Cony Land (inspired by Lewis Carroll)

The day was hot
I felt so sleepy
I could write a story
expounding on my glory

Suddenly there was a voice
a black-eyed pea
speaking to me
as naturally as can be

"Oh dear, Oh dear
I can help indeed
giving you ideas of soul
down the rabbit hole"

This strange situation
seemed almost expected
something fantastic
to make me sound scholastic

“A very deep well”
The little legume declared
“Down this darkish funnel
a very mysterious tunnel”

Louvered bricks
that slid in and out
I grabbed one as I flied
and looked inside

A box labeled “Checkerboard Beer”
but it was empty
I was disappointed
my mood disjointed

I felt enlightened
and unusually courageous
should I write of this?
my madness dehisce

DePea 5-15-17

Trouble keeping up… but

Environmental decay
And war
Hypocrisy and hatred
And corruption
Much to abhor

So if this
Is the case
Why bother keeping up
I’d rather be here
In my slightly naïve
World of peace
As a growling little pup

DeaBeePea 5-23-17


Cindy the cat

Now fancy that

Alone in the woods

In green plastic’s hood

It was all a mistake

Garbaged fate

Out with the litter

The air so bitter

So out she crawled

In this unknown world

Left to defend

No hand to lend

She found a new home

A stray-bound dome

With those of kindness

And petty mindness

The other family

Were careless and sloppily

Of disregard

A master’s canard

DeaBeePea 5-24-17

Remember Quite amazing when you think about what you remember and what goes down the sink a scolding when you were five and a Kindergarten teacher so kind a pair of bluejeans you bought and a past insult so blind but you forget appointments and promises you made merely days ago in a blurring fade.

DeaBeePea 5-29-17

Here We Are

Here we are

Unkempt and motley

Ready to invade

Your world so stayed

We will sing and dance

And drink your wine

Eating all your food

While getting stewed

But when we leave

You will realize

How much we’ll be missed

And a return visit… you will insist

DeaBeePea 5-29-17

The Big Spin

life can be a whirlpool

swirling in drowning power

keeping me from moving ahead

keeping me off my tower

but I don't really mind

life is always a test

and most of it is enjoyable

because my friends are all the best

and even when I'm screwed

I try to laugh it off

after all, it's better than being a nail

banged until head is doff

DeaBeePea 5-26-17

The Last Misfit

If I live till 101

I will be the last misfit

And my poems will be famous

People reading them, bit by bit

Wondering why this person

Wrote these meandering words

That seem to be nonsense

Essentially, for the birds

But somehow I will be remembered

For my stubborn durability

Never stopping to think

Of my inability

But maybe out there is a chuckle

Yes, a faint cry

They’ll say “He certainly loved to write”

Before I write “the end” and die

DeaBeePea 5-25-17

What Next? 

What next I ask

It will be

A glut

Of the ever-pronounced


If we think now is weird

Every morning

As eyes un-shut

People will awaken

And say WHAT?

If you don’t think

It can get any worse

My message I send…

Wait till tomorrow

The earth might end


Some strange voice will say

I am no longer here

And like a falling coconut

I will yell in panic



It could be heavenly

Or some black-holish ride

And I might label it

The Judgement Bifurcation


DeaBeePea 5-30-17

It's All About Me

I bought the paper

at the five and dime

expecting a headline

about some crime

but to my surprise

it was all about me

a gigantic headline

and I yelled "Oh gee"

The Citizen of the Year

it boldly announced

with a picture of me

my big smile pronounced

it was strange to me

cause I haven't done much

and I'm not very involved

with community as such

then I remembered

that a few months ago

I nominated myself

in a moment of glow

so I guess I'll bask

in this moment of fame

even though it's suspect

only me to blame!

DeaBeePea 5-31-17


not using precise measurements
be careful with that
especially in the bread of life
tasting like a soggy rat

nor rising to expectations
your crust a bit too hard
not using golden butter
but rather tasteless lard

not airy enough at all
a bit too dry in mood
good for occasional laughter
but indicative of a pseud

claiming to be a baker'
but lacking expertise
refusing to admit
that it surely is nor a breeze

and if your not a beast of yeast
you'd better not try beer
because then you'll be more of fool
as your emotions begin to sear

DeaBeePea 6-8-17

Where Am I?

some say I am not
living in the real world
well, there is some truth to that
but not dressed in a dream-like hat

I am ever-present, in imagination
living in a sphere
that is the should-be place
where I am proud to show my face

fighting for things
that we must conquer to live on
whether they are achievable or not
causes that some fear are wrought

So I am in this society of evolution
the label of which I do not know
but the love is so strong
yes! the place where I belong.

DeaBeePea 6-6-17

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Well quite frankly
It does grow
But rather juxtaposed
In its unpredictable flow

I didn’t label
What I planted
So the veggies are weeds
And the weeds are slanted

In the shape of tomatoes
Growing through moss
And marigolds growing
From cans I tossed

Metal mushrooms
And shoveled gnomes
And tents of fabric
Forming protective domes

The beans entangled
With the snowy peas
The leaves aflickering
In the gentle breeze

But the soil is good
With lots of water
But I need more sun
And the temperature hotter

DeaBeePea 6-3-17


an amazing friend
a van Winklish chum of delight
of whom it's sometimes tricky
to confide at night

bed at ten
maybe even nine-thirty
and in the morning
tea, meditation and unshirty

these sleepyheads are wise
calm and composed
with very good judgment
and patient with thoughts imposed

you'll find them comforting
as they start to snore
and like purring cats
peaceful, you'll begin to adore

DeaBeePea 6-1-17

Full House

I remember that tale
of the crowded shack
the women needed change
to stay intact

she had two cows
in that little place
and it was quite a mess
bordering on disgrace

so she added horses
and then some pigs
and things got worse
it was a crazy gig!

so when she got to twenty-five
a lot of animals for sure
she was ready to die
just too much to endure

so she took out twenty-three
suddenly, things were great
with those two cows
she could handle the freight!

DeaBeePea 6-2-17

I'm still working on yesterday's challenge! this is not literally the case but I suppose in concerning face

that I am thinking about an edit for literary improvement for formal credit but there is little time for looking back and getting bolder anticipating a thwack DeaBeePea 6-7-17


many people

sign up for a season

but often

for the wrong reason

wanting to pad

their resume

"I'm a member"

the proudly say

and if told about a task

they cringe

"I'm busy that week"

then they start their binge

about their self-importance

being there and there

and there

It does get hard to bear

so if you dare

and agree to join

consider being

a supportive quoin

DeaBeePea 6-6-17

My Response 

Becky has been attacked

by many misfortune I see

but her spirit isn't lost

on this viral path that be

prepared and braced for more

gnashing in anxious hope

wishing for good fortune

searching for healing soap

the misfit cure is laughter

and sensitive understanding

from throat to jaw to ear

we wish you a safe landing

DaeBeePea 6-4-17

Are Demons Real?

polytheistic deities
evil, lying and devious
they are not just previous

and henotheistic ones
attempting to brainwash
tolerance to squash

more real than ever
in this bigoted world
using this obscenity
a manipulative political identity

but the innocents will survive
in kindness so quiet
the comeuppance always comes
as my guitar gently strums

DeaBeePea 6-9-17

Yes I Do

I look outside
thinking about things
to play

celebrating beauty
even storms
accepting things
whatever form

I think I do
what is going on
in my strand

this little fibre
gettle brittle
ready to snap
into pieces little

so I try to unite
these questioning bits
or whatever fits!

but I admit
I often avoid
those issues so big
in my helpless void

but I refuse
to put my back
to the sun
in feeble attack

DeaBeePea 6-11-17


those beautiful cracks
in a thunderous sky
or a battered sidewalk
as your memories cry

in your aging skin
and old plastered walls
and cherished tea cups
my ancestors call

the ground so parched
and over-sensitive mind
fear and doubt
creating my kind

the foundation forever
no matter how scarred
no need to rebuild
it's our steps backyard

the sun will shine in
all these cracks so jagged
a terrazo of striation
security so ragged

the darkness will glitter
with a shadowed acute
designing our thoughts
in a strange new depute

DeaBeePea 6-12-17

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