The Quieter Woodpecker

(The unique ladder-backed woodpecker)

a southwestern peck

of arid and bushy

and lands of desert

searching for a cushy

...manner to eat

on softer terrain

how about a cactus?

it asks in refrain

it's ladder backed striped

in thickets and sand

small, in black and white

with an egg-shell band

smaller bills

and red crowned male

calling prickles home

insects and larvae, in pulpous jail

but the fruit suggests

a gourmet diet

as the softer barks

makes a peck more quiet

DeaBeePea 6-23-15


the cooks catalyst

like a planted bomb

decorating the sublime

with it's zesty aplomb

savory or hot

bitter or sweet

whatever it's character

in blandness defeat

mixed with karela

shallots and Thai's

it explodes in your mouth

in an exciting surprise

the peppers and leaves

dance in your mouth

as the tumeric sings

calypsos of south

baby bok choy

and the quiet coriander

tease your palette

as the taste meanders

the joy of these flavours

derived from seed

along with the condiments

my imaginations deed

DeaBeaPea 6-26-15

The Chronic Doodler

There once was a doodler

who couldn't stop

he began one day

with an innocent bop

his girlfriend called

she chattered so incessant

so he started to doodle

as a crazed convalescant

the cirlcles and dots

and lines and patterns

started to resemble

an image of saturn

but finally the paper

broke through in exhaustion

and he was marking the table

in unconscious faustian

hours later,

to him unknown

he was through the table

and on the floors tiled zone

scraping a mural

through the checkered design

she said goodby

two days later

his location unsure

until they found the crater

through the floor he had gone

into the basement

scribing a hole

causing severe displacement

he was revived back to life

his pen in hand

asking "Are you still on the line?"

I have drawn something grand!

DeaBeePea 6-26-15


music comes in waves

some are almost silent

and some crescendo

into enclaves almost violent

the anticipation of notes

as they spell an intimate feeling

teasing emotions

leaving your heart reeling

they gather like a storm

as the colours darken

tipped in white

that desires your hearken

but the surprise ovation

catches your whims

your mood has altered

as the cascade rolls and brims

brass and woodwind swirls

and percussive blurts

crooning voices swimming

and bass line quirts

they start in the still

requiring a question

that stirs the passion

causing beach blown expression

the conductor is me

equating and revolving

spinning in illusion

the next breaker resolving

DeaBeePea 6-29-15

The Web

deep-sea vines

and golden fishes

winding through

her ocean wishes

anemone bubbles

and anubia leaves

floating and whispering

as the salts are weaved

the lady is smitten

and amazed in wonder

then disappears

into her dreams... quiet plunder

DeaBeePea 6-22-15


loss surprises me

as mocking as a warm December breeze

it tells you that you'll be sad

and you find yourself, a victim of tease

loss amazes me

so miscalculated and mysteriously discoloured

it tells you of worlds end

and transports you in dullard

loss evokes me

so filled with hidden memories

begging for your forgiveness

knawing like a slab of emery

loss motivates me

it give me purpose and passionate cause

as I shake my head

in the amazement of emotional gauze

loss makes me thankful

for understanding my greed

and appreciating the tranquil beauty

of the souls of what were my feed

DeaBeePea 6-21-15

An Ode to "Dad"


his favourite word

with eyebrows raised

his spirit lured

silent humour

seldom clamorous

a romantic side

decorum in amorous

a jubilee of cherries

his gold rum flamed

toasting our clan

a proudness he claimed

a scotch and a malt

our glasses clinked

a special feeling

of our love so linked

words seldon said

but the special moments

it was clear of our miracle

and the hurrah that foments

hitting the ball

sometimes from bunker

skilled in club

with occasional clunker

southern vacations

and beaches of gold

an inner excursion

to his heart foretold

a nostagic soul

of brotherly times

Connaught misadventures

in shortage of dimes

wartime and peace

a hesitant persuasion

constantly seaching

for a serene equation

fragility and pain

sadness of strength

committed to right

and kind at length

he grew with his progenies

until his passing

the words of love

finally trespassing

saying "I love you"

meant so much to me

a blessed embrace

when Mother was free

I seem to remember you

more each day

I enjoyed the entree

from my Fathers tray

DeaBeePea 6-20-15

Brush Off the Dust

brushing off dust

could involve my rust

an aging crust

but still of lust

of growing trust

and emotional thrust

speak out I must

or else I'll bust

my beliefs so trussed

to avoid a gust

my life is sussed

though slightly mussed

not sure why I fussed

all those years being bused

as I put down my brush

the bristles have blushed

DeaBeePea 6-20-15

Whatever happened to shag carpet?

without my knowledge

not taught in college

a comeback is here

shag carpet will appear

it is apparently from articles

selling in many particles

and colours of vivid

making broadloom livid

area rugs and room size

in new synthetic guise

creating a setting

that involves us letting

our hair hang down

in hippyish gown

mammas and pappas

or electric Zappa

but important to bare

is the Nanna Ditzel Egg Chair

it goes with the rug

and adds to the snug....

DeaBeePea 6-18-15

Don't Look Back

One thing is to be aware

that Murphy's Law does stare

and invite in us fear

waiting for that jeer

yes indeed, I agree

that it will happen to me

but the imporant thing

is not to fling

into an empty world

where doubt has swirled

be brave and face

that possible disgrace

that mortal storm

might be the norm

but the peace that arrives

with faith that dives

into a pool of ocean

and loving devotion

DeaBeePea 6-19-15

The Terminal Topiary


through eternal light


a silver waltz


leaves of love


for aliment salts


in restless fatigue


in nervous fear


for friends prevail


might open new sphere

DeaBeePea 6-12-15


we all seem to like

things that are soft

a fluffy pillow

and Charmine used oft

they say don't squeeze

but we can't resist

it feels so good

and a squeak might exist

a blanket of snow

is nice until

it gets a crust

and causes a spill

clothes that are gentle

plush and fluffy

are nice to wear

as long as not scruffy

girls like angora

pink or white

kind of alluring

in kittenish sight

but I also might add

about people of soft

kind and forgiving

and breezy in waft

always looking

at bright side with hope

and accepting those

for what they are in scope

so thinking of those

in flocculent cuddle

a pleasant whim

that can cause befuddle

DeaBeePea 6-17-15 

She Put Peanuts in Her Cottage Cheese

You think she is kidding

absolutely not

for this is the recipe

that time forgot

the cottage cheese

pickle-peanut sandwich

is so much better

than that crap called manwich

peanut butter

and that cheese well cottaged

with diced dill pickle

so tangy in wattage

then dipped in egg

and milk so creamy

and browned in oil

WOW... so dreamy!!

DeaBeePea 6-16-15

Icing Head

They called her

icing head...

of ganache

...with panache

and there

was good reason

her hair was amazing

regardless of season

sometimes a cream cheese

gooey concoction

was on her head

stirring an auction

other times it was

marzipan frosting

to raise it so high

was quite exhausting

on her bird-cage doo

What was it costing?

so elaborate and proud

dancing in a whirl

Sitting on her curls

in fabulous swirls

sometimes adorned

with tropical fruit

the tutti-fruiti girl

vividly cute

I asked her out

but she curtly said snafoo

for you can't have your icing

and eat it too

DeaBeePea 6-16-15

I Found It

it must have

bounced off the sofa leg

and rolled across the floor

hit the baseboard

and deflected off the door

and then

rolled down the hall

entered the bedroom

snuck under the bed

undecided to loom

coming out

on the other side

hitting the headboard

finally stopping

no longer soared

but I don't see

why I bothered

looking for that pea....

DeaBeePea 4-1-15

Reply to Becky's Sunrise

sun cascading

over leaves of aquamarine

spilling it's rays

oding halcyon days

like a champagne tower

symmetrical flow

streaming on petals

kissing in floral glow

a shimmering bath

for birds of henna

as the loungers await

lovers in senna

tropical glory

sand and flush

as we repose in smile

my modest blush

DeaBeePea 4-1-15

Running Away

I have done it in the past
With no conclusion to my ills
And afraid of certain consequences
Avoiding combative thrills

My future seemed uncertain
And even bleak in manner
But I somehow saw a vision
My purpose within my planner

To avoid is one solution
And gives a stay of time
To figure out how to envisage
Life’s dodgy reason and rhyme

But now, it seems at least
That my feet are firmly planted
And I even enjoy anger
That many times I’ve ranted!

DeaBeePea 7-8-16


Red when found in the rainbow
Loses its implicative ration
of sacrifice, courage and danger
disappearing in love and passion

Orange is the extrovert
Amusing in unconventional bedlam
Resplendent in autumn’s flurry
Announcing Buddhism’s lively emblem

Yellow is sour
And can also be bright
Gentle and spontaneous
no sign of cowardice’s blight

Green is now a theme
imploring help from cyan
of living the natural way
To enact its beautiful plan

Blue is the beginning of peace
And waters flickering smile
Primary in its essence
In a gamut of hues dial

Indigo considered as spectral
Ultramarine in visage
Originally a dye
But derived through Newton’s presage

Violet is now the end
Ultraviolet invisibly behind
A celebration of beautyberries
Affectionate in floral kind

DeaBeePea 7-8-16

The Flickering Morning

at days end
I look back

and I'm usually thankful
for following the right track

what I accomplished
and what went well

make me want to celebrate
and dream as sleep fell

but what is apparent
was morning thoughts bickering

and what they were
as dizzy dots flickering

like an old movie
they were brittle

and by afternoon
ashes in my hands, awaiting acquittal

I can't remember my plans at all
and priorities, let me think

It's coming to reality now
that I was on an iceless rink

I ended up flying
by the seat of my pants

dictated by, my
crazy and impulsive rants!

DeaBeePea 7-10-16

ON and ON

if all life's switches

were on and on

the options would be few

in our daily stew

it would be hard to rest

and we could only rely

on nature's darkness

and our inner starkness

to create a peace

without constant clicking

and having to consult

decision's potential exult

but we do have an off

but we must be careful

as it could be abused

and intolerantly used

DeaBeePea 7-11-16


all alone
a state of mind
isolated versus insular
a matter of kind

we are on the road map
of human existence
the trails connect
with a little assistance

ask for directions
if you're so inclined
just open your window
you'll get help to find

you are always connected
one way or the other
your magical vibes
are felt by your brothers

and if a lonely silence
is what you desire
there is always you
and your solo choir

DeaBeePea 7-13-16

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