Monday, Monday

rather than being negative

I have chosen a view

that Monday is special

as I review

a day to think

of my social links

of the weekends parties

and comic blinks

a day of serious

and planning purpose

jotting concepts

spinning delirious

but managing to focus

like a flowering crocus

on special ways

to offer trays

full of of delights

to ajoin us together

completing the puzzle

for angers tether

creating a path

to follow each week

and scheduling patterns

to admonish pique

when weekends come

I have accomplished somewhat

my goal in life

in modest strut

DeaBeePea 6-15-15

But would rather bury it in a pillowcase...

a crush in madness

she was stunning in sadness

I gathered my gall

approaching her with all...

I stuttered and I stammered

my hands asweat

forgot her name

amidst the flame

burning so red

like my cheeks were becoming

a fool I became

I felt like running

she laughed in a howl

I turned away

looking for friendship

or another day

so home I went

thought of improving my face

but bedridden decided

I would rather bury it in a pillowcase...

DeaBeePea 6-15-15

Monday's Precipice

Monday, Monday so good to me

Monday, Monday I climb a tree

has the world changed?

as I look over the sky

to think of what's coming

a laugh or a cry

Monday, Monday

clouds and the sun

collide in a tapestry

of confusing story's pun

the wind is soft

kissing my feet

bare in sandal

the bark chips discreet

the leaves a flutter

talking in verse

about the week's plot

and what to rehearse

but the branch is strong

I wait for an answer

thinking of Monday's

midnight dancer

DeaBeePea 6-15-15

Monday's Happy

Monday not bleek

it has a funny streak

as I wake to the Misfits

and their genial speak

witty and kind

full of love and sweet

my dearest friends

walking down, this facebook street...

DeaBeePea 6-15-15

Twilight Zone Heart

a fifth dimension

beyond my soul

a universal pulse

disappearing in hole

beyond our knowledge

as vast as space

rings of silence

bypassing race

a timeless infinity

between shadow and light

superstition and science

intolerance's blight

hiding in the dark

between wisdom and fear

imagination's victory

over prejudice's jeer

beating in tease

reminding of our duty

thankful for love

and a heartbeat's beauty

Thank you to the genius of Rod Serling for his inspiration...



What am I forgetting...??

a beautiful flower

and a little kiss

a dance in the dark

champagne... not remiss

small package gift

with a large pink bow

compliments of beauty

and a walk by the lough

arm in arm

in quiet opulence

thoughts so sweet

in cozy condimence

but I almost forgot

those three little words


so often unheard...

DeaBeePea 6-13-15


What many assume to be

the knees of a bird

are actually

yes! their ankles

so image if we

misunderstood our own

parts and limbs

that would rankle

imagine if our elbows were

actually our feet

and our heads

were actually our bums

now that sounds silly

but nature is funny that way

so sing a song of wonder

the guitar our knees do strum

DeaBeePea 4-22-15

Anticipatory Appearances

you see those beautiful pans

of flowing fields of gold

while the breeze is kissing

the oaty tips unrolled


the gentlemen steps

in gingers pace

in tranquil fear

of her beckoning place


he should angst not

her heart is tied

to his loyalties faith

and humanity plied


she begins to run

her arms aflailing

his lips she dreams

her breasts are sailing


finally they view

in seemingly miracles pew

and whisk their fervour

to anticipated embrace


her long blonde hair

suspended in motion

and his powetrful hands

turning to lotion


they finally touch

a magic explosion

drawn to a squeeze

a tight buttery implosion 

DeaBeePea 4-21-15

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner

I am Rhizome

an ancient modified subterranean stem

I creep and crawl which bodes

Growing roots and shoots from my nodes

They call me creeping rootstalks

and say that I’m diogeotropic

which refers to my axillary buds

And their gravitational pull, unlike spuds

In the opposite direction

like stems, not roots

being perpendicular to the force

Odd behavior I endorse

Although many mistake me

for such a nub

I am a pedicle

… and that’s the rub

And I keep starches, proteins

feeding those new sprigs of mine

vegitatively of course

A very propagating source

I boast bamboo and sympodial orchids

Lily of the Valley and asparagus

varieties of lilies

I culture in flowers so frilly

And I spice many dishes

with turmeric and galangal

fingerroot and ginger

Great for knishes!

The poplar tree

tall and handsome

attacked by foragers

Insects and fungus

But the underground system

keeps them safe from destruction

so it’s a happy story

For those among us

The Venus Flytrap snaps

a trap for arachnids

the Chinese lantern, papery and red

Invasive nucleus spread

Hops growing strings

fermenting it brings

bermuda grasses spikey edge

And purple nut sedge

Young elephants

eat certain kinds

their trunks to define

sucking the vines

In savannah they dine

DeaBeePea 5-7-15


so many ages

and so man stories

harking back

to past known glories

from Nuvvuagittuq greenstone

to new found chips

stones are thrown

with sidearm skips

historians and children

and zircon lovers

cherish the pebbles

adventure uncovered

life is metamorphic

just like our friends

rounded and eroderd

with time to fend

their hidden souls

rubbed to capture

the meaning of power

and curious rapture

DeaBeePea 5-8-15


when I think of suds

I first think of beer

anything in common

with soap... no, I fear

and yet in retrospect

maybe there is

they both cleanse in a way

with there joyous fizz

and some wash their hair

in ale alas

high in protein

as the alcohol shines like glass

and you can slip in the tub

because of the lather

or maybe it happened

from too much drink, I gather

coming from a bar

then to use one in shower

is there a connection there?

as you attempt to scour

so this metaphor must stop

it's silly and trite

but it was quite fun

as I wash by Coor's Lite

DeaBeePea 5-9-15

Sex Education

the woman is rich

the woman is smart

she worries that her man

will not be upstart

she works very hard

and buys some land

with a beach and dock

with lots of sand

it's a perfect bay

for importing boats

and other things

that reliably float

then comes Sam

a modest man

with a tiny craft

he's an also ran

but he's kind and sweet

and loyal too

so they fall in love

and form union new

he askes her politely

"Can I place my tugboat

in your beautiful harbour"

and she agrees in smiling ardor

the dingy does rock

creating a shock

and after nine months

a child is born...with a crying squawk

DeaBeePea 5-11-15

A Flowers Dream

I dreamed of rain

and its perrenial pain

constantly blasting

on my gentle terrain

why does it hurt me

in its transparent sea

I have nothing against it

and its showering splee

until I learned

about photosynthesis ferned

transiration caused

water vapour adjourned

now I know, in modest vein

I actually cause the rain

that bruises my petals

and awesome refrain

so the pain is gone

in friendly chorus drawn

my growth and journey

inspired at dawn

DeaBeePea 5-11-15

Talking With Your Hands

when my hands talk

it is the voice of touch

sensing soft

and fluffy so much

and feeling hard

and rough in prickle

and wanting to arouse

by the force of a tickle

the voice of love

as it hugs with compassion

each finger sending

companionship in fashion

in darkness all knowing

as the eyes lose their way

the skin is lit

by its modalities essay

a quiet voice

that never sleeps

and courageous words

that never weep

DeaBeePea 5-12-15


in tranquilities image

in afternoons recluse

good friends gather

in gossip, innocent sleuth

each lady clutching

their masterly chalice

Limoges or Wedgwood

embroidering palace

sitting so quaint

in Devonshire terrace

while Manchester Toys

frollic with the heiress

coralene flowers

blooming in hand

while saucers await

the clinking of brand

lustreware, so clear

and scalloped-edged Haviland

giving a dance

on the table so grand

Darjeeling warm

with slice of lime

touched by the sun

a warming chime

crumbs of the lardy cake

spill on the cloth

a warbler visits

in faithful troth

the old country roses

teapot now hollow

now to the library

symposium to follow

DeaBeePea 9-14-15

Home On the Range (Out of Range)

he was a quiet fellow
so home on the range
in particular
because it made him strange

he preferred that status
being out of range
far away
on his little grange

his life, simple
and easy to arrange
his rural comfort
no need for a change

his livestock would sometimes
roam and derange
but this was a payment
for his life of estrange

never a possibility
this life to exchange
avoiding the city
and its large interchange

his forecast was hopeful
peaceful forecast longrange
his honesty and forthrightness
to never shortchange

his burying place
in comfort prearranged
no need for considerations
for a life rearranged

DeaBeePea 11-11-16


lots to say
this post-summer spray

of golds
and reds
in breezy play

sometimes warm
sometimes a cold array

unpredictable and saucy
the woods
a wondrous place to stray

festivals so grand
their joyous sway

arts and crafts
a collage of bouquet

smells and flashes
turning to winter's entree

the twilight of life
to springs dainty causeway

a wonderful season
but short
a saddening pray

DeaBeePea 11-11-16


the truth
is sad
but I grasp this sadness
with a joyous glaze

a stunned response
amazed at survival
at my faults in haze

insecure and anxious
clumsy and even...
envious and mad

I don't really know
why a man
such as myself, can
be so clad

when essentially I am
good and fair
and love so many
yet these flaws rain

on my weary head
and soak my confidence
making me a fool
in stuttering pain

but I start each day
looking forward
to the miracle and confusion
of time and space

not letting the concerns
tackle me
or cause me to cry
those things of the human race

so the truth is me
as I am
enjoying life more each day
as my naive wisdom

makes me smile
and I try to encourage others
to be themselves
in their special kingdom

DeaBeePea 11-13-16

Body Language


body language...
from a place called BAWDY
not a lot of words
and I found it quite odd-ly

I heard it in Yacola
an imaginary place
and when I said an f-word
it was quite a disgrace

but not because it was blasphemous
the word was 'farm'
it didn't belong
and it lacked some charm

because they all speak
yes, I imlore
the letters that spell body
and the words that they store

they are the letters
that begin each word they mention
interesting if not limited
in their simple intention

bullish and damned
are fairly common
otherwise and yes
are assuredly Brahmin

dope and oaf
a frequent slam
yellow and black
colours they ram

down your throat they promote
democracy and openness
which is a good thing
un-Trump in their hope-i-ness

duplicate and deodorize
oh how they cherish
yams and yoghurt
of which they hope never perish

a very strange place
ne'er an index finger raised
polite and blissful
sophistication appraised

common names are Odby
and Ybdo you see
celebrating the languages birth
from sea to sea

oceans and bays
yes, lots of them
the breaststroke favoured
an island trip gem

their wonderful bespeak
I will likely never utter
but will end this verse
demonstratively in butter

DeaBeePea 11-10-16

The Crowd From Nowhere

they watched the game
all fifteen-thousand
a pin drop
you could hear

after each run
light clapping ensued
and the nodding of heads
but nothing of cheer

there were a few sipping tea
and some shortbread bites
and licorice candy
no signs of beer

no crazy hats
to block the view
or painted torsos
to sit oneself near

the ground was not cluttered
with garbage and junk
no announcer was inducing
the fans to jeer

when the home-run was hit
no "I am great reaction"
just a modest trot
around the bases frontier

this must be somewhere
in baseball heaven
"the crowd from nowhere"
on a golden pier

DeaBeePea 11-10-16


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