Opus in Muskeg (in C major species)

A wonderful marsh

to go when bogged down

an experience, not too harsh

Eerily quiet, those grootslang

and an amphibious croaking concert

of natures gerus in clang

no egrets today, I regret, standing proud

and looking to ensue

copepods in misty cloud

passive contests. a spring recourse

skating on pond

with a flying horse

a mosquito bite, a souvenir

in my respite, 

of a visit without jeer

a stew of texture

black bark and peat

brewing afester

a kitchen of bouquet

"garnering" a soup

so slimy and in decay

Such wonderful theatre

paradise to me 

of pondrous meter

DBP 9-21-14


a convent of content

a trap so tight

yet sweet, so meant

as victory...

but throws a curve

as strife and fear

peak around corners

ready to pounce, I hear

voices and cries

as I look to skies 

changing so fast

head spinning a path

spiraling spheres

gravitate our wonder

dislodging comfort

and content we plunder

yes, I touch and ride

those feelings so soft

but they are torn and tattered

as the other coins side

warns us of

times, so tragic

so we dream and delight

in loves flawless magic

DBP 9-22-14


The young, tired terrier

looks over the angry shadows

Cowgate yearning

for his paws to harrow

remembering the craggy hills

the limestone bricks remind

his days as shepherd

and dreams so kind...


The Blooming Tico Lily

Lily: "I heard someone say to me 'Lily'

Tico: "That's your name, silly.

My name is Tico,

it wasn't my choice either,

but they feed us

with little fuss,

and let us in and out

so we can run about."

Lily: "That sounds nice,

but a bit more advice.

What does 'Go to your Mommy mean'

that is something, I have yet seen.

Tico" "I am your Mommy,

and I will teach you things."

Lily: That is nice,

like catching mice?"

Tico: "That is one, 

but there is more to be done."

Lily: "Like what?" she inquired.

Tico: "To get our way,

in a sneaky way.

To use our cuteness to

enable us permuteness!"

8-26-14 DBP

Embroidered Fear

frame in frame

the exotic painting dangles

embossed with flame

of vertical objections

as the lamplight

strews reflections

Mysterious quiet

politely asks

the brass tipped foot

so efflorescant in porcelain

about the rage

of satin that puts

an alizarin passion

on an allegorical stage

The supple damask

conceals moral ration

and ivory tapestry

and strips of gold in majesty

sistering solid swaths

of Victorian aesthetic old

Confused by bouncing shadows

awaiting the turbulence

no one rests tonight

the sleepers dwindle from sight

DBP 8-24-14

A Gem

sitting in darkness

as Miss Lombard sleeps

so jeweled and bright

her bracelet delight

it looks like a blade

in mornings dew

before the sun

makes droplets run

but it will attire

the shining star

so graceful on wrist

a regal choir

Twentieth Century

screwball in decade

glitters so zany 

passion no facade

a nightly vigil

ends in crash

poor Gable stricken

the arm band strewn

we laugh and swoon

at her joyous croon

the grasses of Potosi Mountain

settled her legend

...too soon

DBP 9-9-14

Some Like It Hot

Fluffy pink

what does a man write about

I could be in quite a stink

after all

the images are sexy

I can't help that

dear Marilyn dressed

so shocking a flush

and old movies

all that mush

angora sweaters

nothing much better

or jumpers of London

requiring a petter

the fuzzy pink nightgown 

a smothering yarn

Miss Russell adorned

in provocative lorn

cherry pink

goes with apple blossom white

an Adam and Eve cocktail

could get me quite tight

and being in the roseate

is a wonderful state

And...I could think of candy

and all things dandy

and all confections

with sweet direction

but it is hard

not to think

of beautiful gals

pretty in pink

what do you think?

DBP 8-26-14


the thought of "up"

made my mind er-up-t

my thoughts like syr-up

coating memories

so forever

a child with eyes looking


at building of Krupp

as I hold my cup

a kissing sup

in thirst and asking

I want some more

my tears sometimes pour

fear in the sky

as it might fall...I die

an innocent pup

no chance to corr-up-t

as a quiet yup

takes me to ground

my feet shaking

but secure, my surprise

the world

has it's death cup

but I remain "up"

inspired by beauty

and the works of 

Upton, checking brass

my knuckles soft

an Up-ward night walk

nervous at Judith's breast

up as a direction

too uncertain for implication

although wonder aspires

me, to throw

up in arms at injustice

so I walk in inclination

slowly upward

caressing the rail

DBP 8-24-14

A Study in Ichabod

misfit plight

not fitting quite right

not even outcast

no beatnik or hip

beliefs unique

and laughed at so

disliked by some

friends afew but in tow

intelligence blooms

mature to a tea

insane...not really

depressed when it's free

social life...what?

strange and pure

no conformity for sure

no subculture for me

doing my thing with glee

easy to love

stereotype capacity

is null and void

might be better on asteroid


people don't try

uncomfortable in hue

their tunnel view

weird or what?

DBP 9-9-14

Head Banging Game

helmuts with heads

rear ends and knees

crashing and bumping

stopping Drew Brees

zipping and zagging

blistering speed

but major collisions

causing halfback to bleed

seeing stars

where am I...Mars?

shaken skull

rest of life in bars

coaches screaming

blaspheming ref

they never win

striped men are deaf

fans go nuts

for no reason really

sports is business

including cuts

millionaires run it

fans pay a hundred

for tickets to watch

to see which team will botch

DBP 4-7-14

Journey in Stone

little pebbles

in a race

the outcome

a part of space

rolling gently

adapting to river

sometimes raging

sometimes a trickling quiver

sometimes they pause

lodged on log

or clustered with friends

as the river bends

some get larger

gathering dust

others smaller

eroding in trust

some lose

as they land ashore

but begin to play

with children in day

others win

to the mouth they land

ready for oceans

and wide world to stand

but those that lose

tickle hearts so young

so the race is in question

as we define their destiny

the tortoise and hare

in stone they tell

how soil and blood

befriend in dell

8-8-14 DBP

Visiting Hamelin

who will follow me

the rats of plague?

or children of flee

one-hundred thirty in all

revenge for lack

of renumeration, henceforth

wandering Lower Saxony with pack

a pipe of magic to sing

Am I to quell catastrophe

or lead a crusade?

The Weser River awaiting

the drowning of birth is laid

Wearing hunter green

Am I the symbol of death?

The blind child

the hero's breath

unaware of humble power

the deaf in safety

of evil words

and blind avoiding, deftly

the flashy and pied

decorating Koppelberg Hill

The founding Transylvania


a pagan heretic, in mania

Or utopian king

with message anew

world lit only by fire

the myth in village new

9-2-14 DBP


I have a bump
on my rump
and when I sit 
it hurts a bit

I call it a clump
somethimes it thumps
I don't know what it is
it makes me dizz

When I take a dump
I overwork the sump
and if I rush
I forget to flush

When I sit on a stump
I contemplate the hump
and wonder if surgery
is self-imposed perjury

I guess I'm a chump
I could try to jump
but things aren't that bad
I'm not really sad

Sometimes I crump
just like an old frump
I guess it's just age
and avoiding rage

And when I flump
like Forrest Gump
I run forever
thinking I'm clever

But I'm not an old grump
even though I slump
it's just bad posture
my back like a saucer

For answers I pump
looking for the trump
but really I'm lucky
everything's ducky

I used to be plump
and walked in a callithump
I was the roly poly man
now thinner I am

no more am I a mugwump
as I sit on the tump
happy with my growth so fine
at least it is benign


Neptunes Heart

the arterial tree
so pink in spawn
going to capilleries
and flowering at dawn
delivering from heart
all the love in root
spreading the blood
a kindness in lute
singing the melody
in seas indigo flesh
creatures sprouting in anther
oxygen bubbles from thresh
passionate gasping 
pulminary rivers just sprung
appeased in systolic rest
vibrating of lung
miracle topiary
clutching rainbow in branch
trawling for loneliness
to capture romance

DBP 10-18-14


too salty
commonly raised
just a dash
in soup so maized

and advice in love
a tasty dollop
but not too much
save some for touch

diplomacy adhered
not too thick
pleasant chotto
and just a flick

of pen so strong
a signature of trick
A kimono so bright
celebrating in comfort

a tapestry of history
painted in mystery
so subtle and poignant
deft in refinement

and a dab of excitement
to loosen confinement
a little kindness kudasai
and tenderness so sweet

so meaningful...
and appreciated in complete
but modest and sincere
as honest we endear

baby steps
an easing of fear
one day at a time
the sky is clear

10-1-14 DBP


an ode to St. Peter
it is sometimes referred
softer than Christ
a blasphemous curd

a euphemistic switch
of annoyance or fret
relieving God
of this emotional bet

love and sake
are bandied about
an exclamations partner
showing patience doubt

for Pete's well-being
I reflect some respect
for his battered image
I swear unchecked

DeaBeePea 12-12-16


Italian renaissance
then France and Russia
an evolving art
in musical compart

the attitude performed
in delicate balance
on tips of toes
in physical throes

ballone so sprite
sur le cou-de-pied
a lofty position
of undue precision

the brisk brise
demanding flight
petits battements
and optional changement

a fouette then raises
from heel to toe
a spinning arabesque
erect and statuesque

but the essence is en pointe
the elevated posture
so elegant and light
Balletomane in delight

DeaBeePea 12-11-16

Flight or Fight

Listening to this
Almost unbearable
What do I do
This crap is terrible

I really want
To punch this guy
Right in the nose
Or maybe throw a pie

A time for decision
To display my thrust
Or fly away
Avoid it I must

But being passive
Is sometimes harder
Then being pugilistic
To show disardor

Flight and fancy
A pleasant way
To evade this torture
In futuristic pray

But deep down
I really want
To impose a black eye
My fist to flaunt

DeaBeePea 12-10-16



I love popcorn
stuffing in mouth, I am not beneath
but there is a payment
it gets stuck in my teeth


pressure cooker and jiffy
and microwave too
but by far the best
is hot air as it flew


it never leaves
this cultural star
from ballgames to movies
it has raised the bar


now there are coatings
but butter's still best
the original classic
that puts tummy to rest


adding caramel though
is a very nice option
sweet and sticky
a fingers adoption


making it is a part
of the glory indeed
that happy pop
planting taste buds seed


rubbing the corn
in coating of butter
in the bottom of bowl
makes my heart flutter


my final ode
is a walk to store
for I'm all out
and I want more

DeaBeePea 12-7-16

Wet Slippers

I woke up
to put them on
those comfy things
called slippers

but they were wet
I couldn't figure
how could it happen
they were more like flippers

then I saw
the glass lying down
with a trail of red
spewn around

Oh... now I know
I was watching a movie
with a glass of wine
must have fallen asleep... sound

it must have crashed
and sent its juice
with most of it
on my morning shoes

but at least I say
drinking in bed
not nearly as bad
as the smoking in bed dues

DeaBeePea 12-6-16

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