Bracey to Byron

Sidney Bracey

Cohen at Coney Island (short 1909), A Twentieth Century Farmer (short), The Elevator Man (short), Zudora 1914, The Path of Happiness, Elusive Isabel, Sporting Blood, Little Miss Happiness, Reclaimed: The Struggle for a Soul Between Love and Hate 1919, Passion Fruit 1921, Morals, Midnight, Is Matrimony a Failure?, Merry-Go-Round, Ruggles of Red Gap 1923, The Wild Party 1923, The Radio King, The Blackbird, My Official Wife, My Best Girl, The Thirteenth Juror, The Wedding March, The Bishop Murder Case 1930, Show People, Anybody's Woman, The Avenger, The Airmail Mystery, Little Orphan Annie 1932, Double Exposure, The Poor Rich, The Vanishing Shadow, Back Page 1934, The Cat's Paw, Mills of the Gods, Anna Karenina, Magnificent Obsession 1935, Isle of Fury, The Baroness and the Butler, Merrily We Live, My Bill, Angels With Dirty Faces, On Trial 1939, Everybody's Hobby, Sweepstakes Winner, Tugboat Annie Sails Again, Meet John Doe, Knockout, Scotland Yard, The Gay Sisters 1942

James Bradbury Jr.

The Pest 1919, Winning Through, Fear-Bound, Exclusive Rights, Let It Rain, Glitter, Flying Romeos, Speedy,  Hellship Bronson, Cheyenne, Smilin' Guns, The Rogue Song, Man Trouble, The Last of the Duanes 1930, Night Nurse 1931, Dancers in the Dark 1932, Song of the Eagle, Whirlpool, Jealousy, Mark of the Vampire 1935, Helldorado, Bad Boy

James Bradbury Sr.

Tol'able David 1930, Abraham Lincoln 1930, A Matrimonial Problem, The Woman From Hell, Scarlet Seas, Blockade 1928, Skinner's Big Idea, Waterfront 1928, Painting the Town, The Blood Ship, Romantic Rogue 1927, The High Flyer, Fascinating Youth, Manhattan 1924, The Garden of Allah, A Milk White Flag (short), Temperance Town (short), The Hard Way (short), The Devil, the Servant, and the Man (short) 1916, A Black Sheep

Marshall Bradford

Terror at Black Falls 1962, A Summer Place 1959, Party Girl 1958, Teenage Cave Man, Band of Angels, Shoot-Out at Medicine Bend, It Conquered the World, One Desire 1955, The Fast and the Furious 1955, Jupiter's Darling,Four Stars to the Border, A Star is Born 1954, Them! 1954, Duffy of San Quentin, Yukon Vengeance, Sweethearts on Parade, The Neanderthal man, Count the Hours, The Bad and the Beautiful 1952,  Captive Women, Something for the Birds, Carbine Williams, The Day the Earth Stood Still 1951, Inside Straight, Convicted 1950, Atom Man VS Superman, Bright Leaf 1950, All the King's Men 1949, White Heat 1949, Batman and Robin 1949, Blondie for Victory

Olympe Bradna

International Squadron 1941, Highway West, Knockout, South of Pago Pago, The Night of Nights, Stolen Heaven 1938, Say It in French, Souls at Sea, The Last Train From Madrid, College Holiday, Three Cheers for Love, Flofloche, Roger la Honte 1933

Alice Brady

The Gilded Cage, Woman and Wife 1913, Marie Ltd., The New York Idea 1920, The Snow Bride

Ed Brady

The Forest Rangers 1942, Wrongly Accused, The Spoilers, Honky Tonk 1941, Fugitive Valley, The Getaway 1941, The Border Legion, Trouble Chaser, Wagon Train, Prairie Law, Saps at Sea, The Cheyenne Kid 1940, The Invisible Man Returns, Destry Rides Again 1939, Blackmail, Dick Tracy's G-Men, Union Pacific, The Oregon Trail, Romance of the Redwoods, The Cowboy and the Lady, Stagecoach 1939, The Texans, Blockade, Thunder in the Desert, Prison Nurse, Wells Fargo, Danger Valley, Marie Walewska, Nancy Steele is Missing!, Banjo on My Knee, The Magnificent Brute, Sworn Enemy, Fury, The Rainmakers, The Arizonian, The Whole Town's Talking, Mills of the Gods, Redhead 1934, Afterwards, Treasure Island, George White's Scandals 1934, Spitfire, Son of Kong, Blonde Bombshell, Tillie and Gus 1933, Penthouse, Ranger's Code, Inflation (short), Girl Missing, The Match King, Forbidden Trail, Embassy Girl, The Sporting Widow, Destry Rides Again 1932, Without Honor, The Nevada Buckaroo, The White Man, Beyond Victory, Madonna of the Streets, Abraham Lincoln 1930, City Girl, Alibi, Do Your Duty, The Code of the Scarlet 1928, Dressed to Kill, Forgotten Vows, The King o9f Kings 1927, Mantrap, The Volga Boatman, Marry Me, The Deadwood Coach, Dancing Cheat, To the Last Man, The Trail of the Lonesome Pine 1923, A Question of Honor, Boy Crazy, The Yellow Typhoon, The Great Radium Mystery, Wild Life 1918, Mr. Miller Muddles Through (short), The Shoes That Danced, The Gun Woman, The High Sign, Indiscreet Corinne, The reed Case, The Spindle of Life, The Goddess of Chance (short), Mutiny 1917, The Mainspring, So Shall Ye Reap (short), Out of the Shadows (short), He Wrote a Book (short), Spellbound 1916, Toil and Tyranny (short), Pals in Blue (short), House of Glass (short) 1915, When Justice Sleeps (short), The Legal Light (short), 

Alice of the Lake (short), The Odd Slipper (short), Cactus Jim's Shop Girl (short), From the Flames (short), The Test (short), Heart of the Hills (short), The Voice of Viola (short), Regeneration (short), The Wheel of Life (short), Whose Diggeth a Pit (short), Retribution (short), The Child of the Prairies (short), War (short) 1911Greater Love Hath No Man (short) 1911

Scott Brady

Gremlins 1984, Canon City 1948, Marooned, Doctor's Wives 1971, S 1971, The Ice House, Satan's Sadists 1969
, The Gal Who took the West, I Was a Shoplifter, The Model and the Marriage Broker 1951, Montana Belle,
A Perilous Journey 1953, Undercover Girl 1950, Gentlemen Marry Brunettes 1955, Terror at Midnight, The Maverick Queen, The Vanishing American 1955, The Storm Rider, Ambush at Cimarron Pass, Operation Bikini 1963,
Stage to Thunder Rock, John Goldfarb, Please Come Home, Castle of Evil, Journey to the Centre of Time 1967They Ran For Their Lives, Portrait of Violence, Strange Behavior, 

Eddie Bracken

Too Many Girls 1940, The Miracle of Morgan's Creek 1944,  Life With Henry, Hail the Conquering Hero, Sweater Girl 1942, The Fleet`s In, Young and Willing, Bring on the Girls, Out of This World, A Slight Case of Larceny, We`re Not Married, Summer Stock 1950, The Girl From Jones Beach, Duffy`s Tavern 1945, Assault at west Point, Rookie of the Year, Oscar 1991, Home Alone II: Lost in New York, National Lampoon`s Vacation 1983

Lovyss Bradley

This Rebel Breed, Please Don't Eat the Daisies 1960, The Unholy Wife, The First Traveling Saleslady, Man of Conflict, Call Me Mister 1951, The Blue Veil 1951, Cheaper by the Dozen 1950, Caged 1950, 

Patti Brady

Corky of Gasoline Alley 1951, Gasoline Alley, Cheaper by the Dozen 1950, Bachelor Bait, A Letter to Three Wives 1949, State of the Union, Above All Laws, Stallion Road, King of the Wild Horses, Never Say Goodbye, Royal Flush 1946, The Wreck of the Hesperus

Neville Brand

Port of New York 1949, My Foolish Heart, D.O.A. 1950, The Mob, Halls of Montezuma 1950, Kansas City Confidential 1953, Stalag 17 1952, Man Crazy, Riot in Cell Block 11, The Prodigal, Raw Edge, Mohawk, Love Me Tender 1956, Cry Terror! 1958, Five Gates to Hell, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The last Sunset, The Birdman of Alcatraz 1962, That Darn Cat!, Tora! Tora! Tora! 1970, Cahill U.S. Marshall, Eaten Alive, The Ninth Configuration 1980, Evils of the Night

Chet Brandeburg

For Love or Money, Son of Flubber, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance 1962Judgement ay Nuremberg 1961, North to Alaska, One-Eyed Jacks, One Foot in Hell, Sunrise at Campobello 1960, Inherit the Wind 1960, The F.B.I. Story, The Young Philadelphians 1959, The Last Hurrah, The Tin Star, My Man Godfrey 1957, Slaughter on Tenth Avenue, Chicago Confidential, Jeanne Eagels 1957, Valerie, The Deadly Mantis, The Vampire, The Spirit of St. Louis, The Tattered Dress 1957, The Incredible Shrinking Man, Friendly Persuasion 1956, Calling Homicide, The Boss, The Naked Hills, A Day of Fury, I'll Cry Tomorrow, Trial, It's a Dog's Life 1955, Wichita, Love Me or Leave Me, Illegal, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, The Forty-Niners, Overland Pacific, Calamity Jane, So Big, Vicki, Pickup on South Street, Small Town Girl, Gunsmoke 1953, Rogue's March, The Black Castle, The Iron Mistress, Kansas City Confidential 1952, So Bright the Flame, Scaramouche, Singin' in the Rain 1952, The Big Trees, Anne of the Indies, The Day the Earth Stood Still 1951, Angels in the Outfield. Whirlwind, Hollywood Story, The Red Badge of Courage, Frenchie, Highway 301, Convicted 1950, Broken Arrow, The Asphalt Jungle 1950, Winchester '73 1950, Wabash Avenue, The Daughter of Rosie O'Grady, The Good Humor Man, Mule Train, The Woman on Pier 13, White Heat 1959, The Beautiful Blonde From Bashful Bend, Canadian Pacific, The Crooked Way, Ladies of the Chorus 1948, Nightmare Alley, Brute Force 1947, It Happened on Fifth Avenue,  The Egg and I 1947, It Happened in Brooklyn, California, The Mighty McGurk, Dark Alibi, Two Sisters From Boston, Bud Abbott and Lou Costello in Hollywood, Bells of the Yukon, Wing and a Prayer, Hitler's Madman, The Song of Bernadette, Jitterbugs 1943, It Happened in Flatbush, They Drive by Night 1940, Dodge City 1939, Swiss Miss, The Adventures of Robin Hood 1938, A Day at the Races, Sons of the Desert, Pack Up Your Troubles, Playin' Hockey (short), Jewish Prudence (short), War Feathers (short)

Jocelyn Brando

China Venture, The Big Heat 1953, Ten Wanted Men, Nightfall, Step Down to Terror, The Explosive Generation, The Ugly American, Bus Riley's Back in Town 1965, The Chase, Good Luck Miss Wyckoff, Mommie Dearest

Henry Brandon

Wizards of the Lost Kingdom, To Be or Not to Be 1942, Assault on Precinct 13, Run For the Roses, The Manhandlers, When the North Wind Blows, So Long, Blue Boy, The Search for the Evil One, Captain Sinbad, Two Rode Together, Auntie Mame, The Ten Commandments 1956, The Caddy, The War of the Worlds, Scared Stiff, Wagons West, Harem Girl, Joan of Arc, Edge of Darkness, Babes In Toyland, The Son of Monte Cristo, Carnival in Paris, Black Legion, Beau Geste, Conquest, Wells Fargo 1937, Drums of Fu Manchu, Night in New Orleans, Dark Streets of Cairo

Keefe Brasselle

Black Gun, Death Over My Shoulder, Battle Stations, Mad at the world, The Eddie Cantor Story, A Place in the Sun, Dial 1119 1950, USS VD: Ship of Shame, Three Little Sisters 1944, Killer at Large Heartaches, T-Men, The Babe Ruth Story

Tiny Brauer

Three Stooges Meet the Gunslingers, Calling Homicide, Tex Granger: Midnight Rider of the Plains, The Vigilante: Fighting Hero of the West, Jack Armstrong, Gentleman Joe Palooka, Hop Harrigan: America's Ace of the Airways 1946 

Robert Bray

Dick Tracy vs Cueball 1946, The Falcon's Adventure, San Quentin 1946, Honeymoon, The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer 1947, Seven Keys to Baldpate 1947, Desperate, Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome, Banjo, Return of the Bad Man 1948, Guns of Hate, Variety Time, Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House 1948, Strange Bargain, Rustlers, The Clay Pidgeon, Warpath, The Thing From Another World 1951, The Maverick, Man From the Black Hills, Feudin' Fools, Voodoo Tiger, Fargo 1952, Main Street to Broadway, Seminole, The Neanderthal Man, Rose Marie, Francis Joins the WACS, The Caine Mutiny 1954, Big House, U.S.A. 1955, Bus Stop 1956, The Wayward Bus, Never Love a Stranger, The Accursed, The Steel Jungle, A Gathering of Eagles

George P. Breakston

It Happened One Night 1934, Great Expectations. A Midsummer Nights Dream 1935, Swanee River, I Killed that Man, The Courtship of Andy Hardy, Life Begins for Andy Hardy 1941, Andy Hardy Gets Spring Fever 1939, Judge Hardy and Son 1939Andy Hardy Meets Debutante 1940, Urubu, Jungle Stampede, No Greater Glory 1934, Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch, Life Returns, The Return of Peter Grimm, Small Town Girl


Egon Brecher 

So Dark the Night, O.S.S., White Pongo, The Desert Hawk, Isle of Missing Me, Hitler's Children 1943, King's Row, Manpower 1941, Man Hunt, Four Mothers, Underground, The Man I Married, Four Sons, Dr. Erlich's Magic Bullet, Judge Hardy and Son 1939, We Are Not Alone, Espionage Agent, The Angels Wash Their Faces 1939, Hotel Imperial, The Three Musketeers 1939, Devil's Island, Suez, I'll Give a Million,  Invisible Enemy 1938, The Spy Ring, Heidi 1937, Espionage, Black Legion 1937, Alibi for Murder, Anthony Adverse 1936, Charlie Chan's Secret, Till We Meet Again, The White Angel, Black Fury 1935, Many Happy Returns, The Black Cat 1934, Boulder Dam,  To the Last Man, As the Earth Turns,


Peter Breck

Thunder Road, I Want to Live!, The Beatniks 1960, Lad: A Dog, Hootenanny Hoot, The Crawling Hand, Shock Corridor, The Glory Guys, Benji 1974, The Sword and the Sorcerer, Highway 61 1991, Decoy, Lulu, Jiminy Glick in Lalawood 2004

Bobby Breen

Johnny Doughboy, Escape to Paradise, Way Down South 1939, Breaking the Ice, Hawaii Calls, Make a Wish, Rainbow on the River 1946, Let's Sing Again

Edmund Breese

Woman of Destiny, Strictly Confidential, Lost in the Stratosphere 1934Treasure Island 1934, Dancing Man, Beloved, Duck Soup 1933Female 1933,A Man of Sentiment, Fighting Kit Carson, International House, Torchy's Loud Spooker (short), Torchy Turns Turtle (short), Madame Butterfly 1932, The Match King, Women Won't Tell, The Cabin in the Cotton, Drifting, Alias Mary Smith, Young Bride, Love Bound, Son of Mine, The Reckoning, Torchy Turns the Trick (short), Mata Hari 1931Cross-Examination 1932, Morals for Women, Chinatown After Dark, Wicked, Platinum Blonde 1937, The Good Bad Girl, Millie, The Last Parade, The Painted Desert, Kismet, Bright Lights, Czar of Broadway, All Quiet on the Western Front 1930The Hottentot 1929, Girls Gone Wild, On Trial, Fancy Baggage, Burning Daylight, Home Made, Paradise for Two, The Brown Derby, Womanhandled 1925, Wildfire,The Sixth Commandment, The Speed Sppok, Damaged Hearts, Three O'Clock in the Morning, Bright Lights of Broadway 1923, Luck, The Curse of Drink, Beyond the Rainbow, The Weakness of Strength, Chains of Evidence. The Shooting of Dan McGrew, The Master Mind 1914

Lucille Bremer

Meet Me In St. Louis 1944, Penny Arcade, Yolanda and the Thief 1945, Ziegfield Follies, Till the Clouds Roll By, Ruthless


El Brendel

Laughing Time, The Beautiful Blonde From Bashful Bend 1949, Machine Gun Mama, The Blitz Kiss, If I Had My Way, 

The House of Fear, Blonde Trouble, Little Miss Broadway, The Meanest Gal In Town, Just Imagine, New Movietone Follies of 1930,

Sunnyside Up, Wings 1927

George Brenlin

Inside Moves 1980, Riot in Juvenile Prison, The Proud and the Profane 1956

Eileen Brennan

Divorce American Style 1967The Last Picture Show 1971The Sting 1973, The Cheap Detective, Scarecrow, Daisy Miller, At Long Last Love 1975, Hustle, The Goodbye Run, FM 1978, Private Bejamin 1970, Pandemonium, Clue 1985, It Had to be You, Stella 1990, Texasville, Joey Takes a Cab, Reckless 1996, Changing Habits, Moonglow, Dumb Luck, The Moguls, Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous 2005, The Kings of Appletown, Naked Run

Walter Brennan

Tearin' Into Trouble, One Hysterical Night, Two-Fisted Law, One Year Later, King for a Night, Come and Get It 1936, Three Godafthers, To Have and Have Not 1944 The Westerner, Seargeant York, My Darling Clementine 1946, King of Jazz 1930, The Wedding Night, Fury, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Mother Carey's Chickens 1938The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle, Stanley and Livingstone 1939, Northwest Passage,  Nice Girl?, The Pride of the Yankees, Slightly Dangerous, Red River 1948, Driftwood, Task Force, Curtain Call at Cactus Creek 1950, The Wild Blue Yonder, Glory 1956, The Proud Ones, Rio Bravo, How the West Was Won, Support Your Local Sheriff 1969, The Over-the-Hill-Gang 1969

Evelyn Brent

The Heart of a Painted Woman 1915, The Weakness of Strength, To the Death, Who;s Your Neighbour?, The Other Man's Wife 1919Sybil 1921, Laughter and Tears, The Experiment, The Shadow of the East, My Husband's Wives, Secret Orders, The Imposter, Women's Wares 1927, A Night of Mystery, Interference, Darkened Rooms, Slightly Scarlet, Symphony of Living 1935, The Nitwits, Daughter of Shanghai, Dangerous Lady, Silent Witness, The Golden Eye 1948, High Pressure 1932

Roy Brent

Law of the Pampas, King Kong 1933Top Hat 1935, Overland Stagecoach, Raiders of Ghost City, Lone Rider Ambushed

Felix Bressart

Ninotchka 1939, Portrait of Jennie, A Song Is Born, Blonde Fever 1944, Above Suspicion 1943, Greenwich Village, Edison the Man, Mr. and Mrs. North, Ziegfeld Girl, Three Smart Girls Grow Up, The Shop Around the Corner 1940, Peter 1934, Swanee River 1939, Bridal Suite, Blossoms In the Dust 1941, Comrade X, Mr. and Mrs. North, To Be or Not to Be 1942Song of Russia, Kathleen, Escape, 

Bernard Bresslaw

The Men of Sherwood Forest 1954, The Glass Cage, Up in the World 1956, Blood of the Vampire, I Only Arsked!, The Fifth Musketeer, Jaberwocky, Too Many Crooks, The Ugly Duckling 1959, It's All Happening 1963Morgan: A Suitable Case for Treatment, Carry On Cowboy, Carry on Screaming! 1966, Follow That Camel 1967, Carry On Doctor 1967, Carry On Camping, Carry On...Up the Khyber 1968, Carry On Up the Jungle, Carry On Loving 1970, Up Pompeii 1971, Carry on at Your Convenience, Carry On Matron, Carry On Dick, Carry On Girls, Vampira, Carry On Behind 1975Krull, Asterix and the Big Fight, Leon the Pig Farmer 1992 

Diane Brewster

Sincerely Yours, Lucky Gallant, Courage of Black Beauty, Highway Hearing, Black Patch, The Invisible Boy, So You Want to be Pretty 1956, Quantrill's Raiders, The Young Philadelphians 1959, Torpedo Run, The Man in the Net

June Brewster

The Sport Parade, Professional Sweetheart 1933, Melody Cruise, The Flying Circus, Evidence in Camera, Rafter Romance 1933, Blonde Bombshell, The Undie-World (short), F-Man, Private Scandal, Spendthrift 1936, The Lady Escapes, Partners in Crime 1937, Blonde Trouble, Thanks for the Memory

David Brian

The Seven Minutes , Childish Things, The Destructors, Castle of Evil, The Rare Breed, How the West Was Won 1962, Pocketful of Miracles 1961, The Rabbit Inside the Walls of Folsom Prison 1951, Trap, Accused of Murder, No Place to Hide 1956,The First Traveling Saleslady 1956, Timberjack, The High and the Mighty, A Perilous Journey, The One Piece Bathing Suit, Fort Worth, Inside Straight, Beyond the Forest, The Damned Don't Cry 1950, Intruder in the Dust 1949, Flamingo Road 1949, 'G' Men

Mary Brian

Dragnet 1947, Calaboose, Affairs of Cappy Ricks, Killer at Large, Three Married Men, Charlie Chan in Paris 1935, One Year Later, College Rhythm 1934, Monte Carlo Nights, Ever Since Eve, Fog 1933Moonlight and Pretzels 1933, Shadows of Sing Sing, The World Gone Mad, Blessed Event, Manhattan Tower, The Homicide Squad, Gun Smoke 1931, The Royal Family of Broadway, The Front Page 1931, Burning Up, The Social Lion, The Kibitzer, Only the Brave, The Virginia 1929, The Marriage Playground, Varsity 1928, Partners in Crime, Forgotten Faces, The Big Killing, Running Wild 1927, Man Power, Two Flaming Youths, Her Father Said No, High Hat 1927, Beau Geste 1926, Brown of Harvard, Paris at Midnight, The Street of Forgotten Men, The Air Mail 1925, A Regular Fellow, Peter Pan 1924

Fanny Brice

My Man 1928, Be Yourself! 1930, The Man From Blankley's, Crime Without Passion, Everybody Sing, Ziegfeld Follies 1945, 

Donald Briggs

The Adventures of Frank Merriwell, Sutter's Gold, Show Boat 1936, After the Thin Man 1936, Man of the People, Captains Courageous 1937, Submarine D-1, Blondes at Work, The First Hundred Years, Crime School, Mr. Chump 1938Made for Each Other 1939, The Hardy's Ride High, The Forgotten Woman, Dr. Kildare Goes Home 1940, Hot Steel, W. C. Fields and Me 1976

Harlan Briggs

Trouble at Midnight, Marked Woman 1937, Easy Living, Exclusive, Meet the Girls, The Missing Guest, A Yank at Oxford 1938, Sing You Sinners, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington 1939, Cafe Society, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn 1939, Blondie Takes a Vacation 1939, Calling Dr. Kildare 1939, Maisie 1939, My Little Chickadee 1940, Brother Rat and a Baby, Brother Orchid 1940, Edison, the Man 1940, Charlie Chan's Murder Cruise 1940, The Bank Dick 1940, Jennie, One Foot in Heaven, Abe Lincoln in Illinois 1940, Paris Calling, Lady Bodyguard, There's One Born Every Minute 1942, Conflict, State Fair 1945, It's Great to Be Young, To Each His Own, Night and Day, Mysterious Intruder, Spoilers of the North, Ladies' Man, The Perils of Pauline 1947, Fury at Furnace Creek, A Double Life 1948, Little Women 1949, The Sea Hornet, Carrie 1952

Matt Briggs

The Babe Ruth Story 1948, The Last Gangster, Buffalo Bill, The Dancing Masters, Wintertime, Coney Island 1943, The Meanest Man in the World, Hips, Hips, Hooray! 1934, Advice to the Forlorn 1933

Patti Brill

Kilroy Was Here, Hard Boiled Mahoney, Live Wires 1946, Sing Your Way Home, The Enchanted Cottage, What a Blonde, The Falcon in Hollywood, Girl Rush 1944, Music in Manhattan, Tender Comrade, The Falcon and the Co-Eds 1943, The Adventures of a Rookie, The Fallen Sparrow, The Falcon Strikes Back 1943, The Vagabond Lover


Wilford Brimley 

Did You Here About the Morgan's? 2009, The Road Home, The Round and Round, Brigham City, Comanche, Summer of the Monkeys, A Place to Grow, Progeny, All My Friends Are Cowboys, In & Out, My Fellow Americans, Lunker Lake, Mutant Species, The Firm 1993, Eternity, Cocoon: The Return 1988, Shadows on the Wall, Jackal, Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins 1985, Cocoon 1985, The Hotel New Hampshire, The Natural 1984, 10 to Midnight, Absense of Malice, Borderline 1980, Brubacker, The China Syndrome 1979, The Wild Wild West Revisited (TV) 1979, Lawman, True Grit 1969 

Paul Brinegar

Maverick, The Annililator, Chattanooga Choo Choo, Wild Women of Chastity Gulch, The Spirit of St. Louis 1957, Copper Sky, The Vampire, Santiago, The Toy Tiger, Flight to Hong Kong, Ransom!, I Died a Thousand Times, A Star is Born 1954Human Desire, Rogue Cop, The Member of the Wedding, So Big 1953, Pat and Mike 1952, It Happens Every Thursday, Insurance Investigator, Journey Into Light, Storm Warning 1951A Ticket to Tomahawk, Pinky 1949Sword in the Desert, Larceny

Virginia Brissac 

Rebel Without a Cause 1955About Mrs. Leslie, Executive Suite, Ma and Pa Kettle at Home, All I Desire, Meet Me at the Fair, Harriet Craig, Three Guys Named Mike, Edge of Doom, Cheaper by the Dozen 1950, Tension, An Act of Murder,The Snake Pit 1948,  The Mating of Millie, Summer Holiday 1948, Monsieur Verdoux, Three Daring Daughters, The Mysterious Mr. Valentine, The Mysterious Mr. M., Why Girls Leave Home, The Dolly Sisters, State Fair 1945, Bewitched, Three's a Crowd, The Scarlet Clue, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Faces in the Fog, Three Godfathers 1936, Murder by an Aristocrat, The Big Noise, Love Letters of a Star, Artists & Models, Idols of the Crowds 1937, Gateway, Young Dr. Kildare, Jesse James, Dark Victory 1939, Stop, Look and Love, The Forgotten Woman, Destry Rides Again 1939,Remember the Night,  Little Old New York, Little Orvie 1940, It's a Date 1940, The Ghost Breakers, Strike Up the Band, The Great Lie 1941, Washington Melodrama, Dressed to Kill, The Little Foxes 1941, One Foot in Heaven 1941, Remember the Day, Take a Letter, Darling, The Big Shot, The Mummy's Tomb, Shadow of a Doubt 1943, The Crime Doctor's Strangest Case, Moonlight in Vermont 1943, Sing, Neighbour, Sing, 

May Britt

Haunts 1977, Murder Inc. 1960, The Blue Angel, The Young Lions, War and Peace 1956, Revelation, Modern Virgin 1954, Jolanda, The Daughter of the Black Corsair, le infedeli 1953

Pamela Britton

If It's Tuesday, This Must be Belguim 1969 , Anchors Away, A Letter for Evie,  Key to the City, Watch the Birdie 1950

Peter Brocco

Roar of the Dragon 1932, The Return of Monte Cristo, The Argyle Secrets, The Gallant Blade, Appointment With Murder, The Boy With Green Hair 1948, The Countess of Monte Cristo, The Lady Gambles 1949, Miss Grant Takes Richmond, Jolson Sings Again 1949, Tension, Black Hand, Champagne for Caesar, The Killer That Stalked New York, Peggy 1950, The Great Caruso 1951, The Hollywood Story, Sirocco, Road Block, Too Young to Kiss, Mutiny, The Narrow Margin, Harem Girl 1952, Cripple Creek, Actor's and Sin 1952, The Prisoner of Zenda 1952, The Story of Three Loves, Invaders From Mars, The Desert Song, Rogue Cop, The Silver Chalice, The Racers, I'll Cry Tomorrow, Diane 1956, Stranger at My Door, Black Patch, Compulsion 1959, Elmer Gantry 1960, Spartacus 1950, Underworld U.S.A., Let No Man Write My Epitaph 1960, The Three Stooges in Orbit, Hemingway's Adventures of a Young Man 1962, The Interns, The Balcony, The Pleasure Seekers, Our Man Flint 1966, Enter Laughing, Games, A Time For Dying, The Comic 1969, Gaily, Gaily, What's the Matter With Helen?, Fuzz, Papillon 1973, Homebodies, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest 1975, Jeyll and Hyde...Together Again, Fighting Back, Throw Momma From the Train 1987, The War of the Roses

Helen Broderick

Because of Him, Three is a Family, No, No, Nanette 1940, Father Takes a Wife, The Captain is a Lady, The Road to Reno, Radio City Revels, Court Plastered, 50 Million Frenchmen, Cold Turkey 1971, Murder on the Bridle Path, Swing Time, Top Hat 1935, The Spirits of 76th Street, Service de Luxe

Steve Brodie

The Wizard of Speed and Time 1988, Roustabout, A Bullet for Billy the Kid, Blue Hawaii, Sierra Baron, The Crooked Circle, The Caine Mutiny 1954, Donovan's Brain, Lady In the Iron Mask 1952, The Story of Will Rogers, Three for Bedroom C 1952, M 1951, The Admiral Was a Lady, Winchester '73 1950, The Great Plane Robbery, The Big Wheel 1949, Rose of the Yukon, Bodyguard, Crossfire 1947, Out of the Past 1947, A Walk in the Sun, Anchors Aweigh, Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo, Ladies Courageous

Ann Brody

Cupid Puts One Over On the Shatchen (short) 1915,The Suspect, Who Goes There?, A Woman in Grey, Red Love, Soul-Fire, Lost in the Big City, The Manicure Girl 1925, Heroes in Blue, My Man, The Wolf Song, So This is College, Undertow, A Royal Romance, The Drifter, Sidewalks of New York 1931, The Heart of New York, The Big Thrill, Pilgrimage, Ellis Island

J. Edward Bromberg

Under Two Flags, The Crime of Dr. Forbes, Girls' Dormitory, Stowaway, Charlie Chan on Broadway, Sally, Irene and Mary, Mr. Moto Takes a Chance 1938Suez 1938Wife, Husband and Friend, The Mark of Zorro, Pacific Blackout, Life Begins at Eight-Thirty, Guilty Bystander, Son of Dracula 1943, Lady of Burlesque, Tangier, A Song is Born, Cloak and Dagger 1946

John Bromfield

Sorry, Wrong Number 1948, Harpon, Rope of Sand, The Furies, The Cimarron Kid, Easy to Love 1953, Ring of Fear, Revenge of the Creature 1955The Big Bluff 1955, The Bad Sisters, Calypso, Hot Cars 1956

Elaine Bromka

Theresa is a Mother, Archaeology of a Woman 2012, Pluto, In the Family, Never Say Never: The Deidre Hall Story (TV), Uncle Buck 1989, Without a Trace, Playing for Time (TV) 1980

Sheila Bromley

Barn of the Naked Dead, Hotel 1967, The Girls on the Beach, Judgement at Nuremburg 1961, Ice Palace, The Lawless Eighties, World in My Corner, A Star is Born 1954, Time to Kill, A Fugitive From Justice, The House on 92nd Street 1945, Calling Philo Vance,  Women in the Wind, Nancy Drew, Reporter 1939, Torchy Blane...Playing With Dynamite 1939, Waterfront, Reformatory, Mystery House, Rebellious Daughters 1938, Midnight Intruder, Girls on Probation 1938, Missing Witness, Idol of the Crowds, Gold Diggers of 1937 1936, Moonlight on the Prairie, Three Women, Danger Ahead, Westward Ho, Carnival, The Woman Condemned 1934, The Hell Cat, The Merry Widow, Glamour, Only Yesterday 1933, One Hour With You, Texas Pioneers, Play Girl, Ten Nights in a Bar Room, Playthings of Hollywood 1931

Betty Bronson

The Medicine Man 1930, The Locked Door 1929, Lover Come Back, Yodelin' Kid From Pine Ridge, Java Head, Peter Pan 1924, The Golden Princess, Ben-Hur 1925, The Cat's Pajamas 1926, A Kiss for Cinderella, Paradise for Two, Brass Knuckles, Ritzy, Are Parents People? 1925, The Singing Fool, Sonny Boy, Bellamy Trial, Paradise for Two, Brass Knuckles, Ritzy, Are Parents People? 1925, The Singing Fool, Sonny Boy, Bellamy Trial, Evel Knievel, The Naked Kiss 1964, Blackbeard's Ghost

Lillian Bronson

What a Man! 1944Hollywood and Vine 1945, Sleep, My Love, Family Honeymoon, The Next Voice You Hear...1950, In the Good Old Summertime, Affair With a Stranger

Faith Brook

Mrs, Dalloway, The Razor's Edge 1984, The Weather in the Streets, Eye of the Needle 1981, The Sea Wolves, Ffolkes 1980, Walk a Crooked Path, To Sir, With Love 1967, The Heroes of Telemark, The 39 Steps 1959,
The Finest Hours, Across the Bridge, Finger of Guilt, No Time for Love, Suspicion 1941, Chase a Crooked Shadow 1958, Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book 1942

Lesley Brook


The Vulture , The Dark Stairway, The Viper, Glamor Girl, Dead Men Tell No Tales, The Briggs Family, House of Darkness 1948The Trojan Brothers 1946, Twilight Hour, I'll Walk Beside You, When We Are Married

Hillary Brooke

New Faces of 1937, Stage Door 1937,  Florian, Maisie Was a Lady, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Country Fair, Sleepytime Gal, Calling Dr. Gillespie, Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror 1942, Jane Eyre, The Enchanted Cottage, Road to Utopia, Big Town, Unmasked, Insurance Investigator, Lost Continent, The Maze, Heat Wave, The Man Who Knew Too Much 1934

Jean Brooks

Tango Bar, The Mystery Ship, Frankie and Johnnie, The Invisible Killer, Miracle on Main Street, Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe 1940, The Invisible Man Returns, Son of Roaring Dan, Junior G- Men, A Devil's Pipeline, The Green Hornet Strikes Again!, Buck Privates, Too Many Blondes, Riders of Death Valley, A Dangerous Game, Badlands of Dakota, Fighting Bill Fargo, Boot Hill Bandits, The Boss of Big Town, The Falcon Strikes Back 1943, The Leopard Man 1943, The Falcon in Danger 1943, The Seventh Victim 1943, The Falcon and the Co-Eds 1943, A Night of Adventure, Youth Runs Wild, The Falcon in Hollywood 1944, Two O'Clock Courage 1945, The Falcon's Alibi 1946, The Bamboo Blonde, Women in the Night 1946

Leslie Brooks

Ziegfeld Girl, Your In the Army Now, Yankee Doodle Dandy 1942, You Were Never Lovlier, Nine Girls, Cover Girl, Cigarette Girl, The Corpse Came C.O.D. 1947, How's Your Love Life, Blonde Ice

Phyllis Brooks

Strange Wives, The Man Who Reclaimed His Head, Another Face, In Old Chicago 1937, You Can't Have Everything, City Girl, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm 1938, Charlie Chan in Honolulu, No Place for a Lady, Lady In the Dark, The Unseen

Ralph Brooks

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Rand Brooks

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Edward Brophy

Flesh, The Thin Man 1934The Whole Towns Talking 1935, Spendthrift, Dumbo (voice), The Gay Falcon, It Happened on Fifth Avenue 1947, The Last Hurrah 1958, Bundle of Joy, Arson Inc., Swing Parade of 1946, Wonder Man,I'll Remember April 1945,  The Thin Man Goes Home 1945, Cover Girl, A Scream in the Dark, Larceny Inc., All Through the Night 1941, The Bride Came C.O.D., The Invisible Woman, The Great Profile 1940, The Invisible Mr. Williams, For Love or Money, You Can't Cheat an Honest Man 1939, Gold Diggers in Paris, A Slight Case of Murder 1938, Blossoms on Broadway, The Great Gambini, Oh, Doctor, Mr. Cinderella, The Case Against Mrs. Ames 1936, Woman Trap, China Seas, Naughty Marietta, Shadow of Doubt, Sequoia, Evelyn Prentice, The Thin Man 1934, Freaks 1932, The Champ 1931, Sporting Blood, Those Three French Girls 1930, Paid, Doughboys 1930, Free and Easy, Spring Fever, Yes or No 1920 

Barbara Brown

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Blair Brown

Scopers 2011, First Born, Griffin & Phoenix, The Treatment, The Sentinel, Dark Matter, Stealing Home 1988First Born 2007, Loverboy, Dogville 2003Space Cowboys 2000, Continental Divide, The Choirboys 1977House of Lovers, The Paper Chase, 

Charles D. Brown

  A Man of Stone, Speed to Burn, The Ice Follies of 1939 1939The Grapes of Wrath 1940Pier 13 1940, Sweater Girl, Follow Me Quietly

Everett Brown

The Mask of Fu Manchu, Gone With the Wind 1939,  I am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang 1932, The Plainsman, White Witch Doctor

Joe E. Brown

Showboat 1951Some Like It Hot 1959, Sally, Broadminded 1931, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Local Boy Makes Good, The Gladiator, The Comedy of Terrors, Molly and Me 1929, 

Lucile Brown

The Last of the Duanes, Soup to Nuts 1930, Danger Island 1931Girls About Town 1931, The Big Race, Cannonball Express, The last of the Mohicans 1932, Parole Girl 1933, Double Harness, Flying Down to Rio 1933, Hide-Out, Elinor Norton, Secrets of Chinatown, Tumbling Tumbleweeds, Dead End, Sweethearts, On Probation, A Tragedy at Midnight, A Woman of Distinction 1950

Phil Brown

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Roscoe Lee Brown 

Smiley Face, Treasure Planet, Babe 2: Pig in the City, Dear God, Babe 1995, Last Summer in the Hamptons, The Mambo Kings 1992, Moon 44, Legal Eagles, Jumpin' Jack Flash, Dr. Scorpion 1978, Logan's Run 1976, Twilight's Last Gleaming, Uptown Saturday Night, Super Fly T.N.T., Cisco Pike, The Cowboys 1972, The Liberation of L.B. Jones 1970, Topaz, Uptight, Terror in the City 1966, Black Like Me 1964

Stanley Brown

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Tom Brown

The Choppers, The Notorious Mr. Monks, The Quiet Gun, Naked Gun 1956, I Killed Wild Bill Hickok, Operation Haylift, Duke of Chicago 1949, Slippy McGee, The Payoff, Youth on Parade 1942, Personal Honour, There's One Born Every Minute, Sleepytime Gal, Niagara Falls 1941, Margie 1940, These Glamour Girls, Sandy is a Lady, Golden Gloves, Big Town Czar, The Storm 1938, Merrily We Live 1938, In Old Chicago, The Man Who Cried Wolf, Maytime 1937, I'd Give My Life, Gentle Julia, Freckles, Wanderlust 1935, Bachelor of Arts, The Witching Hour, Judge Priest 1934Anne of Green Gables 1934, Two Alone, Destination Unknown, Laughter in Hell 1933, Hell's Highway, Fast Companions, Queen High, Syncopation 1929The Famous Ferguson Case 1932, The Lady Lies, The Wrongdoers, The Hoosier Schoolmaster 

Vanessa Brown

Youth Runs Wild, Margie, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir 1947, Mother Wore Tights, The Heiress, The Basketball Fix, Three Husbands 1951, The Fighter, Rosie!

Coral Browne

Dreamchild, American Dreamer, The Drowning Pool 1975The Legend of Lylah Clare 1968, The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone, Piccadilly Incident, Line Engaged, The Amateur Gentleman

Kathie Browne

Murder by Contract 1958, City of Fear, Studs Lonigan, The Underwater City, The Brass Bottle 1964, Brainstorm,  Man's Favourite Sport? 1964, Berlin Affair (TV), 43: The Richard Petty Story 1972, Happy Mother's Day, Love George 1973, The Suicide's Wife (TV) 1979

Lucile Browne

No Sad Songs for Me 1950, A Woman of Distinction, The Thin Man Goes Home 1944, Ladies of Washington, Once Upon a Time, Ride, Tenderfoot, Ride, Sweethearts, Missing Daughters, Dead End, The Crooked Trail 1936, Western Frontier, On Probation 1935, Secrets of Chinatown, Magnificent Obsession, Tumbling Tumbleweeds, Elinor Norton 1934, Hide-Out, When New York Sleeps, Flying Down to Rio 1933, Double Harness 1933, Fra Diavolo, The Last of the Mohicans 1932, Parole Girl, The Airmail Mystery, Cannonball Express, The Big Race, Girls About Town, Danger Island, Young as You Feel, Soup to Nuts 1930, The Last of the Duanes 1930

Troy Brown Sr.

Ziefeld Girl 1941, Rhythm Rodeo, Nothing Sacred 1937, Second Honeymoon, A Day at the Races 1937, Angel's Holiday, Can This Be Dixie?, Under Your Spell, Asleep at the Switch (short) 1929

Brenda Bruce

Splitting Heirs, December Bride, Steaming, The Life of Henry the Fift (TV), Dial M for Murder (TV), Swallows and Amazons 1974, That'll Be the Day, The Uncle 1965, Nightmare, The Winter's Tale (TV) 1962, Peeping Tom, Behind the Mask, Law and Disorder, The Final Test 1953, My Brother's Keeper, When the Bough Breaks 1947, Marry Me, Carnival, While the Sun Shines 1947, Piccadilly Incident, Night Boat to Dublin, I Love in Grosvenor Square, Laugh With Me (TV)

David Bruce

Movie Violation, Jungle Hell, Masterson of Kansas, Cannibal Attack, The Great Adventures of Captain Kidd 1953, Pier 23 1951, The Du Pont Story, Revenue Agent, Hi-Jacked, Pygmy Island, The Great Plane Robbery 1950, Prejudice, Joe Palooka in the Big Fight, Racing Luck, Susie Steps Out, Lady on a Train 1945, Can't Help Singing, Allergic to Love 1944, The Mummy's Ghost, Christmas Holiday, Moon Over Las Vegas, Ladies Courageous 1944, Calling Dr. Death, The Mad Ghoul, You're a Lucky Fellow, Mr. Smith, Honeymoon Lodge, Flying Tigers, The Body Disappears, Sergeant York 1941, The Sea Wolf 1941, Santa Fe Trail, The Letter 1940, This Man Reuter, Knute Rockne All American, River's End, The Sea Hawk 1940, The Man Who Talked Too Much, 

Kate Bruce

Bowery Rose, Ragtime, Secret Studios, The White Rose 1923, Orphans of the Storm 1921, Experience, The Idol Dancer, Way Down East 1920, True Heart Susie, The Hun Within, Time Locks and Diamonds, Madame Bo-Peep, The Microscope Mystery 1916, The Marriage of Molly-O, Intolerance: Life's Struggles Throughout the Ages 1916, Civilzation 1915, East Lynne (short), Jane Eyre (short) 1915, Felix Holt (short), The House of Silence (short), The Nest Unfeathered (short), Olaf An-Atom (short), A Girl's Stratagem (short), The Telephone Girl and the Lady (short), An Indian Summer (short), Won by a Fish (short), Just Like a Woman (short), Hot Stuff (short), The Awakening (short), The New Dress (short), In the Days of '49 (short), Three Sisters (short) 1911, A Wreath of Orange Blossoms (short), His Trust: The Faithful Devotion and Self-Sacrifice of an Old Negro Servant (short) 1911, Effecting a Cure (short), The Mother (short), May and December (short), A Romance of the Western Hills (short), The Englishman and the Girl (short), The Woman from Mellon's (short), All on Account of the Milk (short) 1910, A Corner in Wheat 1909, The Gibson Goddess (short), In Old Kentucky (short) 1909, The Slave (short), Confidence (short), Betryed by a Handprint (short), The Greaser's Gaunlet (short)

Nigel Bruce

The Hound of the Baskervilles 1939, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Vendetta, The Two Mrs. Carrolls 1947Terror by Night, The Corn is Green 1945, Kidnapped, The Charge of the Light Brigade, Lassie Come Home, The Scarlett Claw, Rebecca 1940, The Blue Bird, The Scarlet Pimpernel, Suspicion 1941, World for RansomHong Kong 1950Julia Misbehaves, Dressed to KillFrenchman's Creek 1944, Sherlock Holmes in Washington 1943Sherlock Holmes Faces Death, Play Girl, Free and Easy, Suez, Kidnapped, The Trail of the Lonesome Pine 1936, Becky Sharp 1935, The White Flag, The Scarlet Pimpernel, I Was a Spy, The CalendarRed Aces 1929

Virginia Bruce

Strangers When We Meet 1960, Night Has a Thousand Eyes 1948, Brazil, Pardon My Sarong, The Invisible Woman 1940, Stronger Than Desire, There Goes My Heart, Arsene Lupin Returns 1938, The Bad Man of Brimstone, Wife, Doctor and Nurse 1937, Born to Dance 1936, The Great Ziegfeld 1936, Metropolitan 1935, Let 'Em Have It, Society Doctor, Jane Eyre 1934, Downstairs, Paramount on Parade 1930


Argentina Brunetti

It's a Wonderful Life 1946, Gilda 1946, California, High Tide,Man-Eater of Kumaon, Mexican Hayride, Holiday in Havana, House of Strangers 1949, Shockproof, Dial 1119, Broken Arrow, Sirocco, The Great Caruso 1951, Woman in the Dark, When in Rome, Bal Tabarin, Rose of Cimarron, The Caddy 1953, The Story of Three Loves 1953, Tropic Zone, Make Haste to Live, The Far Horizons, The Prodigal, Anything Goes 1956, The Unholy Wife, The Midnight Story, The George Raft Story, 7 Faces of Dr. Lao 1964, Flight to Holocaust, Blue Sunshine, Fatso 1980, 

Dora Bryan

Mirrormask, Screamtime, Apartment Zero, Up the Front 1972, Hands of the Ripper, Two a Penny, The Great St. Trinian's Train Robbery 1966A Taste of Honey 1961, Follow That Horse!, Desert Mice, Operation Bullshine, Carry on Sargeant, The Green Man, The Cockleshell Heroes 1955, Child In the House, See How They Run, The Crowded Day 1954, Women of Twilight, Fast and Loose, The Fake, Street Corner, The Intruder 1953, 13 East Street, Time, Gentlemen, Please!, Scarlet Thread, Lady Godiva Rides Again 1951, The Quiet Woman, No Trace 1950, The Interrupted Journey, The Perfect Woman, Once Upon a Dream, The Fallen Idol 1948

Jane Bryan

Invisible Stripes, We are Not Alone, The Glamour Girls, Each Dawn I Die, Brother Rat, The Sisters, A Slight Case of Murder 1938, Confession, Kid Galahad, Marked Woman 1937, The Case of the Black Cat, The Old Maid 1939

Nana Bryant

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Lincoln In the White House 1939, Old Hickory, Brewster's Millions, Dangerous Years, Harvey 1950, About Mrs. Leslie

Claudia Bryar

The Houston Story, Giant, I Was a Teenage Frankenstein 1957, The True Story of Lynn Stuart, A Big Hand for the Little Lady, Ride to Hangman's Tree, Angel in My Pocket 1969, Gaily, Gaily, Bad Company, Ace Eli and Rodger of the Skies, Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid 1973, Bad Company

Winifred Bryson

Peer Gynt 1915, A Heart to Let, Her Face Value, South of Suva, Suzanna 1923, Truxton King, The Hunchback of Notre Dame 1923Don't Doubt Your Husband, Adoration 1928, The Awful Truth, Flirting With Love, Behind the Curtain 1924

Edgar Buchanan

The Seahawk, Too Many Husbands, Tombstone: The Town Too Tough to Die 1942, Penny Serenade, The Talk of the Town, The Desperados, Abilene Town, You Belong to Me, Buffalo Bill, The Sea of Grass 1947, Framed, Cheaper by the Dozen 1950Devil's Doorway, Rawhide, Shane, It Started With a Kiss, Cimarron, Ride the High Country, Donovan's Reef, Angel in My Pocket

Jack Buchanan


Alde Lang Syne 1917, Josephine and Men, As Long As They're Happy, The Band Wagon 1953, Bulldog Sees It Through, The Gang's All Here 1940, This'll Make You Whistle, Smash and Grab, Come Out of the Pantry 1935, That's a Good Girl, Good Night, Vienna 1932, Monte Carlo 1930, Toni 1928, Settled Out of Court, The Happy Ending 1925, Her Heritage


Horst Buchholz

Confessions of Felix Krull 1957, Tiger Bay, Fanny, One, Two, Three 1961, Marco the Magnificent, The Great Waltz 1972The Return of Captain Nemo, Aphrodite, Sahara, Touch and Die 1992, Faraway, So Close!, Voyage of Terror 1998

Sam Buffington

They Came to Cordura, King Creole 1958, Damn Citizen, The Light in the Forest, Unwed Mother, The Brothers Karamazov 1958, Invasion of the Saucer Men

Richard Bull

Sugar 2008, Witless Protection, Let's Go to Prison, Normal, The Great Cash Giveaway, The Golden Gate Murders, Lawman, The Parallax View 1974, Mr. Sycamore, Heatwave!, Breezy, The President's Plane is Missing 1973High Plains Drifter 1973, Ulzana's Road, The Andromeda Strain 1971Move, The Secret Life of an American Wife 1968, Vengeance, The Thomas Crown Affair 1968, The Satan Bug, But Not for Me, The Story of Lynn Stuart, Operation Mad Ball, Full of Life, Fear Strikes Out 1957

Alan Bunce

She`s My Weakness 1930, The Last Mile, Sunrise at Campobello 1960, Homicidal

George Bunny
The Tall Target 1951, Summer Stock 1950, Blood on My Hands, Merton of the Movies, Unconquered, The Hoodlum Saint, Knickerbocker Holiday, You Were Never Lovelier, Arise, My Love 1940, The Adventures of Robin Hood 1938, The Great Garrick, The Prince and the Pauper, One More Spring, The White Angel, The Locked Door 1929, Laddie Be Good, Heroes in Blue, Thrilling Youth, Enticement, The Lost World 1925, The Super Sex, Take It Easy (short), Indigo Sunday (short), Dawn, Piccadilly Jim, A Broadway Saint, A Camouflage Kiss, The Heart of Romance, Cap'n Eri 1915

Victor Buono

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? 1962, The Man With Bogart's Face, The Evil, The Wrath of God, Who's Minding the Mint?, Hush...Hush...Sweet Charlotte 1964 

Sonny Bupp

Kid Millions 1934, Annie Oakley, Song and Dance Man, San Francisco 1936, Woman-Wise, Lost Horizon 1937, Murder Goes to College, Love on Toast, Swing Your Lady, Pebrod's Double Trouble, Angels With Dirty Faces 1938,Abe Lincoln In Illinois 1940, Sudden Money, Half a Sinner, Fixer Dugan, Father's Son, Citizen Kane 1941, One Foot In Heaven, Sergeant York 1941, The Devil and Daniel Webster 1941, Syncopation

Betty Burgess

The Adventures of the Masked Phantom, I Demand Payment, Tough to Handle 1937, Coronado, Private Party on Catalina Isle (short)

Dorothy Burgess

West Side Kid, Girls in Chains 1943, Man of Courage, The Tragedy of Divorce, Village Tale, Midnight Butterfly, Gambling, The Circus Clown, Black Moon 1935, Orient Express 1934, Fashions of 1934, Kidnapped, Night Flight, The Important Witness, Rusty Rides Alone, Ladies They Talk About, Strictly Personal 1932, Evidence in Camera, Shadows of Singapore, The Stoker, Playgirl, Taxi!, Recaptured Love, Pleasure Crazed, In Old Arizona 1928
William Burgess

Never Say Die 1939, Partners in Crime, Mountain Music, After the Thin Man 1936, The Story of Louis Pasteur, Shall We Dance, The Big Broadcast of 1936, Life Begins at 40, The Little Colonel, Naughty Marietta, The Richest Girl in the World, Jane Eyre 1934, The Show-Off, Fashions of 1934, Bedside, The World Changes, Turn Back the Clock, Pilgrimage, Broadway Thru a Keyhole, , Street of Women, Love is a Racket, Scandal for Sale, Scarface, Blonde Crazy, The Girl Who Ran Wild, Lord and Lady Algy, Heartsease, The Talk of the Town, Kultur, A Soul for Sale, The Scarlet Pimpernel, The Spy, The Island of Desire, The Battle of Hearts, The School for Scandal, The Price of Silence (short) 1914 

Billie Burke

Pepe 1960, The Young Philadelphians 1959, Small Town Girl, The Wizard of Oz 1939Father's Little Dividend 1951, Three Husbands, And Baby Makes, Three, Father of the Bride 1950, The Barckleys of Broadway, Topper Returns, The Captain is a Lady, The Mad Hatter, The Cheaters, Girl Trouble, In This Our Life, Swing Out, Sister, Wake Up and Dream 1942, The Man Who Came to Dinner, One Night in Lisbon, Irene, Hullabaloo, Dulcy, Remember?, Navy Blue and Gold, Merrily We Live, Eternally Yours, Bridal Suite, Piccadilly Jim, Becky Sharp, Parnell, Dinner at Eight, A Bill of Divorcement 1932, Craig's Wife, Christopher Strong, Splendor, Society Doctor, Foresaking All Others, Let's Get a Divorce, The Make-Believe Wife, Good Gracious, Gloryfying the American Girl 1929, Annabelle 1919, Arms and the Girl, Peggy 1916 


Frankie Burke

Angels With Dirty Faces 1938, You Can't Get Away With Murder 1939, Hell's Kitchen, East Side Kids, The Shadow of the Thin Man

James Burke 

Old Shatterhand 1964, The Young Philadelphians, The Unholy Wife, Back From Eternity, You're Never Too Young, The Birds and the Bees, Lucky Me, Denver and Rio Grande, Here Comes the Groom, Warpath, Raton Pass, Valentino, Mrs. O'Malley and Mr. Malone 1950, Copper Canyon, Take Me Out to the Ball Game, Shamrock Hill, Night Wind, The Big Clock 1948, Texas, Brooklyn & Heaven, Body and Soul, Song of the Thin Man, Gas House Kids in Hollywood, Philo Vance's Gamble, Easy Come, Easy Go, California 1947, Bowery Bombshell, The Virginian 1946, Young Widow, Anchors Away, The Horn Blows at Midnight, Three Men in White, Thank Your Lucky Stars, Dixie, A Night to Remember 1942Enemy Agents Meet Ellery Queen 1942A Desperate Chance for Ellery Queen 1942, Are Husbands Necessary?, My Favorite Blonde, A Close Call for Ellery Queen 1942, Ellery Queen and the Murder Ring 1941, The Maltese Falcon 1941Ellery Queen and the Perfect Crime 1941, Ellery Queen's Penthouse Mystery 1941, Million Dollar Baby, Little Nellie Kelly, Ellery Queen, Master Detective 1941, No Time for Comedy, The Saint Takes Over, Charlie Chan's Murder Case, Double Alibi, The Cisco Kid and the Lady, Fast and Furious, Beau Geste 1939, The Saint Strikes Back, I'm From Missouri, Orphans of the Street 1938, Champagne Waltz, Can This Be Dixie?, Pepper, 36 Hours to Kill 1936,The Trail of the Lonesome Pine 1936, The Leathernecks Have Landed, Frisco Waterfront, Remember Last Night?, The Affair of Susan, The Call of the Wild, the Farmer Takes a Wife, Dinky, Mississippi, The Mystery Man, Love Time 1934, The Lemon Drop Kid, The Cat's-Paw, The Girl From Missouri, Little Miss Marker, The Scarlet Empress 1934, Sadie McKee, Twentieth Century, City Limits, Gambling Lady, It Happened One Night 1934, Wharf Angel, Fugitive Lovers, Queen Christina, Jimmy and Sally, The Kennel Murder Case 1933, Tillie and Gus 1933, Bombshell 1933, Torch Singer 1933College Humor, The Girl in 419, Parole Girl, A Lady's Profession 1933

Kathleen Burke

Island of Lost Souls 1932,, Sunset Pass 1933, Good Dame, Torch Singer, School for Girls 1934, The Mad Dame, The Lives of a Bengal Lancer 1935, Rocky Mountain Mystery, The Last Outpost 1935, The Awakening of Jim Burke, The Sheik Steps Out, The Lion Man 1936, Craig's Wife, Boy of the Streets, Rascals

Walter Burke 

The Hustler of Muscle Beach (TV), The Stone Killer, Chandler, Support Your Local Sherrif! 1969, The President's Analyst 1969, Double Trouble, The Plainsman 1967, My Fair Lady 1964, The Wheeler Dealers 1963, The Three Stooges Go Around the World in a Daze, How the West Was Won 1962, Let No Man Write My Epitaph, The Crimson Kimono, Never Love a Stranger, M 1951, Dark City, All the King's Men 1949, The Naked City 1948

Smiley Burnette

Last of the Pony Riders, Pack Train, On Top of Old Smoky, Junction City, Without Risk, Two-Fisted Agent, Whirlwind 1951, Prairie Roundup, Suspected 1950, The Clue, The Fort, River of Poison, Laramie 1949, Condemned in Error, State Police, Six-Gun Law, On Boot Hill, The Price of Crime, The Cheat, Golden Lady, Checkmate, Jail Break, Bordertown Trail, The Laramie Trail, Raiders of Sunset Pass, Silver Spurs, Heart of the Golden West, Stardust on the Stage, Sierra Sue, Ridin' on a Rainbow 1941, Carolina Moon, South of the Border, Rovin' Tumbleweeds, Blue Montana Skies, Mexacali Rose 1939, Prairie Moon, Man From Music Mountain, Hollywood Stadium Mystery, Manhattan Music Box 1937, Boots and Saddles, Springtime in the Rockies 1937, Public Cowboy #1, Dick Tracy 1937, A Man Betrayed 1936, Oh, Susanna!, Stepping Into Society, Red River Valley 1936, Melody Trail, Waterfront Lady 1935, The Adventures of Rex and Rinty, 

Edward Burnham

Diamond Skulls 1989, Little Dorrit, Friend or Foe, The Hiding Place 1975, 10 Rillington Place 1971

Marion Burns

Brenda Starr: Reporter 1945, Mutiny on the Blackhawk, Dramatic School 1938 , Paradise Canyon, Flirting With Danger, Sensation Hunters, The Golden West 1932, Oklahoma Jim

Raymond Burr

Rear Window 1954, Airplane II:The Sequel 1982, Serpent of the Nile, A Star Shall Rise, Meet Danny Wilson 1951, A Place In the Sun, Black Magic, San Quentin 1946, Desperate, Sleep, My Love 1948, Ruthless, Raw Deal, Pitfall, Walk a Crooked Mile, Bride of Vengeance 1949, Abandoned, Love Happy, M, Borderline 1950, The Magic Carpet, New Mexico, His Kind of Woman, FBI Girl 1951, Horizons West, The Blue Gardenia 1953, Gorilla at Large, Thunder Pass, You're Never Too Young, A Man Alone, Please Murder Me!, Secret of Treasure Mountain, A Cry In the Night 1956, Affair in Havana, Desire in the Dust, New Face in Hell, Godzilla, Out of the Blue, The Return, Godzilla 1985, Delirious, The Return of Ironside (TV)

Perry Mason TV Movies:

The Case of the Killer Kiss, The Case of the Reckless Romeo, The Case of the Maligned Mobster, The Case of the Defiant Daughter, The Case of the Poisoned Pen, The Case of the Lady in the Lake, The Case of the Sinister Spirit,  The Case of the Notorious Nun, 

Sheila Burrell

The Woodlanders 1997, Afraid of the Dark, American Roulette, Laughter in the Dark 1969, The Desperados, Hell is Empty, Paranoiac 1963, The Dawn Killer, Blonde Bait, Cloudburst, The Rossiet Case 1950, Tha Man in Black

Benny Burt

Pick a Star, Meet the Boyfriend, The Adventures of Jane Arden 1939, Three Strangers, Lady Luck, The Asphalt Jungle 1950,Convicted 1950, Cry Danger, The Red Badge of Courage, M 1951, Boots Malone, Million Dollar Mermaid 1952, Split Second, The People Against O'Hara, A Star is Born 1954, Blackboard Jungle, Ransom!, The Joker Is Wild 1957, The Apartment 1960

Frederick Burton

Forgiven 1914, Getting Mary Married, Anne of Green Gables 1919, The Fear Market, Heliotrope, Anna Ascends, The Fighting Blade, Back to Life, Running Wild 1926, Sweepstakes, An American Tragedy 1931, Mat Hari, The Wet Parade, The Famous Ferguson Case 1932, One-Way Passage, I am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang 1930, No Other Woman, Golden Harvest, Bedside, Sadie McKee, Flirtation Walk 1934, Wife vs Secretary 1936, The Farmer Takes a Wife, Fury, The Last Gangster, The Saint in New York 1938, Risky Business, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington 1939, Brigham Young, Babes on Broadway, Casanova Brown, The Foxes of Harrow 1947, Jezebel 1938, Valley of the Giants

Mae Busch

Ladies' Man 1947, Cross My Heart, The Blue Dahlia 1946, The Stork Club, Personal Honour, Ziegfeld Girl 1941, Nancy Drew: Detective, Marie Antoinette, Scandal Street 1938, The Big Broadcast of 1938, Easy to Take, The Affair of Susan, Tit for Tat (short), Going Bye-Bye! (short), Picture Brides, Beloved, Secrets of Hollywood, Lilly Turner, Out All Night, Women Won't Tell, Scarlet Dawn, Blondie Johnson, Doctor X, Chickens Come Home 1931, Without Honours, Wicked 1931, Fly My Kite (short), Young Desire, A Man's Suit, Alibi 1929, Fazil, Sisters of Eve, Divorce 1928, Husband Hunters, Fools of Fashion, The Miracle of Life, The Fallen Angel 1925, The Triflers, Married Flirts, Bread 1924, The Shooting of Dan McGrew, The Christian, Only a Shop Girl, Her Own Money, Foolish Wives, A Parisian Scandal, The Fair Barbarian, Wife and Auto Trouble (short), The Best of Enemies (short), Merely a Married Man (short), A Human Hound's Triumph, Love in Armour (short), Mabel and Fatty's Married Life (short) 1915, Hogan, the Porter (short) 1915

Francis X. Bushman

The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini 1966, The Phantom Planet, 12 to the Moon, Sabrina 1954, Hollywood Story, Dick Tracy 1937, The Flag: A Story Inspired by the Tradition of Betsy Ross, Under Suspicion, The Silent Voice 1915, The Battle of Love, The Iron Heel 1912, 

Budd Buster

Buster...far right

Elmer Gantry 1960, I'll Cry Tomorrow, Rogue Cop, The Counterfeiters, Six-Gun Law, Shadow Valley, Rainbow Over the Rockies, Traffic in Crime, Gentlemen In Guns, The Hoodlum Saint, Apology for Murder 1945, Frontier Fugitives, Secret Agent X-9, Lone Texas Ranger 1945, Jungle Queen, The Mummy's Curse, Call of the South Seas, Springtime in Texas, Wild Horse Phantom, Mile a Minute, Brand of the Devil, Vengeance In the Saddle 1943, Hitler's Madman, Haunted Ranch, Thundering Trails, Sunset Serenade, The Cyclone Kid, Wrongly Accused, Sierra Sue, West of Cimarron, The Lone Rider in Ghost Town, The Courageous Dr. Christian, Gun Code 1940, Drums of Fu Manchu, The Shadow, Mandrake the Magician, Dick Tracy Returns 1938Romance of the Limberlost 1938, Heroes of the Alamo, Raw Timber, Battle of Greed, Cavalry, The Law Rides 1936, The Drag-Net, Song of the Saddle, Border Patrol, The Mysterious Mr. Sheffield, The Hawk, Silent Valley, 

Daws Butler

  Voice: Rockin' With Judy Jetson (TV) 1988, Tom and Jerry World Champions, Yogi's First Christmas, Barnaby and Me, The Hanna-Barbera Happy Hour, Blast-Off Buzzard, From Rags to Riches (short), Bows and Arrows (short), Heist and Seek (short), A Christmas Story (TV short) 1972, Airlift a la Carte (short), The Phantom Tollbooth, Woody's Nightmare (short), The Nautical Nut (short), Sioux Me (short), Mary Poppins 1964, Not in Nottingham (short), Salmon Loafer (short), Room and Bored (short), Susan Slept Here 1954, Fish and Chips (short), This is My Ducky Day (short), Fish Hooked (short), Wild Wild World (short), Bee Bopped (short), Love Comes to Magoo, Fodder and Son (short), Tabasco Road (short), Wideo Rabbit (short), The Girl He Left Behind (narrator), Stupor Dock (short), Pecos Pest (short), Pet Peeve (short), One Cub's Family (short), Puncht de Leon (short)

   Little Johnny Jet (short), The Rocky Road to Ruin (short)

John Butler

Tha Vanquished, The Pride of St. Louis, Angels in the Outfield 1951The People Against O'Hara, Strangers on a Train 1951, A Life of Her Own, Convicted 1950, Side Street, White Heat 1949, House of Strangers, Force of Evil 1948, Dream Girl, The Senator Was Indiscreet, Daisy Kenyon 1947, Andy Hardy's Double Life, The Courtship of Andy Hardy, The War Against Mrs. Hadley 1942, Design for Scandal, Back Street 1941, Dressed to Kill, Florian, Edison, The Man, They All Come Out, Pride of the Bluegrass,Exposed, Marie Antoinette 1938, Expensive Husbands, Missing Witnesses, The Go-Getter 1937, Black Legion 1937, China Clipper

Roy Butler

Rails Into Laramie, The Man From the Alamo, The Girl Who Had Everything 1953, Fargo 1952, Carrie 1952, The Sellout, Carbine Williams, The Black Lash, My Favorite Spy, Mysterious Island, Excuse My Dust, Blazing Bullets, Gene Autry and the Mounties, One Too Many, Fast on the Draw, Devil's Doorway, Summer Stock, Stallion Canyon, Sky Liner 1949, Gun Talk, That's My Gal,  Return of the lash, Buffalo Bill Rides Again, Shadows on the Range, My Pal Trigger, West of the Alamo, Two Sisters From Boston, Lonesome Trail 1945, Faces in the Fog, Strangers in the Night 1944Girls in Chains 1943, One Thrilling Night, House of Errors, The Apache Kid, Sierra Sue, Buck Rogers 1939

Charles Butterworth

Follow the Boys, This is the Army, What's Cookin' 1942, Thanks for the Memory, Every Day's a Holiday, The Moon's Our Home, Magnificent Obsession, Forsaking All Others 1934, The Cat and the Fiddle, The Nuisance, Penthouse, Manhatten Parade 1931, The Bargain, Side Show, The Mad Genius, The Life of the Party, Illicit, Manhattan Parade, Beauty and the Boss 1932, Student Tour, Baby Face Harrington, Rainbow on the River, Swing High, Swing Low, Let Freedom Ring, The Boys From Syracuse 1940, Blonde Inspiration, Wake Up and Dream, This is the Army, Bermuda Mystery, Night in New Orleans 

Peter Butterworth

The First Great Train Robbery 1979, Carry on England, Carry on Behind 1975, Carry on Dick, Carry on Girls, Bless This House 1972, Carry on Camping, Oliver! 1968, A Home of Your Own, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, Carry on Screaming! 1966, The Amorous Adventures of Moll Flanders, Doctor in Distress, Fate Takes a Hand 1962, Murder She Said 1961, The Body Said No!, Will Any Gentleman...?, Night and the City 1950, Murder at the Windmill 1939

Red Buttons

It Could Happen to You, The Story of Us, Alice in Wonderland, Gable and Lombard, The Poseidon Adventure, They Shoot Horses Don't They? 1969Stagecoach, Up From the Beach, Gay Purr-ee, The Longest Day 1962,13 Rue Madeleine 1947Sayonara, One, Two, Three 

Pat Buttram

Gene Autry and the Mounties, Riders in the Sky, Night Stage to Galveston, The Hills of Utah, Valley of Fire, Twilight of Honor, Roustabout,  I Sailed to Tahita With an All Girl Crew 1968, Sargeant Dead Head, The AristoCats (voice), Angels Brigade, Back to the Future, Part III 1990, A Goofy Movie (voice)

Spring Byington

Meet John Doe 1941Little Women 1933Mutiny on the Bounty 1935,  Every Saturday Night, Little Women 1933, Off to the Races, Werewolf of London, You Can't Take It With You 1938, The Blue Bird, Heaven Can Wait,Please Don't Eat the Daisies 1960, Way Down East, Ah! Wilderness 1935, The Charge of the Light Brigade, A Family Affair, Jezebel 1938, A Child Is Born, The Devil and Miss Jones, The Affairs of Martha, The Enchanted Cottage 1945, Dragonwyck, A Letter for Evie, Louisa, Angels in the Outfield 1951, In the Good Old Summertime 1949, 

Ralph Byrd

My Favorite Spy, Lightning Strikes Twice, Close to My Heart, Double Crossbones, Union Station 1950, Thunder in the Pines, Stage Struck, The Argyle Secrets, Dick Tracy's Amazing Adventure 1947Dick Tracy's Dilemma 1947, Tampico, Four Jills in a Jeep, They Came to Blow Up America, Margin for Error, Time to Kill, Moontide 1942, Jungle Book 1942Desperate Cargo 1941, Dick Tracy vs Crime Inc.1941, Play Girl, Misbehaving Husbands, The Mark of Zorro, Drums of the Desert, The Captain is a Lady, Dick Tracy's G-Men 1939, Dick Tracy Returns 1938, Born to Be Wild, S.O.S. Tidal Wave, The Firefly, Motor Madness, San Quentin 1937, Blake of Scotland Yard, Find the Witness, White Legion, Alibi for Murder 1936, Swing Time, The Final Hour, The Affair of Susan, Red-Headed Woman 1932

Edd Byrnes

Troop Beverley Hills 1989, Party Line, Mankillers 1987 , Erotic Images, Grease 1978, Stardust, Wicked, Wicked, Any Gun Can Play, The Secret Invasion, Yellowstone Kelly, Johnny Trouble, Reform School Girl, Fear Strikes Out, Marjorie Morningstar 1958

Arthur Byron

The Mummy 1932, Tonight is Ours, 20,00 Years in Sing Sing 1932, The Mayor of Hell, Gabriel Over the White House, The Notorious Sophie Lang 1934, The Secret Bride, Fog Over Frisco 1934, Stand Up and Cheer!, The House of Rothschild, Shadow of Doubt 1935, Two Alone, The Casino Murder Case 1935, The Whole Town's Talking, Oil for the Lamps of China, Murder in the Fleet, The Prisoner of Shark Island

A. S. Pop Byron

Night of January 16th, Lillian Russell, Young People, Opened by Mistake, Disbarred, Unmarried, Alexander's Ragtime Band 1938Sweethearts, Love is News, Wells Fargo, Dimples, Love and Hisses 1937The Milky Way 1936, Reunion, She Married Her Boss, Princess O'Hara, Wings in the Dark, Two Fisted, Bride of Frankenstein 1935, The Count of Monte Cristo, The Merry Widow, Ah, Wilderness 1935, Madame Spy, The Crime of Helen Stanley, Menace, One Sunday Afternoon, You Said a Mouthful, The Big Shot 1931,

Jean Byron

The Patty Duke Show: Still Rockin' in Brooklyn Heights 1999, Wall of Noise, Flare-Up, There's Always Tomorrow, Johnny Concho, Jungle Moon Men, Serpent of the Nile, The Magnificent Monster, Voodoo Tiger 1952, The Perfect Match 1988

Marion Byron

Plastered in Paris 1928, Steamboat Bill Jr. 1928, The Forward Pass, The Show of Shows, Broadway Babies, The Matrimonial Bed, Playing Around, Girls Demand Excitement 1931, Song of the West, Swell-Head, Only Yesterday, Breed of the Border, The Tenderfoot, The Heart of New York

Walter Byron

Nazi Agent, Mrs. Miniver 1942, Confirm or Deny, Crashing Thru, Risky Business 1939, Trade Winds, Death Goes North, Top of the Town, As Good as Married, Mary of Scotland, Bridge of Sighs, If You Could Only Cook 1935, Folies Bergeres Paris 1935, Don't Bet on Blondes, British Agent 1934, Man of Two Worlds, Grand Slam, Charlie Chan's Greatest Case, What Price Decency?, Kiss of Arby, The Crusader, The Menace, The Savage Girl, Society Girl, Exposure, Sinners in the Sun, This Sporting Age, Shop Angel, Vanity Fair 1932, The Lion and the Lamb, Leftover Ladies, The Dancers, Queen Kelly 1928, The Reckless Hour, The Sacred Flame, The Awakening 1928

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