to blow it off
a cheerful toot
like a locomotives cry
a circuitous route

not just a meltdown
but a source of energy
de-pressurized zest
of emotional synergy

the track is a lesson
training us to stoke
our passion's broiler
for an ingenious stroke

for the smoothest ride
it's a radiator story
quiet and warm
for unspectacular glory

each morning's plan
starts with the kettle
aspiring to vigour
and smiling fettle

the windows may fog
but soon they will clear
we'll slow to a simmer
for a day of cheer

DeaBeePea 8-24-17


a lithospheric ribbon
irregular with crust
like a poorly baked loaf
of pumpernickel bread

the asthenosphere so plastic
of rapid flowing rock
like an lively arctic stream
a string of syrupy thread

so thick and solid
this magmatic lay
stubborn and volcanic
in its massive lower bed

but an oceanic floor
at the Mid-Atlantic Range
a three kilometre journey
for any man to tread

the beginning of a dream
to the centre of the earth
to satisfy our fears
and rinse our humble dread

DeaBeePea 8-23-17


that shining ribbon oak
raised so proudly high
at eye-level, just for us
to bring our family nigh

memories and moments
graduations song
and a bicycles first journey
the silent little gong

generations of smiles
unglazed in black and white
mutton chops and pipes
but still the spirits bright

stern and still in pose
grandfather proud on throne
chow chow curled beside
as still as a lonely bone

the candles seldom lit
and small trophies at the side
reminding those of victory
mindful of current deride

but this ledge is a narrow shrine
above the flames of time
supporting hopes and dreams
through our humble mortal climb

DeaBeePea 8-23-17


a small town smile
and tree-trunk arms
a modest man
of country charm

the big city beckoned
for his iron strength
and massive power
to send a ball at length

things went slowly
he cried for home
but his father's challenge
was a motivating poem

he became an icon
but was partly a disguise
as he followed his idols
to stifle his cries

tired and battered
he circled the bases
hoping to regenerate
those gloried traces

sixteen years of
enduring the pain
relieved on occasion
by pelting rain

he said he was sorry
for all his errors
but they were not on the field
they were personal terrors

he died a hero
for frankness and humility
a tragic champion
of miraculous ability

DeaBeePea 8-23-17

There Goes the Moon

I had had enough
of that
embarrassed face
or was it surprise
in synchronous grace?

It seemed to taunt me
cheesy it was
that cratered smile
a reflectant glare
of asphalt wile

although its distance is
slowly growing
I had no patience
I was getting angry
at its eclipsing ambiance

So I thought in jest, of what
to say
to this differentiated mug
to express chagrin
as if to give it a slug

"Bugger off" I screamed
in anorthositic density
a change in sphere
from my cursed directing

But to my shock, the moon
took off
a new place to ellipse
no longer glaring at me
with its roundish lips

so now romance is gone
it's all because of me
my temper
and verbal volcanism
regretful extempore

DeaBeePea 8-21-17

Quit Before You Start

I tried to imitate that genius
beautiful words he taled
each paragraph I toiled
but I failed

I tried to imitate that artist
each stroke was delight
I painted a country scene
the effort was trite

I tried to imitate the singer
the voice of a seraph
but my sounds were a quiver
it created a laugh

I tried to imitate that model
of whom the ladies were beguiled
but I was better off hidden
I could have been exiled

I tried to imitate that mogul
the Midas touch had he
I sold my new invention
but forgot to charge a fee

I tried to imitate that vintner
his wine was really robust
but all my grapes went rotten
and my business turned to dust

I tried to imitate that athlete
he went downhill so brisk
but I broke my leg on a tree
and also slipped my disk

I tried to imitate that leader
of political wisdom he was
but no one listened to me
I just did not create a buzz

I then I defined myself
and found out some interesting things
so I made up silly limericks
and now my life has wings

DeaBeePea 8-20-17


Darkness, peace
me and thought
and sharing
every rip and tear

what is coming?
a lightning crack
or frightened scream
a haunting blare

or is there an infinite
serenity and quiet
as I journey
into tranquility

can I stay here
that would be be nice
simple musings
back to puerility

but experience tells me
there will be a jolt
laughter or drama
removing any doubt

I am but a morning seed
waiting for the water
drowning me
as my day begins to sprout

DeaBeePea 8-20-17

Twiddling Thumbs

my left thumb
twiddling clockwise
my right them
twiddling counter
it was tricky
but I managed
with struggling dexterity
to give my hands
some parity

DeaBeePea 8-18-17

Out There

some people say
I'm out there
based on what I say
or on occasion, wear

but where is there?
this pointed place
where I seem to be
with my smirky face

It's hard to answer
but it occurs to me
that the further I go
the more "inside" I seem to be

meaning, in touch with myself
a comfort zone
staying away from
places I bemoan

so this crazy journey
wherever it is
is a trip to my heart
in this continuing quizz

this universe inside me
a spinning globe
in an uncontrolled orbit
a kaleidoscopic robe

So yes, I'm out there
but never really lost
but asking questions
that my imagination accosts

DeaBeePea 8-30-17

Out on a Limb the caterpillar crawled to the sky for a long and tiresome while beating the competition in its coy and slithering style searching for the sun for digestions nutrient phase and climbing for a home a leaf underside for nesting's daze

finally turning left for that branch of strategic bliss in hair clusters of hundreds for a weekly hatching dehisce in the willows comforting blanket this aesthetic pest survives though polyphagous in spirit it celebrates no shrive brown specs and orange patches its weekly incubation endures a snowy hue of white it's out on a limb... for sure DeaBeePea 8-29-17

Yes I Did

when I look
at the list
of things
worthy of inquire

I realize 
I did them
which should have made my life

but I carry on
with a grin
wondering what inspired me
in foolishness

some of these things
looking back
bordered on 

but if I may say
very few were sinful
just crazy
and dumb

but through all this
not much happened
I didn't even break
my thumb

water-skiing naked
and straddling a buoy
you did what?
that's hard to believe

certainly not proud
but youthful madness
not a part of youth, I want to

but now I am mature
and dignified
and if you believe that 
I'd better take you aside

DeaBeePea 8-28-17

Whispers whispers to me in subtle voice warning of wrong in my world of choice not hitting me with a hammer's pound but hinting in a breezy sound

almost like a tease mocking my truth though also gentle with a pillowed tooth if I ignore these words of love divine I know I'm destined for a life less fine so I welcome this rustle through my leaves of soul echoing the good in my conscience bowl confusion my alibi and deafness my story there's no reason to avoid honesty's glory DeaBeePea 8-27-17

Done! too many opinions and a lack of mission conflict of interest and questionable ambition it seems a waste of time I will have to resign and look for something else with integrity to align DeaBeePea 8-26-17 Done! words and chapters rewrites and edits and of course a summary considering all the credits then a mini bio and final printing run I ask myself in quandary will it ever be done? DeaBeePea 8-26-17 Done! you are very nice and we get along quite well and at times I am impressed with the way we seem to jell but there is one problem though it's regarding our lack of fun you never laugh at my jokes so I'm afraid that we are done! DeaBeePea 8-26-17 Done! the bubbling translucent amber a pitcher of IPA chilled and so delectable to celebrate this sunny day the line was quickly lowered I think we drank a ton the jug appears to be empty I'm afraid that we are done

DeaBeePea 8-26-17

Batten down the hatches..

They went a sailin’
On a beautiful day
Mother, father and son
For gentle water’s play

The craft they embarked
The sun shone bright
Not a cloud in the sky
And the breeze was light

The boy made lemonade
And poured it in batches
And then he yelled
Batten down the hatches!

Then he saw a boat
As he peered down the bay
Batten down the hatches
He spoke loud and gay

Then he went to the bow
And did it again
Batten down the hatches!
He cried without feign

What’s going on?
My playful son
with batten down the hatches
when wind there is none

I’m just being careful, mom
We could take on water
And I want to be prepared
When the boat begins to totter

But we’re just swabbing deck
The boat is still on the rails
I think we are safe
We don’t need our pails!

DeaBeePea  8-25-17


what a stupid word
when you think about it
there's a lot of things
to throw in a pit

And basically
we can dispose of most anything
including Presidents (hopefully)
and despot Kings

cans and bottles
trinkets and tools
we can dump them all
unless we're fools

we can blow up things
and bury the ashes
and bulldoze away
the results of crashes

we could pour all our beer
and the best of our wine
into the oceans
but that's out of line!

and even stupidity
could be dumped with noise
so we couldn't hear it
to maintain our poise

and if someone asks me
to go jump in a lake
it wouldn't be hard
for goodness sake

and despite the dissent
we showed throw out the guns
and then we can see
how the world runs

but to do it respectfully
with environmental vigour
now that does take
a bit of organizational rigour

so I might suggest
with an organic opinion
we should recycle ourselves
and form a new dominion

DeaBeePea 8-31-17


some are throaty
some are sweet
others poetic
with dancing feet

delivering a song
or a warning threat
reminding us of error
and our owing debt

these sounds do walk
through the memory of mind
keeping us aware
our lives defined

we might prefer simplicity
but the lips keep us thinking
and slightly off balance
and frenetically blinking

so we must stay positive
and enjoy the ride
facing the challenge
of the ever-turning tide

DeaBeePea 9-7-17

A Wall Full of Holes

drilling for cable
and speaker wire
AV cords
things are dire!

all those pictures
to hang above
the couch and table
it's push and shove

just makes it worse
making me speak
in cautious verse

I think this place
might cave right in
I hope these walls
aren't too thin

DeaBeePea 9-6-17

By Fire or Water

a choice of life
that douse or flame
soaked or scalded
a natural blame

for I am human
with many layers
erratic and slippery
made of many players

my existence a storm
with occasional quells
to relax and enjoy
in poetic spells

but it always comes back
this hot and wet team
that blasts my conscience
to temper my dreams

DeaBeePea 9-5-17

It Is What It Is

what a profound solution
to all my queries
so objective
it's almost scary

not animal or vegetable
or even mineral
but just a thing
the case not federal

I like to analyze
so this is a break
'cause there's only so much
that I can take

and it makes me realize
that I am what I am
and that's far better
than a personal slam

DeaBeePea 9-4-17


I am a creep
gently squirming to and fro
peeking at things I shouldn't
occasionally being told "go blow!"

but I at least I,
can say I'm observant
noticing things awry
being a sort of, nature conservant

seeing a butt thrower
and getting pissed off
igniting an inner spark
that makes me fervently scoff

sometimes I act superior
which is really a lot of fun
because really I'm a self-effacing nut
telling a story I spun

years ago I was called a "retard"
but being a pseudo-schmuck
has been quite a weirdsome experience
and has brought me lots of luck

DeaBeePea 9-3-17

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