Christmas Flight


decorating trees

and singing carols

blessing my past

and wrapping thoughtful gifts


quiet in my solace

wondering why the worry

captured in peace

skipping over rifts


the joyous stride is infectious

as laughter slowly loudens

not hearing the words

but feeling the waves


winds of a sleighs journey

and quiet voices whispers

and currents of children

and cute and cuddly craves


my mouth does sweeten

coated by dancing sugars

savoury delights

and the coat of eggnog's silk


the days are not of hours

but minutes in reckless course

as decision bound before me

disguised from former ilk


I know this is not forever

and yet that question lingers

as my heart begins to hum

in contentment's soothing song


It happens every year

yet remains in a tree-top place

as I hear the caring prayers

for future's gathering throng


DeaBeePea 12-20-19

The Almost Revolution


Gathering at Ciro’s

The aging temple

With free-form dancers

And Iconoclastic visions


Lookout Mountain

and Laurel Canyon Boulevard

Freak Out collages

idyllic world prevision


It was their Shangri-La

a beat-struck canyon

of twisted and humpbacked roads,

and eucalyptus so dense


and Cass lived there

five miles from sunset strip

‘come over for a swim, and things will happen’

Within this fence


Joni and Graham

In their puny little place

a race to the piano

tomorrow’s song to light


an ode to the counterculture

with two cats in the yard

chaotic bliss

In psychedelic flight


Crosby, and his menage-a-trois verse

And onstage political diatribes

JFK conspiracy theories

Amidst McGuinn and Hillman’s glare


A glass of apple wine

at the Canyon Country Store,

Troubador was the clubhouse

all your friends would be there


You knew all the groups that were playing

and had affairs with the waitresses,

going to all Tork’s parties

adorned in naked dress


The crowd of young Bohemians and hipsters

gathering to see the Byrds

to hear that twelve-string Rickenbacker

bold and heavily compressed


"folk rock" was coined

in June of ‘65

and when no one was sleepy

Mr, Tambourine Man sang


And I'll probably feel a whole lot better

In the jingle jangle morning

and all I really want to do

Is be friends in subtle whang


There is a season turn, turn, turn

There’s a time to every purpose

In the angel's place, unanswered

Where love and hate collide


Standing alone

Before Sidewalk scenes

And strange black limousines

Living in the temporary hills, where we ride


Finding those white rabbits

within the Drinking Gourd

And a hookah-smoking caterpillar

Might happen to give you a call


It turned into a riot

As Pandora’s Box was closed

The show must go on

The a-Go-Go was a ball


I see you live on love street

On that surrealistic pillow

I think it's time we stop, children

And listen to that sound


Everybody look what's going down

At Sunset and Crescent Heights

As we look at could have been

As the world goes round and round


DeaBeePea 12-20-19

New Vision


I'm on a spaghetti slide

a momentary drip

an eavestrough of spring

a red wine sip


slushing through my day

soaking it all in

despite the Eastertide

ignoring all my sin


time to get cracking

in my sunnyside- up world

the bacon is sizzling

by thawing mind unfurled


my cup is unwashed

and clothes askew

fridge almost empty

without a brew


bookcases full

searching for the time

to befuddle my mind

with fictional crime


stale popcorn

and Buddha looking out

at the pungent backyard

in serious doubt


the procession of ritual

done so insensible

is rather silly

and rather indefensible


speeches and interviews

that tell me zip

my open ears

victims of my blip


a lazy unconscious

I need a kick

my rear-end surrenders

to this sudden click


a brain malfunction

turning the corner

to a brand new age

of ignorance mourners


I'll go back to the century

of nineteenth stature

and see if I can unbolt

this mental fracture


write a book!

I say in jest

but hey, why not

get it off my chest


DeaBeePea 4-20-19

This Day


The royal soldiers

And leader Iscariot

At the foot of olive mountain

Taking Jesus

Among the wide and crying trees


At this place of Gethsemane

Judas bestowed of thirty pieces

Before the high-priest Annas

Jesus, of many questions

In silent answers breeze


The interrogation of Caiaphas

testimony unfruitful

“I adjure you, are you the Anointed One?”

It was time for a modest reply

Warning of the clouds of Heaven to cheer


Blasphemous condemnation

And death declared

And Peter in denial waits

Now Pontius speaks to the Jews

In a cowardly dismissive leer


“Not now” said the Romans

We question the basis

King Herod in Passover, receives responsibility’s nod

and Pilate sneakily refers to King Herod

in Jerusalem's Passover Feast

Does this evil no one to share?


Pilate and Herod pursue

A torturous act before Barabbas

The bloody whips do scream

"have nothing to do with this righteous man" cries the wife of Pilate

Much flogging in her lying dare


The dance of ideals is strummed

Pilate gowned a deception of innocence

The sentence written to "Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews."

The burdensome cross now on his shoulders

Six hours was his painful sleep


From Noon till three

The eerie darkness, stood before all

My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?"

Jesus opened his hand to let the spirit free

"Truly this was God's Son!” they weep


A soldier lanced the stricken body

Joseph of Arimathe, in clean linen he wraps

A shroud for his tomb

the myrrh and aloe, with his soul they blanket

"After the Shabbat, Mary Magdalene cries in shock


He is not here; he has risen!



So is The Divine Mercy

Yes, "God's loving mercy”

We must trust in this abundance of empathy

Giving this to others

Standing as a forever conduit for this path of love




Taking solemn place amidst salvation

Helpless with our feeble transgressions

The saving significance of the death of Christ

Freedom from our own captivity




DeaBeePea 4-19-19

Thought About Writing


I write

to know myself

even if my book

sits on the shelf

it's rather scary

and also hairy

cause I am strange

so knowing me

is an awful spree

a jaunt through madness

and occasionally sadness

but yes, worthwhile

in my own true style


DeaBeePea 4-18-19

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