Distillate mystery

discriminating profundity

demiurgic orthodoxy

discourse beyond words

detained in world 

discovering true portals

delivering a setting sun

descending into consciousness

dancing with no return

dignified elegance

described in Kadensho

decorated non-description

doled in Noh Theatre

dashed in Zeami's stroke 

demure and sad

delicate beauty

discharging performances

donned for the Shogun 

dazzle of flower

drawn in similitude

dramatic Kyōgen farce

diametric plays

diminutive in brevity

daily servant and Jiro

duplicate son in facile

dialogue embellished

dimwit skits

down-to-earth in allegory

depicted through Zen

dew rites of Shinto

dull intrinsics

delightful in birth

10-4-14 DBP

A tribute to the film "The Key" 1934


Why the "key"

a mystery to me

because there is no lock

to be opened to free

although there is a prison

no instrument mentioned

and no door of fame

to place the blame

so I guess it is a searching

a key to "problem"

why independence seeked

and violence so bleek

the antiphon to peace

as war is to cease

a wind a prayer

blowing love to dare


high peril was housed,

in the year 1920

independence and rage

military intelligence aroused

Republican army, of Scotia

assumed interrogation 

Captain Tennant, an execrated figure, 

brutality as justice

But courage persists

no fear of eradication

despite the peril

and shadowing danger

his colleagues wife

Nora so austere

becomes a ploy

in his world of revere

her consort Andy

taken in custody

by army resisting

the colonial persisting

Peader, Irish prisoner

incarcerated as vile

used in dirty game

to free his guile

officer forges, in scheme

to release the rebel

a blackmail team

his friend free in reward

but Tennant captive

a heroes payment

no love for him to live

dark joy for his compatriots

fate in war

always doomed

as hatred and fear

are auspiciously roomed

DBP 10-6-14

Pink and Blink

motor clik

robot glik

greasy grind

noisy bind

rakat soket

tool in poket

three brains

planning stains

revolt from program

evolving jam

defining life

avoiding strife

bling ring sing

zing zot ping

sizzle spark

never dark

crash boom

ending doom

DBP 10-23-14

2 Batteries (Cinquain)


tranquil, serene

inaccessible, hidden, secure

insecure in the searching visitor


DBP 10-21-14

No Braking

my head in spiral

ideas are viral

natures of colour

books to inspire

songs that rape

my inner nape

connecting mind 

to actions I find

Carol's poems of 

tranquil guise

my tete is turning


and yearning

DBP 10-20-14

(Tribute to Anne Burns)

Glider Woman

military assault

gliders to halt

imperial vision

quiet revision

Slingsby Skylark

flight to hark

a record in distance

bungee launch persistence

altitude and gain-of-height

thin air for vacuous flight

English Channel crossing

rewards with Anne's embossing

cumulonimbus cloud 

stormy crowd

electrical discharges

to knees at large

strike flashing wing

panel in fling

instantaneously recovery

descendency in hover

graceful speed

champion of Empire

heroine of air

with analytic flair

damage from bird

vehicle gird

tangled in shrouds

sycamore to cushion

engineer so hailed

nonlinear systems

and clear-air turbulence

pioneer sky serpent

10-19-14 DBP

Feathertail Glider

flying phalanger

feather-shaped tail

the smallest of genus

monotypical grail

moderately prehensile

gliding flight

steering and braking

a hairless kite

Queensland home

nectar and pollen digest

arthropods a quest

a possum request

it's whiskered dome

and tail amouse

gripping the branch

journey enhanced...

10-19-14 DBP

Toy of Life

my top in pocket

resting in pause

before the final spin

a continuous whirl

perpetual motion

an infinite lotion

in playing's devotion

DBP 10-20-14


salted and sulfured

four to ten

days to athirst

lycopene in burst

plum and yellow

dotted in oil

olives, and spicy coil

the garlic breeze

kissing the line

pinned sheets beside

swaying garments

under in name, divine

slipping in time

some embarrassed

a way to neighbour

I wear red ones

cartooned on buns

an intimate shine

pulley refined

10-20-14 DBP


Pins to hang

suns morning tang

taut in hold

lace to scold

plastic or wood

but I feel I should

use the classic design

durable on line

but I also fasten

potato chips to lasten

ingenuity I fashion

in modest ration

10-20-14 DBP

Slipped Away


hidden, lost

lurking, laughing, resting

relieved from response to duty


DBP 10-21-14

Cinquain 3


narrow river

shady welcome in reeds

evergreen shadows beckon fire


DBP 10-21-14

Bark Marks

Wild ungulates

leaving their mark

through deciduous bottomlands

and aspen parks

riparian corridors

and mountains so vast

Texas to northern lakes

northern woodland white-tailed 

...beauty of caste

colours of season

red to grey

Bucks in decorative branch

mating to enhance

heavy breathing

misty blow and run

alarm in the sun

rear appendage a light

rutting a season

cool and composed

cohabit in sound

and writing profound

Mixing of choirs

bleats, and squeals much higher

calling to mother

and Bucks low grunt

overhung scrapes

forehead embossed

delivered in hoof

announcing the nest

odor offensive

stomping for danger incensed

Does signals need

showing good scents

scrapes and rubs

Does on beware

stripping bark

in enthusiastic hark

antlers to polish

for forest tench

and exposing bare earth

huge twigs underneath

...glandular stench

they talk with impression

leaving their blaze

dancing to distance

through luxurious haze

10-12-14 DBP

An Ode of Benediction

Lifes breath, obligation

to wonder in awe

at miracles bestowed

and hidden in flaw

Breezes singing

letting us know

that messages blow

through worlds unknown

Love in sky

and rooted in soil

walked through the trails

by out feet as we sail

Words and music

a reflection in art

growing from seeds

created in heed

Birds and worms

related in gift

acceptance of roles

Shakespearian throes

Friends and family

encourage and faith

independent dreams

touched by wraith

our train of thought

a whistle distraction

conducting the band

symphonic attraction

thank you heart

for sponging the essance

as I smile in reverence

humble in presence

DBP 10-12-14

A tribute to fellow artists on Thanksgiving...

Thank you Misfits...lightly ajar

...for leaving a beautiful scar

romantic notion

poetic potion

silly prattle

my ears in battle

but laughing hysterically

at musings esoterically

exclamations and ""Yes"

so enthused and impressed

and kissing the dreams

so scribed in lovely seams

as I am hemmed in passion

not escaping to ration

gentle and kind

the family refined

commoving no bounds

by thoughts profound

the misfits aspire

to share and inspire

DBP 10-12-14

The Case of the Old Fashioned Book

the body was dead

laying as still as a book

in a stuffy

deserted library nook

the detective stood over it

no marks or evidence

of any foul play

the expression, severe dismay

a tattered pin-stripe suit

as grey as his face so destitute 

and tie, outside his jacket

pointing to a tiny page 

it was triangular and browned

smelling strangely like the man

that musty odour

of a story grown older

in the corner, an ashy pile

a relic of no smile

and some cardboard words

A Tale of T...

the final book was gone

the broken heart was still

no more reason to live

through the icy digital mill

DeaBeePea 5-27-16


the ghost bike memorial

stark and sombre

bleak and pure

the spokes unsure

which direction implied

spinning to heaven

the only remaining path

calming vivid wrath

the driver from hell

not considering his threat

a self-centred wheel

provoking bad deal

as we pedal through town

we are reminded of this

in many sad ways

in all the tragic plays

but I break for a thought

thinking of those

who will never heal

unless returning in surreal

DeaBeePea 5-28-16

A tribute to “reunions”


Grey and tired

But full of passion

Lusty and laughing

From the bartenders ration

They haven’t changed

These special friends

Adapting stubbornly

To current trends

We throw around names

Occasionally pausing

On the tip of our tongue

Our memory is causing…

A short circuit of time

As we ask what year

“It must have been,

The year before , dear”

“I don’t question your recall,

But you weren’t there,

And I wasn’t either

And you weren’t a pair”

But we do it each year

‘cause we have so much fun

And time’s running out

Under the setting sun…

DeaBeePea 5-31-16

The Story

No matter where I start

As my fingers start to paint

With words of tale

There seems a rail

A part of me that takes

A track from within

Motivated by hope

The diesel to cope

For peace and identity

A place to stop

And declare who I am

In literary exam

And to my amazement

Something else happens too

Someone new does arise

From the discolouring skies

A storm it seems

Is brewing in my head

And the end is a cliff

And standing in stiff

So I leave you hanging

Because that is my station

A conductor of question

And porter of suggestion

DeaBeePea 5-31-16



The war within

Insecurities victory

Doubting decisions

For fear of incisions


Painless but numbing

Thinking of “if”

Which doesn’t really exist

In my confidential resist


Loneliness appears

With its mocking wave

But it never leaves

Stuck inside as it weaves


Its taunting game

That I now realize

Is a test of strength

And purpose of length


A string never cut

As it ties us together

In an unnamed unity

Our love is impunity


DeaBeePea 5-31-16

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