Flowers to Scale

festive tulips
pouting with hunger
fin-ished Archaea
prokaryotes younger
perennial synthesizing

anemone "galilee"
and seaward Hepatica
sepals and ovoid fruit
feathery hair and cymes of nine
silversides, zooplankton brine

bighead knapweed
thin and papery bracts
large headed carp, procede
as filter feeders
both invaders

Above, with trellis'd rays from Heaven's breathe*
a confetti bush
immortal fish, asheathe
senescence to nock...
seeking mudstone rock

Lily of the Nile, myrtle
hues of blue to purple
the love blossom
Victoria perch, silver-blue
predatious in shew

Papyrus lion's head
a paper reed
feather duster weed
Lionhead so fancy
canine puppies

sword fern
dutiful air cleaners
serrated and bristly and stern
tough, survivial
swordfish...elongated, elusive, taciturn

butterflyfish, bestowed
with kaleidoscopic reef abode
strikingly shaded
conspicuous fluttering
symbiotic and pollenating

* derived from "Tamerlane" by Edgar Allan Poe 

inspired by visual presentation of Rebecca Hulit
DBP 4-18-14

Ode to Marco's Tunnel

given an ingress
grainy, coarse and brown
oblong bricks egress
taking me subterranean

cobblestone implies
a old man and barrow
stippling above
the light is narrow

the answer to invitation
the path so clear
but such clarity
breeds suspicious fear

I listen to each step
each one the same
my senses so keen
my body lame

over elevated gneiss
I reach the interstice
I view a vast void

as before, I wage
another passage


DBP 4-18-14


an envy that neglects
success that dominates
responsibility that obligates
energy that turns to ash

creativity that spoils
fun that fails to rejoice
brotherhood that embroils
family that builds walls

power that pollutes
spirit that convolutes
money that stops
love that owns

popularity that doesn't respect
food that doesn't nourish
soul that doesn't flourish
strength for vanity

work not for cause
ideas from hate
actions from prate
joy from infamy

help those I envy
success to share
responsibilty through prayer
energy that warms

creativity that inspires
fun for replenisment...
my brothers identity
a family that aspires

power that cleanses
a thruthful spirit
sharing to bestow
love that grows

popularity through kindness
food for mindfulness
a soul that cries and laughs
strength that lifts,

work, no applause
ideas with belief
actions that satisfy
joy that is relief


DBP 2-17-14

Lost Gloss

...a path with many tributaries
an concept with many means
a solution with many ends
a face with many dreams
a voice with many tonalities
a verse with many fables
a drink with many aftertastes
a gathering with many labels
but all are ashine
the search is my wine

DBP 4-17-14


concerned for nature
conservatism, a impeduous crater

a poem about earthly extinction
a novel, family tribulation

researching jazz shrines
awed by a silent film, divine

caressed by Chateau Margaux
reconnecting, colleague, verbal gateaux

my mind
catch it if you can...

DBP 4-15-14

Ghostly Relish

interpersonal affection
virtue of human consideration

romantic desire
devine self-emptying
a symbiosis fire

a thought terminating cliche
of mutual intimacy confined
and vulnerability

creative arts
illustrating that love conquers all
all you need is love
altruism, the blossoming dahl

unconditional selflessness
unrequited love

distinct neural circuitries
Coulomb's law
unique immune systems askitter

cognitive and adjoining
superficial, but commitment 
companionate twining
passionate love

philia, eros, agape, storge, and xenia
amicus, amicitia, amare
Rumi, Hafiz, and Sa'di
Ohatsu and Tokubei

Ren,"benevolent bask"
mother-child amae
a Turkish ask
love comes from God

Ahava, of God and his creations
Chesed, the loving-kindness
life as universal brotherhood
Ishq, the divine bind-ness

Kāma is sensuous and sexual
obstacle to enlightenment 
kāma is pleasure speaks Kamadeva
the prema of elevated rapturement

the invisible
unexplainable mystery
transfixing,benumbing, bemusing

DBP 4-15-14


I am a cat
meowing not my game
a carving knife to claim

long forelimbs, and
very large canines

bison I predate
despite my weight,

forest and bush
for the ambush

they found me in
Le Brea Tar Pits
and decided, I was
too limited in prey, bits

showed trauma and arthritis
and fine serrations

social but solitary
others to provide it food, contrarily

sexually dimorphic
monogamous and progenic

trauma and arthritis
fine serrations
similar to clouded leopard skull, detritis
shows dirk-toothed cats


size of a tiger, to editor, 
an ambush predator

most accurate bite
and good jumper
Pleistocene epoch rite
10,00 years ago

gone, because
no tiger-like coat patterns...

DBP 4-14-14


the hardwood forests and Taiga of Chapleau
my home where the rivers flow,
the trembling aspen and striped maple
I yearn as my apple
wolves and bears
they steal my cares
a cold stare
and I instigate beware
cougars predate me
as I dodge with docility
sometimes a loud siren
like that of a lion
so proud of my palmates
the love innate
solitary and sedentary
free to roam in chary
so limber 
from the fibre of timber
the only deer
deep water feeding souvenir
my cousin wapiti
a red deer genie
human fraternal
Libralces gallicus, 2 million years ago
pack animals to plough
Behind only the bison
but proud and frisson
to become pemmican
cuisine athabascan
with four brow tines 
immaculate designs
the winter tick
cool waters to lick
killer whales, wolverines
strange carnivine
aquatic plant life and road salt
sodium exalt
I boast my antler size
for cows to prize
pondweed, and lily
my chantilly
a sensitive upper lip
compare, fresh shoots and wood chips
molars so large and flat
to grind and matte
the heat so harsh
the relief of marsh
perceived as mindless
so stately and timeless

DBP 4-13-14


Im a frog on a log
my life in a bog
I like eating bugs
and sometimes even slugs
I make a sound "ribbit"
and try to ad-lib it
when I do a jazz song
as a part of my throng
I have quite a beat
my drums are quite neat
they are made of sticks
and lily pads, I fix
my friends join the chorus
its quite a time for us
a concert in the swamp
the amphibian romp

DBP 4-11-14

In honour of my recovery...a poem...


Breathing with gurgles
Sweat covered skin
Intermittent headaches
and the ever present mucus
I am purple
as I take the pain within
I smell like a hake
discomfort is the locus
My blood seems to hurtle
my head begins to spin
hard to stay awake
slightly out of focus
My day seems curtal
to what am I akin?
hobbies...not to forsake
sanity is my onus.
a continuing burble
down goes cefazolin
tegument starts to flake
no magnum opus
I walk like a turtle
lots of solution
no guano I make
ooze is my nucleus
A damp cloth head girdle
I open an edition
my thoughts begin to snake
reverse osmosis
A cool sheet my myrtle
some music therein
chagrin I foresake
my life vesuvius

DBP 4-4-14

"Through the Bore"

I came out a note
as the trumpet blew
rapid brassiness
piercing the air anew
of smoke and wine
cascading to alarmed ears
from Storyville years
echoeing up the Mississippi
meandering to Davenport
dancing like Bix
on to the city of wind
and Louis' old Cafe
"Potato Head Blues" at Sunset
I bake in jazz Cathay
sounding like russet
I float like sour cream
roasting on the train to the apple
the Savoy awaits my stream
as I jitterbug along Lenox
and collect Bird's scrapple
a quick flight to Billy Berg's
my sound west coasts'
a Dizzying boast
born to be cool
Miles to rule
at the funeral march
the French Quarter
by a lancet arch
a cornet absorbs me
again I am
the note
in a virtuoso's musical demarche

DBP 4-13-14

Hammock Over the Shore

the tapestry hymn
wetting the cognizance
showering of limb
percolating my inspiration
celebrating patchwork scrim
introducing the kiwa hirsuta
a South Pacific breeze
with silky blonde setaes
as dainty thoracic legs atweeze
the see-less yeti 
pigmentation void
pincers filamentous bacteria
the carnivorous furry lobster employed
as the guardian of the sea
a Maori water deity, deployed
the angel winged costata
brittle valved
seabed asymmetry of stata
through substrata...
it's flange, like wings
and finely sculptured radial ribs
concentric growth rings
protected, periostracum
quinone tanned strings
long, fused siphons
in shallow seas
boring through sand, mud, wood
clay and even soft rock, thalassic scree
twisting and carving
a destination quay
jet forced water
microalgae filtered
wafting nutrients atotter
Glaucus atlanticus, bemusing
a sea swallow, subculture
a pelagic aeolid
gastropodic and "molluskular"
eating venomous prey
the Portuguese Man o' War
storing contagion form cnidarian
lacerating a score
silvery grey dorsals
moody blue ventrals
blue-jay-like head
tapering body to thread
serrated teeth
finger-like cerata
Mozambican devil bequeath
eying the by-the-wind-sailor Velella
the blue button Porpita
the violet snail Janthina
swearing, fine young cannibals
toxoid immunity
cnidosac weapon
reverse buoyancy
watching over egg strings
waterwheels offsprings
Venus flytrap
Sunday arachnids
waving its tiny hairs
trapping with lobes to snare
it's leafed rosettes
proudly in waves
powerful petiole, as traves
diverse, alchemist trichomes
detecting falling raindrops
as victims abdicate
opening meshwork
distinguishing comminate
a tri-decadic prophecy
as a Roman goddess empowers
throned, wearing ivory flowers
and bearing fruit
the night-berry
"tippity twitchet"
seducing beetles and spiders
convex lobes in silent stridor
unyielding, laughing at chitin
touching on tentacular past
scanning bogs and wet savannah
sleeping in winter
a dormant canna
winish pride of madeira, daemon
blithely blue flowers 
satinish red stamens
bees and butterflies
knocking for nectar
on the shingle banks
a perennial success 
woody flowering stalks
and stunning periwinkle dress
love in concordance
gamete or sprout
weaving a tartan of sustenance
vivid and bright
infinite mantis greeness
aqua magic
thirst and silkiness
droplets and pools
a marsh of wealth
a drink of kind health
a school of rules
kissing leaves...
cascading stipules


dedicated to the photography of Mario Pucci

"de bago calle"

Papa Beto Jazz taberna
...San Luis Potosi
subterranean, descending turn, a
lugar, club nocturno

the Hot Pepper
Iraida Noriega 
sizzling, a Mexican spitfire
a harmonious Lupa 
the trumpet piercing the spicy zephyr
Guitarra panzona strumming
bleding with the salsa
the chords Maria Bonita, humming

the cadence of Son Jaliscience
the Tamborazo Zacatecano pizzazz
decoding the design
Tlaxcaltecatl Latin Jazz

as Francisco Lelo
autographs the hearts
of dancers and ausculters
improvisational arts
evolving to a 
"Heat Wave"
the sweating rendition
Ow, we're having a heat wave
A tropical heat wave
The temperature's rising, it isn't surprising
She certainly can, can, can*
Ella comenzó una ola de calor 
Al permitir que su ola asiento 
Es una alegría que, dicen al cliente que 
Ciertamente puede, puede, puede

as I escalate
the mezzo-fresco
I associate
the verity of place
of famine, to vexate 
of battle
the rarity of helm, violate
peace, and the secrets of 
Lucia Murado, inmate
of tallit in a box

my sprinkled mind
sinking into the intonaco
looking to hide into the sinopia refined
no room for giornate
no canvas for Fernando Leal
but befitting a tale
of persecution and faith with zeal

the rhythm of enchillada
reaches me
corn, beans, chili pepper, carne asada
crackling huauzontle
smouldering criollo avocados
the perfume of papaloquelite
guava and prickly pear, rambutan
and creamy cherimoya
taking lime and grinding to our pan

the yeso nutrición
white, green or red, which is my pozole 
tacos, tortas, tlacoyos, 
gorditas and sincronizadas, frijoles
the refrains of my comida
encountering the street, to stroll

Atole in hand,
a savoury bark and whey
pure, spicy, and delicate
a peculiar bouquet
stirring in the Patron Marguerita

as the brass and ruido below
touch the noumenon, retrieving
the nuance, prevalent
engraving my benevolence
the inricate weaving 
pasado, presente, future fe

*"Heat Wave" Irving Berlin (1933)


Thank you Rebecca Hulit for the creative inspiration.

"That which is above is the same as that which is below"

Modern Times in space
spools of planets
or a legendary cunning, demonic race
forty-thousand caves
of life below

evolving and existing
in Romanian underworlds
strange beings persisting
chemically reacting to exigent

no more than simple bugs...
millipedes, centipedes, mutant scorpions,
leeches, spiders, springtails,
pillbugs, and bristletails

comfortable at one-thousand
smouldering centigrade degrees
only four miles under sea
a web of furrows
a blind mole rat burrows

poikilothermic mammals, 
mutating from variability
large and thin, indurate adornment
in a "metallic" garment

largely brained,
double lobed
and telepathic, robed
with externals for birth

cloning magic, derived from
prehistoric Malta
those in Catacombs, 
vaults of geomagnetic gnomes

thin, massive reptilian arthrpod
osmosis feeders
single organ, breath and blood
a feckless facial portal
to engineers of the mortal

single chiral flocks
dinosaurs of survival
no collision of asteroids
no glacial epoch

the heritage of the Voth
spinning around the red dwarfs
Krytonic exoplanets stray
with super tides a rite
facing the eastern stars on a sunny day
facing the western stars on endless night monolithic crickets stridulate their wings
convergence or divergence
enclosing oceans of water
membranes amphibious
Beneath thick icy shells
like the deep seas of Galilean moons

...electromagnetic intelligence
bred by variations
the conversion of element
as widgets unveil
exploding machinery 
changing gravity prevails
launching floating bolts
stinging the layers of stingy air
carousing nuts revolt
encircing victimized dino-men

the attachment
molten intercourse
a new generation, as chambers
turn from stone to slush
planets spin erratically
the lone earthling takes flight
finding a nautical planet
of palms growing motherboards

sterile women
elecrode chests of glare
with random-access memories
and small gauage wire hair
optical discs flashing
stunning with a stare

those from the heavenly body
of origin, layered by the integument
of the modern sphere
covered by the mire
now crawling from
the pores of anger
a darker grey, manly but inferior
a metallic clangor
withered, weak and 
from de-oxygenation
media removed, disarray
floppy and often detached
programmed to obey

but the orders, thrust
destined to create abortion
as the techno environment rusts
three infinite generations
collide and fragment
a prokaryote smiles

DBP 4-23-14

Denisovan Woman

we must be recognized

a movement to bear

the fruits of justice

and health we care

Neanderthal we are not

those bumbling fools

over-eating like gluttons

and poorly made tools

and we like to fornicate

with those modern sapiens

improving our system

from parasites and pathogens

I am the "X woman"

bold and proud

with better molars to chew

my vega protein endowed

less hunting for me

my children I care

a division of labour you see

responsibilities we share

no more tragedy

stillbirths, miscarriages and death

a community we form

in humble shibboleth

no more clubs

to beat us to ground

and warmer weather

to diversify our abound

and our brains are developed

to an advanced stage

calculating our politics

from sexist rage

I have my own weapon

cunning and coy

with a bat of my lash

my charm I deploy

DeaBeePea 11-26-15

What Does It Mean?

that marvellous word
yes... it's love
the biggest of all
standing so tall

making my heart
jump like a frog
it's a falling thing
a ballad to sing

occasionally it hurts
which is rather sad
'cause it wasn't meant to be
something other than glee

but it bounces back
every day, it seems
passion and fervour
more than observer

tied in knots
or obsessive attachment
unexplained magnet
my mind a planet

circling my essence
defining my reason
for celebrating life
happiness so rife

DeaBeePea 4-20-16

it seems to be a trend these days a pseudo world where nothing stays attractive facades adorn our streets not much inside except unhealthy treats common logos depict a theme that attach to our subconscious opening a dream but actually it's fake just a mass produced ploy stopping us briefly from our normal employ our juices are wet by burger implications and thirst is teased by caffeines temptation and stylish expression is usually not creative it's a commercial game that cries to be innovative DeaBeePea 4-22-16

When the Earth Speaks

so many voices
has the sphere
and in it's profanity
has no peer

infinitely patient
subtle in breeze
but holding back anger
in it's passive trees

many signals
poisoning back
threatening existence
with it's reciprocating knack

to much or too little
a balancing act
but the rules are clear
and nature has tact

but thoughtless greed
a tributary we make
to a deadly bog
of neurological quake

the lessons spoken
free for our ears
obedience our employ
humility and cheers

DeaBeePea 4-22-16

The River

the string it is the magnificent connection from melt to sponge peat soaking in convection schools of eggs in shorelines trickling beds gradually warming in waters delicate threads bouncing over rocks least resistant the code a determined and rapid battle before meandering lode refusing to be bogged down to the mouth tributaries squirming to an undermined south elevation and poles dictating the path collecting man's poison his ignorant bath but memories persist of the boy and his pole under the willow in his sunny drole DeaBeePea 4-23-16

The Shirt
the barren lines of rocky hills stubborn grasses and tattered sills cart paths so worn weathered shacks debris rolling over from windy attacks but someone is home it's still on the line two wooden pegs suspending this sign his favourite shirt a tartan of red blowing so bold it's tales ne'er shred DeaBeePea 4-25-16

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