Leap Day

making use

of spare time

with the agility

to spin on a dime

working quickly

from thing to thing

hoping that the telephone

doesn't ring

walking and writing

meeting all deadlines

multi--tasking deluxe

as if searching for headlines

but it's more than likely

I'll fall a bit short

and get a bit snarky

with an impatient retort

so my goals might be called

a stretch for sure

or should I say

a leap to endure

DeaBeePea 2-29-16

Leap Day #2

we get somewhat excited

about the 29th day

something special

for us with thoughts in play

but the other 11

have a 29 too

so it's no big deal

so cut out the hullabaloo

DeaBeePea 2-29-16

Leap Day #3

a day that hangs

hoping not to fall off

the edge of the month

hurting fingers in pang

help me twenty-nine cries

give me a chance

to prove myself

the month to enhance

March isn't great

so hang in with faith

I'll make it special

as a final date

and the Ides are coming

so a day of peace 

wouldn't be bad

wonders never cease

DeaBeePea 2-29-16


repairing must be researched

listed in order of steps

done with delicate

but strong hands

sharp and furrowed tools

prefer, quality materials

a degree of patience

and creative strands

and as for relationships

listed in a letter's words

with forgiveness

and delicate, but strong hands

sharp and furrowed thoughts

quality of mind

tolerance and poise

of a demiurgic brand 

DeaBeePea 3-2-16

Animal Magnetism

the invisible natural force
healing instinctive prey
one-hundred-fifty nine
the years so written in course

but now it's almost forgotten
its mesmerizing effect
the birth of hypnosis has dwindled
the vital fluid begotten

now its used as metaphor
to symbolize attraction
complimentary charisma
a reason to adore

iron, nickel and cobalt
with our blood does run
some of us annealed
and others never halt

DeaBeePea 3-3-16

Animal Magnetism #2

a ferromagnetic pig
an "ironic" oink for sure
or mesmeric horse so vain
entrancing with its mane

a prepossessing platypus
slapping with intent
or a bold and bewitching baboon
cooing like a loon

a seductive seal
slippery in its woo
or a charismatic boar
wild in its throaty roar

I'm not sure if it's true
I have to ask an expert
like a local bear that talks
that meet on plantigrade walks

DeaBeePea 3-13-16

Fast Food I prefer to deal with ma and pop instead of eating all that slop we don't need Harvey's or Macs or Tim's we need good stuff that keeps us slim that very odd smell that comes from their stacks greasy and pungent and stinky snacks how about all you can eat at the local deli so we can get away from all things smelly the Walmart culture is enveloping us I want to jump on a extra- terrestrial bus I fall for convenience a laziness slip but I'll try to honour this ethical blip DeaBeePea 3-4-16

broken glasses
and humiliations blush
wanting to run
and hide in a rush

directing fear
to my vulnerable soul
a temporary victory
over my life's innocent goal

but a mature attempt
to rock my man's cradle
will be sure to fail
as I grab my thoughtful ladle

spooning my wisdom
of which I have gathered
to put out the fire
of a stupid ego lathered...

DeaBeePea 3-5-16

Leaving smart little boy smiling and bright told his mother he'd be out of sight I'm leaving he said to do my thing it's important to me it's natures ring it calls me today it'll take me a while to finish my project of things to compile mother cried and held him tight but he escaped from her arms and went on his flight later that day he walked in the door with his box of foliage some fell on the floor his mother came running "You didn't leave!" Yes I did why don't you believe here is my collection I told you I was leaving look at all the colours there's no use grieving DeaBeePea 3-6-16
Leaving 2 leaving is cool as long as you wave and say you'll be back but not returning can really hurt others who'd be falling off track so if you must go sit down and explain and speak from your heart don't just disappear the story of your journey might inspire their part while on this newborn path turn around and thank them whatever their place and pray for their happiness encouraging their breath with a hopeful embrace DeaBeePea 3-6-16

CHALLENGE patience is the key to the hill that's hard to climb co-ordinating a plan that has both reason and rhyme a quiet time of thought no action for a while soaking in perspectives allowing no one to rile step by step in evaluating song suddenly shines the tunnels light the agenda takes its shape and everything looks bright then a large decision regarding mutual assistance that might be very necessary to avoid constricting resistance so express to those the guidelines with confidence and smile and make it a fun excursion and all will be accomplished in a little while... DeaBeePea 3-7-16


ignorance is bliss
is so untrue to me
it makes me anxious you understand
unsure of what to see

and I really feel the present
the most unknown entity
because define it I can't do
struggling with identity

yesterday I was born
and tomorrow, likely die
but today, I have no idea
but not to worry, I won't cry

filling nothing with all my things
that keep me occupied
is really very fun
keeping me from going awry

DeaBeePea 3-9-16

This response to Incredulous is inspired by International Woman's day. The Power of Love celebrating each day our thankfulness abounds the glorious women who inspire us with sounds ... that come from the heart in unselfish cries echoing equality as arrogance flies the incredulous ears brainwashed by malevolence ignoring the spirit of muliebrous prevalence my ears await those compassionate voices spreading the word in which goodness rejoices why must we decry what essentially matters our minds being poisoned with chauvinist smatter consolidate in embrace with the daughters of fire whether girl or boy joining love's spire step aside in humility let the empress' rise speaking the truth disowning truth's disguise a motto of parity with wings of translucence but the strength of mettle flying through effluvience not just today but with every step taken let the wives of conscience create a universe awakened DeaBeePea 3-8-16


columns and rows
spaces well measured
a grid of green
with marigolds pleasured

a salad farm grown
sprouting with glee
forms a smile on me
with my sunlit plea

rain and rays
to serve my platter
of spinach and endive
a dressing matter

naked to the sky
with its wind tickled leaves
from four-legged thieves

but sharing is the motto
of this rectangular patch
the magical glow
of this flourishing batch

DeaBeePea 3-10-16

SMART the unknown word sometimes absurd ill-defined a flashy rind used to describe by those who imbibe ignorant woefully itinerant but in truth we bear everyone can share this label because they are able a skill sometimes hidden sometimes forbidden a delineation born from inclination when used in conjunction with verbosities junction misconstrued ill-judged reputation skewed so before you announce prepare your context to pronounce humility parallels mental agility DeaBeePea 3-11-16

OH... IT'S MY TURN or "Triple Word Score"

not common with me
'cause I get get
... pretty intense

missing my turn
virtually impossible
the stakes, ... immense

I don't like losing
so I concentrate
... no pretence

in scrabble mode
looking at X's
.. and Z's with fervor

studying the seven
letters so incohesive
... a keen observer

planning a move
to plummet my foe
... a reputation preserver

so if I have to be
reminded of move
... that is so rare

Maybe I'm losing
so badly that I stop
... in languid stare

or I'm so far ahead
that I'm not of concern
... yes, a more likely affair

DeaBeePea 1-11-17


someone lit me
the spark slowly grew
warmer and warmer
finally getting through

I'm such an idiot
and indeed, a stupid fool
thinking of nutty things
living by anger's rule

everything around me
got worse and worse
and my fault, of course
I was a very ugly curse

I was running on fumes
of doubt and fear
and started getting edgy
holding a very dull spear

a light finally told me
to take a hold of myself
and regain my passionate soul
and the other things on my shelf

so I broke away from the vapour
rekindling who I was
and now I'm breathing air
that is fresh, with a smiling buzz

DeaBeePea 1-16-17

Unsung Poet

people are struggling
to interpret my stuff
they say one thing
about the potential song

"it's on the tip of my tongue"
they say in anxiety
but I just can't get the melody
to go with those words in throng"

"they are obtuse
coming and going
in a bumpy ride of perplexity
that need an imaginative prong"

"I think it should be jazz
of improvisational quality
that's the only way to absorb
this crazy poetry of gong"

yes that is right
I say in humble modesty
my art is of be bop
written by a ding-dong

DeaBeePea 1-15-17

Unsung Poet

a poet unsung
is not too bad
but if he is unread
that is sad

DeaBeePea 1-15-17

Secret Mosaic Staircase

one-hundred-sixty-three steps
from sea to sky
dancing fish
and birds afly

blooming flowers
in orange ascent
as rivers blue
run, in turquoise bend

each step a rainbow
meandering through a prism
touching autumn rust
with delicate flashes schism

the railing a guard
a barrier to holden
entrusting the kaleidoscope
in its fluorescent bold

reaching the sun
and enormous infinity
your feet are enriched
absorbing fascinations affinity

DeaBeePea 1-15-17

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