Getting With It

will this happen
a phrase that lingers
from year to year
with my typing fingers

is it vacant hope
or a plan?
that is sheepishly creeping
on this diminishing span

I have fooled some
who think I'm sharp
which is rather funny
as I continue to harp

but of course
it's hard to define
this "with it" concept
so questionably divine

so I guess I will wait
for that magic moment
when I've arrived
with this evasive bestowment

DeaBeePea 1-19-18

My LATE Saturday response while having a VERY early Sunday coffee.


How am I?
Interesting question
and most of the words
cover the grey

which means
that I am between
black and white
in a colourful play

somewhere in the place
amidst crazy and sane
where birds fly backwards
and things people say

are fun and surprising
reflecting hope and fear
a touch of reality
as night is day

happy and sad
yes indeed I'm both
laughing tears
from June to May

things taste sweet
with aftertaste so bitter
and thoughts are confused
as I quietly pray

the purpose is hazy
but I am encouraged
by peoples smiles
and their loving ray

so yes, I'm fine
as I awaken so slow
getting ready to deal with
this enchanting fray

DeaBeePea 1-21-18


meetings are sprouting
and the question is
does anybody care

full of verbiage
and hems and haws
trying to be honest
about organizational flaws

but who's fooling who
a lot of it's crap
saws I with my notes
hidden on my lap

I have a position
of executive stature
but don't do much
but cause more fracture

but it's something to do
to fill the days
and rainy nights
when there are no plays

so I will take part
and clutter my resume
and espouse my ideology
and speak if I may

DeaBeePea 1-23-18


I am watched
but I am not sure
of which eyes
experience vision

do they see lies
or struggling truth
or satirical pomp
with a nonsensical collision

do they skin
or a battered soul
and broken heart
or a cynical mock

or are my eyes
twinkling with glee
as my mouth moves
but doesn't really talk

but I watch too
a see the people-scape
colours and smells
and chattering filler

it's not a waste
because we are here
demonstrating need
of answering pillars

conquering time
is quite a task
but the days are running
for a finishing line

sometimes I rest
my eyes are shut
searching inside
at that aging brine

DeaBeePea 1-23-18

Am I Wrong?

Bringing forth issues
In the name of justice
observing the tissue

Of social history
Making up time
A feminist priority
Exposing the slime

But am I right?
Of slight concern
For habeas corpus
And writful discern

The steps are welcome
But this current barrage
Raises questions
Of a blemished collage

I hope this warning
Is a grand beginning
Of gentle respect
And a brand new inning

as we come to plate
Where trust and dignity
Lets us embrace
With true benignity

DeaBeePea 1-26-18


Writing randomly
Is an interesting exercise
Trying to focus
In creative guise

Picking a topic
That seems apropos
Is hard to do
When I’m lacking the know

This emptiness occurs
On various occasions
Sometimes in morning
Or on night’s invasion

So I will specify nothing
And just say hello
And hope to write
A later crow

DeaBeePea 1-26-18

Cannonade in Wookey

the sun was bright
but a mysterious hue
overtook Wookey
greying the blue

the breeze became
a gusty breath
and the misty air
a smell of death

like a sudden shot
the hail downpoured
in a threatening torrent
in icy horde

bouncing off the walls
of Fenny Castle
cloaking the ground
in impudent facile

the daylilies and clover
wounded and bruised
the cowslips and sedges
shocked and confused

the cars are turning
at their stony wend
losing vision
on Vicarage bend

the patrons at Burcott
peaking out in awe
basking in the blanket
cutting like a saw

Carolyn draws
her halcyon drapes
alert to the storm
and its violent traipse

but it's over fast
and the hillocks are reset
to their rolling quaintness
after the torrid vignette

DeaBeePea 1-23-18

The Dog and the Bee

Bonnie Bee:

"I appreciate your visit
but please calm down
I'm busy on this flower
pollinating the crown

it takes concentration
and peace and quiet
as I gather my pollen
and nectar of diet

and your bark, my friend
though not very loud
in my special garden
is not allowed

and in my journey, for
fragrance, resin and oil
I don't like interruption
during this important toil"

Ecru the Dog:

I'm sorry my friend
I meant no offense
I'm just scampering in the woods
if that makes sense

but I'm glad I caught you
I have a question
I hear that mammals
can leave a floral impression

so I thought I'd find out
how you do what you do
and practice propagation
if it's okay with you

copious ambrosia
and crimson petals too
are really nice
so help give me a clue

DeaBeePea 2-7-18


quite the hobby
this wordy practice
sometimes I feel
like I'm sitting on a cactus

poked and prodded
by my unconscious mind
going a little crazy
in this creatively demanding bind

figuring out
what the purpose is
and never knowing for sure
if it triggers any biz

but prosperity is unexpected
that is one thing for sure
and I don't think I'll stop it
there isn't any cure

but it keeps me out of trouble
at least most of the time
and if it's poetry
all it has to do is rhyme

but it keeps me up
to the wee wee hours
and keeps me occupied
when the outside showers

so I will hit the sack
after writing this blurb
and put up my sign
do not disturb

DeaBeePea 2-6-18


this is a state
of love for the potato
though I have nothing against
the tomato

I am a masher
of a different kind
with a parsley and butter
state of mind

those nice firm strips
deep-fried or baked
with the skins still on
my passion is slaked

and poutine
well my oh my
just the sight
makes me sigh

with cayenne pepper
browned and spiced
in the morning
the russets diced

and white and fluffy
those Yukon Gold
baked at 450
you have me sold!

with mayo and eggs
for that savoury salad
garlic and onion
a culinary ballad

caramelized fingerlings
are simply heaven
and i generally eat
'way more than eleven

and there is a whole lot more
I've left a few things out
but I have to pause
for purple peruvian and trout

DeaBeePea 2-3-18

Government Says

All is good
Economy is booming
Employment on the rise
Growth is zooming

Transparency is real
The old guard is gone
It is a brand new era
The opposition is a con

Promoting peace
Leaders of the world
Keeping things in check
New budget unfurled

Human rights prioritized
The poor are attended
Infrastructure re-building
Loose ends are mended

Proud of our record
We ask for support
For the next election
Success we purport

But isn’t it strange
That nothing has changed
Despite all these words
Our authorities estranged

DeaBeePea 1-29-18

Watching Curling

too many it's dull
a paint-drying view
but I enjoy it
a taste to accrue

it is rather tame
and I like that
no bodily impact
a sport of tact

hurry hard
is often heard
and line-only is yelled
and weight inferred

double take-out occurs
it sounds quite vicious
but the anger is void
and style seditious

guarding is good
to bring on the offense
it's usually first
the shot to commence

having the hammer
is quite an advantage
unless the skip
begins to mismanage

whether your turn
is out or in
depends on the ice
and the deliveries spin

I like the strategy
and the skill-set displayed
it's quite intriguing
the way it's played

so if you are bored
then I will see you later
after the match
when my time is greater

DeaBeePea 1-29-18

Blow Up

this chronic voice
is drowning my thoughts
carving doubt
in what I have bought

is there hope
to escape this blaspheme
of empty verbiage
and poison dream

the teeth are brittle
so I hope they crack
and it all comes tumbling
and go off track

I have had enough
so I'll go on my way
and ignore this nonsense
and have a good day

DeaBeePea 1-29-18

The Salamander Dragon

green and swift
this cagey amphibian
with steamy breath
a forked tongue thespian

trying to entice
with slimy charm
slithering speech
using deceptive smarm

its emerald eyes
are peeled on diet
and as it approaches
it's exceedingly quiet

so I will trick it
and have my trap ready
and saute this fellow
my plate is steady

DeaBeePea 1-29-18


what the heck is this
this previously slimy
reptilian monster
in history so stymied

except for the tail
and face alight
I would declare him dead
unprepared to fight

but he's back for a reason
that I must confirm
before he makes
our society infirm

is his orangey coat
a re-birth of sorts?
announcing a birth
that honesty aborts

the bones seem supple
which is very strange
so I must research
to keep my fear in range

DeaBeePea 2-12-18

The Kool Kat-Wolf

pink, white and gold
the sneaky triumvirate
fierce but gentle
in a proud protectorate

never fooled
and a giant leaper
with the fiercest growl
and her subjects reaper

and the golden shimmer
from those piercing eyes
the riches of vision
over perilous skies

in a land of snow
and a warming future
integrity to view
with a critical suture

in her coat of white
she never falls from grace
in a land of hope
and no disgrace

DeaBeePea 2-10-18

Thank you Rebecca Hulit

The Eapatu

this marvelous fowl
in this twisted land
of dwarf-like oak
and orange sand

a chest of circles
this strange Eapatu
in the schrubby home
the place called Creepatu

she doesn't fly well
but her span is great
and if she's frightened
she climbs very straight

fabulous vision
and a feathered beak
that hides the sharpness
from a mouth of screak

well camouflaged
except for her eyes
that scan everywhere
for a sudden surprise

and she eats only leaves
from the Geucalyptus
a gummy green
that is delicyptus

DeaBeePea 2-10-18

Thank you Rebecca Hulit


this is a very smart mouse
of infinite vision
blind to nothing
of no threesome's derision

a sensitive tail
curled in empathy
and long tender feet
with a feel for antipathy

sensing danger
but never afraid
knowing that fear
brings on a parade

of foolish enemies
offering cheese
waiting for takers
with a helpless sneeze

with her paramount ears
she carries her wisdom
with carefull acuteness
in her small-hole kingdom

DeaBeePea 2-10-18

Thank you Rebecca Hulit

Azalea Cat

on the bird bath
so slick and black
the azalea cat
has just come back

gold and frazzled
a mangy chap
he loves the mud
and sings some rap

despite his unkemptness
he has some culture
the flowers grow
in supportive agriculture

they show his passion
for a challenging cause
scrounging for food
with mighty paws

feeding the others
not so strong
letting them know
that they belong

he's proud and stubborn
as if a lion
he's a kind of hero
a mythical scion

DeaBeePea 2-8-18

Thank you Rebecca Hulit


the magical cassowary
or bustard of black
synthetically feathered
in disguised attack

a swimming albatross
a tinamou of svelt
surprisingly gentle
with its coat of felt

aquamarine in softening flow
taking to the breeze
paddling in camouflage
in floating ease

a mellow chirp
to announce peace to the world
as its former prey
their love unfurled

DeaBeePea 2-12-18


tropical plants
are in the pink
as greenness
no longer on brink

those big eyes
started in joy
tangled in the jungle
a fern-like cloy

the sky is green
in chlorophylled wealth
as the writheing snakes
are plants of health

the soil is deep
and rich in compost
a fertilized world
an honourable boast

DeaBeePea 2-13-18


those wide-mouthed kids
sandwiched minds
in the corn stalks, thrilled

breath-aided by pollen
flowers to dance
their hair straight up
eyes are pranced

cognitive dissonance
and yet they play
in peaceful ignorance
a fun-filled day

a motley crew
in innocent humour
don't look now
our future boomers

DeaBeePea 2-13-18


I did it today
I forgave myself

laughing at things
I can't help not being

so I give myself a push
don't fight
be someone
with a light

pointing to things
that shine
they reflect to me
enough to dine!

ideas and friends
pretty cool
things that mend

no worries
tomorrow's tryst
will be a continuation
with a few twists

pancakes, beer, and
fried potatoes
sweet desserts
yes, gelato

I have no concept
of what's going on
but it's fun
this frequent dawn

DeaBeePea 2-13-18

Gun Monsters

there are no monsters
just a culture
that speaks to freedom
with hunger of a vulture

thinking our rights
give us power
to scream our strength
in a bullet shower

our children are innocent
until they're attacked
and then their humour
is not intact

we poison our young
with words of greatness
mistaking muscle
for calm sedateness

the smoke is still here
we breathe the fumes
crying tears
in our empty rooms

but we'll band together
in lonely unity
and stop the gunfire
with no impunity

for we are the world
and our voices are loud
it's time to stand
on a brand new cloud

DeaBeePea 2-25-18


who is the basilisk?
of heated anger
breathing fire
of gasping clangor

he might be ancient
in scaley hide
that longish neck
of protruding pride

but I think he's a fraud
of modest scope
cowardly and frail
a pickled dope

he's so full of flame
that he's over-stated
and is probably mad
that he's never mated

so he'd better calm down
and face the facts
he's just a tarragon
and wisdom he lacks

DeaBeePea 2-22-18


a dance in blue
with swirls of blush
with entozoon arms
that flail in rush

her message is joy
with a candied smile
and popping eyes
that scan a while

she looks for melody
and notes our life
singing of roses
and relieving strife

the puffy sleeves bow
to her dress aflail
the ballet flats patter
in reckless avail

and her cheeks are shining
a glow so happy
in this fox-trotty jig
that taps so snappy

DeaBeePea 2-22-18

We Are...

thinning hope
our blood is dry
but we remain in smile
in our determined pry

we turn to each other
asking why
things are as they are
and our answers to try

with our rounding teeth
and lioness heads
we grit our hope
and make our beds

streams of consciousness
melting away
but in each morning
there is something to say

DeaBeePea 2-22-18

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