a word of significance
or maybe not
kind of like saying
I breathe a lot

it's all around us
because some are greedy
ignoring those
who are often needy

political or institutional
fiscal or moral
it is a simple tool
that seldom quarrels

with the dissipating conscience
that seems to justify
the ways to do things
with fairness gone awry

there seems no way
to stop this pattern
I wish we could send
them all to Saturn

all we can do
is set an example
and start the cause
of love's own sample

we're all in this
together as one
let's try to make
this mission fun

DeaBeePea 11-17-17


what have you done?
and Assyrian goddess
in guilt-ridden run

such a perilous ride
of shipwrecks and storms
drowning in mystery
in taled form

romantically entwined
and a benevolent heart
bestowing boons
encouraging comparts

of Columbus' men
of Caribbean quest
but only folklore
these legends are blessed

The Syren is bold
an erotic corporeality
a deadly embrace
of startling animality

the vision is a shore
and slapping waves
seaside smells
and hiding in caves

the thoughts are dreams
that sometimes come true
breezy colours
of green and blue

a Warsaw coat of arms
or a Danish image so spare
a cynical climber
of vanity so fair

smooth and eerie
intoxicating and bewitching
I hope I meet her
in this scaling itch

DeaBeePea 11-17-17

Red Carpet

I yearn for this treatment
so royal and gala
emerging with fame
as delicious as paella

in a satin suit
and smile so bright
rather fakish humility
beheld as "outa sight"

but this is a dream
I sadly declare
shouldn't put myself through this
it's not really fair

but the only red carpet
that I will get
might be a scene of bludgeon
that I'd better bloody well forget

DeaBeePea 11-16-17

Ahead of Myself

I am ahead of myself
and when myself
tries to catch up
it ceases to be a head

and being headless
I ask myself, "self,
what are you going to do
about being behind

who "nose" I answer
this race
is a pain in the neck
it was never meant to be

so when "I"
pulled in the reigns
there was a collision
of ego centres

and for a moment
myself stood before I
and said
what are you going to do now?

I felt a surge of truth
alone with real "me"
I no longer acted
in a hasty myselfish way

I plan on meeting
at the finish line
I and myself
neck and neck

the flagman will be stoic
no one will know
if I won or lost
except me

DeaBeePea 11-15-17


(Stands for outrageous moronic goose)

when he won
we said OMG
but now, that's not enough
it only scratches his itch

to be the most corrupt
and depraved leaders of all
with a nefarious flair
to define a bitch

with an indecent focus
if I dare to call it
for his lens
appears to be black

which is an oxymoron
the racist pig
with mouth of obscene
this political hack

he likes this villainous role
of unscrupulous flirt
an unethical pussy
eying that rack

a profligating nature
of environmental scam
this reprobate poop
of unprincipled crap

sending this dissolute
message of hate
rakish without charm
this clownish sap

I don't mean to be X-rated
but he stirs up regret
to say the least
the saturnalian creep

another planet he could go
for a licentious ride
in an iniquitous rocket
landing so deep

where he can be in a place
that quells so graceless
his derelict song
of major vile

but we observe and shake
our heads with a question
how did this happen
this bucket of bile

Mr. Bean or Capt. Obvious
would be so much better
then this pathetic pile
of malodorous manure

so I think my message
is rather clear
I have little adoration
for this putrid boor

DeaBeePea 11-13-17

Down the Drain

some people say
that I'm done
but there is one problem
that isn't fun

chopping me up
and pouring me down the drain
wouldn't be easy
and there might be some pain

so I would advise
to let me hang around
even if I'm a nuisance
I'm not ready for the ground

And I might cause a clog
which would cause congestion
impeding my mission
stopping progression

so as I sit in my rec room
of board and batten design
there is no chance
that I will resign

so if you want something
in the sink to go down
make someone else
like a useless clown

DeaBeePea 11-12-17


though my memory
is sometimes cloudy
tomorrow is a day
ne'er to be rowdy

a day of peace
to commemorate those
who passed away
in a protective pose

some do question
this glorious accolade
as it glorifies war
and humanities degrade

there seems a crawl
and that's a stretch
as we continue to linger
for that peaceful fetch

but it was done in faith
and sensible obligation
with a hopeful passion
for our country's new station

so when we cry
we have to know why
before the cenotaph
as we say goodbye

and listening to those spirts
we take cautious steps
with suspecting eyes
in our fearsome shlep

we wear the poppy
cloaked in sadness
but we do give thanks
for future's gladness

DeaBeePea 11-11-17

Jack's Elixir

Jack went back
he loved that place
so many memories
and despite the disgrace

his fascination drew him
to this vinous spot
where he met the goose
and the gold a lot

his harp was repaired
so he played his songs
and grew a new stalk
with his beans in throng

and with these legumes
he made a tonic
selling it to suckers
as they went demonic

the wealth was short-lived
as he went nuts too
hooked on the elixir
his mind askew

the authorities came
and cut down that creeper
and it landed on him
the story... goes no deeper

DeaBeePea 11-30-17

Thank you to R. Hulit for her Hulitoon

Where and Why

looking for someone
with many thoughts
why am I looking
and where the dots?

to connect the mystery
of this errant soul
they might be happy
being lost in a hole

because the world is a puzzle
where many don't fit
so they look around
for a meaningful pit

so as I partake
in my mangy cat guise
I might be in an alley
to your surprise!

DeaBeePea 11-30-17

Thank you to R. Hulit for her Hulitoon

This was inspired by Becky's "alone".

Seeing Me

how fascinating it is
to look at a view
from someone's eyes
with a different hue

A different colour
and different appearance
and yet I recognize
in a misty coherence

who is that?
I ask in mystery
sensing familiarity
a personal history?

it seems that others
connect with the same
a lot like me, they are
this understanding game

those who express
their most intimate thoughts
become a mirror
of connecting dots

so alone? not really
it is one big place
and we bubble to the surface
despite our disgrace

and being in solitude
has a rescuing role
a timeout you might say
for a frustrated soul

DeaBeePea 11-27-17

Thank you to R. Hulit for her Hulitoon


What is a newcomer?
complex to envision
this humble position
is without precision

although some
are relatively new
they may not be green
in the Lord’s thoughtful chew

because it comes
to awareness’ brow
that each day is fresh
like the milk of a cow

the answers are spoken
from a different voice
but we all know where from
it’s our only choice

but with scattered knowledge
we all join hands
letting go of differences
from adjoining lands

as long as you’re learning
you’re a brand new bairn
ready to walk
and climb the cairn

a testimony to humility
and veteran’s respect
had a hymnful song
our spirit so decked

DeaBeePea 11-26-17

What I Feel Today

It is hard and
shaped like a beetle
with a funny nose that spins

it lights red
on its bottom
and it has a plastic skin

if it was orange
with little black dots
it would be a lady

if it had pattern
depicting a checkered past
it would be shady

but even though
it is squeakless
it is called a mouse

so even though I want
to call it a weevil
it's better than a louse

DeaaBeePea 11-25-17

Am I Invisible?

I am seen
and heard
but is the message

I like to be
announcing with joy
my directive

but if who I am
is a guess
does it matter that
I lack address?

there are times
in life's cram
I have no idea
Who I am

but then the fun
as I survey
through various arts

so after all
is said and done
it's the jog
that makes the run

my body and mind
are a prism
and the light
an astigmatism

and maybe
that will be
the case
until heaven's quay

as one of being
no more need
to be fleeing

DeaBeePea 11-24-17

Long Gone

missing the bus
not uncommon
a problem with timing
something to examine

always thinking
I'm a jet-like spark
everywhere at once
even in the dark

but I must realize
that most things are done
even before they start
it's a hopeless run

so living in the past
might not be sad
because living now
might make you sad

and knowing the time
a numerical thing
is actually rather hollow
a songless sing

so if you're slow
much like me
take the next bus
from sea to sea

you'll never know when
but at least you'll be there
and you might run into me
munching on a pear

DeaBeePea 11-24-17

Gilded Halcyon

The yellow brick road
not surrounded by red
only intoxicating
in its pastoral spread

the blanket flower
letting us rest
and our black-eyed friend
di-vinely the best

we can walk in peace
and await the dew
as the butterflies roam
each day anew

so easy to breath
fresh and breezy
our hearts are calm
yes... life seems easy

there is no place
called Emerald City
but maybe choir
with a little ditty

and people dancing
sharing the joy
no concern of courage
in this land of toy

not made of tin
but flesh and blood
and the straw is for sleep
for our energy to bud

the wizard is you
and I you see
we all have magic
in our golden tree

DeaBeePea 11-22-17


I feel like
I'm floating

it could be
because I'm buoyant

and as I ponder
many things

my reflections
are often chatoyant

at times
yes, I am somber

but that does not tell
the story

celebrating life
and all its joy

the inside never changes
in all its glory

despite the gloom
and the sinking boats

I continue to skim
the water's facade

and on occasion
I anchor, to soak

my bodies thoughts
a cumulative add

of each little happening
this giant puzzle

each piece adjoining
till a giant ship remains

an armada it is
and it is all mine

as I like to float
without those chains

DeeBeaPea 11-21-17

Murmuring Walls

let's be forgiving
and not put them down
those murmuring walls
and their cornered stalls

we bang our heads
and throw a plate
and slap with paste
in unduly haste

painting too
over and over
it's certainly not a walk in the park
whether flashy, or simply stark

and all those pictures
and tapestries displayed
What am I? Chopped liver?
speaking in angry quiver

so who can not excuse
these grunts and groans?
they are not treated well
in their doorwayed spell.

DeaBeePea 11-20-17


but not alone
accompanying the spirit
the living bone

DeaBeePea 11-19-17


they've taken
their bashes
this residue of fire
associated with death
and the testimonial choir

DeaBeePea 11-19-17


light and grey
a puff away
from saying goodbye
the highest sigh

DeaBeePea 11-19-17


piled ashes
the past and its stashes
flitting about
when the wind blows
reminding us of clashes

DeaBeePea 11-19-17


cooling quickly
after hot coal days
when flames were blue
for chimney's flue

DeaBeePea 11-19-17


my home is an urn
an interesting turn
when once
I was objective
and eager to learn

DeaBeePea 11-19-17


don't drown me
'cause when I get wet
I become mucky slop
and I get upset

DeaBeePea 11-19-17


cremation happens
and I am proof
I'm a result of death
remain aloof

DeaBeePea 11-19-17


where to put me
so often a query
does it really matter?
after all
I am maneuvered into
a spiritual theory

DeaBeePea 11-19-17


incomplete combustion
saves my life
as a matter of fact
it's the reason
for my existence so rife!

DeaBeePea 11-19-17


for potash I'm here
and on the bottom
of incinerators face
and, a cigar's resting place
I'm sacred as Vibhuti
and pulverized from fuel
from the boiler I fly
with a volcanic goodbye

DeaBeePea 11-19-17


I am simply cinereous
pale and quiet
and offering a look
of a serious diet

a complexion of pale
so very dull
an uninspired appearance
like a pallid skull

DeaBeePea 11-19-17


put ashes in the dump
it's where they belong
as long as they're cool
it's not really wrong

DeaBeePea 11-19-17


My last ash poem
is to remind you all
of my disinfecting talent
so hygienic I boast
I'm really quite gallant.

DeaBeePea 11-19-17

The Pied Piper of Money

it flows both ways
in currency and coin
claiming to dispell
the corruptive soigne

but it's all a hoax
with this magnetic man
who has no intention
to implement this ban

as long as the flutist
can satisfy his desire
to have all the money
he will always conspire

making people think
that he is sincere
when his parade is really
a solo of drear

DeaBeePea 12-6-17

Thank you to R. Hulit for her Hulitoon


life is simple
but we
as mankind
fail to see

we make the easy
very hard
to establish status
in our fearful guard

the tasks are there
for us to do
but we elaborate
till we lose our view

claiming we're special
a personal gimmick
that others ponder
and learn to mimic

there is a label
of impressive esprit
but it's not all that
it's cracked up to be

the words are long
and message confused
as we stumble around
superficially bemused

we only need
the ABC's
while holding hands
in gentle squeeze

DeaBeePea 12-12-17


peace and purity
and fluffy love
tender and kind
a pampering dove

flakes of God
and spherical delight
for snowman made
and a throwing fight

a gliding surface
and angel maker
ice-creamy scoops
caked by a baker

a warning blanket
of nature's resolve
daily considerations
suddenly dissolved

people groan
and complain a lot
about this surge
that winter caught

we slip and slide
and break our backs
and this commotion
seems a stressful tax

but an alabaster Christmas
quite simply works
our dreams to fruition
as Santa lurks

DeaBeePea 12-11-17


As I separate
My body from my soul
I dive into the river
To retain my whole

Am I too late?
As my humanity shakes
In selfish hypocrisy
That my weakness makes

I follow my brothers
All living things
To the source of life
That searching brings

But do I fear drowning?
No I should not
Unless I fear death
That doubting has brought

I am now alive
In a constant battle
To honour myself
With priceless chattel

Love of others
And unbending devotion
Honest and humble
In stumbling motion

Always standing
On the river’s shore
Prepared to dive
To connect my lore

DeaBeePea 1-1-18
New Years

do resolutions
need a revolution
yes, it seems that way
as I ponder solutions

discipline everyday
365 times
it seems impossible
like sugar-sweet limes

but for some unknown
reason I feel
like it is all a conquer
as my spirit reels

maybe it's age
and wisdom gathered
or naive stupidity
that my mind has lathered

but however explained
I have relentless hope
to win a victory
in my determined elope

DeaBeePea 1-1-18


It’s winter in Muskoka
People complain a lot
Especially when on a ride
And their sleigh gets turned upsot

It’s not really cold
If you wear ten layers of socks
And a very flocculent parka
And a pair of fur-lined crocs

And to have a positive look
Is very important you see
By getting out to snowshoe
And enjoying the white-stuffs glee

So it’s not really that bad
But of course there is a choice
Sit indoors on your laptop
And write poems of personal voice

DeaBeePea 12-30-17

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