Sullivan to Syms

Barry Sullivan

Shadow of the Thin Man 1941Johnny Eager 1941, Rio Rita, The Human Comedy, Command Decision, A Guy Named Joe 1943,

Mary, Mary 1963, The Man with My Face, Pete and Tilly 1973, The Shining, The Poppy is Also a Flower,

Seven Days From Sundown, A Life of Her Own, Tell Them Willie Boy Was Here 

Billy Sullivan

Big Brown Eyes 1936, Murder by Television, It Happened in New York, Public Hero Number 1, One More Spring, Name the Woman, Broadway to Hollywood, Lost in Limehouse (short), Broadway Thru a Keyhole 1933,  Sweepstakes, No Ordinary Guy, The Cancelled Debt, Red Clay, The Gallant Fool, The Winner, The Heart of a Coward, Broadway Billy, Fighting Fate, Goat Getter, Ridin' Pretty, Way of the West (short), The Double X (short), An Eyeful (short), The Slanderers 1924, The Christmas Handicap (short), Girls Will Be Girls (short), The Courtship of Myles Standish (short), Daring Deeds 1927, A Manhattan Knight, What Becomes of the Children? 1918, Over the Hill, The House of Mirth, Pawns of Fate (short), The Cripple (short), The Million Dollar Mystery 1914

Brick Sullivan

  Cry Tough, Al Capone, I Want to Live!, The Last Hurrah, Cry Terror! 1958 , Jailhouse Rock, The Joker is Wild 1957, Valerie, The Buster Keaton Story, A Cry in the Night, Red Sundown, Guys and Dolls, The Houston Story, The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing, The Far Country, Living It Up, Susan Slept Here 1954, Playgirl, Border River, Calamity Jane, From Here to Eternity 1953, The Band Wagon 1953, It Happens Every Thursday, The Clown, Meet Me at the Fair, Kansas City Confidential, Abbott and Costello Lost in Alaska 1952, Holiday for Sinners, Ma and Pa Kettle at the Fair, Pat and Mike, Loan Shark,Singin' in the Rain 1952, Deadline, Meet Danny Wilson, The Big Night, Iron Man, I Was a Communist for the FBI 1951, Follow the Sun 1951, M, Murder Inc., Storm Warning, Undercover Girl, The Milkman, Affairs of Sally, The Admiral Was a Lady, Three Little Words, The Reformer and the Redhead, The Good Humor Man, Treason, East Side, West Side 1949. Easy Living, Trapped 1949, Adam's Rib 1949, The Window, It Happens Every Spring, The Set-Up, Take Me Out to the Ball Game, Force of Evil, Act of Violence, Sorry, Wrong Number 1948, Silver River, The Iron Curtain, Smart Woman, Big City, Dangerous Years, Christmas Eve, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Miracle on 34th Street 1947, Undercover Girl, San Quentin 1946, Blue Skies, Easy to Wed, It's a Wonderful Life 1947, The Postman Always Rings Twice 1946, The Dolly Sisters, Girls of the Big House, Fallen Angel, Lady on a Train 1945, The Glass Key, Roxie hart, Nazi Agent, Mr. and Mrs. North, Shadow of the Thin Man, Dressed to Kill, Love Crazy 1941, Meet John Doe, Murder Over New York, Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum, Free, Blonde and 21, Vigil in the Night 1940, Fast and Furious, Women in the Wind, Fast and Furious, Mr. Moto's Gamble, Wells Fargo, San Quentin 1937, Man of the People, Pennies From Heaven, Mr. Deeds Goes to Town, Charlie Chan's Secret

Francis L. Sullivan

        The Right to Live 1932, The Missing Rembrandt 1932, F.P 1, The Return of Bulldog Drummond, 

 Chu Chin Chow, Dinner at the Ritz 1937, The Citadel 1938, Lady From Lisbon, Fine Feathers,  Oliver Twist 1948,

 Great Expectations 1934/1946, Caesar and Cleopatra 1945, Joan of Arc, Christopher Columbus, My Favorite Spy 1951,

 Caribbean, Drums of Tahiti, The Prodigal, 21 Days 1940, The Winslow Boy, Caribbean, The Prodigal, Hell's Island, 

 Mystery of Edwin Drood 1935,

Jean Sullivan

Uncertain Glory, Roughly Speaking 1945, Escape From the Desert, Squirm 1976

Frank Sully

 Fighting Youth, The Black Legion 1937, That's My Story!, Private Nurse, The Boogie Man Will Get You,

 Boston's Blackies' Rendezvous, The Phantom Thief, The Tender Trap 1955, Jungle Moon Men, Funny Girl 1968,

 The Law VS Billy the Kid, Northern Patrol, Down Among the Sheltering Palms, Pat and Mike, Young Man With Ideas, Mutiny,

 The People Against O'Hara, Fathers Little Dividend 1951The Female Animal 1958, Pal Joey, The Helen Morgan Story,

 Beauty on Parade, Blondie's Hero, Wild Harvest, The Phantom Thief 1946, Out of the Depths, It's a Great Life,

 The More the Merrier, Thousands Cheer 1943, Murder In Times Square, My Sister Eileen 1942, The Talk of the Town,

 A Girl, a Guy and a Gob, Dr. Kildare's Crisis, Young People 1940, Lillian Russell, The Grapes of Wrath 1940, Test Pilot,

 That's My Story!, Fury, Gentle Julia, Murder at the Vanities

Robert Sully

  Meet Me in St. Louis 1944, Love Letters 1945, You Came Along 1945, A Guy Named Joe, The Heavenly Body, Million Dollar Legs

Madame Sul-Te-Wan (Nellie Conley) 

Something of Value 1957, Mighty Joe Young 1949, Sullivan's Travels, King of the Zombies, Love Thy Neighbour,

Maryland, Torchy Blane...Playing With Dynamite, Kentucky 1938, Black Moon, Imitation of Life 1934, 

The Lightning Rider, The Birth of a Nation 1915, Intolerance: Love's Struggles Throughout the Ages 1916, 

Manslaughter, Why Change Your Wife?, Stagestruck, His Musical Sneeze (short), 

Eleanor Summerfield

The Island of Adventure,The Watcher in the Woods 1980, Some Will, Some Won't, The Yellow Hat, The Running Man, On the Beat 1962, Guns of Darkness, On the Fiddle, Don't Bother to Knock 1961, Spare the Rod 1961, Street Corner, Top Secret, Mandy 1952, Scrooge 1951, Laughter in Paradise, No Way Back, The Story of Shirley Yorke 1948, London Belongs to Me, Take My Life, The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse (TV), The Corn is Green (TV) 1946

Hope Summers

  Foul Play, Charley Varrick 1973, Get to Know Your Rabbit, 5 Card Stud, The Ghost and Mr. Chicken, Spencer's Mountain,

 The Children's Hour 1961, Parrish, Inherit the Wind 1960, I Want to Live! Zero Hour! 1957

Slim Summerville

 The Hoodlum Saint, Bride by Mistake, Niagara Falls, Tobacco Road 1941, Gold Rush Maisie, Anne of Windy Poplars 1940,

 Jesse James, Rebecca of Sunnybrooke Farm 1938, Off to the Races, The Road Back, White Fang, First to Fight, Air Mail,

 One Hysterical Night 1929, The Chinese Parrot, William Tell, My Little Brother, Gold Rush Maisie 1940,

 The Singer Midget's Scandal, Roping Her Romeo, His Precious Life, Gypsy Joe, Their Social Splash, The Plumber,

 Tillie's Punctured Romance, He Loves the Ladies, Fatty and the Heiress, Hoffmeyer's Legacy, King of Jazz 1930,

 All Quiet on the Western Front 1930, The Front Page 1931, The Bad Sister, Charlie Chan in Reno, Skirts 1921

Clinton Sundberg

  Come to Dinner, Undercurrent 1946, Song of the Thin Man 1947, Easter Parade 1948, Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid,

 The Kissing Bandit, Annie Get Your Gun, The Belle of New York, The Girl Next Door, The Caddy, Main Street to Broadway,

 Bachelor In Paradise, The Wonderful World of Brothers Grimm, Hotel 1967, Love Laughs at Andy Hardy 1946,

 Undercover Maisie, A Date With Judy 1948Words and Music 1948, The Barclay's of Broadway,

 In the Good Old Summertime 1949, Mrs. O'Malley and Mrs. Malone 1950, As Young as You Feel, The Birds and the Bees,

 Bachelor in Paradise, How the West Was Won, 

Marion Sunshine 


Shorts: The Tavern Keeper's Daughter, Mr. Jones at the Ball,In Little Italy, Her First Biscuits, Sunshine Sue 1910, Help Wanted,

Fate's Turning, Three Sisters 1911, The Stuff Heroes are Made Of, Her Awakening, Heredity, Liberty Belles,

Sunshine and Tempest 1915, The Wonderful Wager, Out From the Shadow


Frank Sutton

Hurricane 1974, Marty 1955, The Satan Bug 1965, Town Without Pity, Four Boys and a Gun, The Goldbergs 

Grady Sutton 

     Rock n' Roll High School 1979, Support Your Local Gunfighter, Myra Breckinridge, The Great Bank Robbery 1969,

The Chase 1966Tickle Me, Come Blow Your Horn, My Fair lady 1964, Living It Up, Grand Canyon, My Dear Secretary, 

The Fabulous Suzanne, Romance on the High Seas, Holiday in Mexico,  Dragonwyck 1946, The Stork Club,

Ziegfeld Follies 1946, Anchors Away 1945, Three's a Crowd, Brewster's Millions 1945, Allergic to Love, Nine Girls,

Four Jacks and a Jill, Father Takes a Wife, The Bank Dick 1940, Lucky Partners, Anne of Windy Poplars, Too Many Girls,

Torrid Zone 1940, Pigskin Parade, My Man Godfrey 1936, Palm Springs, Alice Adams 1935, Laddie, Only Yesterday 1933,

College Humor, The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi, Movie Crazy, Hot Saturday 1932, The Reckless Age, Hit the Deck,

The Whole Town's Talking 1926, The Mad Whirl 1925, My Wild Irish Rose 1947, 

John Sutton

  The Last of the Mohicans 1936, Bulldog Drummond's Revenge, Four Men and a Prayer, The Adventures of Robin Hood ,

 Kidnapped, Zaza, Booloo, Sons of Liberty, The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex 1939, I Can't Get Anything But Love Baby,

 My Gal Sal, Jane Eyre 1943, The Three Musketeers 1948, The Fan 1949, Payment on Demand, 5 Fingers 1952,

 My Cousin Rachel 1952Death of a Scoundrel 1956, The Canadians, 77 Sunset Strip, loved Infadel 1959,

 The House of a Thousand Candles 1936, Mad About Music, The Bat 1959, The Sea Hawk 1940,


Kay Sutton

  Roberta 1935, Follow the Fleet, Vivacious Lady 1938, Carefree 1938, Beauty for the Asking, S,O.S. Tidal Wave,

 Flying Blind 1941, The Man Who Talked too Much, Sky Murder, Li'l Abner, The Bank Dick 1940, The Trial of Mary Dugan 1941,

 Sergeant York 1941, Sunny, Maisie Was a Lady, The Man From Montreal 1939, The Saint in New York 1939

Joseph Sweeney

Twelve Angry Men 1957, Outside the Wall, The Philadelphia Story 1940, Soak the Rich, The Jaywalker, Sylvia on a Spree 1918, 

Inga Swenson

The Mountain Men, Ziegfeld: The Man and His Women (TV), Lipstick 1976, Earth II (TV), Advise and Consent 1962

The Miracle Worker 1962, Victoria Regina (TV), 

Karl Swenson

  December 7th 1943, Four Boys and a Gun, That Night!, Kings Go Forth, The Hanging Tree, No Name on the Bukllet,

 One Foot in Hell, The Gallant Hours, North to Alaska 1960, Flaming Star, Walk on the Wild Side, Judgement at Nuremburg,

 How the West was Won, The Birds 1963, The Man From Galveston, The Prize, Major Dundee, The Sons of Katie Elder 1965,

 The Cincinnati Kid 1965, Brighty of the Grand Canyon, The Wild Country, Seconds 1966, Vanishing Point, Ulzana's Raid,

 That Night! 1957

Nora Swinburne

The Early Life of Stephen Hind (TV), Up the Chastity Belt, Anne of a Thousand Days 1969, Interlude, Decision at Midnight,

The Strange Awakening, The Winslow Boy (TV), Helen of Troy, Betrayed, The River, Landfall, The Bad Lord Byron, 

Jassy 1947, Dear OctoJury's Evidence, Boomerang 1934, Too Many Wives, White Face, Caste 1930, Alf's Button 1930,

The Unwanted 1924, Hornet's Nest, Wee McGregor's Sweetheart, The Fortune of Christina McNab, Saved From the Sea 1920  

Quo Vadis 1951

Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer

  It's a Wonderful Life 1946, The Defiant Ones 1958, Between Heaven and Hell, The Ten Commandments 1956,

 Frances In the Navy, Track of the Cat, This is My Love 1954The High and the Mighty, Pat and Mike 1952,

 A Letter to Three Wives 1949,  Here Comes the Groom, House By the River, My Favourite Blonde 1942,

 Gas House Kids in Hollywood, Johnny Doughboy, Driftwood 1947, Shantytown 1943, The Human Comedy 1943,

 Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbagepatch 1942, Cousin Wilbur, Joy Scouts, Spooky Hooky, Beginner's Luck, Ellis Island 1936,

 Too Many Parents 1936, Going My Way 1944, 

Sylvia Syms

The Tamarind Seed, All Star Comedy Carnival (TV) 1973, Asylum, Run Wild, Run Free, The Desperados, The Fiction Maker 1968,

Booked Out 2012, Marple: Murder is Easy (TV), The Queen 2006, Child of Mine (TV), What a Girl Wants 2003, Staggered,

Food of Love, The House of Angelo,  Dirty Weekend, Thatcher: The Final Days (TV) 1991, Shirley Valentine,

A Chorus of Disapproval, Agatha Christie's Miss Marple: A Murder is Announced (TV), There Goes the Bride, Give Us Tomorrow,

Hostile Witness, Danger Route, The Big Job, Operation Crossbow 1965, East of Sudan, The World Ten Times Over,

Ice Cold in Alex, No Trees in the Street, The Moonraker, No Time for Tears, Woman in a Dressing Gown 1957,

My Teenage Daughter 1956


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