The Bottom Line

the bottom line

means another page

nothing is over

creating a spine

chapters of passion

the strength to survive

spilling the  tears

that make you ration

your ups and downs

and hopes and fears

in many forms

including the clowns

the final score

is happiness questioned

hesitant smiles

and an open door

DeaBeePea 2-28-16

Growing Older  

age has not occured to me

in the years of recent past

I've been too busy yapping

and writing of topics vast

meetings and get-togethers

sometimes going fast

glasses of wine to cheer

yes, I'm having a blast

from appearances own revision

life is full of contrast

but I feel exactly the same

enthusiasm continually amassed

I've been repaired a few times

and sometimes feel miscast

but life is a theatre

I'm just a member of cast

DeaBeePea 2-27-16


standing proud

neck upheld 

thousands of snowflakes

spinning a cloud

lace and drawstring

elegant and buckram

goffering iron

as the bluebirds sing

Elizabeth's colour

rejecting some cerulean

proposing what is royal

dyed in a muller

the Capulets protective

of Montague's stance

their fashion precise

superior and selective

star-crossed lovers

fate bestows

a tragedy dramatised

with throaty covers

an intriguing display

this caped embrace

lightly blanketing swans

gracious and gay

others masking stout

those arrogant courtiers

seeking fame

stumbling in gout

DeaBeePea 2-27-16

What is an Onomatopoeia?

I will start by explaining 

that onomatopoeia is sort of

in a strange way

an onomatopoeia

it bends and twists

and I can hear my mind hissing

as I think of sounds

and words that aren't missing

that relationship of "opoeia"

that brings forth thoughts

of "onomat" that tap

and ring little dots

imagination spinning

and ears coming to life

sniffing for those sounds

that cut my dreams like a knife

gurgles and squeaks

accompanied by splashes

sometimes not linked

so joined with dashes

not many booms enter my head

I prefer silence and melody

dancing and hiding

and the purr of felidae

but we must rejoice

in the facts of our choice

and the juxtaposition of senses

freeing us from fences

DeaBeePea 2-25-16


are they in place?

my celebrated panel

their eyes now covered

while we're glued to the channel

the moderator announces

enter and sign in please

while audience awaits

to see who is the tease

it's a voluptuous star

we hear the whistles

so the four of them know

it's a bombshell missile

she answers in accent

of Hungarian strain

to disguise her identity

and tax their brains

what's my line

is the theme of the show

and the mystery guest

is someone they know

so despite their blindness

they guess who she is

cause they know she's in town

and yes... that's show biz

DeaBeePea 2-24-16

Out of Place

If I feel out of place

I know I am in the RIGHT place

fitting in too well

a sign that something isn't swell

people who see me

for who I really am

are those who know me

as a satirical ham

but it isn't all laughs

it's a means of survival

dealing with cruelty

awaiting humanities arrival

I am never sure

about who to be

as the living experiment

continues in marquee

I like to be heard

though immodest that might be

I just feel obligated

to spread the glee

of hope and faith

in a world of kindness

it's worth the ride

to avoid the blindness

of selfish idols

and fearful hate

let's all join hands

and be out of place in elate

DeaBeePea 2-23-16

Just pull it...

It bothered him 

throughout the night

that dangling thread

that was causing a fight

just pull it dear

it's driving me mad

hanging like that

and it looks so bad

I'm thinking the better of it

she said with insistence 

I'm considering the consequences

taking the path of least resistance

but he wouldn't give up

he hounded her for hours

so finally she consented

in a mood that was sour

she pulled the thread

and her skirt unravelled

I'm glad I'm wearing a slip she said

or you'd be dead

DeaBeePea 2-22-16

and again?

the voice of a man

rich in dollars

his words of hatred

from stupid hollers

the red tie and hair

a trademark of dope

he'd better lose

this ignorant mope

danger is lurking 

from those blasphemous words

it's hard to believe

there are following herds

it could be disastrous

the ramifications

if this man and his illness

and his evil foundations

did I hear it right

I'll have to hear it again

I can't believe it

could I hear it agian?


DeaBeePea 2-21-16


zas zthe zbig zblue zsky

zspoke zto zme

zmy zawe zwas zso zprofound

zthat ZI zunravelled

zmy zbody zfelt zsqueezed

zready zto zexplode

zinto zanother zuniverse

znever zbefore ztravelled

zin zmy zconquered zmind

zI zimagined zthat zclouds

zwould zbe za zrescue

zfrom zmy zuncertain zjourney

zbut zno zrain zor zcover zcame

zand zI zspun zout zof zcontrol

znever zto zfind zmyself zagain

zfloating zon zhorizons zgurney 

DeaBeePea 2-20-16

Alliteration 3

the bee buzzed blusterously

busily being breedful

blonde-aureate and black

brightly beseeching bread

of breath so bonbon

in bursting bewailing

beautiful birth

of breathtaking blooming

DeaBeePea 2-20-16

Alliteration 2

ridiculous revengeful rancour

revolving remorseful rankling

really, risible rousing

of un-realistic reactionary repugnance

I must record responsible records

receiving radical reference

revolution my report

requisite rushing ramified

this is resolute

reflective but rank in redolence

this is my restricted recital

resuscitation of recognized rebel

but only reasoned by resilience

relishing respectable residence

DeaBeePea 2-20-16


so comfy and soft

now daytime wear

particularly young girls

on the street in bear

teddys and poohs

decorated in gold

and pinkish hearts

cuteness is told

camo fleece

and sleepyhead minions

sponge bob footie

and OMG opinion

what this trend suggests

are sleeping habits off kilter

or comfort to max

new concepts to filter

Someday I'll have a disappearing hairline

Someday I'll wear pajamas in the daytime*

DeaBeePea 2-19-16

*Crash Test Dummies - Afternoon´s And Coffeespoons Lyrics | MetroLyrics


most things broken

can be fixed

it's partly a matter

of your bag of tricks

and also passion

for the reason of repair

and how important

the relief of despair

we tend to throw out

in disposable age

but really the cracks

are a fascinating page

as we meander through time

it's those mended things we love

they represent faith

and hope thereof

DeaBeePea 2-17-16


legends of the Norse

in crevices and caves

kidnapping and mountain-taking

fear sun and lightning waves

the moon of the earth

the storm-sun desolate

following the seeress

wheel of heaven eradicate

but somehow I find

it hard not to like them

these anti-social creatures

of spiritual mayhem

these mead hall invaders

of mischievous gathering

private festivity makers

molten metal lathering

DeaBeePea 2-18-16


gene slicing technique

a biotechnical deal

merging DNA

for a rather precarious meal

the species are crisscrossed

without mating at all

environmentalists now question

becoming a political football

an answer to world hunger?

lower cost, and higher yield

it's proven untrue

resistance a growing shield

Monsanto has the seeds

and pesticide connections

warning labels aren't enough

to stop this poisonous injection

for non-GMO certification

public support must grow

to free us from the monopoly

that modifies our grow

DeaBeePea 3-1-16

Blue-Gray 1 

north vs south

in a gridiron war

an oblong ball

begins to soar

the game is close

five points the difference


exciting finish the inference

the Blue is ahead

but there are reasons

to worry a lot

in this close to the season

the Gray as a weapon

Mighty Casey the back

a bull of a man 

the size of a cadillac

everyone knows

for the games last play

Casey will carry

the ball for the Gray

the defence is geared

to tackle him hard

and claim their victory

in the old ballyard

the hand-off off is given

to big number 40

yes, that's Casey

in bulk he is sporty

he cuts and dances

with amazing finesse

he's more than power

he's dainty, I acquiesce

he floats through the line

dodging tackles with ease

the linebackers watch 

he blows by with a breeze

the field is wide-open

as he nears the end zone

the fans are standing

the winners now known

but his victory dance starts

at the five-yard line

he trips and falls

to an infamous decline

the tale is done

for the man who rumbled

disaster has struck

for Mighty Casey has fumbled

DeaBeePea 1-10-17

Blue-Gray 2

things were not civil

as the storm clouds moved in

the gray was angered

at the northern spin

the issues were stated

but little they meant

as stubborn pride

dictated their bent

men and boys

and grandfathers too

and those of all races

stirred this pot of stew

and the taste was bitter

as blood spilled in

and the spoons were tossed

in deaths scarlet din

declaring victory

by a fatal scorecard

torn in shreds

a galvanized shard

but everyone was beaten

even the inflated victors

as their upraised arms

showed hollow blisters

perishing from the earth

in a useless fire

inheriting the guilt

in ignorance we mire

DeaBeePea 1-10-17

Blue-Gray 3

this is when

the sky meets the sea

in horizontal silence

with an infinite plea

a ribbon of shade

so rich and cool

a perimeter of breath

that our awe does see

as soft as a pillow

but as strong as steel

this disquieting lure

of our feet afloat

our feathery wisdom

in a questioning trance

as the smoky-azure

is our dreaming coat

DeaBeePea 1-10-17

Tie many choices exist and the selection I enjoy but it seems that the practice has hollowed in employ the necktie of length is by far most popular refuting the options but open to the jocular paisley or diagonal stripes are usual and ones with Santa appear at Christmas constitutional I've done the ascot thing once but never a bolo but I'd love to try the Beethoven cravat in solo I have one with three gentlemen of fame Curly, Larry and Moe the stooges, what game! I want a bow version of plaid to be sure it is still quite accepted hand tied of procure so all in all it's quite a science and what you choose is a subtle impliance DeaBeePea 4-7-16

Sharptitude occasionally I'll say a witty line and someone will convey ha ha, you're sharp

which I do suppose is a compliment but shouldn't be misconstrued as a razored ascent I normally don't don't take a slice or give so riveting a piece of advice and as for insults not my cup of tea unless humanity is compromised I wonder who that might be? but being campy is lots of fun and articulately metaphoric is a line well spun but I do like to hone these particular skills with imaginations strop that gives laughing chills DeaBeePea 1-12-17

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