Losing My Mind

Before I equate

A losing fate

I must define

What is a mind


Is it a brain

Or Einsteinian chain

Or spiritual bubble

Seething with trouble


A genetic intrusion

Of generational fusion

Or vacant hole

Infected with soul


So whether it’s gone

Or misplaced in my ataxia

My mind is me

Burgeoning in utopia

DeaBeePea 1-24-15



Magically uniform

by natures wand

level and high

to heavens dorm


strands of fur

rodent’s tails

springing from vale

fingers to lure


a state of wonder

as bark’s dark crosses

contradict the wind

in our eyeless plunder


the steeple in distance

announces in purity

the perfect illusion

in this glancing instance


DeaBeePea  1-27-15




the scenario of

beginnings and endings


the result

our natural bending


our conscience

as we consider humanity


our responsibility

as we nourish our progenity


reflective mode

closing in exhausted laughter


face in stern

a humorous beginning drafter


as I induce

deliberation a duty to heart

DeaBeePea 1-26-15


while I wait

I ponder life

mistakes I made

and current strife

but then I look

at all my blessings

and realize

that I will wait

without distressing

DeaPea 1-13-15

Waiting #2

Waiting in line

so divine

looking at people

of strange design

picking their noses

twiddling thumbs

looking behind

to check lines incline

some people leave

my position improves

closer to clerk

who might be a jerk

an argument could ensue

red tape to adhere

but at least Ill be home soon

for an ice cold beer

DeaPea 1-13-15

Waiting #3

on the phone

please hold the line

patronage appreciated

we'll get to you in time

the music plays

drab and dull

I start a conversation

with imaginary skull

spooky noises

and cackles so mean

imposing my courage

which I lack in mien

the girl comes on

hearing my recitative

I'm embarrassed as heck

I think I must leave

12-13-15 Dea Pea


What if....

each person took turns

changing the world

demanding peace

our hearts unfurled

refreshing air

for us to breathe

and cleaning water

our health to sheathe

feeding the starved

with legume and fruit

creating smiles

with systems permute

giving rights

to the meek and mild

and giving hope

to a lonely child

making our vote

be turned to process

embracing our love

for cruelties recess

DeaPea 1-13-15

Unattached Shadows

I walk and spin

swiping in flail

my shadows clinging

in persevered assail

they tell me I'm a part

of light and dark

and message me in quiet

moody and stark

they dance when I do

those looming pests

and even surprise me

in bedrooms rest

but I will conquer

and detach these fellows

so I can wander

with no shade to mellow

DeaPea 1-14-15


There are a thousand Gods

There is one God

There is no God

answers come from within us

answers come from above

answers come from love

our thoughts are proven

our thoughts are disproven

in being human

faith in faith

and trust in trust

brings us lust

for creativity's thrust

singing our passion

for our heart's earned ration

DeaBeePea 1-23-15

The Faces of Ice

melting smiles

embroidered home

sky blue oceans

scissored dome

flowing south

or drowning within

warming lands

of polars thin

hope with fear

a morbid dance

faith in man

a dangerous prance

evolution's response

an unknown kind

dripping rulers

moustached tines

DeaBeePea 1-23-15


Waiting can be nice

pondering my poetic device

sipping Americano

spinning thoughts like Poe

mystery and doom

images gather in loom

the day must be grey

as I pan for prey

DeaBeePea 1-23-15


If I don't write a poem

by 1 o'clock's strike

I start going crazy

my mind takes a hike

so placing little words

in a particular order

appeases me

creating sanitie's border

DeaBeePea 1-23-15

David Bruce Patterson finds a document, in invisible ink. After research, he realizes that his uncle William H. Patterson, code named Peklenc... is planning to overthrow the government.

Infiltrate office of Jarilo

Find Svetovid plans

meet at 2200

invite Veles

conceal meeting

fossil fuel concern

Belebog assigned

to quarters of Dazbog

invitation sent

Bies invades

electronic surveillance

decode memorandum 3

hostage Chernobog

note to Lada

secure password

begin pipeline demolition

ensure Dola on location

equipment distribution 2220

station Zduhać

world wide web overtake



DeaBeePea 1-22-15

The Tremor




I wonder if my bread will bake




Dodging a crevice, from this quavering attack




the division of my room




the evolving of the map




the house on cliff does hang




my life begins to crumble

DeaBeePea 1-21-15

"Not Always"

our minds equate

rationalize and compose

ideas and solutions

solutions I chose

but premonition

is the word I pick

to describe gut feeling

that might make me sick

sometimes I follow

that lower path

more might be good

so I won't cause wrath

DeaPea 1-18-15


with all the words
that have gone afoul
the word stinker
seems like a friendly growl

if you called me one
I think I would chuckle
then stand rather proud
and tighten my buckle

it's almost a compliment
even my Mother called me that
from a little white lie
that never grew fat

it's sneaky and tricky
and deviously cute
and doesn't smell bad
despite its aromatic hoot

and I'ver always liked pigs
considered smelly by some
so I would snort with pleasure
if you implied I was one

so yes, I'm a stinker
or possibly a rascal
but relatively harmless
of light kilopascal

DeaBeePea 9-25-16


forgotten chapters
something to do with unconscious

time of little factor
far in the past or almost now
no difference

memory blots of mystery
affected by my twisted dreams

sometimes sadness is camouflaged
other times ignited
for dissonance

challenging my definitions
of my reality

a joining of my gifts and my presence
often confused

DeaBeePea 9-27-16


looming fingers
tributaries of thirst
autumn shedding
and a springtime burst

a way to freedom
finding new homes
stretching and curving
shading domes

buds of wisdom
and a message of hope
not a groping of sadness
but a flurry of rope

tying loose knots
securing our belief
dissolving our fear
as we land on a reef

reaching our oceans
sprouting our waves
hellos and goodbyes
our hands forming caves

DeaBeePea 9-29-16


I have always wanted to have a neighbor just like you,
I've always wanted to live in a neighborhood with you.*

won't you be my neighbour
a question most desired
just love and kindness
that's all that is required

respecting privacy
but keeping eyes aloud
creating a community
that we can all be proud

gentle but assertive
to make sure all is good
joining hands in integrity
ensuring that we could

create a model paradise
not perfect but a haven
for fun and safe habitation
beauty we have graven

*Fred Rogers

DeaBeePea 9-30-16


Maycomb children
believing the told
the long ago trial
a legend sold

seeking love
leaving gifts
hoping that children
can heal the rifts

Scout's perception
profound in vision
not really in exile
concluding rescission

Boo's heroics
hidden with foresight
a mockingbird killer
that could have been blight

the ghost of manifest
of invisible choices
humanities' mess
unattractive voices

the quiet hero
the kind we don't see
we might be surprised
"Boo!" so suddenlee...

DeaBeePea 10-1-16


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