Calm Before the Storm

too calm and patient
as the storm brews in shadow
my forever grey
in forgiving play

it might be dangerous
to simmer this way
for the thunder might be loud
and black and angry my cloud

I should learn to seep
like a porous layer
of a gardens seeding soil
asking for modest toil

expressing each twinkle
of hopeful joy
instead of being a balloon
taking in a breathful tune

it might be more than pop
likely a explosive boom
ending up in apology
requiring a voice of doxology

but a permanent serenity
now that would be bliss
a goal for the ages
as i turn these golden pages

DeaBeePea 8-1-17

Heaven and Hell, the Big Switch

my finger is poised
I see that switch
blood red in colour
in it's suspended niche

not connected to wires
or clicking in sound
but soft and pulsating
and innocently gowned

shrouded with confusion
with a label of tease
as on or off
an invisible reprise

I decide in reflection
not to touch the toggle
pondering the question
of my unsteady coggle

the place I'm in
may actually be utopia
being crushed by evil
in a teary myopia

it's time to gather
that inner passion
and spread my smile
no need to ration

we are in heaven
when we all hold hands
one bundle of love
blanketing our lands

DeaBeePea 7-31-17

You're Fired

I'm not sure
of my choice
how to be grilled
in a searing voice

do I want to be
or cooked and frozen
as not to be spoiled

or do I want to be burned
to a blackened crisp
my ashes blown
in the winds gentle wisp

or maybe fried
my brain incapacitated
with caramelized onions
my body cancellated

or have a stick poke me
like a skewered marshmallow
and lightly brown
to sweetness so mellow

made into fast-food
and sold as a meal-deal
the taste of me
making people reel

one way or another
the flames will speak
I open the barbeque lid
for one last peek

DeaBeePea 7-29-17

I Only Wanted One

this chip
of a potato variety
crisp and salty
knowing to munch with propriety

I am not hungry
I thought to myself so foolish
resisting temptation
fighting myself in mulish

so I looked at the bowl
thinking of a single wisp
and scanned the surface
for a large and curly crisp

there it was
in glorious wave
rippled and gold
the connoisseur's rave

I grabbed it quick
bringing it to lips
and the saline explosion
was an oral eclipse

I stood there awestruck
dumbfounded in delectation
knowing what was coming
a gluttonous damnation

I devoured the bowl
of Ms. Vicki's testament
I wanted just one
but was struck with presentiment

DeaBeePea 7-28-17

The Second Bowl

before I walked away
a gentle hand did appear
and a beautiful smile joined me
a new bowl with message clear

but that was not all
as a little dish went beside
white and creamy
speckled with green in chide

I had nothing to lose
so I went on attack
each chip accompanied
by a yoghurtish smack

that slightly sour taste
vinegared to delight
and the parsley and garlic
I was unable to fight

pickled in fancy
dillish dreamland appeared
as each gobbet dove
into this sauce so revered

I pulled up a chair
and accepted my fate
I would stay here the night
on this tuberish date

DeaBeePea 7-28-17

To and From

to and from
supposes knowledge
of the egg and chicken
in poultry college

where did God step in
in his recipe universal
from creation to
weather dispersal

I begin where I end
in cyclical force
taking a trip
to rational divorce

and when a gift
is given from me
it's like a bottle
sent out to sea

dedication to no one
except abiding love
a modest touch of my hand
with an uncertain glove

and in my birth
roots so infinite and deep
and my future eroding
in a marrowed creep

DeaBeePea 7-26-17


I have written in the stones
my prayers and hope
as I peacefully meditate
in my slow mindful lope

the scratches are thoughts
of goodwill and faith
spreading the word
to blanket the wraith

extinguishing fear
in my wooded place
as I touch the pebbles
and their hard etched face

DeaBeePea 7-25-17

Written in Stone 1

the stele so inscribed
serendipitously found
from Nabataean tomb
in incense burning womb

honouring Bostra's fortune
a painter of Hadrian
allegiance to the City
in Greek propinquity

DeaBeePea 7-25-17

Written In Stone 2

favour from the deity
in stone a request
asking for peace
with enscripted caprice

E'lat is the God
of this holy request
as the drawings dance
in their stony trance

DeaBeePea 7-25-17

Written in Stone 3

the families message
in Safaitic script
nomadic notions
of inscripted potions

they look like sketches
of child-like impression
the the essence is pride
on the deserts dry tide

DeaBeePea 7-25-17


Up this early
makes me surly

back to bed
for this sleepyhead

DeaBeePea 7-25-17

Sequel to Early

couldn't get back to sleep
I heard every little beep

So I put on a sock
and went for a walk

DeaBeePea 7-25-17

Sequel to Sequel

I am now home again
the most relaxed of men

now confronting my day
and it's confusing fray

DeaBeePea 7-25-17

Monday's Challenge?

Monday is the common challenge
no one wants it
after Saturdays foray
and Sunday's restful day

some take it in stride
others moan and groan
but you have to start somewhere
and Monday is the dare

so as I contemplate this
the afternoon is beginning
and I have achieved some satisfaction
by kicking this day in the butt

DeaBeePea 7-24-17

Good, Bad, Ugly

This is
in culmination
how I have viewed myself
in my insecure station

during pubescence
embarrassed and sad
in a shell of essence

bad at times
especially in guilt
my evil thoughts
my personality quilt

Good, my delight
growing like a flower
still work to do
for love to empower

DeaBeePea 7-23-17


what has me rabid
and foaming at the mouth
wild and corybantic
infuriated and frantic?

and let mew say
it's not as simple
as first does appear
from our initial jeer

there are many things
like hatred and bigotry
cruelty and violence
and stubborn defiance

but they are a sickness
and though they are bad
they are social disease
that hope can appease

but deliberate injustice
and ignoring the poor
unfortunate and week
their victories we seek

those with power protect
the positions they have
and stomp on the rest
in an arrogant jest

so yes I am frenzied
extremist and crazed
berserk and furious
fervent and delirious

I have flipped my lid
over this inequity
sizzling and raging
at this corrupt upstaging

DeaBeePea 8-9-17


once and a while
someone has impact
and it's a simple thing
with the loveliest ring

it's called friendship
the greatest gift
giving a bit of their heart
in loving art

painting themselves
and signing their name
and handing me
a brush of glee

or spinning words
that make me dance
or sing a song
where we belong

it's the only jounce
that really matters
this sharing delight
so warm and bright

DeaBeePea 7-20-17


I will be gone before
the challenge comes

so I'll respond later today
to the sound of distant drums

DeaBeePea 7-26-17


being curious
relieves the spread
of furiosity

my tendency to be usurious
never quelling
my spuriosity

these notions never injurious
just imagination
forever just "lovurious"

DeaBeePea 7-23-17

Pardon Me!

I am so sorry
that I am me
I know I'm crazy
not everyone's tea

I say silly things
and sometimes in humour
my tainted sarcasm
spreads a rumour

and I talk too much
I will try to shut up
but I'm just that way
runneth over my cup

but I really mean well
ne're a mean spirit
a have a good message
and I hope you hear it

so I bid adieu
in hopeful glee
have a good day

DeaBeePea 7-21-17


so many years
that I thought
I was a mismatch

not good enough
at any one thing
just a surface to scratch

nothing much to offer
other than just a hug
and an honest smile

I cried a bit
but also laughed
turning that momentous dial

but now I see
that there is no contest
for ribbons of red

just the ability to love
and encourage friends
goodwill to spread

I need no prize
for I have won
the chance of being me

flawed and foolish
but relentlessly inspired
with inquisitive glee

DeaBeePea 7-18-17

Mismatch 2

I am argyle
waiting for my mate
maybe stuck in the dryer
wondering for his fate

I've been stashed
in a special and lonely place
that drawer for oddballs
somewhat of a disgrace

but someone heard me crying
and opened the place to me
wondering what was the matter
and looking in to see

they saw my spotted tear
and picked me up so soft
"I wonder what to do with you"
their voice a gentle waft

"I'll wear you with my sailor sock"
if the one of left I find
it will look pretty crazy
like I'm totally out of mind"

I was so happy to be paired
with that stripey sock of navy
so now being a mismatch
has actually become my gravy

DeaBeePea 7-18-17

When the Tide Turns

the choice of many shores
heart and soul to bide
floating to life anew
your turning of the tide

the fear can take you west
no sense to let you guide
no faith or hope to grow
your turning of the tide

a monotonous compromise
takes you east in stride
complacent and pale sands
your turning of the tide

it is the final conclusion
some wishes put aside
a quiet southern journey
your turning of the tide

you are angered by the state
a northern wind of chide
running away from chance
your turning of the tide

ambition waits your hands
conquering directions lied
the untrodden paths are free
your turning of the tide

then you unlock your mind
a cyclonic spin untied
a globe of wondering awe
your turning of the tide

DeaBeePea 8-16-17

Festival Bird

as small as a peanut
scratches in speech
a feather-spayed smile
and inaudible screech

the hendrix of art
a memory that slips
no southern comfort
but memorable quips

on thin ice
a bird bath for all seasons
and chords that rock
the concept of reason

weak in flight
but loyal and firm
as the Z-ing continues
a forever term

sunglasses in tow
on this aquarian expositioin
watermelon to fit
for summer's inquisition

the stage is set
for what is forever
this infinite harmony
the hopeful peace of never

DeaBeePea 8-17-17

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