A Tribute

the subjugating power of Cleopatra

nine languages of suffocating words

protecting ancient autonomy

amidst her extravagant economy

the girl who defied Taliban threats

the story of Malala’s resolute courage

and the fight for equality and education

to stabilize the home of social foundation

the beloved Good Queen Bess

so unequivocally “married to the throne”

bringing chaos to its knees

and her conquest of the seas

The Declaration of Sentiments

He has compelled her to submit to laws,

in the formation of which she had no voice

Elizabeth Stanton now opens the door to choice

“The Feminine Mystique” of both praise and criticism

Betty Friedan’s boldness of truth, awakening a nation

To a new life plan, we raise our glass

To courage and a new enlightened class

Escaping from slavery, Harriet Tubman appears

The underground railroad she builds

The track to freedom for aimless searchers

Looking for a new found perch

the cloistered Emily Dickinson, so astoundingly astute

a new voice for women of idiosyncrasy

carefully selecting her society, controlling the disposal of her time

the woman in white, with her slant of rhyme

Shirin Ebadi so noble in her initiatives

And universal in glow

Children and refugees, and pro bono cases

Fighting for those, of nefarious chases

The Green Belt movement, so progressive in nature

Wangari Maathai led the way with vigour

Blending conservation and women’s’ rights

A modern realization, of holistic sights

the first women magistrate in the British Empire

Emily Murphy, of the Famous Five

The old Canadian law that said, “women should not be counted as persons”

This ideology, can only worsen

Helen Keller was a champion for the deaf

Enhancing their performance on the social stage

Speaking for labour rights and antimilitarism

Her soul to erase these worldly schisms

A poet Sappho of Meccan times

Devising the Sapphic stanza, of enduring legend

And her lyre was magical, and poetic too

Strummed to the songs of her sexual askew

Thwarting military leaders, and their condescension

Lifting a siege in nine short days

The anointed Maid of Orléans, Joan of faithful horde

Her divine banner, forty times that of a sword

In sophistication and humility

Rosa Parks, becoming the symbol of a decade

Refusing to obey the unwritten laws

Fearless before the social jaws

The lady with the lamp, the nurse of modern science

Translating a form of discrimination

From the unwanted sick to those of required favour

Dignifying their humanity, the future to savour

Audrey, a delicate symbol of class

A movie star but not made of glass

A frail body that travelled the globe

Giving and praying, in her princess robe

Women’s oppression as the second sex, by Simone de Beauvoir

Explaining existential feminism, the crime of civilization

Changing women from a natural spirit to the Other

From immanence to transcendence, an inferior brother

Mother Teresa, of saintly dignity and crown

A servant to the unfortunate, non- judgmentally chosen

Of free choice, my God, and out of love for you

I desire to remain and do whatever … I can do

A universal declaration of human rights

An early step in this giant project of international justice

Eleanor Roosevelt, “The First Lady of the World”

So kindly, she took us in her hand so furled

liberating women from the constraints, of corseted silhouette

sporty and chic, now the feminine display

and Coco prepared the woman for professional vocation

confusing men, of their questionable location

A suffragette of most aggressive guile

And the state of prisons, she spoke of in hunger

Emily Pankhurst, shaking society into a new fabric and mold

the stitches now stronger, with women in fold

Establishing her priority, for just recognition

Madame Curie, documenting with thorough efficiency

Fighting the race against her time

Often losing, the Panthéon in Paris, established her prime

 “After Black Power,Women’s Liberation”

Gloria Steinem, A new voice for the times

"If Men Could Menstruate" she satirically coined

In a reversal role, of sexual purloin

DeaBeePea 3-8-17

I Wonder If

this would be better in hieroglyph showing a comical tiff with a feminine quiff or the man's mighty biff her cooking, he took sniff a horrible whiff he responded in a disrespectful riff but maybe the girl was spiff and flattened him stiff and took him to sea in a cedar strip skiff it was either that or over a cliff she thought what's the diff? DeaBeePea 3-13-17

I Wonder If #2

I wonder if I will 
ever die
I have so much to do
maybe if I nicely asked
I could get a pass through

to eternity
and a starlit world
flying with no effort
meeting the universe
in its infinite desert

running into souls
of friend and foe
realizing the real beauty
of each life
and the parables of duty

serving a heaven
that is hidden away
adapting to faith
this is where peace
is found in my wraith

DeaBeePea 3-13-17

Looking Back I am not sure who that person was usually cautious and only because

tiptoeing around choosing in darkness making a splash in my strange aardvarkness smelling my way occasional bursts of eloquent moves sniffing for my firsts so at this juncture I can only laugh at this innocent gent performing his sclaff but it was worth it all this perilous journey life is good a long ways from gurney DeaBeePea 3-13-17

Looking Back #2 I envisioned progress a long time ago naive I suppose life smelled like a rose

the conflicts and issues that dominated our time are still around us in their stubborn rhyme new names perhaps but just the same thing man-made catastrophes that I thought were a fling it doesn't appear that our capacity is adept to solving these problems as the solutions have slept so homo sapien existence appears to be in jeopardy so my look at the future is a wilting epergne DeaBeePea 3-13-17

Win or Lose It's almost always a win unless you're stupid enough to participate in things you don't want to partake in

DeaBeePea 3-11-17

Win or Lose #2 It was a classic affair From those golden days When hockey was a game Our claim to fame No overtime or shootout A game could be tied I know that sounds weird But that’s the way things were steered Detroit 1, Toronto 1 No one won or lost But it didn’t matter at all Everyone had a ball The year was ‘61 We had blue seats And the Gardens was packed Not an unknown fact There were a few calls That went the wrong way Otherwise we would have won After all is said and done

But there were no sour grapes Because the game was a battle And both teams fought To the bitter end in a knot DeaBeePea 3-11-17

Today No Blue reminded of the blue I look out and see a semblance of sun thwarted in its greet but there is a timid brightness giving me hope as my heart begins its morning beat

thoughts of beauty inspire my breath as my dreams of paradise take their seat DeaBeePea 3-10-17

Little Moreton Hall The moated fairy-castle Meandering like a Cheshire cat A half-timbered manor house As irregular as an overweight mouse Three long ranges, irregular Shading the small cobbled courtyard This giant gingerbread homestead Lop-sided in its upper spread A cornmill, brew-house and bloomery of iron Water-powered hammers Echoing through the lime-ash plaster walls And miniature rooms like horse-doll stalls Patterns of chevron and lozenge stencil A crisscrossing maze of façade Quatrefoils and herringbone motif And wolf-heads staring in grief Molded coffering, impressed above and chimneypieces of female caryatids bearing Elizabethan arms the withdrawing room and its charms the web of mystic garderobes narrow, hidden chambers nothing much more than wardrobes the edifice’s sprouting lobes the oak is aging in silver the infill, died to ochre and the windows of thousand times three leaded panes in mullioned glee

the gate-keepers place, a corn store as we search for hidden shoes placed to discourage the ghosts and thwarting the grey ladies post DeaBeePea 3-9-17

All Thumbs he was all thumbs 10 of them and he didn't need a car

everywhere we went people picked him up so he traveled near and far DeaBeePea 3-14-17

All Thumbs #2

she had all thumbs
in a shade of celadon
and a porcelain smile
in a kiln she spawned

the greenware spread
despite its cracks
and her ceramic dynasty
with its transparent plaque

her oxide hair
with its jadish sheen
and stiffened walk
to the showcase scene

shelves and tables
in infinite acres
a glistening glow
the shine of the nacre

it was her Chinese sun
formed with her hands
those magical fingers
and her terra cotta sand

DeaBeePea 3-14-17


The sky is blanketed in blue
as rich and thick as eider
it shines from the sun's magic
pouring an amethyst cider

I can taste this wine
a blueberry empyrean
toasting this joy
as I sing in exulting clarion

DeaBeePea 3-21-17

Odoriferous a word that implies something skanky situated in a place not so swanky

stinking or putrid and icky in texture requiring solution maybe a lecture filling the air with a nose-stuffing emanation making you faint needing much aeration but hey, what about nice that perfume effect a bouquet of joy for a pollinating insect a luscious fragrance enhancing your senses feeling romantic spreading amorous incenses this my the odoriferous state so much preferred and that rancid idea will be deferred DeaBeePea 3-21-17

FIT? I know it doesn't fit but I think you'll agree it's a masterpiece some it shines through that thing called brilliance wonders-never-cease if you use your imagination there is a way to increase

the level of integration a very unique and vivid blend a kind of "clashing peace" so this in a nutshell is a statement and a centrepiece taking chances and breaking trends inspired by love a gentle caprice DeaBeePea 3-22-17

Aggression a typical man am I of cowardice and restraint getting my way with nothing e're in taint they call it passive yes, a man's unfailing tool luring unsuspecting lass' into a blubbering fool

it's all I have this inequitable fashion as I sneakily probe into one's emotional ration but sooner or later my downfall it will be you see, these women of smart this tendency they'll foresee DeaBeePea 3-20-17

Aggression #2 so simple it's dumb that aggression only creates aggression so these stupid jerks flex their muscles creating disrespect and hatred

then these knee-jerk bastards begin in earnest to fight a war of destruction lives are lost but they don't care their power badge is worn and they smile and pretend to care about the lives of snookered dummies and innocent pawns ....................... aggression is our weakness faltering through bloody time ego and rhetoric a poisonous climb up these breaking rungs a ladder to a trussless roof will we ever learn to defeat this disdainful spoof DeaBeePea 3-20-17

Hyperbole #2

long time no see
I pray for you every day
you are the greatest
I have nothing left to say

everything is going perfectly
no problems in sight
and I'm overjoyed you're helping
because you're always right

and by the way, you're stunning
the most gorgeous gal I've ever seen
you make my heart beat faster
I wonder where you've been

all my life, I've been
searching for that golden time
when beauty surrounds me
and words are in perfect rhyme

so every day the sunshines
and I walk with a jaunty smile
not a care in the world
Mmm... let me think about this for a while.

DeaBeePea 3-19-17

Conflict Minerals this angry lot has lots of mettle in a battle zone that refuses to settle

open pit and sub-surface this golden ore passes through intermediaries from its alluvium lore the most important source of tin these placer lees complete with weathered grains have the Congo on their knees another character in this bloody story of four is that fierce and armored wolframite that aims to settle the score last but not least is coltan a tantalizing tantalite a vital computer element that creates a world's benight so I must summarize this pathetic tale of greed that these 3TG's of earth should stay in the ground and seed and our legacy of progress should ultimately be redefined so we can have a quality of life appropriate for good mankind DeaBeePea 3-18-17

Glomarization I try not to use this legal tool it arouses suspicion implying a break of the rule so I try to be outspoken and only deny if I am absolutely uninvolved innocence I must decry

but for a friend's security I might try this ploy keeping them insular from accusations employ so if you think I am a member I cannot deny or confirm for my life hangs in the balance my position not affirmed DeaBeePea 3-17-17


personal hygiene
a pH of sorts
as our aqueous selves
rinse all our ports

whether acidic or basic
we ensure our level
a molar concentration
our cleanliness we revel

but we should be 7
balance in suds
lathered in ecstasy
in the showering flood

I'm rather astringent
and slippery as soaped
a shower-head bash
from my state of myope

so putting science aside
I smell like a rose
but I avoid the prickle
in my Irish Spring repose

DeaBeePea 3-23-17

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