I see those rattling cages

On a truck going by

And wonder where they’re going

As I look up at the sky

I wish they could escape

If there’s anything inside

To a playful farm of fantasy

A glory to abide

DeaBeePea 12-23-16


if he is a pest

is there a solution

to search and destroy

and exterminate

or do we cope

and laugh

shaking our heads

and paying the freight

or do we speak

and yell

I'm not going to take it


attempting to contest

call a vote

and gain recognition

to even the score

I don't have an answer

but it is annoying

as this simpleton

claims his glory

invading our lives

making holes in our walls

or dictating policy

a pathetic story

DeaBeePea 12-22-16


why so hideous

with your claws

crazy hair

and horns of flair

although a human

you seem

to want to dispel

with three eyes to dwell

and your colourful face

a bit scary

but in a way

funny in play

and ancient garb

with iron clubs

viciousness implied

new calmness betide

we salute the Onigawara 

of gargoyle stature

protecting from evil

a reversal from primeval

DeaBeePea 12-18-16


my inspirational source

in many respects

as I ponder the past

as it disappeared so fast

thinking of time

and being there for real

saturated with old

and touching life's folds

as if it's a book

with easy turning pages

the chapters before me

in a wreckage sea

lives that mattered

not really gone

as I sponge their existence

a path of resistance

I coil and cry

without tears but a view

of melancholy history

and its untapped mystery

as I walk away

my head shakes a little

I'm coming back home

to my ignorant dome

DeaBeePea 12-17-16


a few cold days

early winter

opinions gathering

outspoken glinter

not much fear

as my voice resounded

some people claimed

repercussions abounded

the ice was thin

in apparent tradition

but I knew better

due to popular fission

there were some cracks

but I never got dunked

and those who worried

simply flunked

DeaBeePea 12-16-16



the driving conditions change

I will not


my humble request

for a lift

if I did

there should be a replay


you've got a lot of nerve

and they'd be right

get the drift

my friends are generous

no complaints

but if I pushed

that proverbial button

I just might

have gone too far

so as long

as the weather

stays this way

I will enjoy my walking

with wind in my face

and good tread on my shoes

I wish my cronies

safety and health

be careful

behind the wheel

I don't want things to slide

into the icy road blues

DeaBeePea 12-15-16


Italian renaissance

then France and Russia

an evolving art

in musical compart

the attitude performed

in delicate balance

on tips of toes

in physical throes

ballone so sprite

sur le cou-de-pied

a lofty position

of undue precision

the brisk brise

demanding flight

petits battements

and optional changement

a fouette then raises

from heel to toe

a spinning arabesque

erect and statuesque

but the essence is en pointe

the elevated posture

so elegant and light

Balletomane in delight

DeaBeePea 12-11-16

Flight or Fight

Listening to this

Almost unbearable

What do I do

This crap is terrible

I really want

To punch this guy

Right in the nose

Or maybe throw a pie

A time for decision

To display my thrust

Or fly away

Avoid it I must

But being passive

Is sometimes harder

Then being pugilistic

To show disardor

Flight and fancy

A pleasant way

To evade this torture

In futuristic pray

But deep down

I really want

To impose a black eye

My fist to flaunt

DeaBeePea 12-10-16

Sour Note Music Festival

October 17, 2015  2-7 P/M

at the Briny Bandshell

Piquant Valley NY

Tickets  12.  20./couple


Bring your own sugar if desired.


Apple Cider Ensemble

performing "Vinegar Rag"

Greek Yoghurt

performing "If I Were an Acrid Man"

Kimchi Korean Dancers

performing "Caustic Carnival"

Kefir Dessous

performing the "Baku Bitter Ballet"

The Kumquats

performing "Acerbic Rock"

Kombucha Jazz 

performing "Green Tea for Two"

The Zesty Citrons

performing "Virginia Peel" and "Lemon Tree"

The Verdigris

performiing "Limehouse Blues"

The Rhubarbs

performing "Burdock Blues"

The Oom-Pah-Pahs

performing "Sauerkraut Scramble"

The Tamarinds

performing "Tartaric Tango"

DeaBeePea 9-8-15


this verse is an illusion

letters that happened to fall

like snow flakes

forming in frosty lace

the words spell out

a myth of mindful call

a fancy delusion

of imaginary place

it spins then blankets

imaginations path

a sprinkling of questions

and offerings of white

pure in its beginning

a cold emotions bath

then suddenly its gone

disappearing from sight

DeaBeePea 18-12-15

The Ingredient

a question... 

hard to answer

what is the main ingredient

part of the flavour digestion

in some cases


but in other situations

there are various maces

in a martini

it's the gin

and certainly the olive

is better than a chunk of zucchini

but in festive fruitcake

it's really hard to say

cinnamon, pecans, cranberries

mango and cherries to make

but the dark rum

is quite essential

for that mellow pungence

creating a sum

that is the festive totality 

a joyous refrain

a candied citron

of baking motility

DeaBeePea 17-12-15


is a group of people 

affiliated by consanguinity

doing things together

not always their affinity

traditions of yore

sacred asininity

these questions answered

with solemn clandestinity

when it comes to feud

there is rising sanguinity

and a silly posturing

of befuddling masculinity

and a pudgy aunt

with odors of saccharinity

and sloppy kisses

displaying aged femininity

the highest status

given to one of felinity

the process would slow

with the pronouncement of virginity

but all in all it's a miracle

this family divinity

DeaBeePea 12-14-15

To Decorate or Not

It is fine to decorate

but don't be tacky

like so many seem

a splattering of lights

'round and 'round

of all colours and beam

blow up Santa's

and cardboard reindeer

makes me shed a tear

flashing lights

are more for casinos

not midnight clear

merry Christmas signs

a bit cliched

after years of acclaim

but one golden tree

isn't bad

in glittering fame

and a spruced up tree

of modest spree

is all right with me.

DeaBeePea 12-14-15

Feathertail Glider

flying phalanger

feather-shaped tail

the smallest of genus

monotypical grail

moderately prehensile

gliding flight

steering and braking

a hairless kite

Queensland home

nectar and pollen digest

arthropods a quest

a possum request

it's whiskered dome

and tail amouse

gripping the branch

journey enhanced...

10-19-14 DBP


Pins to hang

suns morning tang

taut in hold

lace to scold

plastic or wood

but I feel I should

use the classic design

durable on line

but I also fasten

potato chips to lasten

ingenuity I fashion

in modest ration

10-20-14 DBP


salted and sulfured

four to ten

days to athirst

lycopene in burst

plum and yellow

dotted in oil

olives, and spicy coil

the garlic breeze

kissing the line

pinned sheets beside

swaying garments

under in name, divine

slipping in time

some embarrassed

a way to neighbour

I wear red ones

cartooned on buns

an intimate shine

pulley refined

10-20-14 DBP

Toy of Life

my top in pocket

resting in pause

before the final spin

a continuous whirl

perpetual motion

an infinite lotion

in playing's devotion

DBP 10-20-14

Remote (Cinquain)


hidden, lost

lurking, laughing, resting

relieved from response to duty


DBP 10-21-14

Remote 2 (Cinquain)


tranquil, serene

inaccessible, hidden, secure

insecure in the searching visitor


DBP 10-21-14

Cinquain 3


narrow  river

shady welcome in reeds

evergreen shadows beckon fire


DBP 10-21-14


A face on the petal

an emotionless grin has bloomed

dark and still fettle

in sunless gloom

supreme in mettle

glancing in gentle spume

a flower of night

in sanguine plight

DBP 10-21-14

Ottave Rima 3

incarnadine in shine

so dark and obscure

waiting to shrine

the hands dropping spoor 

the path inclines

to hazy moors

as the asomatous flower

reveals it's dewed empower

DBP 10-21-14



no utopia

the wealthy son

Maria the sun

wealthy industry

money ministry

towered high 

above underground ply

machines for power

Frederson cowers

the pleasure garden

 emotions harden

visit of children

viewing privilege den 

underworld explodes 

unconcerned modes 

Thin man dispatched

to dungeon so thatched

trading clothes

as smoke upward flows


made by wrench

Whore of Babylon

apocolypse forging Avalon

mediator salutes

intimidation disputes

murder of lust 

forgotten trust

children deserted

 as flood inserted

demise of nation

and fire of Maria's station

hands now linked

as evil sinks

DBP 10-23-14

Pink and Blink

motor clik

robot glik

greasy grind

noisy bind

rakat soket

tool in poket

three brains

planning stains

revolt from program

evolving jam

defining life

avoiding strife

bling ring sing

zing zot ping

sizzle spark

never dark

crash boom

ending doom

DBP 10-23-14

Spherical Dreams

a pi of pie

one-third of circumference

big piece

but only start

no indifference

three pieces total

plus the crumbs

that are point one four

will there be more

licking thumbs

another whole one

in the box

made of peach

delicious breach

of key of lime

opening doors

in baking toil

of sweetness galore

and pan in foil

to make another

cherry I think

I'm on the brink



the sun is blowing

a force, splitting

clouds like arrows

light in reflected lasar

horizon, hitting

sky opening in birth

jarring my heart


in quiet power

awakening me, in start

joining life's reverent glow

DBP 10-25-14


known as 

point of focus

wishful thinking 

or answers found

fuzzy above

cloudy below

so instinct tells me

clear and safe around

but the sun and wind

tell different parts

stories that meander

and dance through hearts

blowing and shining

and eyes can obscure

and ears can imagine

Hallowe'en mansions

rattling shutters

and slippery butters

tripping on path

so we camp, in wrath

but soon aware

the open door

invites adventure

on infinite floors

levels of sadness

and joyous quell

sky reaching trees

branches in freeze

our arms held high

perforating haze

horizon's collison

infinite maze

DBP 10-28-14

Ready-set GO

seldom ready

and not very often set

but I GO anyways

because life is too short

planning and scheming

organizaing and summarizing

to much work

but still I don't abort

my mind is in conundrum

my feet aren't planted well

the starting blocks are invbisible

but my mission I will not thwart

I'm not always sure

what my goal is

but you can be sure the finish line

is somewhere in the horizons court

I look all around

there are no other runners

no one is in my world

except for a few of naughty tort

ther is no race to win

just a personal challenge of whim

so I wipe the soles of my shoes

and prepare to enjoy my sport

DeaBeePea 11-25-15


Initially hand in hand

loyalty and kindness communed

immersed in hazy sand

and slippery trees of dune

Grasp now a strand

as bewilderment is strewn

the shadows have asked

to uncover our mask

DBP 10-21-14

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