast reflection


Like a spring joy

Believing in an unexplained rebirth

Shielded from sunshine

But seeing the light in its surprise


The signature is sloppy

And hiding in darkness

Coming out to thaw

In awkward rhythmic inflection


What are the seasons of my humour

And their syncopated interpretation

A sneaky choral blues

Residing in my hearts impression


The voice can reach a singing stage

As the melody begins its flow

Taking comfort, so niched

In a tidy modest home


What is my friendly choir

Or is it a dissonant shriek

My accompaniment in friendship

With a tolerant ear in session


an over-played record

Over lengthy years

Or a magic juxtaposition

Like a wild and grassy brome


roaming over this range

Our footsteps blown away

Making way for a labyrinth

Of questions from the crowd


Invisible faces in awe and doubt

Looking at advantage

Wondering if this attitude

Is a blooming flower of hope


Or a wilting showman’s show

The curtain ready to close

All ears deafened

To this articulation, inaudibly loud


but the uniquity stands so tall

It’s all that holds the pen

So this vivid wide-eyed cry

As fear and faith elope

DeaBeePea 1-14-19

We must all be feminists...

The Beginning


The never dying soul

Taking each step

With wary caution

But breathing fire


Hand in hand

With children and the Spirit

Weeping in their prison

But their voice so bold


Who are the listeners

Of this song so divine

Loyalty and love

Of eternal aspire


Let this family grow

As the voices build

A warning crescendo

This ever-story told


Those voices loud and crude

Still echoing in our heads

Can be beaten down

with hammers honest and true


it’s been a journey

from Plato and Pizan

Wollstonecraft and Anthony

And Ladies of Langham Place


a conflict of anger

And shrillest of words and stones

And patient diplomacy

Under hopeful skies so blue


Amendments and rights

And jabberwocky from those

Defending their power

And reddening face


Parker’s sharp tongue

And Steinem’s dry wit

Are the biting words

That open the gates


But the heavens are waiting

For those glorious clouds

The purest of white

In impartial compart


It’s an everyday style

Seeing, with all the same eyes

Undoing our burdens

And lifting the weights


Equality is not law

Or an enforced deliberation

But a value for life

And concept of the heart

DeaBeePea 1-15-19

Alice Ruth Moore Dunbar Nelson (July 19, 1875 – September 18, 1935) was an American poet, journalist, and political activist. Among the first generation born free in the South after the Civil War, she was one of the prominent African Americans involved in the artistic flourishing of the Harlem Renaissance.

She wrote a poem, Thought, Hope, Love, Death, Faith

I decided to attempt the same, but I then decided to add Nature and Happiness.



Thou wonder of its birth
Flashing in and out
Burping in its bang
A part of dreams that sang

Juxtaposed over pain
And laying over laughter
Not much applied
As the naysayer implied


What is this
From wherest it come
This unconscious desire
For happiness’ spire

This half-sinking place
Where we stand so wet
Still clinging to good
And life where you stood


Why is there a woeful cringe
Is this not a source for joy
The heart ablaze
And mind in a frenzied craze

Why, without this
What is there left
Besides sanity and peace
And wonders never cease


Sometimes, if not always
A springboard for hope
gently lulling the mind
to thoughts so maligned

but in optimism’s name
it endures forever
as I listen to my prayers
and the angels stare


Do I look forward
to this inevitable fate
flying somewhere
in a corpse-like dare

beckoning to follow
all of mankind
to this brand-new place
as I quietly efface


Is this really life
In its sneaky betrayal
Pretending to be slumber
In undefined number

Or is it not at all
Invisible and untouchable
Just a dream of dreams
In endless streams


Oh such a phrase
What is this I hear
Frolicking and joy
Do I really know this toy

Avoidance it could be
Denial of what is
But I will use it each day
In sadness’ delay


Here are the rules
Measuring our obedience
This beautiful throne
The answer so shown

Thus we are surrounded
Are we blind to this star
A radiant glare
On life so fair

DeaBeePea 1-16-19

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