Going to the Movies

something special about this time

maybe because it's so prevalent and kind

in it's quiet and dramatic

moment of blind

the curtain opens

and darkness casts a spell

briefly I am breathless

in an anxious quell

eyes straight ahead

alone in this galaxy adrift

as a sudden boom

floats to my ears, I lift

no gravity or truth

until it is echoed

by stars and music

theatrically 'decoed'

looking around

it's all silhouettes

motionless dreams

spiralling and whet

DeaBeePea 1-11-16


the hungry man from Hungary

László was his name

eating was his pastime

his stomach was his fame

his favourite,Töltött káposzta

there never was enough

to satisfy his appetite

and table manners, so rough!

cheeks full, rántotthús spewing

and grossly gluttonous groaning

this man from Békéscsaba

was really quite the clone

of Henry VIII I think

but only five wives I hear

divorced them all in anger

boiling cabbage they couldn't endear

but at least he didn't kill them

in a pompous fit of rage

they all went to the theatre

for successful careers in stage

they all married scrawny men

with delicacy and finesse

but none compared to László

and his culinary 'largesse'

DeaBeePea 1-12-16


Karela is my zest

making me a pest

always asking for it

when no one knows its bit

a vine of subtropical source

in Caribbean of course

China and India too

with its warty look for you

appealing to the strange

like me in gourmet derange

makes my lips apucker

never lick it like a sucker!

lots of spices to add

just like life, not sad

joyful and dynamic

in it's flavour, creating panic

DeaBeePea 1-13-16


Yankee Doodle went to town

A-riding on a pony

He stuck a feather in his hat

And called it macaroni

a children's traditional chorus

little sense it makes

but when studying pasta's elbow

there continues this boloney

what is the difference, I ask

of these varied versions of bend

whether chifferi rigati so ribbed

or ziti rigati of spelt

lumaconi seems almost the same

except lemon breadcrumbs adhere

and cavatappi is similar

depending on the corkscrew you're dealt

strozzapreti is rolled in style

and stortini is shorter in stature

and torchio is so regal

in its depiction of flame implied

it seems that extrusion defines

the final fate of this noodle

as it suffers from an identity crisis

just like a Tim Horton's strudel

DeaBeePea 1-14-16


brings out the worst

in my otherwise

active nature

brings out the worst

in my otherwise

creative nature

brings out the worst

in my otherwise

ethical nature

brings out the worst

in my otherwise

relaxed nature

brings out the worst

in my otherwise

robust nature

brings out the worst

in my otherwise

dedicated nature

brings out the worst

in my otherwise

constructive nature

brings out the worst

in my otherwise

selective nature

brings out the worst

in my otherwise

qualitative nature

brings out the worst

in my otherwise

innovative friends...

repetitive in nomenclature

DeaBeePea 1-14-16

...morning choices

this involves thinking

an unlikely practice

so early in day

as I awake in blinking

so I just go through motions

the usual things

that start my breathe

in its sighing notions

but there are certain things

that can attack my routine

like an email or call

as my telephone rings

but usually innovation

is something subtle

like a special grind of coffee

or an omelet of ovation

or on a strange day

where my world outlook evolves

a new vision or passion

on my hope it does lay

but it usually doesn't last

as my projects remind me

to get it done soon

squeezing juices from past

DeaBeePea 1-16-16

The Cup

the cupboard kept

amid it's blanket of dust

World's Greatest Dad

embroidered in trust

the coffee stains

of mornings past

ring inside

like a bell downcast

saddened by time

and familial division

still awaiting

a resurgence of provision

the handle is broke

located in loss

in a miscellany drawer

forgotten in doss

to join the two arms

just one last time

for Christmas cheer

would be so divine...

DeaBeePea 12-20-15



is the ultimate guideline

it may not actually exist



the things that happened before

the personal dream



the path so worn

so many other feet



the lonely roads await

my burgeoning reach



the concept of no

following my imagination



never winning or losing

being inspired


DeaBeePea 1-4-16

Being Human

what is human?

I ask in vastness

so many answers

in our growing 'bastness'

physical deterioration

but some enlightened

by space and time

no longer frightened

excited and aroused

no longer quitting

nothing to lose we say

not totally acquitting

facing the facts

and growing in strength

potential is endless

hopeful at length

the amazing potential

of an ageing human

maintaining focus

in tapering acumen

DeaBeePea 1-6-16

Pompous Ass

He indeed was

quite the snob

pin striped vest

and tarnished fob

lower lip extended

derby announced

monocle in place

and nose pronounced

his Lombard Street den

cigars an alliance

as the Financial Times

crinkles in silence

single malt is sipped

throats cleared with disgust

at any annoyance

suggesting mistrust

the wing-tipped collar

a statement of tradition

but somehow the message

is a damaged cognition

DeaBeePea 1-7-16


everyone is getting

this multi-hued condition

not to be described

in fear of reactionary emission

a norovirus is spreading

in its clammy deliverance

making one vomitous

and socially in hindrance

so I won't dwell on this

as its unpleasant in theme

and kind of stirring

if you know what I mean

so wash your hands

and stay clear of others

excuse me I have to go...

feeling ill... oh brother!!

DeaBeePea 1-10-16

The Dangling Participle

the subject was lost

didn't know how to describe

as I sat there

waiting for splash

a water story

a small pond we inquire

pondering the time

when I can make my dash

do I use loads of paper

or do a wiggle

hoping there is a drop

before the day ends

or just run to the shower

really fast

and let the rain and drain

conclude my story's amends

this tale stinks

if I may be so bold

as the climax is messy

and flushes my mind

of creative tendencies

that once were alive

but now I'm feeling poopie

another coffee assigned?

DeaBeePea 1-10-16

Whew, that's done!

Whew, that's done

a feeling I've had

so many times

after almost going mad

tired and exhausted

but happy too

the rewards of effort

with integrity's glue

but to my surprise

there were completions rejected

an aftermath of effect

loose ends I detected

so the truth sadly is

it's never done at all

so don't rest to long

or you'll need a new install

an injection of confidence

and adrenaline to boost

that slightly dejected motive

to allow your satisfaction to roost

DeaBeePea 1-10-16


I think Becky is testing me

with this reference to cleft

an aperture of distinction

that leaves nothing left

to my imagination

that is painfully focussed

on female things

that create a locus

but it can be many things

if truth be told

there is no necessity

for me to be bold

a crack can be "behind"

as you very well know

and it can be in a sidewalk

of superstitions flow

a cranny or crevasse

a place to hide or sneak

a rift or a split

maybe a relationship bleak

an interstice, how profound

in my poetic slit

that analyses fissures

bit by bit

a "crack" job I attempt

at this verse of "hole"

with humour and precision

and my heart and soul

DeaBeePea 1-8-16

Why I'm a Misfit (or not)

I am not actually sure

if a misfit I am

it is a place of which

my comfort is "ham"

so I see myself as such

although in a way

I'm not as "out there"

as I prefer to say

it depends on with whom

you are talking you see

as there are many

in the same bracket to be

but because I am officially

in a "club" that calls

itself Misfits by name

expressively it falls

in a category of creatures

so profound in art

that we make the grade

tipping over the cart

DeaBeePea 1-17-16


I never saw myself
as a last straw

I'm as patient
and understanding
as I can

I rarely shout
and say I've had it
to ban

the behavior of others
of whom I object
no fan

cooling my spirit
as I consider options

holding back
being of acceptance
of my clan

but I have surprised myself
in final decisions
an also ran

leaving one life
to join another
a follow-up plan

DeaBeePea 12-28-16

What's that called?

I here kids say,
I want a
...pogo plug
...iPod shuffle
...amplitude iRig
...Mic Cast

I just shake my head
with confusing dread

what happened to slinkies
and hula-hoops

I don't even have a cell
that could be my death knell!!

DeaBeePea 12-26-16

The Day After

without sounding boastful
there are so many days
of fun and stimulation

that the concept of after
seems inappropriate
as I think of day "before"

there is always something to look forward
anticipation and excitement
or sometimes just contentment

tomorrow yes!
Wednesday absolute!
Thursday awesome
and Friday I salute.

so it's always the day before something
and I hope that never changes
because that indicates that I'm alive
which is a damn good start...
and that is where we shall part.

DeaBeePea 12-26-16


The day and night reflect
On the past
Of short and long

Reminiscing of times
The curious throng

In human teaching

Maybe next time
The moon and sun
Will be reaching

As the axis points
North and south
In spinning warning

The quiet storm
of darkness
awaiting morning

so it will be
passing day

forgotten quickly
as we look

DeaBeePea 12-21-16

UP or DOWN discrimination of a sort people talk of up and down climbing the ladder of success' bladder

mountains and valleys highs and lows reaching the heights understanding bits and bytes looking up into the sky or looking down into the abyss' frown but what's so wrong with back and forth zigzagging through life sideways in joy and traversing in frenzied employ I like the fact that there is no end or definition of my uncertain mission so I'll take this path of similar altitude but bumps and maybe a few scratches coming in bloody batches DeaBeePea 1-2-17

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