Red Vine

Traveling umbrella
skyrocketed to deacon
a glossy throne
backed by whitish stone
Scarlet flowers in pun
teasing the canopy
lobes dragging in sun
as breeze carries perfume
Potent glands
basal nectar drips to rain
umbrella draining drops
erected stems, pointing down lane
Forgetful pedestrain
leaving for train
the lonely marquee
frowning, no glee
Fernlike leaves
with silver specks
fine white pubescence 
crooked, in the shade of decks
saluted by folly
hummingbirds greet
the floes of holly
The light blue antlers
like ribs in the parasol
and crimson bells
sing to hands they tell
Missing their baldachin
ferrule so strong
vertical in stance
the bench proclaims in throng
The stretcher reigns
over a blanket of berries
while strips of birch
wait for Church and cherries
Textured softness
that contrast excites
vivid and still
on promising sill
The ancient wall
a monument to thrall
the brolly relieved
from beckons call

10-13-14 DBP

Whiz Kid

moon so bright
aura of delight
the halo sings
pet songs and things
daughter of bronze
long tale, that intellect spawns
bowed to question
her father's divestion
He sits in display
insular spots of array
tied in impatience
chocolate coat of sudoriference
His lobes of leather
apparent annoyance to tether
curious bothering
must attend to his fathering
"Why are you up Dad?"
"It's very late." 
replying in attempting boon
he spoke to conflate
But he failed at that
no knowledge to prat
so young whelp explained
so astronomically trained
"Reflection and refraction 
and dispersion too
through hexgonal crystals
a prismic glow beams through"

10-14-14 DBP

An Ode of Benediction

Lifes breath, obligation
to wonder in awe
at miracles bestowed
and hidden in flaw
Breezes singing
letting us know
that messages blow
through worlds unknown
Love in sky
and rooted in soil
walked through the trails
by out feet as we sail
Words and music
a reflection in art
growing from seeds
created in heed
Birds and worms
related in gift
acceptance of roles
Shakespearian throes
Friends and family
encourage and faith
independent dreams
touched by wraith
our train of thought
a whistle distraction
conducting the band
symphonic attraction
thank you heart
for sponging the essance
as I smile in reverence
humble in presence

DBP 10-12-14

Tribute to Misfits

romantic notion
poetic potion
silly prattle
my ears in battle
but laughing hysterically
at musings esoterically
exclamations and ""Yes"
so enthused and impressed
and kissing the dreams
so scribed in lovely seams
as I am hemmed in passion
not escaping to ration
gentle and kind
the family refined
commoving no bounds
by thoughts profound
the misfits aspire
to share and inspire

DBP 10-12-14


for a question to be
unanswered you see
firstly and formost
it must be asked...

and sometimes they are
so common and par
that we don't replay
so colourless they are

like "how are you"
people say in view
so I surprise and claim
"lonely and depressed" thank you

some laugh in knowing
others rear back hair flowing
it is a statement you see
of common habit no fashion

or "what's happening" man
kind of obvious I pan
so I think "I'm here"
your dribble I hear

Or..."did you see the game"
kind of lame
what game I ponder
I was watching TCM

so I guess all questions
warrant an answer, 
like a dancer
who requires applause

so as I say farewell
I wish you very well
and ask of you
"Why did you wake up, today?"


Dusty Musca

in celestial atlas
four hundred agos
Uranometria throws
ideas to cloiud
jungles of colour 
Apis and Beta
Gamma and Zeta
dairy white not duller
Milky Way community
first name Eta 
Muscae in surname
universal immunity
numbers in name
HD 100546, no shame
an order to claim
of styles by lens
Rainbow of stars
a cerulean-white realm
surrounded by debris
forming disk at helm
circles and cells
shades in round
dwarf strange title
for something so vital
A protoplanet
polygon of six
segments of mix
a pot so handled
like Ursa the bowl 
pulsating to dole
common motion
seductive in lotion
To students of sky
giants of many hues
yellow supergiants
and monsters of blue
oranges of dipple
reds that triple
pink nebulas at edge
multiple ejections to pledge
Personified as sect
changing skins to reflect
Bayer's Chamaeleon 
camouflaged in sky
tongue grabbing fly
capturing my eye...

DBP 10-16-14

The Good, the Bad and Ugly

not destruction
the order of things
boring for ants
and larvae rings
mating holes
the signal doles
for new ones nest
making homes
so impressed
racoons and owls
and tree-nesting ducks
and other foul
wood chip lined
they drum to protect
Cooper's hawks
swoop down to inject
survey of doom
Owls curl
and squirrels hurl
nuts and roots 
Abscission and stress
drought and redress
poor drainage
and lightning
mammal biting
of course there is man
roads and homes
and trails dethrone
sometimes to learn 
that is the burn
but careless we are
and make our world ajar
but the joy to observe
the wonderful curves
tapestry for canvas
wedding for lass
and pecking in throng
in jazz-like song
growing and falling
nature's calling

10-15-14 DBP

Fictile in Beryl

tumblers and cups
accompany sups
containers and lids
preserving squid
boxes for recycling
made from chicling
party glasses
awareness flashes
rectangular dish
fashionable kiss
party plates
primitive dates
table covers
might suit certain lovers
miniature translucent enclosures
limited exposure
jars for creams
stay on while dreams
forage protection
scavenger flexion
boxes for potting
flowers dotting
azure displays
for liqueurs gaze
banning blue plastic
would be pretty drastic!

DBP 10-17-14


chocolate-malt nougat
and caramel so rich
milk cocoa well coated
rectangular shake

Frank C. Mars invented
henny sweet and vanilla scented
a choice of value
but the whiter one consented

"The sweet you can eat between meals"
the slogan of reels
in Europe much lighter
it floats in milk

Marketing evolves
as the world revolves
at the counter we look
at others like book

the peanut flake
Crispy Crunch
no need to bake
a very nice lunch

Sweet Marie
a love poem first
then a song
and then a confection objection

Many the same
chocolate, peanuts and nougat
toffee thrown in
optional nuts a name

Patterson's Longfellow
stringy sticky and coated
gloating in length
and chewy strength

Baby Ruth so born
cradled in compound bister
a Milky Way of stars
a cavity of bars

DBP 10-16-14

"Not Always"

our minds equate

rationalize and compose

ideas and solutions

solutions I chose

but premonition

is the word I pick

to describe gut feeling

that might make me sick

sometimes I follow

that lower path

more might be good

so I won't cause wrath

DeaPea 1-18-15

The Book?

is there a book for me

as I sit in dreams under tree

one that explains life

and puts the sun on strife

pages that tell a story

of conquering fear from quarry

a bottomless pit of wonder

that tells how not to blunder

or how passion is turned

into happiness learned

and juices of imagination

are squeezed from our fixation

of a timeless experience

no watch or dial obedience

the list is long

a word filled throng

chapters of history

telling me reality in mystery

DeaBeePea 11-29-15

William the Pistonic  (Rebecca Hulit Hulitoons)

the turbine action

of Bovidae elder

his head like a tappet

formed by a welder

the arms they pivot

as generated claws

and his beard swings in conjuntion

with the nasal seesaw

all eyes are on him

in a Metropis stare

as the turquoise sun

creates an ominous glare

William the Buck

prehensile upper lip in search

for a political thrust

overthrowing those of smirch

keeping himself oiled

with passion and empathy

quieting the machine

with his billious telepathy

DeaBeePea 11-30-15

More Than Once

The day arrives

balmy and grey

I ponder my actions

in a questioning array

of wonderful things

I could do for starters

knowing in reality

what it would be in charter

facebook and poems

and novelistic attempts

a check on NPR

before I'm even kempt

I bring my French Press

back from the kitchen

a medium roast i divulge

before I start bitchin'

I pick up to pour

my finger doth stubbed

and I spill the coffee

over the keyboard so plugged

besides OH no!

the expletives were crescendoing

and some of the words

were innuendoing

DeaBeePea 12-1-15


Oh NO!

all divied up

in co-ordinated colour 

going to party

as a social muller 

blending the crowd

in it opinions various


a resin of humanity

in verbose talk precarious


a few drinks metamorphasize

my normal to hilarious


I chat with many

from writer to leader


and try to impress

a girl at the punch feeder


but then it happens

in comes that jerk


the one person I didn't want here

OH no! as I cussed in irk... 

DeaBeePea 12-1-15

Not Exactly Scenic

As I read the directions

I checked my compass

making sure I knew

right from left

Cautiously I looked down

very much hoping

that there would be something

besides a floor bereft

Well, there wasn't much

a trio of wires

ready to tangle me

in ankle and castered chair

there wasn't much symmetry

or colours to view

black cords on beige

a carpet so fair

one strand for the keyboard

another for the mouse

and third is for my headphones

for my jazziest blare

DeaBeePea 12-2-15

The Fabrication All Childen Hear

or Lament for the Baby Boomers

it was a long tough war
I almost lost my life
in the Battle of Attu
Operation Landcrab was strife

suffering from exposure
we lost many men of valour
but we managed to push Yamasaki
in our state of frozen pallor

I carried four men on my back
and two of them survived
we needed every man
for our position to revive

the banzai charge was on
we battled hand in hand
until every enemy was dead
as we buried them in the sand

we ended the Aleutian campaign
and demoralized our foe
and I captured twenty-nine
an accomplishment I bestow

yes, my son
I am a hero of war
but it was nothing really
duty, and nothing more

DeaBeeea 12-9-16


a giant step
but is it final?
another journey
on a different ship

it might be stormy
or the seas of calm
will tranquilize your life
to serenity's clip

or you might envision
another mode
traveling by foot
a more personal path

the soul will wear
from nature's fatigue
but experience speaks
a dusty bath

but your floating memories
a lovely haunt
unknown friends
your questions linger

reunion and thought
affecting each decision
sometimes unaware
of lines on your finger

DeaBeePea 12-5-16

The Shortest Day

this is
the shortest day

my sleeping
is often
in disarray

there have been times
when I've slept till four

and I mean PM
before I opened my door

so those times indeed
when I awoke
to the setting sun

just gave me time
for evening fun

those days
of the disappearing light

and a late afternoon
breakfast bite

DeaBeePea 12-21-16

Bee Hive

could I live in one?
and help raise the young

an apiary existence
so organized among

from east and west

I wonder if domestic
would really bee the best

better protection
than hollowed out trees

hexagonal homes
that are quite a squeeze

could I get internet
in one of these combs

and listen to music
as my workers do roam

and I might be transported
to pollinate elsewhere

which would be a disturbance
of which unaware

there are many designs
but I'd do one myself

to provide me with luxuries
and an adjustable shelf

DeaBeePea 12-20-16

It's Darn Right Nippy

quick and nippy
these tailored girls
tea shop maids
with cap and braids

a homeland icon
with pretty smile
wholesome and nice
moving in trice

sometimes a victim
in mystery novels
her innocence a lure
something so pure

bombazine and buttons
and apron of white
it's a parade out there
of so much flair

these lassies are marching
I wonder what for?
I wonder if it's a protest
for being oppressed

one thing I know
it's a pleasant show
and rather zippy
and darn right nippy

DeaBeePea 12-19-16

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