Uh-oh, I Fell Asleep

my arm is dangling

one is squished

the swivel chair

discomfort is dished

an hour-nineteen

was gone in flick

but sawing logs

became plot to pick

my back is sore

being semi-reclined

not a position

I am so inclined

even the headphones

pinned to my head

weren't enough

to keep me in stead

and when I awoke

that glass of wine

half full with a grin

stopped at one-o-nine

I will have to exercise

to rid of the crimps

and have my breakfast

ridding of limp

Oh-oh I forgot

my challenge today

but Becky is nice

it will be okay

DeaBeePea 1-28-16

This Side Up


It seems to me

That it’s always too late

By the time

The directions are read

I fear there will be dread


It’s a lesson learned

Each time I say

And yet

I do it again and again

In my mind’s careless den


Upside down

Is only good for cake

And not

For things that need

A visibly observant deed


One of these days

This terrible trait will be


A valuable breakage

Or defective leakage


So directional discipline

Should be my motto

For without

My life will be a mirage

And a crashing barrage

DeaBeePea 1-19-16 

Bath VS Shower

a torrential blast

hot or luke

rinsing your life

drained of the past

a soak of serenity

a steamy pond

that cools with time

creating vision of clean

short in its storm

a silencing rain

spinning and swirling

the message is warm

strange practices complied

a cigar and champagne

some kind of image

an attempt I supplied

a business-like hurry

I dry and comb

ready to socialize

no time for a worry

relaxed and composed

no destination in plan

I think... read a book

my future is prosed

DeaBeePea 1-21-16


Like a quiet mother

never warned

in earthly passion

patient, not scorned

touching you in purity

kissing you in fluffy fray

your wintered face is red

but not embarrassed on display 

you know if she isn't present

that she'll be back some day

polka-dotting your world

and watching you at play

in feathery protection

coming from above

she'll tuck you in and pray

blanketing you with love

DeaBeePea 1-23-16


an almost perfect sphere

...of hydrogen and helium

it mainly subsists

and it seems to be

the reason that

humans exist

but that's an explanation

merely scientific

so let's be specific

we seem to talk

about the essential importance

of it's rising each day

it gets a lot of press

is it sunny today

we ask with hope and dismay

maybe it's over-rated

because after all

other things are paramount I recall

seen by some as a Deity

isn't that a stretch

a wee bit overblown

I realize it's apparent magnitude

is incredibly high

it's reputation duly known

it's ultraviolet radiation

is pretty outstanding, ionizing

us all, I admit it's balkanizing

which gets into politics

another issue completely

so let's stick to science

and I'll continue to rant and surmise

about the superfluous sun

as I argue in compliance

with absolutely no one

as my profession is weak

and my prospects bleak

DeaBeePea 1-14-16

Current Girl

I guess I'll never know

as a child of black and white

as the platinum vision sparkles

with innocence and glow


Far away


Strangely a friend

The stories invade my thoughts

confusion toys with my passion

I don't know what to believe

as questions of my young mind jots



Painfully curious


Reaching and singing as a candle

That flickered, snuffed in silent frenzy

a plot of selfish power

or the fingers just slipped from the handle



I wanted to help


I am not sure of the source

this river that has no end

the trickle of joy is crying

but the tears have gone off course





There is still the spinning celluloid

and Presidential songs

I'd rather be loved by you

the connection will never be void



Does it matter


DeaBeePea 1-23-16

Golden Thoughts

the impatience that networks greed

la poule aux oeufs d'or

losing all by striving to gain

as avarice, reaches itself of o'er

one finds oneself outreaching

in a two-harvest demand

a world of corn-cockle and weeds

the exhausted soils command

a woman, and fat hen

fansy'd to herself

and gave quite overlaying

growing obese upon't the excessive shelf

we shall be content when we are well

but in Savannahamsa Jataka's tale

a father's poor family reborn

as golden feathers blossom in retail

satisfaction beware of itch

for further's store and gleam

the swan was seized in haste

it's plume a dying dream

DeaBeePea 1-25-16

Felicity Electricity

I think she is unbalanced 

I charge her with that

giving me static

making her my doormat 

she discharges negative

it's getting annoying

I'd like something positive

that would be somewhat buoying

transmitting energy

of the neutralizing kind

I am always the insulator

so sparking assigned

I am shocked at her gridlock

as her sparsely bound shell

rubs against mine

those weakly bound cells

she has that triboelectric effect

my hair is standing

I can't take it anymore

she is far too demanding

my cling to sanity

millijoules of madness

my capacitance so limited

to unplug, would be gladness

DeaBeePea 1-26-15

Did I Really See That?

of course not

what do you think?

that what you see

just happened

to be?

you are dreaming

if you look

and envision

what is transpiring before you

as provision

is something real?

and within

your conclusion

because you descry

it's illusion

although I might

offer a view

that in your dreams

the dancing colours

are streams

if life's true water

filtering  the past

with future's spectre

you command

as director

so let it flow

don't think too much

let sleeping breezes

touch your fantasy

painless squeezes

so my daunting answer

is a dubious no

not knowing the time

or where I am

thoughts sublime

DeaBeePea 1-27-16


DeaBeePea 1-27-16


so pretty and sweet
a Polish treat
with dreams of peace
and love's retreat

a brand new world
no nest of home
a friend in hand
with dreams of dome

but questioning fear
of boyish charm
a desperate journey
of shaking tears

shaking her head
at an empty promise
avoiding dread
but knowing its thread

she looks at me
with wanting eyes
confiding her doubt
no longer in guise

I felt compassion
and a dutiful steer
to involve my heart
and keep fate near

as I walked away
I felt desertion
claiming my footprint
in a necessary assertion

what tomorrow brings
is likely lost
as my path so wanders
and her crying sings

DeaBeePea 1-28-16
Please Reply

as there is no answer
I ponder how
a thought can be concluded
without being convoluted

I suppose first
in order to evaluate
we must look at the question
such an important suggestion

it is that curved line
with the dot at the bottom
that is the beginning
looking for the final inning

and because relationships
are so important
after all, we are "social" animals
according to our annals

it is a response that matters
regardless of content
interaction is our blood
sometimes, an emotional flood

my questions are sometimes deep
proposing our existence defined
so when I "ask"
don't take it as a task

simple reply
and be honest in opinion
the important thing my friend
is to acknowledge in dialogues trend

DeaBeePea 1-30-16

changing gears
clutching with hope
braking with past
beware of the slope

the penetrating bullets
that rupture my faith
rifling my laughter
stooping in my wraith

picking up fragments
in desperate desire
for a meaning of life
regardless of perspire

they look like pills
spilling anger and hate
we take them like water
ignoring our fate

a strange juxtaposition
of manual and magic
the balance must be sequenced
or the results will be tragic

DeaBeePea 2-2-16


Inspired by Aretha Franklin's classic

What you want

and what you need

is what I'm askin'

a little respect for me to be baskin'

I ain't gonna do you wrong

so show me dignity

and do unto me

as I will do unto thee

I'm about to give you my heart

and in return

I want your regard

for this modest bard

Ooo, your kisses

I hope they're sincere

cause I can't give you money

except words of honey


the most important thing


we're more than just a fling

Sock it to me, sock it to me,

give me that ovation

not for adoration

but just an invitation

It shouldn't be an effort

with gentle consideration

or else I might be forced to vacate

unless you accord to placate

come to my home

where my soul is resting

waiting for a bit more

on tributes lonely shore


the most important thing


we're more than just a fling

DeaBeePea 1-31-16


It happens to all of us

but the fun is analysing

the cause of writhe

it can be nerves

caused by a surplus

of stressful tithes

or it can be more musical

counting the beat

with a happy wiggle

or ants in your pants

an eusocial insect

that causes hex-wriggle

or a rash of some sort

a decision in haste

a fleshy response in twitch

or personal issues

a relationship twist

of a seven-year itch

overwhelming anticipation

an exciting event

that makes you toss

and when your little

of naughty deed

viewing that  tawse

whatever it is

that causes the movement

described as squirm

it might be a scenario

of which you are caught

and never to worm

DeaBeePea 2-1-16


did you know

the town of Currant

currently has 65?

and that the pug

so named

enjoys the Vitamin C

and my current opinion

is currently stuck

on saving pine blister rust

the currents are steady

as the ice fields melt

a warming trend of current

as I currently plan

a lamb sauce

so antioxidant

the current path

of eroding shores

dunes my thoughts

as particles of time

sift along

in trickling vines

whether e or a

am am currently indulged

in curre(a)nt thoughts

as current events

perturb by vision

creating derision

DeaBeePea 2-3-16

Up or Down?

I'm sorry

I can't answer that

up in many ways

as I tip my hat

thankful for friends

and festive times

and feeling pretty good

and still making rhymes

but things are crazy

as I look around

scouring through sources

in information's lost and found

trying to make sense

of the world's mess

sometimes looking for

a reason to dress

so I guess I can say

I'm up in a way

but stark raving mad too

as I continue to play

DeaBeePea 1-2-17

I Know Something You Don't Know

I'm not sure
if this can ever happen
I believe we're mistaken
in our pompous conclusions

because, after all
doesn't everyone know
what we've been through
despite our selfish illusions

sadness and fear
ecstasy and infinite joy
gouging depression
and stunning bewilderment

in one form or another
we are all dressed in these clothes
our skin just a disguise
brushing on our own gilderment

so don't build pretention
and deny all your feelings
or over-rate your intelligence
in a narrow-minded stall

humbly echo your honesty
and open your heart to truth
and recognize universal knowledge
and understanding of all

DeaBeePea 1-3-17


looking in the mirror
seeing this stranger
but yet a friend
in his mysterious manger

always opening
unwieldy doors
and slipping and falling
on the dirtiest floors

laughing at wrong
in mindless slips
but forever growing
to minimize crude rips

sometimes surprising
in brand new climbs
forging beyond
the silly rhymes

this syncronicity
seemingly false
and yet it seems real
this unrehearsed waltz

looking around
beyond this face
I make some connections
with a clumsy grace

but my eyes look inward
to observe this soul
never quite sure
what opinion to dole

though the ride is bumpy
thankfulness I marry
a rather curious journey
with myself so scary

DeaBeePea 1-7-17


it's too late
I've already
made a fool of myself
too many times

I can't hide
at all
but I guess that's OK
as I cut my limes

DeaBeePea 1-6-17


an abundance of keys
of various persuasion
some of message
and others of sound

our fingers flow
or stub along
trying to discourse
in black and white bound

mountains and valleys
consonants and rings
onto vision
or the ears as we sing

pedals and sound bytes
baroque and avante
clicking and sliding
connected by string

clavichord tears
and punched out insults
evolving slang
of a minor prelude

the universal medium
is the message they say
my senses swelling
as the keyboard imbues

DeaBeePea 1-5-17

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