the sound of nature

popping and hissing

bubbling and crackling

in chemical fissing

under the earth

or through the appliance

a trade of taste

and porous alliance

aroma and gurgle

odor and steam

for little bugs

or sugar and cream

removing bacteria

in quiet flow

a simple method

for us to know


the threshold of science

an attitude of study

increasing our reliance

but as I filter my thoughts

and sip my reward

in media so porous

my writing thesaurus

DeaBeePea 7-24-15

Small Appliances

a convenience?

good question

as I ponder

in maintenance congestion

I will confess

they usually work

and make it possible

to complete my quirks

especially George Forman

a fatless grill

for my Cuban Sandewiches

that are quite a thrill

and the slow cookers mastery

of pulled porks tender

applying for my taste buds

in spicy splendor

and expresso magic

performed so quick

with chocolate whipped cream

done in a lick

and making rice

so soft and fluffy

making me an expert

my risotto puffy

cupboard space limited

so a messy counter prevails

and a shortage of outlets

for chopping the kale

but they are certainly fun

and I like the sounds

buzzing and whirring

in duties profound

DeaBeePea 7-23-15

Turning the Corner

it is hard to say

what that corner is

at the edge of time

or intersection of quiz

questions abound

before the turn

a bend into darkness

pending answers yearn

a cloverleaf of suspense

speeding in deadline

planting my feet

before the spline

a fork in the road

no sign this time

but if there was

it might misguide the climb

sharp or dull

round or square

the junction defined

by the walkers prayer

ambition and premise

for the journey affirmed

obligatory or enactive

the issue so termed

DeaBeePea 7-22-15

Predictable Assumptions

all assumptions are predictable

if I may assume

but that is presuming

the assumer is sagacious

so after this mouthful

I don't want to accuse

anyone here of lunacy

that would not be gracious

assuming is taking for granted

without proof thereof

but also means responsibility

which can't be assumed forthwith

so predicting the assumption

of taking on a task

is being naive I think

and taking on a myth

so foretelling in prophecy

a bold inheritance I say

is kind of risky

if the consequences are high

so after all is said and done

my predictable assumption

is that assuming my prediction

is predictably pie in the sky

DeaBeePea 7-15-15

Talking to a Brick Wall

it all depends on the mortar

and solutions forthwith

as it's all in approach

and military myth

the mortar that is used

to adhere the bricks

might be somewhat faulty

leaving gaps for the ticks

of conversation disputing

trickling through the clay

causing anger and hate

for long term dismay

but using the condition

of the edifice could be

a way in creating

peace and decree

and the other solution

in weaponly fashion

to destroy the wall

in thunderous cation

using a mortar

a ballistic trajectory

the muzzle loaded

a territorial projectory

the barrier crushed

and questions raised

purpose defined

and friendship praised

DeaBeePea 7-20-15


If something was soon

what would I do

if I had to write it

in my calendar to view

hours, minutes,

days or weeks

months or years

no way to peek

to know for sure

when soon will be

but I have decided

to evaluate it to see

a way to plan

when someone says soon

so I don't have to stand there

looking at moon

so I have decided

based on the average

of every claim

of soon prophecied in beverage

it is twenty-seven days,

eleven hours

and thirty-six minutes

and that is exact, in calculationg powers

so if you are coming

later than that

don't misguide me saying soon

I would be upsat!

DeaBeePea 7-19-15

Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe. Einstein


just possibly

infinitey does not exist


as I define

it is a spinning resist


all is round

and goes in spheres



but encircling years


no end actually

just going around forever


a stop sign

that is always there


unmotivated feeling

brakes screeching, mind is bare


if it is forever

infinitity is pause


we are stunned by unknown

and that is just: because

DeaBeePea 7-19-15

“I am so clever that sometimes I don't understand a single word of what I am saying.”

― Oscar Wilde

How true is this

a genius I am

a searching mind

forever on the lam

figuring out

the mysteries of life

and understanding

a cure of all strife


multiple theories

that have me confused

in my own complex queries

if I ran the world

it would literally be perfect

administering compassion

as a egalitarian prefect

never assuming

absolute power

and giving corruption

a menacing glower

how brilliant I am

looking for humility

but it is hard to do

when you have endless ability,...

DeaBeePea 7-19-15

TIME Traveller

forty magazines

sewn in compliance

with magic thread

for flying alliance

taking me through

pages of time

the headlines windblown

without rhythm or rhyme

presidents and stars

travelling with me

through dog-eared storms

and cloudy debris

imagination afloat

civilization pass by

dictated by wisdom

and naivites ply

nostalgaic confrontation

and sentimental songs

sung by the birds

of letters that throng

where the editions

will land in exhaustion

I will never know

on this infinite navigation

but history's path

might be changed, in reading

as amorous hope

derides hate receding

DeaBeePea 7-21-15


I celebrate rain

it is meant to be

except when I'm camping

it makes me angree...

DeaBeePea 7-20-15

The Five Eyed Octopus Crab

from a Hulitoon by Becky Hulit

if this fellow

number 492688065575

wants to come

then welcome him on his capturing run

he is state of the art

with brilliant vision

can float and fly

and is clawed with integrity, he probably won't lie

we can learn from this chap

a decapod crustacean

of cephalopod mollusc persuasion

programmed to visit on a educational commutation

there should be no fear

as we observe his leer

pentamerous gaze

approaching with his duodenary steps and dartle rays

we have lots to learn

of environmental concerns

so this ambidextrous guest

may brings us to greater heights, our world better dressed

DeaBeePea 5-18-15

My Vegetable Domes

protecting my spinach

a couple of nymphs

one with red cap

the other dark green

rosey cheeked

with wrinlkes of grin

surprisingly morose

responsible and serene

a bright red cap

the other in khaki

one with felt boots

the other in baboosh

they stand nose to nose

peering inside

no secrets hidden

with extra-sensory swoosh

no footprints seen

unless a birch leaf

contains a slime

from nux vomica grime

but the hornets don't come

near this diminutive pair

their senses raised

ears pricked in care

seven times the strength of man

and blazing speed to boot

two sets of muscles

for sprint and long route

I feel so secure

with these friends on guard

Heinzelmannchen and wife

divining rod and life

DeaBeePea 5-16-15

Coffee Stained Pages

Plats Nouveaux !

to flip and throw

Royal Baker and Pastry Cook

yielding the doughy hook

Behind the Apron

to saute the capon

I Know How to Cook

claims the chef in her nook

Seven Centuries of English Cooking

layerd eras of booking

Chef's Secrets from the Savoy

distracting music to annoy?

The Italian Art of Eating

and discussions of the seating

Mrs. Beeton's Family Cookery

pheasants, grouse and rookery

Nouveaux Plaisirs De La Table

wine and joy and family fables

East of Orphanides : My Middle Eastern Food

sheftalia and lountza stewed

American Family Recipe Book

simple in its plan and look

Australian Colonial Cookery, down under

pages of roasting thunder

An Accidental Restaurateur's Cookbook: Classic Bull

wine and beef until incredibly full

Shooting the Cook, bad advice

until you've eaten twice

Cooking with Can and Pack

much better (I hope) than a Big Mac

Terrace Times Cook Book, The Paddington Edition

scavenging in the bear tradition

Real Food from Near and Far

washed down with a brew from bar

A Book of Welsh Food

Rarebit a little bit crude

Beef and Liberty : Roast Beef, John Bull and the English Nation

a long title, as you exit the station

Food That Really Schnecks

all cooks on deck

and may I conclude:

Betty Crocker's 101 Delicious Bisquick Creations, As Made and Served by Well-Known Gracious Hostesses, Famous Chefs, Distinguished Epicures and Smart Luminaries of Movieland

n'er a title was ever so grande...

DeaBeePea 5-14-15

 Torn Ticket

sometimes out front

other times...

located on path

awaiting new direction

the story plays out

as something else

it cries behind me

so many plots

collude to confuse

so my seat is flipped

my feet asleep

if I sit too still

so I spread my wings

of mind, feet, and hands

and spirit of wonder

that keeps me afloat

and shows me the exit

on a very dark night

THE END never comes

until I am told

that my heart doesn't matter

which I hope is never

DeaBeePea 9-10-15

Aisle Seat

feeling less bonded

and one foot free

to squirm and roam

when things get to me

quick to the can

if that arises

which can happen

knowing nature's surprises

and quick to leave

when THE END appears

avoiding the crowd

and possible jeers

but what do I do

if my guest decides

that she wants the aisle

only one it provides

unless I sit across

not really nice however

having to yell my comments

an impolite endeaver

I could go alone...I suppose

not altogether bad... I guess

but sharing the tears is nice

I'm sentimental I fess

DeaBeePea 9-10-15

POEM #2 Defunct

If something is defunct
it's far from gone
and should not be forgotten
after it's kerplunkt

and as time goes by
it is interesting how
it gets on many lists
of things gone awry

but these charts and stats
keep appearing more
building infamy
and curiosity of cats

and internet exposure
messages it more
and sometimes it's discussed
in a Facebook enclosure

so isn't it interesting
that the "more" it's dead
its breathing accelerates
and it demands digestion

and if we water it
evolution takes place
we talk and embellish
and son and daughter it

it gets a new name
and someone gets credit
for an inspiring venture
that is a very old game

DeaBeePea 11-7-16


Fraser and Champlain

and discoverers
of much acclaim

buy they
were largely servants
of royalty

as they were told
with loyalty

and there were people
well before them

so their credit
be monitored ahem

aboriginals alas
deserve recognition
in cultural stead

as we thank them
in looking back
for our daily bread

DeaBeePea 11-5-16


they are one of the world's
great guessing games

at the snow or soft earth
at an amimal's piedal claim

it must be a squirrel one thinks
tail brushes behind to see

the other says it's a chipmunk
a way to small she pleas

a turkey
and a chicken are tricky
the difference is relatively small

a fox
and a dog appear similar
the difference hard to recall

a print of danger
an invasion of my privacy

snooping, curious
and maybe a conspiracy

DeaBeePea 11-2-16

let's take the mendoza line and follow the money money money stick stung by the Murrumbridge River Rattler or Lagerphone's platter

the Gypsy busker on a old London street with his long stout pole with boot and beaten sole the metal jingles clatter with washers as a buffer pounding the ale-house floor as the patrons scream for more this percussive refrain a bass drum and tambourine the stuffed monkey's musical ride commemorating the busker' guide the bottle cap machine and the old branch of shells capping off a song the echo brought along the Ugly Stick by the ocean or kuttepiel in Dutchman's hand stumpf fiddler and cymbals by folkman of the nimble primitive yet provoking this knotty form of art an orchestrated twig with clanging chorus so rigged DeaBeePea 11-21-16


I'm opening my heart
letting all go
saying my thoughts
no holes barred

the tears will flow
and laughter's refrain
will echo throughout
my spirit, no guard

my arms are open
vulnerability displayed
no compromise here
criticism aimed

where it's apt
I will be pointing
some individuals
might be shamed

but it's all meant
to be for good
as I get older
and my time is slight

no time for easy
as I see the setting
of the sun of life
and it's a fight

but it's positive pugilism
of a peaceful kind
and a determination
to do what's right!

DeaBeePea 11-20-16

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