a chorus from Europe
and Alexander's bell
Came to the mariners' emphatic hollo!
as a yell to call and tell

If I fly, Marcius,
Halloo me like a hare.
shouting for the hunt
holloa, halloo, halloa, so fair

In kindly British variant
hullo spoken in surprise
the hello-girls on the line
fetch a ferryman I surmise

David, I do not think we shall need
a call bell I dare say
as hello can be heard far
Ahoy and hiya this day!

DeaBeePea 2-30-17


I am aware
of what I see

I am aware
of what I hear

I am aware
of what I feel

I am aware
of what I smell

and I am aware
of what I dream

but I don't understand
any of it

and my confusion
is a bottomless pit

DeaBeePea 4-30-17

Just Rewards I am waiting for my just reward but I'm not in a hurry to find out what I scored

it probably won't be money or international fame or a bevy of beauties screaming my name more than likely it will be something more crass probably a slap and a kick in the ass. DeaBeePea 5-2-17
Magic You sigh, a song begins and I don't know where I've been It's magic Your eyes out-twinkle stars they smile a beam so far It's magic you have a touch of gold my world you to gild a princess with a wand your wave that has me thrilled

When we kiss I shake with passions lightning quake There is no way to know about our inner flow It's magic I hope it never ends your spell my infinite desire that song you sigh begins my inner fire DeaBeePea 5-3-17 First line taken from "Magic" as sung by Doris Day Poem inspired by the song.

Inconsiderate the growing disease ownership of ignorance and apathy

doing "their thing" without a care throwing butts reality's antipathy tossing noise in my face sorry they say in hollow sympathy blind to themselves and their pathetic shield antagonistic a stubborn facsimile I'm starting to speak to this growing plague they need a smack breaking anonymity DeaBeePea 5-4-17


the shiny red fox
had much to gloat
speed and grace
and a flaming coat

seldom deterred
and hungry now
he ventured for feast
a plentiful vow

he ran to vineland
of high-hanging Cinsault
licking his lips
tasting his know

he jumped and jumped
but to his dismay
he could not reach these grapes
in his usual way

he started to tire
and sweat and ache
and in the hot sun
he was beginning to bake

finally, giving up
he mumbled in disgust
'who wants those grapes
so sour' he cussed

it shall be noted
there is a lesson here
if you can't have something
don't begin to jeer

be accepting
and thankful of those things
that come to you
as sweetness brings

DeaBeePea 5-5-17

Philosophy 1 Confucius despite his Daoism he chose to be staid naturalness, simplicity, spontaneity overshadowed by the The Golden Rule he laid

deep in thought internalizing the superiority of personal exemplification parody and pastiche irrefutable rhetoric counterfactualizing obscuring the lack of evidence validity unwound sincere cultivation of knowledge stating conclusion his humanist model bound bribery and coercion fought in human rite's name and in his elaborate voice but all this is done amidst his bewildering game DeaBeePea 5-6-17

Philosophy 2 Camus our lives of dual good and bad happy and sad

sane and mad laughing and crying living and dying a lack of importance or complete obscurity should cause insecurity hence life is farcical living with the absurd our vision blurred always being right if nothing has meaning my, what an emotional beating DeaBeePea 5-6-17

Philosophy 3 Fromm this is where I belong it the Fromm throng independent action an important fraction

dividing reason with a moral season authoritative belief offers no relief so I look at the whole an egalitarian blow hoping my voice separate in choice surviving as a part with an individual heart love so intimate with creations gamut clarifying the unknown on emotion's throne DeaBeePea 5-6-17

Philoshophy 4

T. H. Huxley

agnostic elaboration
for understanding's calibration

the scientific axiom
following reasons maxim

an evolutionary bearer
his flag waving fairer

consequential understanding
of intelligence landing

his primitive view
of man's monkey-do

widely accepted
Darwin's bulldog self-selected

natural process variation
and reproductive adaptation
struggling for existence
an intellectual persistence

this meditative history
ideas invented in mystery

but the thinking process
is our universal dress

DeaBeePea 5-6-17

Philosophy 5


this 'science'
studies man
and all other things

the hows and whys
and reasons
that the universe brings

all these questions
we frequently ask
because we're confused

some good ideas
because they sound crazy
are often refused

existentialism and agnosticism
and enlightened absolutism

altruism and collectivism
religious humanism
and objective idealism

but sadly there are many thoughts
that seem be hollow
in their stupid mindlessness

dumbism and trumpism
intolerantism and hatism
derived from kindlessness

so I will remain in study
creating human holisticism
joining in ecological unity

but because I don't want to argue
in pacifist debate
I will claim impunity

DeaBeePea 5-6-17


Three dollars
I remember
a Crispy Crunch,
bag of chips,
and Cracker Jacks
with change to boot

now three dollars
a Sweet Marie
and not enough over
for another pursuit.


children in three's seems to work fine the first a pioneer of leadership's spine the second confused but creative in dream the baby looks upward and devises a scheme and the parents I assume have survived this spell an experience that I know all too well.


one is good
on a normal day

two is fine
in thirsty's play

but if I have three
I'm in momentous glee

and could have a dozen
singing from a tree


One, two, three, button my tree four, five, six don't break my sticks seven, eight, nine this trunk is mine ten, eleven, twelve the hollow I do delve thirteen, fourteen, fifteen I like this shady scene sixteen, seventeen, eighteen my wonderful world of green nineteen, twenty storing nuts of plenty        .......

is three a crowd?
not necessarily

I can think of a situation
that is primarily

a perfect scenario
I dream in vain

two people
of feminine rain

drizzling me 
with passion

not having
to think of ration

just enjoying the attention
reveling in romance

three is no crowd
in this silly trance

DeeBeePea 5-7-17

Sorely Tired

My muscles

Are burning

My joints

Have been fired

My mind

Is cyclonic

Oh what a morning

I am sorely tired

DeaBeePea 5-8-17

Sorely Tired

I’ve been on the beach

All day

I am shorley tired

All my friends say is

“Sure, sure, sure.”

I am surely tired

That last few days

I have been angry

I am surly tired

All this

And a chain that needs oil

I am sorely tired

DeaBeePea 6-8-17

Obstacle Course

This is what

I set up

To impede


Facts and figures



And humanitarianism


Of the useless rhetoric

Fed to us


Honesty and caring


to natural laws, and


This trail

Should work for now

But they are devious


DeaBeePea 5-12-17

Khufu Outside of Giza the throbbing sun the heat as prickly as a cactus arm Great Pyramid of Khufu in Necropolis found of seven wonders and ancient charm

Dancing as acrobats to the Opet Feast women and Nubians to the drumbeats they merge from desert and sand primordial mounds resurrections palace as our souls emerge DeaBeePea 5-11-17

You’re Fired I appreciate all you’ve done as a matter of fact your work is superlative But you’re threatening my job you might take and therefore you leaving is imperative the others are very intimidated creating fear forcing them into abjection

You set the bar a way to high and I don’t like the reality of perfection So I must let you go and sincerely hope your next career goes well And also that your lesson is learned adjusting approach less accomplishment for you to dwell DeaBeePea 5-10-17 Losing Balance If I tried to be Fred Astaire my balance might be compromised

And as far as Gene Kelly is concerned my attempts will not be realized And the Lindy Hop a dangerous mission flipping and flopping in a final crash So my dreams of jitterbugging have disappeared in my final dash But I suppose being out of kilter keeps me aware of life’s tests So I will walk in step slowly and carefully, as the defense rests DeaBeePea 5-10-17


That is the pattern Up and down Back and forth Predictable revolutions

If it’s happened before It will happen again Spinning its yarn With no solution We never learn From our mistakes So this human fabric Is our pollution And as I ride On this merry-go-round Unable to stop This crazy volution DeaBeePea 5-13-17

T-Rex The tyrant lizard That ferocious biting Theropod From ancient Laramidia of Maastrichtian age… a Magical sensory wizard

This bipedal carnivore Averaging 8.4 metric tons Could die if fallen Due to deceleration… in a hunting chore The largest bite force This apex predator opportunistically scavenged understanding behavior of social milieu… for attacking course Sounds like a goose And yes they had feathers Some stage in life With mosaic scales… and a yelp of un-truce Binocular vision Superior to hawks A 4-mile view Perception of prey… with armour of provision Powerful senses and depth perception smelling like vultures large olfactory bulbs… improving defenses Robust and gracile In sexual dimorphism And even cannibalistic Sometimes in packs…. a contradictory facile DeaBeePea 5-14-17

Tea Rex This large jawed gentleman of the country only making quacks his manners not flawed This made him unique in his social milieu he even swept his feathers and never showed pique

He did eat meat not minding it raw but he liked it on a platter while taking his seat And he liked his meal with a cup of Darjeeling and his meerschaum pipe which was quite a deal When you consider that he has an apex and an acceptable manner for being a T-Rex. DeaBeePea 5-14-17


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