Don't Remove Them

there are many things

of utmost importance

cluttering the drawer

with things of impotence

twist ties that grow

and spools unwinding

choking items

purpose, forever binding

but the clothespins are supreme

so useful in variance

for bread bags and chips

satisfying inpurience

the wood ones are best

unbreakable and sturdy

traditionally secure

satisfying my pure

DeaBeePea 5-23-15

Big Glasses

I really like them

I think they are cool

they make looks alluring

a mysterious iris pool

colourful or dark

they seem to impart

sophistication with humor

an irresistible art

viewing the world

in holistic scope

in ears support

on noses slope

joyous and pronounced

no shyness of need

wearing glasses

no shame in read

I suppose sexy is true

referring to miss

pronouncing cheeks

cutish in reminisce

DeaBeePea 3-23-15

Who Am I

I can speak of wonder

or facts beknown

but the solution seems

to be a combination sown

some magical efficacy

with powers exceeding

created me

in celestial breeding

I am now what I see

and what others say

but those things are a grapevine

of whining and sway

but I know that I touch

with my fingers of matter

and hopefully my sweat

feeds love's fruitful platter

when people say thank you

at least I know

that I have made a difference

in the smallest of tow

DeaBeePea 3-25-15

Coming Back

will and

creative love

riding the wave of existence

shape and consistency

formed by awareness


infusing ideas

of a material form

life, thoughts, entities and gods

an emanation of the absolute

but only in thought

that blankets our life as it plods

its breath and its soul

from our very first day

to eternal space


constant solution

cycles, nothing to replace

great breath of Brahma

destroying the rhythm

the drum that never stops

a wide open meadow

where aggregation stirs

swallowing every raindrop

ceasing to exist

to mainifestation

calling like a frightened frog

only to restore the courage

of a fickle fool

sitting on a log


and coagulation

science and the soul

tuning in and tuning out

the grey breathe of reality

swirling in the world's bowl

DeaBeePea 5-25-25

The Wasteland

Hulitoon by Rebecca Hulit

demonous grin

sheepish and cold

laughing at waste

teased by his gold

the coins are pointing

to spending fools

and the dollars are floating

in endless pools

it should be used

in proper balance

but instead is spoken

in colloquial parlance

propping the rich

investment geared

to the interest of partners

sincerity veneered

there are philanthropists

not pictured here

whose hand reaches sky

and catches the capitals cry

DBP 3-18-15

A failure to respond to a challenge...

we talk of fear

cautions friend

a comfortable shirt

no need to mend

careful is safe

and sometimes wise

but a challenge can cause

quite a rise

so weigh your pros

and view you cons

and assert yourself

as each day dawns

what's the worst

that can happen

life's too short

too concern with misshapen

DeaBeePea 3-16-15

Getting There

being there

is a moment

experienced and applauded

you sit in suspension

accepting your peril

but thankful for your pod

but things often change

you become out of range

and your mood perspires

so you plan a journey

to a greener place

where sadness might retire

so you choose a vehicle

and travel light

questioning each bump underneath

but on your way

see see the light

and forget your destination's heath

getting there is your life

your entire being

arriving is only

a matter of bequeath...

DeaBeePea 3-16-15


the brace strapped cudgel

a walking stick and club

stout and knotty

in butter it's rubbed

a large knob on top

so shiny and black

loaded with lead

for assertive attack

blackthorn so sturdy

barked to seal

cured in the chimney

for grain to congeal

celebrated in folklore

settling disputes

in gentleman's manner

to avoid ill repute

wattles and alpeen

long spears of battle

from "Finnegan's Wake"

shillelagh law of prattle

a "Rocky Road to Dublin"


tied bag over one's shoulder


a badge of honour

bataireacht to manhood

standing in manure

awaiting cobblestones lure

DeaBeePea 3-16-15

Fuzzy Things

I don't experience

these things much

I don't have a cat

or windshield balls

I don't have peaches

or a sweater so soft

And I had a shave

so I'm smooth in blade's thrall

so I must look for a girl

with a sweater of tulle

or angora so downy

it puts me in pall

or a pet to cuddle

cute and playful

purring so quiet

"Fuzzy" I call

But I do have a Teddy

sleep with it? ... I won't say

but he is an old buddy

who smiles good day...

DeaBeePea 3-14-15


One-hundred seventeen

islands afloat

linked by bridges

one continuous moat

Frazioni’s are home

In the city of water

The Queen of the Adriatic

a Serenissima foam

Old maritime power

a Renaissance model

staging Crusades

silk, grain, and spicy flour

The early Doges

masters of soldiers

from Charlemagne’s guide

to Nicephorus slide

Black Plague’s attack

local swamps to ravage

Numbers and hopes

explosions so savage

Freedom from fanatics

a cultural blossom


tolerant evolution

Submerged by water

oxygen starvation

alder trunk piles

water resistant tiles

Artesian wells

artery of acroamation

subsidized poverty

aquifer starvation

The Carnival of Venice

pioneer of Gothic

lancet arches adore

with magic, of Ottoman lore

Polychoral beginnings

Baroque in infamy

Vivaldi and Picchi

Ornate chords of harmony

Cuisine of polenta

grain mush for peasants

farro, chestnut flour and millet

flint corn in skillet

Marco Polo writes

voyage to the Orient

and Histoire De Ma Vie

Casanova’s flair

The City of Masks

where gondolas glide

through streets adorned

with tourists and guide

DeaBeePea 3-14-15

Bend Your Brain


your brain is flexible

but there is one problem 

it's in your head

which is very hard...mmm

DeaBeePea 3-14-15

ASS- ymmetrical...

some are vee

others square

some are round

others like pear

but the ones most interesting

are crooked or unequal

with one side different

from the other, it's sequel

whatever you call it,

bum, rump or fanny

mine is ass-ymetrical

which is rather uncanny

DeaBeePea 9-21-15


negative connotation

to some inferior and trite

but to me a sign of innocense

and country-folk delight

sentimental and rustic

but the message always pure

laughing at ourselves

idiosyncrasies we endure

unsophisticated and hackneyed

a humour that is old

but celebrate it's reign

and join the festive fold

Frisian korn or Saxon corn

his cornie mantle stird with aire

the band played bounce, in staccato

out-of-date playing hillbilly fare

the catalogue agrarian

the almanac planted a seed

adding jokes and cartoons

spicing up the farmer's creed

embarrassing to some

but heritage did bloom

Old MacDonald and Ma and Pa Kettle

and the corn cob pipes soft spume

radio days adorned

corn stations they were flagged

boisterous laughter and fun

the hallmark proudly ragged

DeaBeePea 9-17-15

The WOW Factor

it's never been explained

but surely has been attained

an element that's explosive

creating dullness that's erosive

startling and inspiring

an eruption of inquiring

how and why and what

thoughts and questions in glut

we perspire or speak in shock

admiring the flock

or gaze in admiration

of colours or formation

an amazing figure it is

a Marilyn Monroe type phys

or scenery so overwhelming

it dethrones our thoughts of helming

it arises unexpected

our senses interjected

it can be life-changing

and priority rearranging

DeaBeePea 9-16-15

Morning Story (True)

entering kitchen

without much diction

put on kettle

not requiring mettle

bread in toaster

rasperry jam (my friends boaster)

peel a banana

as sweet as sultana

chop my apple

ne'er any scrapple

down the hatch

while waiting for coffee's batch

but now I'm unstable

I just ate the label

my thoughts now, my oh my

this is the day, I might die!

DeaBeePea 9-15-14


I don't much like
poems about journey
because about all that rhymes
is tourney and gurney

but of course there is attorney
which is legal to use
and things that are ferny
a descriptive one to choose

and, there could be a character
by the name of Ernie
who had a brother
by the name of Bernie

but outside of that
I can't think of much
other than inventing a word
that is a poetic smutch

DeaBeePea 10-24-16

Journey 2

there are two kinds of journey

one is planned

the other is not

you can by a ticket

and reserve a room

essentially, a trip that is bought

arranging tours

sightseeing locations booked

and a table by the fire

it's relying on others

almost as if

your holiday is for hire

but then there's the other

life's strange path

of laughter and folly

an attempt to organize

but things seem to slip

sometimes forced to volley

between fortune and mishap

a balancing act

that takes a sense of humour

and optimism helps

it lets the sun in

and of your reputation

it quells the dubious rumour

DeaBeePea 10-24-16


on a roll
he certainly was
dodging boulders
for an important cause

his life at stake
as he avoided flattening
by maidens chasing
betrothals fattening

falling trees
and taught barbed wire
cattle behind
the situation dire

a foundry raising
his status of sorts
dropped on the sidewalk
each plan to abort

out of the cornfields
and paddling inept
deciding to swim
a slight distance he kept

helped on occasion
by trains and trucks
but the deluge follows
determined with luck

but home arrives
at the nick of time
gate and all
but the front door is sublime

DeaBeePea 10-25-16

The Fourth Leaf on a Branch

nodes and internodes
the stop and go
as the stem commands
the transportive flow

the vascular system
can be even or odd
as the young leave leads
in its heightened nod

adventitious roots may spread
from this leaf of radical
as older outcrops
take a sabbatical

and flowering buds
can be the fourth leafs pride
effecting the distance
for the next nodes ride

the meristems don't mind
this quadri-shoot manner
it offers options
for the plant to banner

DeaBeePea 10-26-16

Mesmerize (Tribute to Franz Mesmer)

the magnetic force
a fluid to heal
and passing hands
a mesmerizing seal

this transmitting force
an animal field
was never proven
but Mesmer wouldn't yield

today it's still practised
as an alternative approach
a kind of hypnosis
that is still of reproach

but looking back
I see his strength
despite the fact
of its questionable tense

the idea of interruption
an issue with flow
and the body rejecting
this passage of glow

it sounds just right
in its primitive root
and should be extended
and seen as astute

DeaBeePea 10-27-16

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