the dumbing of America has it spread so far and wide? I am watching very carefully to make sure it stays inside I'd like to help the states as well but first I'm observing here to ensure that this pungent poison doesn't seep up here and sear our culture with chronic idiocy replacing our leaders with rumps they're bad enough already they make me want to jump so this disease must be conquered we have to figure a way to inform all the clueless nitwits that the end is arriving on a tray resplendent with sweets and treats blinding us with verbiage of strength but we have to say to all it's harmful BS of mind-numbing length so let us join our hands and build a human wall that fights off this bitter pill and unstupifies us all DeaBeePea 2-3-17

Tick(s) Such a marvelous service Though tasty for birds They are transmitters of ill In mountainous herds Rickets and fever Typhus and Lyme and meningoencephalitis ne’er spelled on a dime

venomous and paralyzing feeding on blood either soft or hard but both bite with a thud they’re rather ugly in their pear-shaped blob eight-legged monsters an hypostome throb DeaBeePea 2-1-17 Tick 2 I’ll give you a tick for your effort so sincere although the accuracy is neither there nor here

you’re not that smart you need all you can get so I’ll give you credit though most things you forget it might make you like me which is a part of my plan a condescending salute from a desperate man DeaBeePea 2-1-17

Playing 'Possum yes indeed I am so shy curling up with a silent reply she is such a tiger that flaming smile and stripes of tease that caress me a while

but I fail to grab this loving chance as a quiver in nervous failing to enhance my life is talk I'm such a joker with funny lines and flirting poker but after all is said and done I can only play possum missing the fun DeaBeePea 1-31-17

This is a modification of the lyrics of the Beatle's song HELP! to better correlate with my present feelings.


When I was younger, so much younger than today
I needed people's help in many ways
But now these days are gone, and I'm much more self-assured
Now I find I've changed my mind, I've opened up the doors

And now my life has changed in oh so many ways
My independence seems to glitter in the haze 
it's so seldom that I feel so insecure
and it's so nice just to want you as I've never done before

I'll help you if you want
I do appreciate bein' 'round
I'll try to help you get your feet back on the ground
Yes, I do appreciate you bein' 'round

DeaBeePea 1-30-17

This is What I Am

Waking to the questions and the fears Ready to spill my guts to listening peers Wondering if our world will ever be Peaceful Spending a lot of time, ignoring my call Because I just can’t take it all We’re all just fighting for our lives Surviving Realizing, how little I really know And wondering, what I have to show I guess, I just have to stop Worrying I'm just a dreamer, but it’s a beautiful place I'm just a dreamer, roaming in empty space I think about love, and all it seems to be And wonder what it really is to me But it never stops it’s song Hypnotic I seem to be the same, that little boy Filling my head with anxious joy Using my tears as a weapon Nervous I still want a present for my birthday But it really doesn’t matter As my needs and wants scatter Oblivion I'm just a dreamer, it takes me far away I’m just a dreamer, closing in on my mind astray Looking to the sky for help Thinking of this hopeless yelp Asking if there is any hope for us At all So I find a place of comfort And that is something I guess Though, it’s not enough to self-impress Restless There is a story as I contemplate The difference between me and you Maybe just the choices in our view Happiness I'm just a dreamer, something I’ll always do I'm just a dreamer, finding a place between night and day I’m just a dreamer, not wanting to wake To the questions and fears DeaBeePea 2-15-17


what is more
than love

it comes at you
seemingly from above

it stops you
I am spellbound

nothing else matters
my senses to be found

I am enthralled by the sound
a kiss so breezy and light

but a tempest it can become
a beautiful and painful delight

but lost in this cloud I remain
this ever-conquering space

a magic that I hope
forever in my concupiscent grace

DeaBeePea 2-14-17

Garbage Storm

the wind and the rain and piles of crap is blowing our way most by a sap this smelly stuff hitting our face making us blind in its ignorant disgrace and as far as recycling that would be bad we want to burn it all not leaving a tad so we must be presidential and take command and get rid of this garbage and bring in a new brand DeaBeePea 2-13-17

How the heck should I know...

I'm getting fed up with all these questions how do you do this and how do you do that just because I'm brilliant and full of bright ideas doesn't mean I have all the answers so stop being such a gnat DeaBeePea 2-13-17

Summoning I feel I'm always summoning and what it actually is is a multi-talented "god" to call when I'm aplod

solving all my problems with the wave of a magic wand allowing me to sleep one more hour clearing up all my sour but what I've learned is startling this "spirit" that I call is really just another version, you see of the person I call me DeaBeePea 2-12-17

Like Moe the night did come after much aplomb

the moptops from Britain as we all got to sittin' my mom and my sister their faces did glister but to me and my dad the excitement was tad and when the screen said that John had wed I laughed in tow one down, three to go but all I remember thinking with my eyes in curious blinking was that their hair looked like Moe's of the three stooges show DeaBeePea 2-9-17

Chasing Shadows

I have done this
as an exercise in patience
seeing how long
I could go
before I dehisce

one of the concerns
was the light conditions
as they changed
causing me to discern

with another sense
one the nature of six
creating a new belief
assisting confusion dense

I started climbing walls
going crazy was I
and hanging from the ceiling
but I didn't have the balls

to attack the shadows with wrath
'cause I thought I'd hurt myself
and the silhouettes were haunting
of a bloody aftermath

DeaBeePea 2-10-17

Thumbs Up!

does it mean anything
my thumb in the air
in it's "right on" blare

yes, I think it's cool
simple and "feel good"
just like it should

this might be interpreted
so beware of receiver
who could be a "you" believer

yes, the ultimate score
getting this nod
like standing applaud

Siskel and Ebert
changed the way
with their ups and downs
and working man's crown

an essential element
erasing the convention
of superior intention

so I raise my pollex
I'm a positive thinker
in my forward tinker

Here's looking at you kid
of so little blah
my appendage à toi

DeaBeePea 2-17-17


why defunct?
or cursed

perceived as antiquated
gradual demise
no longer pursed

but when we look
back in time
we like what we see
and feel bad

it should still be here
after all
it represents us
and what we had

so now we see
that nostalgia sells
even if it's tainted
with abstract notions

and it seems that service
has lost its value
we must reconsider
our marketing potions

truth and need
what a concept that is!
quality and fair price
with a little show biz!

DeaBeePea 2-16-17


harmonically devious this stupendous journey resolving the paradox with elaborations key the unraveling is a transfixion as the inventions scurry in acoustical warmth and indications of glee vivid is the course as I listen in petrification these fingers barely touch the letters of my flee one is a prelude concluding with a dance as my ears menuet to the showcase in lee sheltered from madness by the exactness of freedom the cantatas message with the breadth of thee then the trumpeter in his virtuosic brilliance a clarino of the courts majestic in its command taken back in time as the recorder simply sings immersing though thwarted in its modesty so grand the fluent strings prevail in allegro stating their warning in a flurry of hand suddenly a cadenza frantic in its delicacy whips and swirls into excitements dreamland straight forward and bold a sense of deliberation preparing for the plot's immortal strand then the flutes in traverse take us to our hearts as the strings play tease in a dialogue of play the fiauti d'echo is a magical trance a crest of the baroque in its airy display we enter the chamber of solemnity's castle the concertino presents its pre-eminent tray the lower strings tell us of their foundation and the boldness and fortitude as they refuse to allay this is the centre the embodiment of this story a chorus of threads intertwined in their yea I hear the mystery or questioning of hope a minor serenity that captures my soul the violas respond with the boom of a quiet canon as the polyphony spirals so carefree in troll the keyboard talks in a fearful potion as we keep hearing ends the viola's arm a bole in our joyous response gaiety springs forth the pressing of the bow to enunciate ecstasy's scroll the tapestry is unrolled Bach's noble essay space and time and their weaving bowl Viola da braccio climbing in cautious steps a confident stumble in designing scheme an echoing horizon the richness speaks to the cries of people in less than wealthy theme a culmination lingering in melody which direction to go? I ask in stirring dream not letting us go the strain and fatigue is mellow and sad with intrigue's crooked stream the noble gigue smiles at us the end is near and we celebrate the land of a less doubtful team this allegro rejoices yes, the decision made humility and courage we will now engage a grand renaissance the courts are commencing the King is listening as permission arrives on page as a pregnant listener bringing birth to passion rendering our thoughts to the composer's stage... DeaBeePea 3-2-17


as my sentence lingers
I wonder where
that period will be
as I watch my rollicking fingers

is it mere fatigue
or a confident conclusion
that brings me to a pause
that creates intrigue

a stop that symbolizes
the birth of a new idea
as the imagination bleeds
for soul felt prizes

but please beware
that the end has no dot
only the river of thought
that we cautiously share

that once-a-month poem
that implies all the rest
sparking our awareness
that takes us back home

DeaBeePea 3-8-17

Focal Point

I hate to say it
but the focal point
of my chaotic world
is me

I know myself
and continue to learn
and seem to be most successful
at sea

riding the waves
and balancing my courage
setting oars aside
to see

the changing horizon
and the colours of water
that suggest the transparency
of glee

but this confusion
allows the ride to be long
with no finish in sight
a modest fee

every moment is worth it
because enthusiasm grows
and I can pass it on
a smiling key

undefined as it is
happiness is a pot of hope
a social nucleus
my climbing tree

DeaBeePea 3-7-17

Paranoia 1

It was intentional!
coincidences never happen
someone is out to get me
with accusations that I'm irrational

and saying I have a complex
regarding persecution
is as ridiculous as can be
I'm only slightly convex

this plot to destroy me
is not my minds figment
it's a genuine conspiracy
to end this thing called DeaBeePea

Paranoia 2

why should I write this poem
about paranoia
it will be rejected
and will likely just annoy-ya

Paranoia 3

the reason to write a poem
about paranoia
is to put oneself in trancelike

and to think about giant trees
like the sequoia
and plants of foreign lands
like the metasequoia

DeaBeePea 3-6-17


what a mess
this project was
bringing three into the world
knowing nothing but a guess

the love was eternal
the exercise was a fair
a circus and a wonder-world
inspired by the vernal

creativity and madness
seemed to be the spokes
that held together the wheel
that avoided all the sadness

but, there was no denial
everything came up front
the emotions spread like wildfire
and eroded us like a file

my strength evaded me
and my responsibilities ran
I only wanted survival
to catch a taste of glee

but this escape proved to be fruitless
as I lost awareness of me
and I wandered all around
my life becoming routeless

but time has offered patience
and breath still offers hope
love has proven its faith
injecting the hands of ebullience

forgiveness, not what matters
that's an awful lot to ask
but encouragement and belief
yes, that's our family platter

DeaBeePea 3-6-17

Furnace 5DP 3498745

the furnace sang
the reason so clear
it was a Singer model
with a voice so dear

don't be mistaken
sewing is not its strong
but it still can sing
bob bob bobbin along...

and its threads of music
are rather loud
and sometimes snap
if the belt is bowed

and it has no fashion sense
it's just a hunk of metal
that purrs when it's tuned
but roars when it's not fettle

but if the neighbourhood
has an old bunch of these
man, you've got quite a choir
that just might displease

but the harmony has potential
with all the different ducts
and I would be a centrifugal fan
even if the chorus sucks

DeaBeePea 3-5-17

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