Protect Our Children

face to face
embraced in love
the longing fingers
the softness of dove

but strong in grit
to change this place
our flattened hope
revived with grace

but not afraid
in boldness' scream
surviving hell
in ragged dreams

ducking for shelter
our numbers will swell
turning to power
in our wishing well

DeaBeePea 2-22-18


Zizz, Bizz, Bizzz... Rizzz
this cuckoo bombus
its repeated sting
from its body so rhombus

this rather mean apidae
with its basket so full
spitting and splatting
with its mission of bull

from colony to colony
invading the nest
and killing the queens
to be the new best

with her aposematic colour
and mullerian mimicry
its message is blatant
and cad with gimmickry

the setae of brine
and its hunt of nectar
surprising Mrs. Tittlemouse
in its awesome spectre

with the turtled legs
and antennaed eyes
the lady is scary
prompting apid cries

DeaBeePea 2-18-18


a demon grimalkin?
of onerous ilk
or just frightening
in its demeanor of silk

the long-tailed circle
protecting his name
of finely brushed patent
in his fearful game

but he could be a prince
or a princess so royal
guarding the territory
from an evil spoil

those knifing eyes
and wisdom in waves
the muttons of stodginess
and intellectual caves

so don't be fooled
by the devil's tail
that lingers behind
in the minor scale

DeaBeePea 2-18-18


going to school
in hopeful respite
peace and quiet
a discussion of plight

the eyes of faith
and champagne bubbles
a Raleigh scattering
of concerning troubles

but the civilized manner
of friends of fin
and the iridescent glow
of azure crowns begins

the cyanish opinion
and head-shaking frustration
of trumpian events
motivating cessation

let intelligence and dignity
reign supreme
as we ponder this story
in optimistic dream

DeaBeePea 2-18-18

The Cur

the cardinal of rats
of crimson fury
the oak leaves are leery
in suspended hurry

in the circle of life
the roulette-tail pointing
the reptilian feathers
cowardly annointing

with that houndish horned beak
and claws that talk
as he makes his dastardly
and flaming walk

knotted in curse
in his magenta mood
whining in anger
in his inner feud

a louse and informer
destined to madness
his story is pathetic
and full of sadness

DeaBeePea 2-18-18


are they darts of poison
or loving huggers?
those squiddish arms
of the cautious mugger

the cephalopods cuttled
a fish of wrap
arbitrarily scaled
to take-off in a snap

in chameleon-like flash
he dickers and flickers
in bilateral symmetry
he actually whickers

so we must save this teuthida
sadly growing extinct
'cause he swallows candiru
in his natatory precinct

DeaBeePea 2-18-18


quite a charmer
this modern-day Ookpik
with the longest hair
it's a human wick

where are the arms
and those invisible legs
that could be long
or just like pegs

I ask is it blow-dried
a Warhol instinction
with slanty eyes
and a nose of distinction

would look good in pince-nez
with that platinum panache
that protein shampoo
forms quite a splash

DeaBeePea 2-15-18


No, never
seen anything
like this
stenopelmatus thing

with iridescent limbs
a carabidic miracle
with rainbow-like whims

this camelic cricket
an arthropod so quick
and beaming in fluorescent pride
with is protruding wick

fish-eyed with curiosity
staring down my wonder
waiting for my stereotype
which certainly would be a blunder

DeaBeePea 2-15-18


this incredible kaleidoscope
thin rivers of fire
coagulating in waves
in its tentacled mire

the mollusk of oceans
and pelagic coral
this wyvernian cobra
with breath of the auroral

the Olm of legend
basking in slime
beads of salty sweat
living in tidal time

the eyes of a sea-cat
strangling its prey
in a dancing storm
of this never-ending day

DeaBeePea 2-15-18


that tingle
and that nervous jingle
feeling my heart
coming together, yet falling apart

infinite joy
not seen as a tangible toy
forcing a smile
stirring up an emerald rile

testing shyness
cautious in expressing the highness
is it real
this amazing perspiring feel

not many words
but lots of consoling girds
regaining passion
in a frenzied fashion

though it can be subtle
cozy, warm and softly scuttled
like a sip of wine
forming a frothy brine

immense fervour, but no thought
spelling an expanding knot
happy tension
with outbursts to mention

but in a quiet withdraw
as I paralyze in awe
yes, I realize in raging squall
that it conquers all

DeaBeePea 2-14-18


passing the magical water
poison though potable
the alicorn goat
the deep and lowing vocable

with grace and purity
trotting on cloven hooves
of ivory and ebony
as earthly rising behooves

the Platycodon grows
near the virgins dome
the re'em entrapped
by her beckoning lap of home

the beard and the lions tail
promise wisdom and bravery
the horse of Persian moonrise
combatting all the knavery

the fairest daughter
a wish for this divine and courtly boar
with the head of a stag
and monoceros roar

ne'er a match for a peacock of gold
or a trumpet over the gates
leaving the King in sky
following the Fates

not to be taken alive
its vision is beyond the heavens
answering our prayers
our sadness thee will leaven

DeaBeePea 2-27-18

The Boss

the big green boss
a nesting home
a place for robins
and a large-eyed dome

seeing all
A Lord of the coppice
as the squirrels dance
in an acorn solstice

the fern a bed
where roots like spiders
search for peril
and life-giving ciders

the orange mist
a sky of wonder
in this chickadee world
of gentle thunder

branching in love
yes, the tree of heart
joining the woods
never apart

DeaBeePea 2-27-18

A Tree Would be Better

to rule America
I would prefer a tree
branching in all directions
its roots are battling free

courageous and thirsty
to be a part of all
spreading joy and nutrients
before utopia falls

leaves that flutter
instead of lying hair
and a sturdy foundation
instead of reckless dares

reaching for the sky
instead of looking for hate
and carpeting the earth
instead of ego to inflate

quiet in winter
standing in thought
and not consumed
with what was caught

aging with dignity
and sharing its waters
not spewing the fumes
as an empty rotter

I vote for the tree
so honest and proud
vanquishing the jerk
who is insolent and loud

it is a political transition
of a natural way
setting our priorities
on beautiful display

DeaBeePea 2-27-18


the voices are right
for these are the people
living in harmony
in their fluttering green steeple

they are in awe
and they are cooing
a crowd of hope
in a growing thunderous doing

spreading the word
back to intuition
taking what is in process
not fighting the stream's ambition

guiding us step by step
the rules are clear
and so is their spoken word
a universal language of seer

but we listen with our heart
not with our ears
and we will win this triumph
through many torturous years

DeaBeePea 3-4-18

Golden Girl

in the concentric green
the princess of rings
in a field of faith
the meadow sings

the camellias surround her
as the streaks of gold
lit up her basket
her grandma's dreams to hold

sweet and dainty
but her eyes are shrewd
a becoming smile
in cautious allude

taking on love
for mankind's care
she is the bearer
of hope and prayer

DeaBeePea 2-28-18


those stern eyes
motherhood's inspection
and stethoscopic ears
with infinite direction

a feeling nose
smelling trouble
as her layers of patience
keeps the bubble

those battling brothers
cross and suspecting
and snooty sisters
of jealous reflecting

they're chests inflamed
with iridescent anticipation
but they are one
a united delegation

it's a nervous excitement
with folded arms
behind turned backs
of hidden charms

over the rivulets
this stalwart stance
beckons to a future
a faithful dance

DeaBeePea 2-28-18

Tribute to Dr. Seuss

I am a man
from a very strange clan
I sometimes eat breakfast
and sprinkle the bran

I gobble and gulp
and sip on the pulp
and get stomach aches
as my mother does sculp

she's not in the kitchen
with her colourful diction
and I can act silly
without any friction

too much milk in the bowl
room for a tadpole
so I go fishing
with my large spoony pole

I fall right in
which isn't a sin
because I have on my suit
and I'm wearing a fin

I gurgle and sputter
in this shreddied clutter
and jump right out
and land in the butter

my life might be toast
so I cannot boast
and I haven't had my bacon
which I like the most

DeaBeePea 3-4-18

Tribute to Dr. Seuss #2


he's a very dumb fish
with an orangy glow
and talks in a language
that I don't know

he doesn't swim well
making big splashes
and makes people want
to go on long dashes

his fins are blubber
and his tail is sticky
he's not attractive
actually, he's icky

he travels in schools
of stupid carp
and all they do
is yell and harp

he says he's smart
and very well schooled
and heard him say that
as his flapping mouth drooled

he has four years
at the head of his class
but many are hoping
that it soon will pass

when he tries to go upstream
I'll block his way
I hope that works
because I'm sick of his play

DeaBeePea 3-4-18

Watching Cooking Shows

I can smell the onions
of white and gold
transparent and sizzling
their magic foretold

the roast of pink
crusted in burnt umber
the juices trickling
in wakening slumber

the johnny-jump-up petals
of wintergreen taste
and freshly ground cardamom
of a resinous baste

and the simmering soup
of squash and thyme
orange and lively
savoury and sublime

and the salad awaits
sitting in quiet
the arugula and parmesan
of umami diet

and the nutty filo
blanketed in honey
kissing the lips
in a dream so sunny

and of course, the wine
an Orvieto of delight
although I am watching
my taste-buds are sprite

DeaBeePea 3-5-18


A shower of roses
in the single parade
a Timothy Q. dream
A pinkish charade

Watery champagne
and a marching band
as the petals settle
In the rosebed sand

An entozoon remains
a kiss of thanks
for all the memories
Of watering hole banks

A bubblegum trunk
and flapping ears
a jungle joy
through giant years

The sun is rising
On saddened eyes
But the hallucination will end
And so will the cries

DeaBeePea 3-6-18

New Specie

What is this animal?

of contour lines

a miniature trunk

And pink eyes so fine

Memory in question

from elephant-less features

resembling a dog

And other creatures

The ears are red

in embarrassing stature

and he can dog-paddle

And be a berry snatcher

The ocean of grass

confuses him

in uncertain identity

That could be grim

But with imagination

and confidence

he can be a hero

Of great sustenance

DeaBeePea 3-6-18


it is not suffering

or a feeling of sorrow

or failured recognition

of things to borrow

it is helplessness

not being able

to make the world better

a manger-like stable


your awareness of being

and an unendurable duty

humility unseeing

so encourage friends

and those of weakness

and share the joy

of infinite meekness

the pain is real

but it does not kill

it is just a challenge

to engage in the thrill

they call it perspective

a quieting thought

accepting the pain

in peaceful fraught

DeaBeePea 3-6-18

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