Conquering Vision
All I could see was what my eyes told me
No connection
Thought fatigue
Couldn’t see the water for the sea
A puzzle of previous answers, mocking
I am now lazy
Losing pieces
Accepting defeat, no one knocking
My attention diverted to unproductive leisure
No guilt surprise
Heartbeat slows
Entering, imagination’s seizure
Tracing, my eyes a floating brush
Outlining definition
Islands, tress, gardens
Leery of my heavy foot’s crush
Movement seen as frantic wisps of escape
Somewhere better to go
But the horizon is infinite
I’m jailed in my wingless cape
Unconscious measurement with dreams
My compass lost forever
But somewhere there is truth
Seeping between the yawning seams
Losing sight, neither coming or going
From where did I start
Will that know-how assist me
New cold taunting winds now blowing
What are these strange currents that bind
Streams of intelligence
Rapid with urgency
No, they of a freedom’s kind
DeaBeePea 1-10-21

Magical Truth
To explore, within—around
Hungry eyes—answers abound
Secret sounds—always in harmony
A special code of warning
A gradual peace—healing
My brain working like a heart—reeling
Nature’s favourite—painted hope
Each moment a sacred morning
Green slopes and canopies—broken walls
My clothes ready—the labyrinth ball
motion—questioning progress
my bare and anxious face relieving
Against the air—acceptance is manifest
Time—taking a well-earned rest
Facts and love meet—commiserating
No more struggle, now believing
The birds—peeking in blithe inference
As I perch—my beaked lips pecking at deference
With perfect joy received this early day
The leaves glancing—whisper song
My slow steps—aching and humble
Swollen with excitement—my ignorant bumble
But I am told of wisdom
And hear the celebrant’s gong
The stream—gentle laugher
My mind following—a dreaming rafter
I listen to the end story
In all its captivating glory
I will send a letter—home
my ignorance—slyly under dome
the river’s mouth out of reach
but extends its knowing beach
shorelines roaming—knowing where
future lies in glowing stare
DeaBeePea 1-7-21

Breakfast in Dream

Bacon and eggs, as I look at the sky,
Flies and worms, friendship to imply
Bread, not toasted
But much butter boasted

Hands full, fork and glass
Knees, swallowed in grass
Juice of orange so bright
Thoughts of staying ‘til night

What company will I accept
Beyond the bugs of morning adept
Maybe a lass of beauty
With no particular duty

Sharing the awe serene
Laughing in joy supreme
The final taste, my lips assured
Of the nourishment secured

My heart at peace and still
Repast on the perfect hill

DeaBeePea 1-6-21

Better Letter

Blaze, chip
Craze, flip
Daze, rip

Thought, idea
Brought, panacea
Caught, polyphagia

Calm, smiles
Palm, whiles
Qualm, styles

Holes, bare
Goals, stare
Roles, dare

Outcome, doubt
Crumb, pout
Mum, clout

Looking, blind
Booking, find
Cooking, grind

Pale, fear
Wail, steer
Bail, tear

Heard, begun
Blurred, fun
Word, done

DeaBeePea 1-6-21

Early Glimpse

In my days, though, I never analyzed
I had a certain desolation
It seemed, that everything was late
My eager soul and unknown goal

I caught an ignorant glimpse
Of Nature’s magic wand
My innocent face in the sun
Licking my bowl, expecting all in whole

I saw those winking eyelids
Masters of trickery I am warned
Yet I am so foolishly beckoned
An unlicensed mind of little bind

And I wrote quiet lines, as I simply lived
My heart and brain in idle sequence
Away, from life’s evil blood
With fear to yield, to my neighbour’s field

What matters of this silly practice
Inspired by such infancy
It is so in youth, this expression
Leap-frogging from a brain’s helpless slogging

Yet to understand the art of love
With ears constantly in curiosity
So unaware of with and without
Subtle confusion, mixed with unbridled illusion

Unable to distinguish, between helplessness and power
Acting within, or upon
Everything seems the same
Breathing in this play, unsure in my embryonic display

Am I moving or is it the trees
As I watch clouds and startled people freeze
So I pour myself, a drink of sugar
With little aim, but of to please

DeaBeePea 1-6-21

The stockings runneth over
Oranges and chocolate
Excitement’s shaking
Father yawning
Give him a chance
For that Morning coffee
The day is dawning
Mother is ready
Up with a start
If it wasn’t for her
Things would be unsteady
But today is Christmas
The kids already
By the impatient tree
Yes… a miracle to witness
The paper is flying
I hear… What did I get?
A bow whizzes by
From eager prying
The pirate ship
of Barracuda Bay
a Lego adventure
that made them flip
Pebble Beach
Golfing links to play
from Sega’s world
a challenge to breach
Lion King hopping
from log to log
don't get wet!
down the falls you're dropping
Batteries galore
And helicopter flight
Playing frantically
On the cluttered floor
A baby too
Eyes wide with awe
Somehow knowing
What was so true
Only one year
But it’s the miracle connection
Those lasting memories
Of laughter and cheer
DeaBeePea 12-23-20

It doesn’t matter
It just is
Christmas defined
With love assigned
A tree
Or not a tree
And a lonely heart
Or one about to start
Bells ringing
For sadness
Or hopeful strain
Relieving one of pain
The gifts
Bowed or imagined
Mysterious packets
Donned in bright red jackets
Festive drinks
If only intoxicating faith
Certainly enough
A binding, warming cuff
I can’t say
What it means to you
But peaceful silence
is our soul's alliance
Listening for heaven
On this very earth
Holding distant hands
In our infected sands
Let us believe
In betterness and passion
Expressing with smiles
Future’s glowing miles
DeaBeePea 12-23-20

This Special Time
Red and green
Blue and gold
Everything seems to glitter
In a warming cold
Sunlight that casts
A musical note
and crystal dust
a magic coat
needles and garland
stockings and bows
hanging with love
for hope that grows
peace and goodwill
enters our hearts
teaching lessons
of mincemeat tarts
childrens’ first Christmas
reflections of ice
a nice memory
with sugar and spice
the opening and closing
of ovens warm duty
hot pies
golden turkeys of beauty
laughter with wine
and a punch of nog
friends in celebration
and the kids agog
happiness to all
I bid so humble
Looking to Magi’s star
In the sincerest of scumble
DeaBeePea 12-22-20

The Kitchen
strawberry pretzel cookies
and hot chocolate peppermint
almond extract
and flour on newsprint
cinnamon roll macarons
chocolate linzer cookies
confectioner’s sugar
licking by little rookies
citrus gingerbread cookies
grandma's raspberry rugelach
sticky brown sugar
waiting for ginger’s crack
holly berry cookies
and lemon snowdrops
ginger and cinnamon
the pecans lightly chopped
cranberry pecan tassies
nanny's fruitcake biscuits
white candy coating
and hardened icing bits
Santa Claus sugar cookies
caramel-topped gingersnaps
hazelnuts and nutmeg
and afternoon naps…
DeaBeePea 12-19-20

What is mine
Within my clutch
Or strongly held
For me to weld
Upon my soul
A possession
Labeled as good
Paid in dollars
Or my heart
But still it lies
With unheard sighs
There are storms
And winds
Slippery slopes
Flimsy hopes
Where in time
Is reality made
So I can know
A wish to blow
Hiding quietly
In lonely boxes
In a manner shy
No wings to fly
But there is escape
Within life
To admit worldliness
A humble fess
The magic connection
To everything
Every mortal breath
Sharing smiles and death
DeaBeePea 12-16-20

Alphabet Poem
All there is
Between then and now
Cutting future’s story
Defining new glory
Each version is suspect
Fortune’s perception
Going nowhere
Heaven’s curious star
Insolence steering
Judging with fairness
Knocking on humanity’s door
Leaving all on the floor
Much is said
Notwithstanding points of view
Openness in debate
Purpose of hope in wait
Questions reappear
Reason unravelling
Sequences of argument
Tantamount in final result
Unknown results
Victorious over our decisiveness
Winning objectionably
Xerosis of mind
Yesterday losing its sting
Zaftig, declaring obesity of opinion
DeaBeePea 12-12-20

If you are wearing a party dress
Go to a party
If you are wearing dull attire
No need to inflate
If you are wearing a smile
Share it with everyone
If you are wearing spills
Explain your fate
If you are wearing ignorance
Open your ears
If you are wearing understanding
Enjoy the peace
If you are wearing blood
Be thankful for life
If you are wearing pain
Await night’s berceuse
If you are wearing vibrant colours
Make sure you are seen
If you are wearing modesty
Prayer for those in grief
If you are wearing hatred
Better comprehend love
If you are wearing thankfulness
Inherit self-belief
If you are wearing bewilderment
Don’t distress for answers
If you are wearing knowledge
Be tempered in voice
If you are wearing contentment
Celebrate the harmony
If you wear confusion
Be solid in choice
DeaBeePea 12-12-20

In its innocence
With humour
But making good sense
It inspires
A movement of words
There is hope
Thoughts to nesting birds
new face
Those surprising minds
Our planet
Of beleaguered kinds
our souls
Under-rated hearts
our lives
memories of broken carts
DeaBeePea 12-12-20

doesn’t happen much
But when it does
it can create a buzz
sometimes presumptive
Not fully aware
of those hazy lines beware
Done (like dinner)
a matter of being fed up
A state of surrender
instigating a bender
because of lack of funds
Happens every day (it seems)
it doesn’t come in reams
not clear to most
A type of compromise
in humanitarian disguise
just like a movie
When the popcorn’s stale
a rather tragic tale
a fancy word for nothing
The job wasn’t well-defined
of a purposeless kind
that’s what you think
Look in the mirror
you’ve had a bum steer
DeaBeePea 12-12-20

Knowing you’re not alone
Letting you ease that legendary fear
Warm bones
Knowing someone knows you
Making you smile
Warm and true
Knowing someone cares
Letting you fly
Warm prayers
Knowing someone is there
Making you want to embrace
Warm and fair
Knowing that she is missed
Letting you be both happy and sad
Warm kisses
Knowing that you are missed
Making you both sad and happy
Warm mist
Knowing that you’re together
Letting you share mind and spirit
Warm wispy feathers
Knowing that love exists
Making you believe in you
Warm things wished
DeaBeePea 12-11-20

That wild weed
that grows in my head
Teasing and prodding
Bleeding my bread
The brain’s hemophilia
A river of query
Rapids of enlightenment
of history, so leery
Going so far
Extending to sleepless nights
Corrupting past notions
Staining beautiful sights
Fires burning
the coals of discouragement embroiled
Fearing that mighty splash
where faith is grimly foiled
But this search
Waters the imagination
Providing paths
that lead to new stations
This bubbling cauldron
contains many ladles
Some of constructive celebration
others of rocking cradles
Being of catalytic mind
Door exposed
Guided by a cautious hand
Eyes open, for threats disclosed
This revolution of words
demanding clarity
Using our hearts to unwrap
A gift of sweet sincerity
DeaBeePea 12-10-20

The Seasons in Between
We know of four
From the beginning of our time
From hot to cold, and wet to dry
And all those things of nature’s décor
Many memories
Snowmen and waterslides
Challenging a mountain’s slope
And frolicking in the ocean tides
Planting seeds
Waiting for those smiling shoots
Wishing for thoughtful rain
And walking in your rubber boots
Playing in the cooling breeze
Those leaf piles, so wistfully bright
And Thanksgiving’s soul
A family’s delight
But what about
The other magical seasons
That makes us shake our head
Looking for explicable reasons
April’s chilling and biting winds
And May’s taunting snow
Those cold summer nights
And thaws of winter-woe
Undefined apparel
Not knowing what to wear
Our bodies asking questions
Ideas that we share
Maybe it’s not an equinox
Or solstices defining days
But just a time
Defined by our interplay
A moment of miracle
Never to intrude again
Each moment is in-between
The uncertainty of our tired brains
DeaBeePea 12-9-20

So what if you're called…
It’s good to get it right
And the details
Are what can bite
Why not, after all
People might as well know
The reason for your gall
Oh, those lovely things
That keep you occupied
Before the cell phone rings
They call you strange
… but you’re just a miracle
So why would you change
A part of life’s performance
Playing more than one
Survival’s nonconformance
Or just community-driven
Caring for all
Not asking to be forgiven
Keeping in touch with childhood
Not too serious of mind
Stretching the rule of good
Oh, such a glorious state
Forever evading sanity
The lifeline never straight
DeaBeePea 12-9-20

Easy Meal
Frozen pizza
Mi goreng noodles
hard-boiled eggs
it's the whole caboodle
peanut butter and jam
and shreddies
it doesn't matter what it is
as long as it's ready
Habitant pea soup
and hot dogs
pork & beans
and Vachon Jelly Logs
and of course,
a beer is easy
as long as alcohol
doesn't make you queazy
scotch and water
or a glass of wine
makes your meal
really fine
pancakes and the fixins
aren't too hard
and tomatoes picked
from your own backyard
tea and coffee
go without saying
especially with cookies
English tradition conveying
apples and grapes
and bananas to peel
and 1/2 price potato chips
can be a really good deal
a smoothie's not difficult
if you have a blender
or microwave popcorn
natural, to keep you slender
As you can see
I don't feel like cookin'
but tomorrow's another day
for a recipe, I'll be lookin'
DeaBeePea 12-8-20

December's Awakening
Into those woods I’ll stroll
In early winter’s white
The dancing puttyroot
Ignore my feet in flight
My bear-pawed shoes
Latticed in hide
Quietly sifting
On their dusty ride
The pine siskins sing
High above the puttyroot
And the boreal owl
pausing from thoughtful hoot
The path is unbroken
For the explorer’s wish
Making variegated art
In delightful swish
The blanket of sparkle
Sprinkles my eyes
As my day of wonder
is the eternal prize
DeaBeePea 12-7-20

Systematic Life
This chain
Someone made
Disconnected at one end
Defining the future laid
In pieces
Scattered around my world
For wisdom’s new releases
For this opening of mind
Propaganda’s removal
At myself
life announces mortality
its battered and aging shelf
But there’s oil
Like the tin man’s dancing fuel
Eradicating my slippery foil
Seen in the sun
Through my misty windows
Where stories are sometimes spun
New visions
Not necessarily brand new
a series of linked decisions
the chain
still shattered
evoking tales of reality
life, so vividly bespattered
DeaBeePea 11-30-20
Wayne Ross

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