Frozen Pipes

Pails for drips

Buckets of snow

Stove on simmer

Lacking sips

Yellowing snow

and toiletry bags

coffee takes time

but without is a no

space heater use

to loosen the crystals

it seems like forever

patience abuse

no sign of warmth

at least for two weeks

so I will accept

pioneer life lukewarm

DeaBeePea 2-16-15



People who need people

Are the luckiest

In the world

To deny as such

is a hermitish delve

into the slavery

of much

hilarity and love

debate and lust

questions and fears

identifying years

tempered anger too

and curious wonder

thinking why

confusion in thunder

but sit and watch

people go by

and you’ll laugh and cry

and hypocritical mimes

but don’t try too hard

to understand

or you’ll go crazy my friend

just a loving hand…

is all there is needed

we all live together

to celebrate miracles

and plants we’ve seeded

DeaBeePea 2-6-14

Tear Stained Emails 1

a ridiculous notion

emails are cyber

the tear stains imagined

of emotional fibre

DeaBeePea 2-15-14

Image 2

In the Pink

surrounded in roseate

a bunny's fate

sweet and sticky

the fences so licky

candied love

and vines assuring

that affection grows

on coral rows

hazel eyes

and petaled nose

enduring care

as wildflowers glare

a flush of fuschia

ears elated in ring

to cotton candy sky

rejoicing, in Rebecca's spring

DeaBeePea 2-15-15

Tear Stained Emails 2

there are many ways

to perfume an email

tears of joy

or sadness failed

the content important

but tone more reactive

as the purveyor reads

correspondence interactive

it could be a valentine

with photo attached

and a touch of verse

to imply us as latched

the tears touch the keys

and filter with magic

touching the soul

with waves so pelagic

as we sail with love

through Windows of bytes

opening my facebook

pages of infobahn plight

DeaBeePea 2-15-15

Dinner Adventure

The mantle and gills

giving chills

but not too bad

except for the bill

Adductor muscle

actually consumed

livers and gonads

dinner plate groomed

Calves brains quite tender

lime juice and cumin

cracker meal and oil

everything but bitumen

Chopsticks would make it

an unbearable task

duck intestine apropos

in cultural bask

Escamoles nutty and sweet

insect caviar

larvaed from ants

good for the pannier

Vietnamese blood

a soup for Kings

alcohol chased

it makes me cringe

Mexican treat

the smut of corn

huitlacoche tumours

fateful rumours

I suppose for now

this meal is done

I hope I live

to eat the bun

DeaBeePea 2-15-15

"Beat" culture:

Rejection to Subjection


inhaling alternative air

surrogate life

religious questionnaire


explicit street portrayals

protest in Naked Lunch

bohemian hedonist pails

Allen Ginsberg's Howl

angel-headed hipsters burning

obsenity trials

Renaissance learning

Jack Kerouac

shouldering the trail

liberal publishing

San Francisco veil

Hippie counterculture

New Vision

eccentric, not psychotic

Greenwich Village decision


Gerde’s Folk City

Washington Square Park

and Minetta Tavern's spark

Jackson Pollock

abstact expressionism

and Willem de Kooning

a painted jam session

Six Gallery reading

City Lights Pocket Poets

literary salons

literary seeding

Dharma Bums

urban fashion

tasting Zen Buddhism

the final song of paled passion

DeaBeePea 2-15-15


dag gummit

reaching for summit

but falling

doggone it

I am giving it!

but find myself crawling

god dangit

showing my fangs… it’s

a way to approach my calling

gosh darnit

can’t hit a barn …it

is problematic, how galling

dag nabbit

like chasing a rabbit

so many bad habits


don’t call me a bum

or my anger stops stalling


I’m going for the gamut

Risking a mawling


I’m not staying mum

even if I’m appalling


a simple man I am

as my cursor begins brawling


I’m extinct as a mammut

The past I am hauling

gosh dangit

fiding my hat, to hang it

time for lolling

DeaBeePea 2-14-15

Invited for Dinner

No worry for me

there is no vision

I love to eat

all food with precision

If I know the host

that’s all that matters

I can assure my persona

Will lick the batter

If the host is a stranger

I adapt my persona

And bring extra wine

To maintain my composia

The salad is vital

the meals recital

and soup needs panache

if the entrée has no splash

Main course is slow

with all the clattering chatter

no politics or religion

to ruin the platter

DeaBeePea 2-14-15

Image 1

Roll the Dice

It looks a lot like

snakes an ladders

up and down

and across with adders

cars stopping

and starting with rage

a highway jungle

poor mileage engaged

green, gold, red

signalling orders

must obey

or ticketed disorder

give way or yield

I might lose the floor

rushing is pointless

on time no more

defining victory

no concern of time

it’s getting there alive

that is my true strive

DeaBeePea 2-14-15

St. Valentine's Feast

Milvian bridge

girdered in faith

Interamna’s Bishop

martyred wraith

Liturgical celebration

teaching in reverence

from valens of late antiquity

Hagiographic relevance

Basilica at Terni

overseer with his heart

Saint Lucilla baptised

In Bassano’s painted dart

Shrine of St. Valentine

Whitefriar’s street

As Judge Asterius

Blind forfeiture sweet

Sight restored

idols broken

foodless for days

Baptism’s tray

The Saint proselytized

Arrested in humilities trace

Renounced at Flaminian Gate

Christianity posthumously embraced

2-14-15 DeaBeePea

Image 1

Coreopsis in peril

in an Oz-like transformation

molten yellow brick

coating ferns in station

moonbeams to cast

new and brilliant shadows

as Emerald magic

turns to evil blast

cascading tears

touching the stamen stairwells

the witches jungle jeers

bereft of flying monkeys

the wizards spell

green is fading

the directors cut

adapts new shading

DeaBeePea 2-6-15

Excuse Me



Gas from digestive tract

A sound and odor fact

Swallowing air

when eating or drinking


nitrogen and oxygen linking

Consuming carbonated beverage


esophageal sphincter

Regurgitative churn

Gastroesophageal junction

no seal

absence of gravity to function

floating near loose lid

Inability to burp…


chest pain caused by dysfunction

rare phenom

Chinese and Indians

burping as acceptable

in certain situations

sophistication receptacle

Cattle, dogs and sheep…

also burp in bleep

gas produced as byproduct

animal's digestive process

Methane is produced

Corhort of methanogenic archaea

Can be fatal, to note

Too much bloat

Alfalfa and flaxseed

no cure for man

but a speech of rejection

to parental subjection

DeaBeePea 2-6-14

The Lie


It arrived

Out of blue

As if my mouth

Was untrue

It smelled…

Of something putrid

But it travelled with ease

In accepting applause

Not knowing cause


But something seemed wrong

As I looked around

Body bound

Stiff and frowned


Initially not recognized

My thoughts re-sized

Laughter gone

My blinkers on


Questioned in need

Should I duplicate or heed

No I’d better fess up

And plant honesty’s seed

DeaBeePea 2-9-15

When the Snow Didn't Come


I heard laughter

surrounding me

as if from rafter


it emerged in view

through windows dew

the golden orange of sun


gregarious green

leaves dancing in sheen

sprinkled with stars


so blinding bright

a gilded sight

framing my world


from birds in bath

melodies in path

to prancing heart


no sign of it

I know it's a dream

a daydream scheme

DeaBeePea 2-9-15

Unreal Deafness

As I sit is silence I ponder
Nervous in anticipations hide
The peace that triggers notion
As the horizon waves in chide

I don’t accept the peace
As it challenges my illusions
Creating another place
An empyrean seclusion

But then the cries and whispers
Entangled in the confusion
Bring the scene together
As I lose my foothold on delusion

I am joined by an infinite light
That touches, hears and loves
All my affections are one
Fitted by a miracles glove

So hard to hold this magic
In my daily steps of deed
But I will keep it in my closet
Turning the knob to be freed

DeaBeePea 6-20-16


The continuity of ignorance
Always lights a spark
Waking us from ease
Taking us out of dark

We sometimes cry
Thinking our purpose had died
But something keeps us going
To step in passions stride

So keeping pace is our must
Never letting them get ahead
Those who sell, hate and fear
Are hanging by a thread

DeaBeePea 6-21-16


Belief and practice
The order of my life
The integration of soul
Honoring the gift of whole

Mindful and in line
Being modest in my flaw
And flexible with time
In adjustments slippery climb

And when things seem erratic
Flow with inner harmony
And be a part of miracle
Letting faith be your spiracle

DeaBeePea 6-21-16


I’m talking...
Then I pause to think
“Continue” they say
Not permitting me to blink

This an anxious moment
‘cause I know they’re actually listening
They look at me in wonder
Their eyes are actually glistening

But this is only perception
I am not a genius at all
But it seems to be important
So I’ll continue my verbal scrawl

DeaBeePea 6-21-16


The garden strawberry
A hybrid called Fragaria
Cultivated for its fruit
Creating festive hysteria
Not botanical, but an aggregate
Noted for aroma
Bright red colour and juiciness
The fruit world’s top diploma
1750 in Brittany…
A blend of international collection
From North America and Chile
First garden variety selection
Fresh or prepared
Preserves, fruit juice or pies
Banana-splits and milkshakes
With chocolates passionate cries
Also used for lip gloss
Hand sanitizers and perfume
Salad dressings and sauces
Fragrances that loom
We see the speckled heart
The achene in delightful dots
The birthplace of the flower
The receptacles magic plot
Alas! 1588 in England
First recipe in print
That’s the reason that we’re here
Strawberry Shortcakes glorious glint

DeaBeePea 6-20-16

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