A night in Tunisia


a western Mediterranean mystery

Roman destruction

Hides the clues

Phoenician Hebrews history

Tiptoe through darkness

And Black Sea shadows

Glittering mineral wealth

of silver, gold and iron

the world city of bounty

avoiding raid by stealth

Tainted by purple dye

The shellfish donation

swept to shore

by Phoenician winds

and reddish mortar

punica roads to soar

Elissa the Princess

The High Priest consort

fighting intrigue

of Pygmalion’s theft

 a tyrant of gold

and treasonous league

She rescues eighty virgins

from temples dungeon

Carthage found

As Aristotle’s model

Of warships and heroes

Now sinking mounds 

DeaBeePea  1-31-14

 Biggus Bird



and wet

feathers in fret

breaking with heels

long feet

in threat


soft violet floor

strange habitat

for that

stringy fowl

of expanded bowel

I so deplore


Bluish glare

Jaw beware

But teeth are round

Vegetarian  you see

Grinding in fear

despite size of deer


an off-white pet

dumb in thought

easily perplexed

and often wrought

but talk he does

in expletive prose… 

1-31-14 DeaBeePea



Woody plants

and sabulous shores

a ducky sift

with feet to drift


webbed and wide

with wisps of foam

o’ er  moorish dunes

of crawling rhizome


The blazing sun

exploding over turquoise sky

burning barley weed

tufted in tan so dry


the twin arbutus

in ficus glow

silhouetted against sea

salty surface in flow


the inviting hands

asking for journeys feet

sandaled in dust

and warmth of glee


1-31-15 DeaBeePea


a Streisand song

a Tijuana Taxi

a rubiks cube

a hem to maxi

spin the bottle

Twister knots

fat albert's shoes

and polka dots

honky cats

and piano men

democrat deaths

and women's rights

the ERA

and Cassius fights


a hockey dual

a cold war face-off

and militia rule

naive wishes

environmental concerns

not a lot has changed

in peaceful yearns

DeaBeePea 1-30-15

My Journey

I have no destination

or place to go

but I have illusions

and dreams to stow

the Irish country

has appeal of sorts

something comforting

and cycling to ports

but it's only an image

almost unworldly in view

it's not actually real

as I wake in its dew

it's a search for my soul

and where it began

a trip to never

except in spiritual span

but its the only answer

I have right now

and I'll likely enjoy it

like a contended cow

but new inspirations

might pop up now and then

so I'll report back

and talk more of my plan

DeaBeePea 1-30-15

What can I give you?

a common question

as we devise

a way to impress

with an expensive prize

it's usually not needed

or fitting at all

but does show desire

an affectionate call

tradition we carry

wrapped with a bow

an impish grin

waiting for glow

but what is needed

is veneration and love

a gentle hug

and warming glove

understanding and kindness

a soft kiss and song

that expresses fondness

for faith prolonged

1-30-15 DeaBeePea

Is it just me?...

Isn't it compassion

all that matters

all that is good

coating mankind

with loving attar

why do we debate

about silly issues

considering effects

when the only concern

is care softly tissued

what is good for you

is good for me

an egalitarian ethos

of humilities claim

that fits to a tea

we share the same world

borders are false

just political lines

that tease our opinions

in a four beat waltz

people don't believe

what we know is true

they protect with denial

to save their tears

distorting view

I can't be the only

one to know

that love makes the world

go around in a golden

and warming glow

DeaBeePea 1-30-15

Yuk Yuk


a stand-up bird

satirical poise

one-liners to beak

and a hideous noise


reminds me of herbivores

deep-billed in jaw

crushings maws

to enhance the hee-haws


he does the Moa Nalos

a hula of sorts

his frugivorous squirt

and cackles to extort


facial feather pattern

a fingerprint of style

making him a hit

of tonight show guile


a verdurous set

a rainforest theme

as he sprinkles his jokes

on the leafy gleams


DeaBeePea 1-30-15

Alone or Lonely?


Seldom the same

two words to blame

for misunderstanding

and incorrect shame


physical solitude

an amazing reflection

of sacred identity

and spiritual direction


lonely is perception

an insecure collection

of fears and doubts

and improper selection


lonely can signal

a change of wishes

and turn your mind

in spinning swishes


but as long as you aspire

to creative a likeness

of yourself that loves

and prays for peace thereof


DeaBeePea 1-29-15


bottled up

emotional restraint

lasting message

insecurity to taint

the eye to eye fear

causing sadness

and tempered anger

ensuing madness

curled love

maybe forgotten

no one knows

times begotten

someday might announce

many verses of sand

a tumultuous day

two head holding hands

1-30-15 DeaBeePea


the magic mirror

a reflective prism

contorting the truth

creating a schism

reversing or discolouring

a new story told

twinkling and waving

as the plot unfolds

rippling and whispering

flowing softly in stream

waiting for a pebble

to drop it's spiral dream

landscape shadows

horizon and pines

a transluscent painting

in plangent lines

DeaBeePea 1-29-15

Just a minute...

I am not sure

what time is

it happens

before I have "time"

to analyze

or calculate

when it's lost

it's more a matter

of seamless rhyme

of emotional state

or romantic thrust

it can be missed

or not regarded

as it passes quickly

in sound or silence

a book does tease

as it's style causes

I have regarded

"time" to fly

or stagger in ginger

music usually

creates a start

and makes one pause

in hurried rhythm

so after all is said

my conscious level

in part

works not in seconds

but dreams metre

I reckon...

DeaBeePea 1-27-15


infinite life

fifth world journey

humans of wood

masks of antiquity

Aunts and uncles

no idols bowed

Taalawsoh dolls

toys so stowed

Carved by cognate

Bean Dance prize

ceremonial clowns

of spectator guise

Mockery of obedience

symbolic inculcation

cultural lessons

in dedicated reflection

Vague identity

from Lake of the Dead

religious parade

of Hopi tread

1-28-15 DeaBeePea

The Window

every film filtered
through the panes
as images play
as people stray

the inner view
suspense prolonged
candles flicker
as emotions bicker

movement seen
but seldom heard
the mystery torture
of a devilish scorcher

heat intensifies
until the scream
your prayer is answered
expectations a dancer

the outer view
is more the chase
framed in silence
a transparent violence

and sometimes mislead
by serenity and still
as the invasion of evil
retreats to your primeval

raindrops are tears
as they drip down the lens
blinding the senses
weakening defenses

other times crashing
alerting to danger
a cutting reminder
of actions plot winder

and the yuletide spirit
the perfect depiction
shadows and blooms
of decorations plume

snow gently passing
waving to children
frolicking inside
their excitement wide-eyed

that nostalgic mullion
holding the puzzle
keeping the turmoil
from a chaotic roil

and sometimes opened
to freshness and courage
we hear the birds sing
and the final 'the end' ring

DeeBeePea 9-11-16


is sanity
the ability
to see the world as it really is

and then
in turn
learn to make appropriate decisions

which allows
you to adapt
with a minimum of difficulty

if that
is the case
I suppose I am sane

but there is a stress
in compromise
as I do what I must, not always what I want

and spending
some time
trying to make my puzzle piece fit

it's not
that I care
that much about fitting

after all
we are social animals

which makes
the greatest
joy in life, sharing and celebrating

even if
it means
lying a little to myself

in order to
be invited
down paths that offer reward

those prizes
sometimes disappointing
but I'd rather be a part of the solution

then the problem...

DeaBeePea 9-12-16

Blue Jeans

almost every day
pale or dark
slipping on with ease
my comfort I appease

some are black
so "blue" jeans is a nick
but they're essentially the same
a part of the denim game

I even have one pair
described as tan
and another that are old
with a "bell" so told

I have so many
it keeps my laundry down
and preserves their colour
'cause I don't want them duller

but I think the female situation
is much more intriguing
when I see them on
I'm astounded at their don

I can't imagine how
the girls get dressed
squeezing their figure
for pants to configure

although I like them
they're a bit too popular
we need more options
for fashion adoption

the other day
I saw a lady
in floral slacks
resplendent to the max

and expressive of joy
that I said to her
"those slacks almost churr!"

but I went off topic
it's blue jeans we're referring
and I don't foresee them leaving
too many would be grieving

DeaBeePea 9-14-16

In the Eye of the Beholder

with my active mind
I try to momentarily

everything I see
has a message
that's true

so I must wait
with quiet patience

turbulence before me
slightly startling
the frisson

or a beautiful sprinkle
of tangible love
before me

rising or setting
the sun inside me

to inherit the wind
taking in

no more fear
just thankfulness
forever spring

DeaBeePea 9-18-16

Unsung Poets

the songs were written
but many were poor
the voices ragged
a rambling rhyming tour

the meaning juxtaposed
to the point of incoherence
anyone listening
would consider disappearance

so being unsung
in this case is justified
it relieves the ears
of criminal sounds so testified

so I will be cautious
to not be included
in this notorious group
that is clearly deluded

DeaBeePea 8-19-16

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