Hard to define

sneaky and smart

creeping up

giving you a start


Seemingly interests

but before you know it

they dominate thoughts

demanding time to tow it


hard to sleep

unless well nurtured

by passions so strong

from a hidden lurcher


accompanied by fears

or crutches we need

snuffing confidence

that is our seed


so balance these devotions

and make them hobbies

of peculiar interest

and personal lobby


DeaBeePea 4-19-15


Referring to heroes

not announced

or pronounced

modest and quiet

serving those

who have no repose

no money to sell

their name

has no bell

not recognized

as purpose, is not seen

in medias glean

but the future relies

on their glorious


and humanity celebrates

the songs of courage

not sung but encouraged

the people prefer

the message hidden

and not so ridden

as they relate

in real

Their faith not to steal

DeaBeePea 3-18-15

The Amazing Leaf of Cedar

A fascinating sheath

creation in wreath

so many sprigs

a celebration of heath

a Hackmatak appendage

like pine in genus

fed by canoewood

spreading in fingers so venous

western arbours and seamless swamps

the tree of life

a toxic diversion

an incense burning rife

a tangled maze

that dances in sprout

luscious and green

an endless route

pungent in perfume

independent in spray

hedging and reaching

on shores unfrayed

a magic image

that stirs my raptness

a unique petiole

tips pointing in aptness

DeaBeePea 3-28-15


A famous zipper

that runs so easy

and covers in modesty

the naughty bits with a gripper

sometimes it sticks

and often “pricks”

I use that word

with caution stirred

I wear the pants

but not to be mistaken

with a controlling message

for I am just a man of love and rants…

Dea Bee Pea3-30-15

Just Plain Bored


I must say

as the hours tick on

on this wonderful day

People knocking

at the door

and things to do

like washing floor

Getting the mail

good news and bills

a reminder of due

so many thrills!

Poems to write

always a joy

brilliant ideas

I modestly employ

Often told

legend, in my own mind

I suppose I should descend

from my pedestal so signed

But I got off topic

it’s boredom of which we refer

but as I say

there is so much to defer

And with the Misfits

the icing is caked

things are always inspiring

our lawn of thought… so gently raked

DeaBeePea 3-30-15

Turn the Station

Not experienced

too often

reasons explainable

programs awesome

I hardly ever

listen or watch

a video at whim

or music of botch

old movie or jazz

is just about it

because the rest of it

just doesn’t fit

DeaBeePea 3-30-15

Skipping and Kicking

Pebbles like frisbees

stones like whiskey balls

flat and round

from limbs they bound

rolling to shoulder

gliding on surface

reckless abandon

target embraced

grit on fingers

a silty dust

earthy reminder

of outdoors lust

inclined to whistle

to tunes of memory

as a lily pad awaits

a kiss of emery

a rocky discourse

on the spring-like day

that erodes in time

but soon to replay

DeaBeePea 4-1-15


Rotation is vital

when a hole is created

you switch the foot

until a new one is mated

Then it’s the heel

an air-conditioned feel

and now it’s ridiculous

there’s almost no sock to reveal

And if I don’t wash them

they become more like a boot

crisp and sturdy

like they are made of jute

the smell doesn’t matter

it’s kind of musty

like a cozy old house

damp and dusty

personal hygiene

not a big deal

that between toe odor

makes people reel

but I am what I am

an old dog, no tricks

so if I make you faint

just leave and click…

DeaBeePea 3-30-15

The GLIMPSES Anthology Vol. 1

Glimpses 1

I caught s glimpses
of the air filled with blimps

and another day, glimpses
of it raining chimps

and even more strangely, glimpses
of trees with permanents of crimps

and at a baseball game, glimpses
of every player in limp

and very strikingly, glimpses
of a women-powered world
all the men were wimps

I believe I have just had a glimpse
of my mind needing rinse

DeaBeePea 7-1-16

Glimpses 2

something was there
I'm sure of it
that blaze of white
creating moments scare

I think it was a glimpse
into an invading world
some kind of message
of planetary blimps

it has happened before
and it always in silence
as quick a mouse
through a hole in mind's drawer

one of these times
I think it will make contact
striking my thoughts
in loud beating rhymes

then the message will be clear
the mystery solved
and I will make new dreams
with no initial fear

DeaBeePea 7-1-16

Glimpses 3

I caught glimpses
of your shining heart
something beautiful
that I would never part

but it;s covered up
with insecure flesh
and darkened blankets
dying from fresh

I cannot venture
through this trap
it's far too hurtful
and torn is my map

I wish you would bare
the real you soon
so I could laugh and share
and dance in your dune

those tiny grains
spilling through my fingers
caressing my skin
as my passion so lingers

please allow those glimpses
in a continuous flood
so I could surround your breasts
and kiss your blood

DeaBeePea 7-1-16

Glimpses 4

I see glimpses of me
in the strangest places
where I'd never be
in cracks and spaces

peeking at things
I shouldn't see
and grinning in snark
my promises flee

I shake my head
it goes away
It couldn't be me
as I leave in sway

slightly dizzy
and then in sudden flash
I appear again
my focus goes crash

then my eyes open up
my pen is in hand
I am writing again
and my mind is a strand

a thread of questions
mocking my imagination
I then conclude
I am my own creation

DeaBeePea 7-1-16

Glimpses 5

I love old movies
as many know
glimpses of a world
where lovely winds blow

words are spoken
with eloquent panache
and clothes are changed
in a striking flash

elegance and honour
are plastic toys
manoeuvring and twisting
as romance employs

a slippery slope
that entangles more than two
capturing hearts
releasing the glue

resinous forces
expode in absurdity
tickling our passions
that expose our preferredity

a black and white
that is not quite that simple
a dream with "The End"
exposing our curious dimple

DeaBeePea 7-1-16

Glimpses 6

I play with my eyes
different levels of close
to see different colours
of patterns and rows

fireworks inside me
kaleidoscopes exploding
scattering my brain
my thoughts imploding

the closest thing
to a milky way journey
skimming the universe
on my flying gurney

I imagine without hearing
the snap, crackle, pop
of this serial experience
my excitement a crop

harvesting questions
that answers almost everything
my existence labelled
a human spring

DeaBeePea 7-1-16

The Glimpses Anthology Vol. 2

Glimpses 7
Historical footage Makes me feel A part of the past As I quickly reel Amazed at events That speak in prophecy Scratching my head In my historical odyssey Leaders of hate Claiming a legacy Being destroyed Decaying their heresy The clicks and sparkles Of those nitrate rolls Spinning in anxiety Releasing the roles Romanticizing figures Of perilous courage Being saved as heroes Relieving discourage The glimpse is my vision A part of my view Black and white blinks Forever new DeaBeePea 7-2-16

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