Each day a challenge

for better or worse

going through motions

involving skills diverse

understanding each child

and wife so kind

a privelge indeed

but not always aligned

frustration and impatience

chronicled in mind

analysing procedures

for proactivity inclined

the mood was sour

and air was thick

it was almost impossible

to make compassion stick

things sometimes said

regrettable in failing

apologies inefficacious

in a sincere attempt at bailing

so after much time

a hurtful decision was made

to leave this precedence

to find my life mislaid

my spirit replenished

despite the pain

celebrating friends

and their kindly domain

I still feel erroneous

for those I piqued

but survival meant embark

on a mindlfull wreak

DeaBeePea 7-13-15


a trait that inspires

but it must be defined

and many are honored

without any chine

true valiance exists

through helpless trials

when it truly appears

that there are no aisles

a place to escape

or an exit lit

or comrades to comfort

in this torturous fit

of those abused

and skinned of hope

they find the mettle

to create a rope

that allows them to climb

from the cellars of hell

and find some peace

in a hidden well

a place to hide

until freedom is found

and to reclaim dignity

in a spirit so drowned

I salute these heroes

and I wish to inherit

an ounce of their valor

in humble merit

DeaBeePea 7-12-15


the social ramifications

of this fortified concoction

Buckfast or Buckie

no need for auction

a badge of pride

for those antisocial

originally Benedictine

a tonic to guide

good health promoted

and lively blood

a medicated wine

a bohemian flood

caffeine and potassium

a glycerophosphate blend

a touch of vanillin

a brown bottled trend

the cocktail of neds

hooligans and punks

deprivation and crime

a political spelunk

Wreck the Hoose Juice

or Commotion Lotion

a Glasgow spirit

causing calamitous motion

DeaBeePea 7-11-15

The Opening

Each day

A special cave

As I wake in a desert

In pointless rave

A brief sojourn

Before the entrance

Opens its doors

And magnets my sentence

Each word chosen

To enhance my lines

Poetic glances

That imagination defines

At first its dark

An echoing cavern

But comes to life

As a stalagmite tavern

The patrons are rodents

Winged in telepathy

And my senses arouse

Celebrating natures empathy

The skies aren’t blue

And rain doesn’t fall

But mother speaks

In an affectionate thrall

Childhood controls

In a writers lust

as excursions curiosity

runs, in an immortal thrust

DeaBeePea 7-10-15

Are We There Yet?

anxiety and excitement

intolerant waiting

eager for fun

incessant bating

the answer is no

in frustrated reply

but maybe there's something

we don't know in belie

after all, we could be there

depending on location

an unknown place

of stimulating vocation

a hidden place

of ice cream delights

around the corner

away from the lights

so if the question is asked

don't say no

stop and browse

there might be a show

DeaBeePea 7-8-15 


natures wonder

of iridescent shades

metallic glitter

and cuticle reflection of blue

transparent wings

with pruinous shine

poised in majesty

a pre-eminent arrows pursue

Red-veined darters

and southern hawkers

giants darners

and Emperors of battle

damselflies mistaken

distress in flutter

flourescent males

in silent prattle

marsh skimmers spinning

blue-dancers prance

and the Halloween Pennant

in butterflies hover

as the wetlands recede

the royalty succumbs

to mans imprudence

and his feckless cover

DeaBeePea 7-7-15

Amaranth Shoes and a Panda Bear

the story was told

of pandas once white

in Sichuan hills

the bamboo in flight

no winters rest

Yongle Emperor's gift

a captured zouyu

Kaifeng's shrift

a leopards fear

four shepherdess' came

death pursued

mourning's shame

tears became dye

markings of dark

heroines memories

shadowed arcs

a girl came

in amaranth shoes

and tapped them so gentle

in magic muse

the pixiu eternal

impressions of tiger

sacred and benign

a peaceful geiger

by the Siguniang hill

the story does reign

guarding the mammoth

in immortal fain

the huāxióng bear

and princess of rose

gather for tales

of legends throes

DeaBeePea 7-6-15


symbols and webs

our thoughts are abbreviations

as the answer is so long

that it is short

the word might be God

or something of statued image

or a joke that takes our soul

and gives it a vacation

that lets us love someone else

without thinking about why or who

building things

watching them fall down

thinking about reconstruction

and not caring

what will people say

no concern to me, I don't think

I don't know them anyways

I only pretend

what does that make me

defined by time not matter

are we tomorrow or yesterday?

I am now as I see myself

and defined in many eyes

but time and space spin

in unexplainable ways

and as my web is laced

fear overtakes me

because I am afraid of goneness

but what comes in its place

might be better

I am a planet that might collide

with an asteroid of vengeance

or is it just a challenge

defining our next move

on a chess board that is never flat


is the celebration of being alive

and comfort is a temporary reward

convincing us that we are not

what we really are

so our feet step in the rhythm

that our minds seem to take

but we hear drumbeats

that vibrate inside us

the cymbals crash

in finality

a warning of end

but the end is not finished

infinity with torn pages

the glass will always be full

and the wine is our answer

but the questions never stop

leading our quest

the undefined journey

that has to be only one thing

leading to perilous joy

the history of the future

and the future of history

disonant chords that make sense

and make us thirsty

they carry us

in marvelous confusion...

DeaBeePea 7-5-15


many symbols

and many icons

but I like the ones

that show the bygones

olde tyme font

and cloche hats drawn

Ford Models T's

and bluebirds at dawn

cabaret silhouettes

and trumpets blown

jitterbug flips

and girls thrown

bouncing curls

and pretty blue bonnets

and crooners songs

that resemble sonnets

rustic log cabins

and maple syrup jars

Grandma's Cookbook

and country bazaars

jaunty jalopies

and picnic baskets

cows in the corn

and tisketty taskets

simple times

and innocense dreamed

old movie recollections

and cold feet streamed

DeaBeePea 7-4-15


the web of deceipt

of criminal deception

engaged in acts

requiring interception

terrible and tangled

this maze of silk

weaving confusion

in frustrated ilk

this web world wide

anxiously perceived

a jungle of games

in profit conceived

but hope is supreme

and reigns its knowledge

a spiders awareness

in our lifelong college

we gather our viscid

spiralling home

our purpose moored

anchored in honours dome

DeaBeePea 7-5-15


slighly curved

and wise from age

sniffing for knowlege

to avoid the cage

imprisoned of mind

no place for me

as I wander like a beak

engaging the sea

nostrils flaring

daring rhinitis

anxiously anticipating

my gourmet delitis

saucy Thai pepper

and cumin so sweet

and the smell of sizzle

curling my feet

the odorous morning

and amourous eve

seem to captivate the spirit

of my nasal retrieve

supporting my goggles

large and bold

asking my pupils

to remain on hold

the colours so vivid

my rainbow surrounds

from autumn to gardens

fluorescence abounds

the magical coordinates

of the senses join

in a marvelous community

that my nose does quoin

DeaBeePea 6-3-15

The Head of a Pin

When I see the head of pin

although it isn't thick

I like it better than the other end

because below there lies a prick!

DeaBeePea 7-2-15

A to B

the reaching of point B

sometimes a long trail

but keep in mind

that the process prevails

it is not necessarily

where you end you see

it is what is experienced

along the way I plea

if the path is one

of learning and growth

the end is one

we must ponder in oath

if the journey was good

but the suffix not so

we must be thankful at least

and just try again in know

DeaBeePea 7-2-15


it is not quite strumming

a little less styled

maybe even

without an instrument

drumming on the desk

it could be a pluck

or a note well struck

a nervous type of doodle

without a pen

a kind of musical burlesque

monotonous I am not

at least I don't think so

but I have been known to thrum

on my old guitar

and with a tired thumb

an idle response

to prose that I fail to ink though

thrum de dum

ho de hum

bumming in frivolity

as my hands to tap

in an annoying thrap

arthritis kicks in

as knuckles swell

and bones twinge in spasm

my fingered phrases

fading in chasm

DeaBeePea 6-30-15


my cup is usually smaller
which pertains to lesser
I am speaking of measuring
relieving blood pressure

when the recipe asks
for a cup of glucose
I use a bit less
preferring a less saccharine dose

DeaBeePea 7-12-15


my cup is gone
somewhere in the ashes
forgotten when I stopped
playing hockey in crashes

it was called "protective"
avoiding painful hits
coming from the area
known comically, as "naughty bits"

DeaBeePea 7-12-16


"my cup runneth over"
the love is aplenty
my days are a cornucopia
my nights sweet dreams

many prayers are answered
as I take small steps
towards my enlightenment
warmed by beckoning beams

DeaBeePea 7-12-16


I a sit here sipping
with a bit of a tremble
pondering the day
as my thoughts do assemble

my cup slowly empties
the minutes pass by
as the miracles continue
and my mind begins to fly

DeaBeePea 7-12-16


The handle is broken
the cracks do appear
but this cup is my memory
of love and much cheer

I shall not dust it off
because yesterday is perfect
and I want it to remain
in its untampered affect

DeaBeePea 7-12-16


my cup is my hand
grasping waters clear heart
saving my thirst
as my fingers compart

the trickles remind me
of unselfish acceptance
of what is our share
for humanities entrance

DeaBeePea 7-12-16

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