Is anything different
thinks he
sitting by the lampost
bagged without glee

but in his ragged coat
he feels extra warmth
imagination's game?
in the light flakes swarmth

a glimmer of hope
lamped in a golden glow
the sidewalk lonely
awaiting love aflow

a Dickensian cry
for more he wishes
seeds of life
on friendly dishes

DeaBeePea 12-5-17

Left Out
(based on "season spirit tears, R. Hulit, Hulitoons)

sometimes at Christmas
we think of "me"
what we want
and what there is to see

present and a feat
gluttonous and grand
and lifting the glass
like floating in sand

we ignore some lives
and all the donations
that God has made
our reward of station

but do miss the point?
let's re-think
in quiet and peace
and lengthen our blinks

to re-consider
why were are here
and what the Yuletide
means with its cheer

DeaBeePea 12-4-17

"Not Even A Mouse... Well"

(based on "Visitor" R. Hulit, Hulitoons))

dream on
you silly people
thinking of no creature
of a stirring feature

with cupcakes so sweet
and canes around
and the richest milk
with cookies of silk

you can bet
that rodents aware
are on Christmas alert
their tongues will assert

not sure about rum
spicy and smooth
their tolerance in question
in a drinking session

but they'll be fat and slow
so you'll probably meet one
"Merry Christmas" you'll say
now please go way

DeaBeePea 12-4-17

Yuletide Bunnies

(reply to "Dust Bunnies" R. Hulit, Hulitoons))

so light and spry
getting away with
A Christmas by

housework delayed
other priorities
running around
losing authority

the pages of time
seem to be a premonition
of a sweep or a vacuum
to change the condition

sticking to holly
so hard to dust
leave it to later
maybe New Year or bust

but the balls are happy
and that's good I think
they deserve some fun
before the Bissell drinks

DeaBeePea 12-4-17

Is This What Santa Did?

(based on "all that coal", R. Hulit, Hulitoons)

a scoundrel is he
tumbling and mumbling
ho hoo ho hoo
forever stumbling

maybe rum in the milk
or he could just be tired
crashing through
fatigue so mired

presents he must leave
or upset they will be
from the mess he left
all around the tree

breaking the mantel
and damaging the fly
Merry Christmas

DeaBeePea 12-4-17

On the Lot

they get excited
as they go
to buy a tree
for Christmas glow

they think I'm special
almost revered
to take me home
and give an icicle beard

they hold me up
and give me a shake
and say I'm scrawny
for goodness sake

then the man pulls me
and stretches me out
"See how nice it is,
there is no doubt

it's the best one left
he says about me
but I'm not flattered
it's easy to see

my tears are dropping
from my handled needles
too young to leave
my family creedal

no one realizes
just who I am
they think I'm a token
for a seasonal clam

then I'm ditched
with no choice at all
my future damned
by the buyer's gall

so I pray my sisters
remain on the farm
and experience peace
as Christmas is disarmed

DeaBeePea 12-2-17

Hulitoon by R. Hulit.

Sequel to Santa

he's ready to go
but it might be slow
the air is thick
it makes Rudolph sick

and over LA
with their mighty sleigh
they might bog down
now Santa's a clown

as the reindeer cough
their reins they doff
looking to fly
to a place they can sigh

and say Thank God
with a relieving nod
we're out of that mess
there's something to address

but we must ask for assistance
to alleviate this resistance
but it won't be Trump
for he is such a chump

but help will come
so don't be glum
Christmas will be white
despite this blight

DeaBeePea 12-2-17

Thank you, R. Hulit, for your Hulitoon.

Reflecting or "Wasting Time Thinking About Doing Things Better"

looking back
at Christmas
with our little family
kids of three

worrying about gifts
an aim to please
and their sometimes lukewarm thanks
lacking glee

measuring the day
for its final value
questioning decisions
without sharing joy

missing the moment
in comparative regret
instead of peace
and our important toy

in a way, we missed them
those fleeting moments
they were only shadows
of imagined celebration

tears and laughter
a juxtaposed performance
without knowing why
or what was the narration

our feeling and needs
from loves final verdict
and the meaning of the season
in its covered-up style

it should have been different
but that was then
and I hope that in faith
they now have a smile

DeaBeePea 12-1-17

Do I Want the Red Light?

whether a nose
a flashlight bulbed in red
or a red-hot
vocal preparation

I ask myself
to I want to be this guiding ray
responsibility mounting
in lectured appellation

but if a guy like Santa
inquired about my role
I would be inclined
to consider a great favour

imagine helping to give
in a magical and special way
partaking in a journey
of such a flying flavour

propelling love
and a sharing in each home
a way to show I care
wrapping thoughts in bow

I think we all have that shine
but we sometimes keep it hidden
so as this season looms
reach for this beckoning bough

DeaBeePea 12-1-17

Thank you to R.Hulit for her Hulitoon.


the light can be little
a simple strike
just enough light
for a spirited spike

enhancing hope
and leading the way
announcing your presence
on a new sunny day

so carry that match
for that candle that calls
awaiting your hand
answering your wrawl

that fairy will come
and guide you along
so when you walk
you can sing that song

"Oh come all ye faithful
joyful and triumphant"
caroling in smile
in a joyous chant

DeaBeePea 11-30-17

Thank you to R. Hulit for her Hulitoon


she was called
to get those smelly rats
and send them out of town
and feed them to the cats

but when she found their home
she saw them decorating
holly all around
the day they were awaiting

those critters nibbled away
at proximity to her feet
but she did enjoy the tickle
and they brought her lots of treats

Siddmārtha Gautama was happy
living in the present
no rush for her reward
rodents were her bent

DeaBeePea 11-29-17

Thank you to R. Hulit for her Hulitoon


candy canes and Santa Claus
rum and eggnog too
gifts of many descriptions
it's as if we're in a zoo

decorated trees
and many stores a buzz
but to much fancy drink
could introduce the fuzz

parties every night
and the office running amuck
the boss is throwing bottles
I think you'd better duck

but there is also sing-a-longs
carols gently sang
the Church is full to the rafters
a very sacred gang

promoting love and peace
like we should be every day
we kneel in humility
and for the suffering we do pray

and we try too hard to travel
in a blizzard's blustery storm
tranquility and stillness
should be priority's quiet form

and as our stomachs fill
with turkey and cake of fruit
we have to keep perspective
to avoid a festive dispute

DeaBeePea 11-28-17

Thank you to R. Hulit for her Hulitoon

A Part

is the present me
or just a quick gift
empty of heart
just a token thrift

am I wrapped inside
remembered forever
beyond the bow
and its decorative endeavor

or will I break
the next day
as a Chinese toy
that never really got to play

if it is actually Santa
trapped in that ball
what are the consequences
of this fatal fall

I think our hearts
will have to decide
and conquer Christmas
as our sleigh-like spirit glides

DeaBeePea 12-5-17

Orient Are

they call themselves
Orient Are
these three men retired
from kingship bizarre

having seen
some special things
including a birth
that a miracle brings

but now these chaps
are on the charts
with harmonized parts

their music was gold
and frank in sense
and myrrh-aculous too
with little pretense

Away in a Manger
was a mega-hit too
as the cattle were lowing
in that peaceful zoo

but their mouths are bigger
and they're a bit arrogant now
they are stars in the bright sky
looking down where we lay

DeaBeePea 12-6-17

Thank you to R. Hulit for her Hulitoon


Christmas has changed
in a scrawny way
waterfowled grandeur
in this comical play

has Santa been replaced
from retirements scheme
or has the environment
causes this event ascream

asteroids bumping
and the atmosphere mucked up
can do funny things
to our runneth over cup

of seasonal legend
and our plentiful repast
if St. Nick is a goose
is it the turkey's last?

and is there a gobbling Rudoph?
with a red mandible groove
or is this story
worthy of behoove?

DeaBeePea 12-9-17

Proud (a taste of Christmas cynicism)

we did it
we got our tree
aren't we great
in Christmas glee

we have power over
nature as it be
as we hoist our trophy
for all to see

we decorate with aplomb
with icicles and balls
changing message
of what nature calls

striving for perfection
without branches flaws
symmetrical boredom
with our blinded claws

and the gifts look up
from their temporary shade
waiting to be unwrapped
as the cheers are made

but it can be hollow
though I'm now on board
for this annual ritual
my sanity stored

DeaBeePea 12-9-17

Christmas Bird

I am unknown to most
sitting in my wreath
my invisible nest
in an airborn heath

I report to Santa
like a satellite beam
keeping him directed
in his sleigh ride stream

he gets mixed up
in his old age
so I keep him on track
and on the right page

I'm the last in line
of a galliform type
with less of a wattle
and very little hype

and I live in the tropics
for the rest of the year
enjoying myself
and drinking cold beer

DeaBeePea 12-26-17


Jack is angry
but he'll get us back
the sun is winning
his time to slack

but it's wintertime
and he's hangin' around
waiting for the moment
for the windows to abound

patterns of beauty
and some of bad omen
he's a sneaky fellow
of cold weather roamin'

he nips at the breeze
in an old Christmas song
but he's old and cranky
kind of a ding dong

DeaBeePea 12-26-17

Hopping Negotiation

have yourself
a bugsy Christmas
was his thought
as the season caught

his attention
meeting reindeer
not motivated
their employment frustrated

how do I do it
asked the hare
I don't have a sleigh
to use all day

check with Santa
he'll know what to do
hop to it I recommend
he's comin' around the bend

so this bunny jumped
from roof to roof
taking over this year
for Santa's retiring career

DeaBeePea 12-23-17

Breathing Fire

breathing fire
in a Yuletide blast
hot mulled wine
and a Christmas repast

tongue a tingling
those swirling words
and toothy smile
a reptilian nerd

he is afloat
a possible assistant
to Santa's reindeer
happy co-existence

DeaBeePea 12-23-17

Thank you R. Hulit for her Hulitoon.


it seems to be a tie
the battle not won
each one dastardly
not having fun

but the tree is dancing
which might be a sign
ready to celebrate
and possibly benign

it's needling the Grinch
and getting a slap in
making him curl
and recoil from scrappin'

gold and red balls
suggest potential
but certainly not festivity
that could be described as torrential

so as far as stealing is concerned
we'll wait and see
the tree is sure-footed
likely victorious he will be

DeaBeePea 12-21-17

Thank you R. Hulit for her Hulitoon

Santa Goose

in her lies the future
trained as a gosling
in gaggling groups
for their Christmas swoop

stable and secure
with feet of web
no sliding off roofs
with slip-slidey hoofs

looking forward to seeing
this waterfowl in flight
with a skein of elves
in spite of themselves

squawking with delight
or is it protest
having to work
as Christmas clerks

DeaBeePea 12-21-17

Thank you to R. Hulit for her Hulitoon


as we ruminate
we see the scene
the stillness of a manger
in the light citrine

the natural glow
of stars so bright
and the wafting redolence
of frankincense so sleight

there seems a tranquility
of sacred peace
a pensive stillness
of gentle fleece

so as this miracle
shines before us
let us be hushed
in God's sparkling truss

DeaBeePea 12-18-17

The Candy Bridge

Santa travels
so many ways
planning his journey
as he counts the days

the bridges are vivid
in their candied swath
minty and sweet
in their loyal loth

guiding him through heavens
and sugar plum fairies
stopping to rest
and nourish in berries

a little abode
to rest his head
looks out over caps
of stocking thread

DeaBeePea 12-16-17

Thank You to R. Hulit for her Hulitoon

North Pole Station

I hear the choo choo
and the elf's loud cheer
and redbirds slow trill
as Christmas is near

the smoke is a cluster
of Toyland's sweets
and the fence has eyes
over snowfields sheets

blanketed with fun
as the blue sky smiles
as Santa prepares
for his annual miles

we take this ride
in our dreams of delight
merry Christmas to all
and to all a goodnight

DeaBeePea 12-16-17

Thank You to R. Hulit for her Hulitoon

The Humbug Wreath

there is no insecticide
to cure this anti-Claus
scowling at me
with menacing jaws

his wreath is pale
with poison cherries
that infects the birds
their spirit he buries

but we can win
over this scourge
by singing a Carol
a hymn of dirge

and spread our holly
and goodwill to all
discouraging scrooge
as his enmity falls

DeaBeePea 12-16-17

Thank You to R. Hulit for her Hulitoon

Rudolph Tree

grapes and berries
hang from his tail
as this green interpretation
in a shade of kale

looking a tad thin
put ready to pounce
needing water
in more than an ounce

I hope he's plugged in
so his nose can shine
he is next to the table
where we will dine

DeaBeePea 12-18-17

Thank You to R. Hulit for her Hulitoon


three wise souls
wreathed in red
looking at
that little bed

westward leading
still proceeding
crimson carols
their hearts so bleeding

the star of wonder
burning bright
these wise old birds
are outa sight

the holly trail
to Nazareth it goes
spinning its tales
of prayerful floes

frankincense and myrrh
owning Deity nigh
as we sing thank yous
as our spirits are high

DeaBeePea 12-18-17

Santa's Cat

a creature
from outer-space
a stray
from another place?

like a copter spinning
so hummingbird-like
could replace Rudolph
on this world-wide hike

decorated to the hilt
springing to action
with holly ears
and ivy traction

the meow is loud
an echoing ho-ho-ho
and searching for feeder
with cookies in snow

DeaBeePea 12-18-17

Thank You to R. Hulit for her Hulitoon

Thoughts of the Season

the more I think
plans of celebration
and things to buy
it leads to stagnation

brilliant ideas
and constant my notions
seeking pleasure
and secret potions

but more this grows
these playful dreams
the more they seem
like vacant dreams

I sit and scratch
in placid ponder
with little movement
as my guidelines wander

the busier my mind
the less agile my action
it seems I need

but it's still not New Year's
so there is lots of time
to get my act together
it's only half-time!

DeaBeePea 12-28-17

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