someone is watching
not knowing who
but afraid of them
and what they do

they can't define
and are concerned
they might be aggressive
and get them burned

but they become a shadow
with an angle confused
unsettled at the peace
unruffled and bemused

her swirling persona
and voluptuous vision
is causing uncertainty
and emotional excision

but as the river flows
small waves surround her face
the fashions of eyes behold
a rather silly disgrace

DeaBeePea 7-15-17

When the Sky Fell

nothing went blue
when the sky did fall
that was weird to me
in gravitational pall

there were some drops
of cloudy crystals
but not much else
in my mooning distal

the sun seemed closer
and with planes I collided
and those gliding birds
I intimately confided

I asked myself
am I in the troposphere?
or have I been buried alive
inside the exosphere?

I guess all I know
is I feel sky-high
elevated in stature
like a celestial fly

DeaBeePea 7-16-17


we like to have them
creating life's balance
decorating our view
through a delicate valance

a form of penumbra
or sadly for some
protecting from shady past
leaving all but a crumb

But in vivid splendour
so smooth and bright
hanging in gaiety
and drawn back for light

it's never curtains
unless we cry and hide
letting sticky rods
leave us to chide

DeaBeePea 7-17-17


Once upon a time
there was a vote
it seemed this persons
chances were remote

he was an idiot
and as well a fool
and most wanted him to jump
into a waterless pool

but the country went mad
and voted him in
and now it's curtains
the nation's chances are slim

DeaBeePea 7-17-17

Past, Present and Future

the past is now receding
the present is now in action
the future is now in seed

they are the ultimate recipe
that we consume every day
fulfilling a concept of need

we must feel the past
and pray for it's loneliness
sensing it's humility

we must be alert to now
our senses aroused
in creative motility

and not to dream of future
but to build it
new branches of faith and hope

the universal time of one
invading us from all sides
an apeirogon of thoughtful slope

I clutch these three in rapture
blowing my milky way mind
till my stillness is totally blind

DeaBeePea 8-15-17

What Message? 1

yes, there is war
raging in heat
or cold in rhetoric
brothers to unseat

yes, the environment is spoiling
saturated in toxin
we culture our plants
forming residual dioxin

there is profound inequality
from rich to poor
and no true democracy
and cyberspace voyeurs

but this isn't news
I am well aware of this
so what the heck is the message
are you looking for bliss?

DeaBeePea 8-13-17

What Message? 2

hit me on the head
as hard as you can
or flash yourself
well beyond your tan

scream and yell
or offer me money
break in to my room
or be riotously funny

otherwise I might miss you
on email or phone
somethings get by me
in their electronic drone

DeaBeePea 8-13-17

A One Undecimology


this poem has one rhyme
which leaves me with plenty of time

DeaBeePea 8-12-17


I have one of many things
and also two of much
nose and mouth and belly-button
feet and hands and such

DeaBeePea 8-12-17


one is a test
you try it first
and if you like it
it becomes two at worst

DeaBeePea 8-12-17


if I have one
and I don't enjoy it
I sell it to the enemy
to see how they redeploy it

DeaBeePea 8-12-17


I am one
travelling as two
one by years
through calendars guide

the other by seconds
in a perilous ride

DeaBeePea 8-12-17


I am a single entity
confused and spinning
in my juxtaposed mind

DeaBeePea 8-12-17


I come after zero
and a step before two
from a vast quiet emptiness
to loves joyous hue

DeaBeePea 8-12-17


If you can count to one
the world opens wide
the ladder of life before you
taking the rungs in stride

DeaBeePea 8-12-17


One has three letters
which means three should have nine
but that's a mathematical formula
with no etymology to define

DeaBeePea 8-12-17


one spelled backwards
is eno
which means absolutely zip
unless it draws implications
to acidic loneliness
and how to best equip

DeaBeePea 8-12-17


When I think of one
I ask
do I get a better deal for two

and if the vendor
doubles it
all I can say is pooh

DeaBeePea 8-12-17

Distraction 1

don't ever sign a
for being a distraction

DeaBeePea 8-11-17

Distraction 2

she was quite a distraction
and got quite a reaction

bubbly and smart
and spoke loudly from the heart

feminism and equality
egalitarian and polity

sometimes pointing fingers
razor sharp
shaving them with zingers

the listeners were spellbound
and I was tightly wound

my sense of freneticism grew
as the winds of action blew

is there hope in leadership I asked
as hope began to bask

well, I know the cause is right
that I could help fight the good fight

her final words were clear
as her voice rang in passionate tear

we must conquer the rotten seeds
planted so shallow as greed

the crowd dispersed in cheer
the fork in the road was near

so happy to have been distracted
the unity of love attracted

DeaBeePea 8-11-17

The Note 1

I stung the air
with the arpeggio
dancing in blue
as my trumpet blew

keeping in swing
the drumsticks tapped
and brushed in bounce
with the bass drum jounce

I responded in blast
the music soaring
each note an attackThe Note
a joyous twack

but when I came
to the ending chorus
the final utter
was a mental stutter

everyone expected
the super-C explosion
but at the final second
an impulse was reckoned

my embouchure relaxed
in sentimental memory
as I made a low drone
in melancholy groan

I held it awhile
until the pin-drop was heard
then decrescendoed to silence
in the note's alliance

DeaBeePea 8-10-17

The Note 2

Dear Thomas
I don't want
to hurt you

but you drive me crazy
in your haze
and tendency of lazy

I know
I am critical
but that's me

you're hard to endure
at times a boor
and not very pure

I am sad
for these feelings
and in query

you have no ambition
sadly, your family tradition
and I have no solution

you don't seem
to care at all
about me

you treat me disrespectfully
and so flippantly
so cold and distantly

I don't understand
you are like this

there must be something hurting you
making you so blue
and cruel in your rowdy strew

but I love you
as no one else
my sweet

you are my special man
like a magical caravan
who's impertinence I scan

I must ignore
your ignorance
and nonchalance

I am yours in whole
for your sadistic droll
you are my soul

Love Dylana

DeaBeePea 8-10-17

Microchip 1

they are all gone
she said
I thought I was dead

those jalapeno crisps
so good
crestfallen, as I stood

so I looked at the bowl
instead of hopelessly moping

I ran my finger throughout
the grease
looking for some kind of piece

to my wondrous joy
a microchip
I thought I was going to flip

that salty morsel so grand
for that puny buffet

DeaBeePea 8-8-17

Microchip 2

where to insert?
I thought to myself
some places
make me ralph!

in my ear for
maximum acuteness
or in my foot
for endurance astuteness

in my knee
for agility's reign
or in my forehead
to alleviate pain

And God forbid!
maybe in my phallus
inserted gingerly
for sexual prowess

or in my nose
for aromatic skill
or in my hand
for expertise with the quill

how about the heart
to make a great lover
making all the girls
look and hover

of course, in the brain
makes good sense
controlling your system
where wonders commence

and a chip on my shoulder
rather fitting I admit
walking boldly about
in a pompous snit

DeaBeePea 8-8-17

It's Just Me
four directions at once
in my multi-optioned play

finding joy
in articles and visions
helped clumsily along
in my kaleidoscopic precision

choices are maddening
in this world so vast
from confusion to certainty
both comforted and aghast

I am one universe
a milky way connected
to other creative clusters
inspirational epoxy detected

so glorious to find
that every day is new
I hope it's not just me
looking for existence clue

DeaBeePea 8-6-17

Age of Non-Reason

motivated by blankness
superfluous celebration
sexist attitudes
and hate's descending latitudes

pomposity and arrogance
and fake popularity
wide-eyed lies
and obvious guise

using people
for military puppets
and flimsy support
that could soon abort

but it seems to be growing
as strategic approach
daring us with stupidity
in bullshit rapidity

we feel submerged
in this unreasonable movement
the lowest denominator
in this widening crater

so let's use intelligence
and spread our dignity
to destroy this vacuum
and it's disgusting fume

DeaBeePea 8-5-17

Windswept Trees

those wooden arms
determined yet scorned
by rocks and wind
restless leaves adorned

reaching for light
and the suns repast
their whispering cry
through the sturdy mast

seasons challenge them
as they try to sleep
dancing in the breeze
in a willow's weep

they join in chorus
reaching east or west
those winter blasts
an enduring test

the knotted eyes
watching us sail
nature's spectators
as their leaves do flail

as painter's subjects
they proudly herald
an almost symmetric headline
so gently appareled

joining the horizon
in ocean-like waves
always reminding us
of rivers and caves

DeaBeePea 8-4-17

Under Pressure

under pressure
to keep my flow
an undisturbed celebration
of my passions to hoe

not to bend
to alternative options
unwilling compromises
and single-minded concoctions

I use the compression
for my aerosol speech
a whipped cream decoration
in the idealistic reach

but I don't let this gravity
take control of me
it's a self-imposed obligation
for serenity's quiet spree

DeaBeePea 8-3-17

Before you open the door...

Before you open the door
let me tell you what is there
a vast and empty wasteland
not even a patch of floor

you'll be in another world
your safety I cannot ensure
all inhibitions exposed
and all your truths unfurled

DeaBeePea 8-2-17

Before you open the door...2

just to remind you
that if you open the door
I will not be decent
Should I tell you more?

I am not speaking of nakedness
it's just that I am crude
and might treat you like a guttersnipe
in my verbal wardrobe so rude

DeaBeePea 8-2-17

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