Downs to Dysart

Johnny Downs

    Uncle Tom's Cabin, The Crowd 1928Pigskin Parade 1936, Ask Grandma, Bring Home the Turkey, Nifty Nurses,

Babes In Toyland, Algiers, Hunted Men, Rhapsody InBlue 1945Blonde Trouble, Redhead 1941,

 I Don't Want to Set the Where Come the Girls, The Caddy 1953, The Girls of Pleasure Island, Call Me Madam,

Here Come the Girls 1953I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire, The Mad Monster 

Maxine Doyle

      Footlight Parade 1933, Fashions of 1934, Good Morning Eve!, Babbitt 1934, Condemned to Live, S.O.S. Coastguard,

 The Mystery Man, Dames 1934, 6 Day Bike Rider, Shantytown 1943, Mystery Broadcast, Daughter of Don Q 1946,

 Taming the Wild

Betsy Drake

     Clarence, the Cross-Eyed Lion, Next to No Time, Intent to Kill, Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? 1957, Pretty Baby,

Dancing in the Dark 1949, Every Girl Should Be Married 1948, The Second Woman

Charles Drake

   Career 1939, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Out of the Fog 1941, The Maltese Falcon 1941, The Man Who Came to Dinner,

 The Male Animal, Larceny Inc. 1942, The Gay Sisters, Now, Voyager, Conflict, A Night in Casablanca 1946, Peggy,

 Winchester '73, Harvey 1950 , To Hell and Back, All That Heaven Allows, The Glenn Miller Story 1954, Walk the Proud Land,

 Tammy Tell Me True 1961, Dear Heart, The Arrangement 1969

Claudia Drake

Calypso Joe, Day of Triumph, Northern Patrol, The Pace That Thrills, Indian Agent, Lady at Midnight, The Return of Rin Tin Tin 1947, Lawless Clan, The Face of Marble 1946, Live Wires, The Crimson Canary, The Lady Confesses 1945, The Enemy of Women, False Colors, Border Patrol, Flying With Music 1942, Social Enemy #1, Footlight Parade

Dona Drake

      Aloma of the South Seas, Road to Morocco 1942, Let's Face It, Without Reservations, Another Part of the Forest,

The Girl From Jones Beach 1949, Fortunes of Captain Blood, Valentino, Kansas City Confidential 1952, 

Princess of the Nile

Frances Drake

The Affairs of Martha, I Take This Woman 1940, It's a Wonderful World 1939, The Lone Wolf in Paris, She Married an Artist, 

Midnight Taxi, Florida Taxi, The Preview Murder Mystery 1936, And Sudden Death, Transient Lady 1935, Mad Love, 

Les Miserables 1935, Ladies Should Listen, The Trumpet Blows, Forsaking All Others 1934, No dejes la puerta abierta

Pauline Drake,+actress&source=bl&ots=FNAtff7wD7&sig=-75JDKyo9vj

Jam Session, Hail the Conquering Hero,Willard 1971, Caged 1950, The Frozen Ghost, The Spirit of St. Louis 1957
Illegal, Affairs of Geraldine, Here Come the Waves, Once Upon a Time, Here Comes Elmer, Under Fiesta Stars, The Fatal Hour 1940, Meet Miss Bobby Socks, Secrets of the Underground, The Great McGinty, Her Unborn Child

Peggy Drake

Too Many Girls, The Tuttles of Tahiti 1942, The Chocolate Soldier, Sweater Girl, King of the Mounties

Tom Drake 

   Meet Me In St. Louis 1944, Our Town, The Mortal Storm, The White Cliffs of Dover 1944,  Mrs. Parkington, The Green Years 1946,

Cass Timberlane, Mr. Belvedere Goes to College 1949Words and Music. Disc Jockey, FBI Girl 1951, Betrayed Women, Warlock,

The Sandpiper 1965 , The Singing Nun 

Marie Dressler

   Tugboat Annie, Dinner at Eight 1933 , Prosperity, Min and Bill 1930, The Girl Said No, Anna Christie 1930, The March of Time,

The Hollywood RThe Patsy, The Joy Girl, Tillie's Punctured Romance 1913, The Hollywood Revue of 1929, Bringing Up Father,

Tugboat Annie 1933

Barbara Drew

The Rebel Set 1959, Some Like It Hot 1959, Step Down to Terror, Spring Reunion, Rain in the Morning

Ellen Drew

If You Were King, Sing You Sinners, The Gracie Allen Murder Case 1939, Women Without Names, Buck Benny Rides Again, 

Christmas in July 1940Our Wife 1941, The Mad Doctor, The Parson of Panamint, Ice-Capades Review, My Favourite Spy, 

Night Plane from Chungking, That's My Baby, Isle of the Dead, China Sky, Sing While You Dance, The Swordsman, 

Johnny O'Clock, The Crooked Way, Davy Crockett, Indian Scout, The Baron of Arizona, Man in the saddle, Outlaw's Son

Night of January 16th 1941, Star Spangled Rhythm 1943

Roland Drew

Two O'Clock Courage, Bermuda Mystery, The Hard Way, The Contender, The Big Shot, The Hidden Hand 1942, Larceny Inc. 1942,

Secret Enemies, Murder in the Big House 1942, Lady Gangster, Captain of the Clouds, Blues in the Night 1941, Manpower 1941,

' The Smiling Ghost', Sergeant York, The Saint Takes Over 1940, Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe 1940, Unmarried, 

The Lady in the Morgue, Some Blondes Are Dangerous, Mystery of the White Room 1939, The Great Gambini, 

The Man With the Umbrella, Lady Raffles, The Racketeer, Evangeline, Ramona, Fascinating Youth 1926

 Drew, on left

Minnie Driver

     Conviction 2010, Motherhood, The Phantom of the Opera, Hope Springs, Slow Burn 2000, Beautiful, The Governess,

Good Will Hunting 1997, Grosse Pointe Blank, Sleepers, Big Night, The Politician's Wife 1995, Golden Eye, Circle of Friends,

Return to Me 2000

Joanne Dru

     Red River 1948, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon 1949All the King's Men 1949, 711 Ocean Drive, The Pride of St. Louis 1954

Mr. Belvedere Rings the Bell, Forbidden, The Wild and the Innocent, Drago, Three Ring Circus, The Seige at Red River

Sylvia 1965


James Drury

      Blackboard Jungle 1955, Diane, Love Me or Leave Me 1955, Bernadine, Good Day for a Hanging,

Toby Tyler, or Ten Weeks With a Circus, Pollyanna, Third of a Man 1962 Ride the High Country, Hell to Pay, Maverick,

Love Me Tender 1956The Tender Trap 1955Hell to Pay 2005

Don Dubbins

     The Fix 1984, Death Wish ll, The Learning Tree 1969, Gunfight in Abilene, The Prize 1963, These Wilder Years,

Tribute to a Bad Man, The Caine Mutiny 1954

Paulette Dubost 

     The Comedy of Work 1988, The Last Metro, The Other One's Mug, Efficax (TV), Juliette and Juliette 1974, Viva Maria!,

 Chance at Love 1964, That Tender Age, Why Paris?, The Sad Sack, The Chocolate Girl 1950,  Fireman's Ball, I am With You,

Fat Man's Worries, You Will Be My Life 1932, 

Paul Dubov

Crash! 1976, Irma la Douce 1963, The Underwater City, Underworld U.S.A. 1961, Ma Barker's Killer Brood, The Purple Gang 1959, The Atomic Submarine, The Crimson Kimono 1959, Verboten!, Tokyo After Dark, Forty Guns, The Brothers Rico, China Gate, Voodoo Woman, The She-Creature 1956, He Laughed last, That Certain Feeling 1956, The Day the World Ended, Apache Woman, Mad at the World, Jump Into Hell, Cell 2455, Death Row 1955, The Silver Chalice, The Last Time I Saw Paris 1954, The Long Wait, The Glass Web, I, the Jury, Kansas City Confidential, High Noon 1952, Deadline, Sunny Side of the Street, Cyrano de Bergerac 1950, The Killer That Stalked New York, Triple Trouble, Perfect Strangers, Champion 1949, The Set-Up, Strange Holiday, Follow the Band, The Adventures of Smilin' Jack, Mug Town, Danger in the Pacific, Mystery of Marie Roget, Escape From Hong Kong, Girls' Town, Secrets of a Nurse, Little Tough Guy 1938

Claire Du Brey

The Miracle, Girls Town, Les Girls, Lust for Life 1956, Ricochet Romance, Phantom of the Rue Morgue 1954, 

Raiders of the Seven Seas, Ace in the Hole 1951, Dear Wife, Cinderella, Samson and Delilah, Destination Big House 1950, 

Abbott and Costello Meet the Killer: Boris Karloff 1949, Streets of San Francisco, Out of the Storm 1948, Who Killed Doc Robbin, 

The Bishop's Wife 1948, Tenth Avenue Angel, Ivy, Unconquered, The Best Years of Our Lives 1946, Cloak and Dagger, 

The Catman of Paris, Rhapsody in Blue 1945, Dakota, Casanova Brown, Oh, What a Night, Heaven Can Wait 1943, 

Juke Box Jenny, Now, Voyager 1942, The Gay Sisters 1942, The Magnificent Dope, Blossoms in the Dust 1941, Shining Victory, 

Tillie the Toiler, Forty Little Mothers, Rise and Shine, Andy Hardy Meets Debutante 1940, The Doctor Takes a Wife, 

The Shop Around the Corner 1940, Virginia City 1940, High School, Charlie Chan's Murder Case, The Blue Bird 1940, 

The Forgotten Woman, Four Wives 1939, Coast Guard, The Story of Alexander Graham Bell 1939, Jesse James, 

Little Miss Broadway, One Wild Night, The Lady Escapes 1937, Wife, Doctor and Nurse, Blossoms on Broadway, 

Nothing Sacred 1937, Ramona, The Devil-Doll 1936, Small Town Girl, Life Begins at 40, Jane Eyre 1934, Glamour, Blind Date, 

This Side of Heaven, Bachelor of Arts, Gabriel Over the White House, Shadows of Sing Sing, Broadway to Hollywood, 

The Sin of Nora Moran, The Devil Dancer, Two Sisters, The Exquisite Sinner, Infatuation 1925, Borrowed Husbands, Ponjola, 

The Ordeal 1922, To Have and to Hold, Only a Shop Girl, Glass Houses, My Lady's Latchkey, That Girl Montana, 

The Bronze Bell, I Am Guilty, Dangerous Hours 1920, The Hole in the Wall, The House of Whispers 1920, The Walk-Offs, 

The Heart of a Child, The World Aflame, The Spite Bride, When Fate Decides, The Sawdust Doll 1919, The Old Maid's Baby, 

A Man in the Open, What Every Woman Wants 1919, Social Briars, Brace Up, Modern Love 1918, Up Romance Road, 

The Magic Eye, The Winged Mystery 1917, Follow the Girl, Anything Once, The Rescue, Triumph 1917, The Piper's Price 1917

Elspeth Dudgeon 

Moonfleet 1955, Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back, Yankee Fakir, The Canterville Ghost, Footlight Glamour, 

Now, Voyager, Nightmare 1942, Mystery House, Bulldog Drummond's Secret Police,

The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle, Sh! The Octopus 1937, The Prince and the Pauper, Give Me Your Heart, 

The Last Outpost, Becky Sharp 1935, Vanessa: Her Love Story, Vanity Fair, The Old Dark House 1932,

The Moonstone 1934, 


Howard Duff

     Too Much Sun, No Way Out, Roses are For the Rich 1987,  East of Eden 1981, Oh, God! Book II, Double Negative,

Kramer VS Kramer 1979, A Wedding, The Late Show, A Wedding, Panic in the City, Boys' Night Out 1962, Women's Prison,

Jennifer, Woman in Hiding 1950, Illegal Entry, All My Sons, Brute Force 


Tom Dugan 

Crashout 1955, Girls in the Night, Painting the Clouds With Sunshine, Father Takes the Air 1951, On the Town 1949,

Take Me Out to the Ball Game 1951, Inside the Walls of Folsom Prison, The Lemon Drop Kid 1951, Dear Wife,

Half Past Midnight, The Senator Was Indiscreet, Good News, Road to Rio, Song of the Thin Man 1947, 

The Fabulous Dorseys 1957, The Pilgrim Lady, Cross My Heart, The Best Years of Our Lives 1946, Accomplice,

The Hoodlum Saint 1946, Journey Together, Tell It to a Star, Those Endearing Young Charms, Lady on a Train 1945,

In Society, Hi, Beautiful, The Man Who Walked Alone, The Thin Man Goes Home, Greenwich Village,

Moon Over Las Vegas 1944, No Price for a Lady, Bataan, Swing Time Johnny, Coney Island, Star Spangled Rhythm 1942, 

Moonlight in Havanna, The Major and the Minor, Orchestra Wives 1942, Yankee Doodle Dandy 1942

To Be or Not to Be, Grand Central Murder, Ellery Queen and the Murder Ring 1941, 'The Smiling Ghost', 

The Richest Man in Town, Ellery Queen's Penthouse Mystery, Ringside Maisie, Slightly Tempted, Lucky Partners, 

The Boys From Syracuse 1940, Cross-Country Romance, Star Dust, Virginia City, Johnny Apollo,

Too Many Husbands 1940, The Farmer's Daughter 1940, The Fighting 69th, The Housekeeper's Daughter, 

$1,000 a Touchdown, The House of Fear, Daughters Courageous 1939, The Lady and the Mob, Love Affair 1939,

You Can't Get Away With Murder, Thanks for the Memory, Sing, You Sinners, Four Daughters 1938, 

Married Before Breakfast, Big City, True Confession, San Francisco, Wife vs Secretary 1936, Red Salute,

Three Kids and a Queen, Ah, Wilderness! 1935, Rendezvous, Princess O'Hara, The Gilded Lily,

One New York Night, The President Vanishes, The Cat's-Paw, A Woman's Man, Palooka, They Learned About Women,

The Drake Case, The Million Dollar Collar 1929, Shadows of the Night, Lights of New York 1928,

Dressed to Kill,  The Small Bachelor, My Friend From India, The Kid Sister 1927

Andrew Duggan

    A Return to Salem's Lot 1987, Doctor Detroit, Frankenstein Island, The Private Files of J. Edgar Hoover 1977, Bone, Skin Game,

In Like Flint 1967, The Incredible Mr. Limpett, Palm Springs Weekend 1963, PT 109 1963,  FBI Code 98, The Chapman Report,

Decision at Sundown, Seven Days in May 1964, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? 1962, Splendor in the Grass, Patterns 1956

Patty Duke

     The Valley of the Dolls 1967, The Miracle Worker 1962, The Four Children of Tander Welch, Kimberly 1999, Prelude to a Kiss,

The Swarm 1978, By Design, Billie 1965, You'll Like My Mother 1972, The Daydreamer, Billie 1965, 4D Man, The Goddess 1958,

Country Music Holiday

Douglas Dumbrille

     The Declaration of Independence (short) 1924, Blondie of the Follies, The Silk Express, Baby Face 1933, Female, Operator 13,

Air Hawks, The Calling of Dan Matthews, Mr. Deeds Goes to Town 1936, The Buccaneer, The Mysterious Rider,

The Three Musketeers, A Day at the Races 1937, Crime and Punishment, Mr. Moto in Danger Island, Virginia City,

The Big Store, Du Barry Was a Lady 1943, Road to Utopia, Monsieur Beaucaire, I Married an Angel, Dragnet,

Riders of the Whistling Pines, Captain John Smith and Pocahontas, Jupiter's Darling,

The Ten Commandments, Air Control, Shock Treatment 1964

Ralph Dumke

All in a Night's Work 1961, Elmer Gantry 1960, Loving You, The Buster Keaton Story, The Solid Gold Cadillac 1956, Francis in the Haunted House, When Gangland Strikes, Forever, Darling, Invasion of the Body Snatchers 1956, Artists and Models, The Desperate Hours, Hell's Island, Daddy Long Legs 1955, Violent Saturday, They Rode West, Massacre Canyon, Alaska Seas, Beautiful But Dangerous, Hannah Lee: An American Primitive, The President's Lady, Holiday for Sinners, We're Not Married 1952, The San Francisco Story, Carbine Williams, The Mob 1951, The Law and the Lady, The Fireball, The Breaking Point 1950, All the King's Men 1949, Stars in Stripes (short), Sea Sore (short) 1934

Margaret Dumont

    What a Way to Go!, Shake, Rattle and Rock!, Three for Bedroom C 1952, Sunset in Eldorado, The Horn Blows at Midnight 1945,

 Never Give a Sucker an Even Break, The Big Store, A Day at the Races 1937, A Night at the Opera,  Reckless, Fifteen Wives,

 Duck Soup 1933Animal Crackers 1930The Cocoanuts 1929, A Tale of Two Cities 

Dixie Dunbar

       Borrah Minnevitch and His Harmonica Rascals (short) 1933, George White's Scandals, Educating Father, Girls' Dormitory,

 Pigskin Parade, Life Begins in College 1937, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm 1938Alexander's Ragtime Band 1938,

ncan Once Over Lightly (short)

Arletta Duncan

Damged Goods, Mile a Minute Love, Menace, Unknown Blonde, The Gallant Fool, Back Street 1932, Night World 1932, Frankenstein 1931

Johnny Duncan

Spartacus 1960, Juke Box Rhythm, Rock Around the Clock 1957, Running Wild, The Caine Mutiny 1954, The Wild One 1953, Miss Sadie Thompson 1953, Military Policeman, The Pride of St. Louyis 1952, With a Song in My Heart 1952, Bedtime for Bonzo, David and Bathsheba, Walk Softly Stranger, Street Corner, Summer Stock 1950, The Woman on Pier 13 1949, Johnny O'Clock, Gay Blades, Mr. Muggs Rides Again, The Horn Blows at Midnight, 30 Seconds Over Tokyo, Irish Eyes Are Smiling, A Fig Leaf for Eve, Swing High 1943, The Gang's All Here 1943, Campus Rhythm, Mystery of the 13th Guest, Teen Age, Clancy Street Boys, Call of the Canyon, Jitterbug, Plan 9 From Outer Space 1959

Duncan as Robin

Mary Duncan

Morning Glory 1933, Thirteen Women, The Phantom of Crestwood, Five and Ten 1931, Men Call It Love, The Boudoir Diplomat, Very Confidential, Soft Living, 4 Devils 1928, The River, Romance of the Rio Grande, City Girl 1930, Kismet 1930

Pamela Duncan

Personal Services, Summer and Smoke, Career 1959, Attack of the Crab Monsters, My Gun is Quick 1957, Julie,

The Undead, The Saracen Blade, A Blueprint for Murder 1953, Confidence Girl, Whistling Hills

Jimmie Dundee

Somebody Loves Me, Just for You, My Son John, My Favourite Spy, Rhubarb, Rendezvous, At War With the Army, Branded 1950, Fancy Pants, Paid in Full, Red, Hot and Blue, The Lady Gambles, Whispering Smith, Night Has a Thousand Eyes, A Foreign Affair, Easy Come, Easy Go, The Mighty McGurk, The Perils of Pauline 1947, A Yankee in King Arthur's Court, Champion, Hazard, Chicago Deadline, Paid in Full, Dark City, Force of Evil 1948, Dear Ruth, Suddenly It's Spring, California, Deadline for Murder, The Virginian, The Bells of St, Mary's 1945, Road to Utopia, The Unseen, Incendiary Blonde, Bring on the Girls, Hail, the Conquering Hero, Sullivan's Travels, Life With Henry, Women Without Names, Confessions of a Nazi Spy 1939, Union Pacific, Mr. Moto on Danger Island, Hideaway Girl, High Tension, Pursuit, Sing and Like It, Pick-up

Eddie Dunn

Buckaroo Sheriff of Texas, Gun Crazy, Whirlpool, Mighty Joe Young, Incident, The Big Punch, Alias a Gentleman, Call Northside 777 1948, The Flame, Cass Timberlane 1947, Louisiana, Slave Girl, The Hal Roach Comedy Carnival, Love Laughs at Andy Hardy 1946, Lady Luck, Cloak and Dagger, Dangerous Business, The Hoodlum Saint, Life With Blondie 1945, State Fair 1945, Lady on a Train 1945, Bewitched, Circumstantial Evidence, Brewster's Millions, Army Wives, Greenwich Village, A Fig Leaf for Eve, 3 Men in White, Cover Girl, So's Your Uncle, The Falcon in Danger 1943, Dixie Dugan, The Falcon Strikes Back, The Falcon's Brother 1942, My Sister Eileen, A Night to Remember, Secrets of G32, The Gay Falcon 1941, Three Girls About Town, The Saint in Palm Springs 1941, Mexican Spitfire Out West, Design for Scandal, Boom Town 1940, Double Alibi, The Phantom Creeps, Second Fiddle, Three Smart Girls Grow Up 1939, Cafe Society, Tail Spin, Kentucky, The Storm, Too Hot to Handle, The Chaser, Wells Fargo, Born Reckless, Angel's Holiday, China Passage, Man of the People, The Big Broadcast of 1937, Murder With Pictures, Rhythm on the Range, The Preview Murder Mystery, The Milky Way, A Face in the Fog 1936, Stolen Harmony, Annie Oakley, Car 99, Biography of a Bachelor Girl, Private Detective 62, What Price Hollywood?, Riders of the North, Finn and Hattie, The Real McCoy (short), Hurdy Gurdy (short), Crazy Feet (short), The Fleet's In, Dawn, Shells and Shivers (short), Rips and Rushes (short), Sand, Scamps and Strategy (short), The Shop Girl 1916

Emma Dunn

The Woman in White 1948, Mourning Becomes Electra 1947, Life With Father, The Hoodlum Saint, The Bridge at San Luis Rey,

The Horn Blows at Midnight, Irish Eyes Are Smiling, It Happened Tomorrow, When Johnnie Comes Marching Home 1943, 

Hoosier Holiday, The Talk of the Town, I Married a Witch, Babes on Broadway, Dr. Kildare's Wedding Day 1941, The Penalty,

Ladies in Retirement, Mr. and Mrs. Smith 1941, Scattergood Baines, Little Orvie, Dr. Kildare's Strange Case 1940, 

Dr. Kildare Goes Home 1940, High School, Dr. Kildare's Crisis 1940 Calling Dr. Kildare 1939, The Secret of Dr. Kildare 1939,

Each Dawn I Die 1939, Son of Frankenstein, The Duke of West Point, Young Dr. Kildare 1938, The Crowd Roars, 

Waikiki Wedding, Hideaway, Varsity Show, Madame X, Mr. Deeds Goes to Town 1936, Seven Keys to Baldpate, 

Ladies Crave Excitement, Flirtation, Little Big Shot, It's Great to Be Alive, Elmer the Great, Broken Lullaby, Hell's House 1932, 

Lotty Lynton, The Cohens and the Kellys in Hollywood, The Guilty Generation, Too Young to Marry, Compromised, 

Morals for Women 1931, Bad Sister, The Prodigal, Side Street 1929, Old Lady 31 1920, Mother 1914


James Dunn

    Bad Girl 1931The Girl in 419 1933Stand Up and Cheer 1934, Mysterious Crossing, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn 1945,

A Wonderful Life, That Brennan Girl, The Bramble Bus, The Oscar 1966

Josephine Dunn

Birth of a Baby 1938, The Seminoles, Playthings of Desire, Fast Life, Big City Blues 1932, Forbidden Company, Murder at Dawn 1932, Two Kinds of Women, Air Police, Madonna of the Streets 1930, Second Honeymoon, Red Hot Rhythm, Big Time, Our Modern Maidens 1929, A Most Immortal Lady, Melody Lane, Black Magic, China Bound, The Sin Sister, Excess Baggage, We Americans, Get Your Man, The Singing Fool, Love's Greatest Mistake, The Sorrows of Satan, It's the Old Army Game, Fascinating Youth 1926

Liam Dunn

   That's My Man, Catch 22 1970, What's Up Doc?, The World's Greatest Athlete, A Reflection of Fear 1973, Charley and the Angel.

Papillon 1973, Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein 1974, Bank Shot, Herbie Rides Again, Silent Movie 1976, Gus, High Velocity

Ralph Dunn

Dick Tracy 1945, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre 1948, My Girl Tisa, The Big Clock 1948, April Showers, Jinx Money, Canon City, They Live By Night, Lady at Midnight, The Strange Mrs. Cane, Incident, Force of Evil 1949, Miss Mink of 1949, The Secret Fury, Surrender, Murder Inc., The Lemon Drop Kid, A Place in the Sun 1951, Taxi, The Pajama Game 1957, From the Terrace, Black Like Me, Phantom Lady, Wilson, The Hairy Ape, Strange Affair, Laura 1944The Woman in the Window 1944, Hollywood Canteen, Escape In the Fog, Within These Wall, Anchors Aweigh, Splitface, Scarlet Street, The Falcon in San Francisco, Deadline at Dawn, The Dark Corner, Big Town, Sister Kenny, The Strange Woman, Gallant Bess, Lady in the Lake 1947, Undercover Girl, Heartaches, Dragnet, Rpad to Rio 1947Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Blonde Inspiration, Sleepers West, Two Latins From Manhattan, Manpower 1941, International Lady, Confessions of Boston Blackie, Ship Ahoy, Moontide, Syncopation 1942, My Sister Eileen, Street of Chance, Blackie Goes to Hollywood, Strictly in the Groove, The Falcon Strikes Back, Crazy to Kill, Pilot #5, Government Girl 1943, Moonlight in Vermont, Tornado, City Girl 1938, A Slight Case of Murder 1938, The Patient in Room 18, Island in the Sky, Romance in the Sun, Private Nurse, Prison Break, Garden of the Moon, The Storm, Tail Spin 1939, Blind Alley, Waterfront, One Hour to Live, Another Thin Man 1939, The Green Hornet, The Fighting 69th, Double Alibi, Johnny Apollo, Girl in 313 1940, Margie,  Public Deb #1, Murder Over New York,  The Crowd Roars 1932, Stranded, Bullets or Ballots, Cain and Mabel, Girl Overboard, Marked Woman 1937San Quentin 1937, Kid Galahad, Reported Missing, Dangerously Yours, 

Elizabeth Dunne

  Stage Door 1937, Naughty But Nice, Blondie Takes a Vacation , Cat People 1942, A Double Life, Surrender 1950


Stephen Dunne

 Junior Miss 1945, Doll Face, The Crime Doctor's Diary, The Woman From Tangiers 1948, The Underworld Story,

Miss Grant Takes Richmond, Lady Possessed 1952, Cha-Cha -Cha Boom!, Ten Thousand Bedrooms, I Married a Woman,

The Explosive Generation 1961, Home Before Dark, Hand of Death, The Late Liz 1971, Superdad

Mildred Dunnock

    The Invisible Man's Revenge, Death of a Salesman , Kiss of Death 1947The Corn is Green 1945, , Viva Zapata!, The Jazz Singer,

Bad for Each Other, Hansel and Gretal, The Trouble With Harry 1955, Love Me Tender, Baby Doll 1956, Peyton Place,

Butterfield 8 1960, The Nun's Story, Something Wild, Sweet Bird of Youth , Behold a Pale Horse, Whatever Happened to Aunt Alice?,

The Pick-Up Artist 1987The Spiral Staircase 1975, I Want You 1951

June Duprez

The Four Feathers 1939, The Lion has Wings 1940, Little Tokyo U.S.A., Tiger Fangs, Forever and a Day, 

Then There Were None 1945,  +1 (Exploring the Kinsey Reports), None But the Lonely Heart 1944, Calcutta, The Brighton Strangler, 

The Thief of Bagdad, They Raid By Night, U-Boat 29

Jimmy Durante

    New Adventures of Get Rich Quick Wallingford 1931, Blondie of the Follies, Palooka, Little Miss Broadway 1938 , Carnival,

The Man Who Came to Dinner, It Happened in Brooklyn 1947Frosty the Snowman (voice), It's a Mam, Mad, Mad, Mad World,

The Milkman 1950, Two Girls and a Sailor

Dorothea Durham

Cabin in the Sky 1943, Hit Parade of 1943, The Duke is Tops, Vogues of 1938, New Faces of 1937

Junior Durkin

Tom Sawyer 1930, Huckleberry Finn 1931, Hell's House 1932, Manhunt, Big Hearted Herbert, Ready for Love, 

Little Men 1934, Chasing Yesterday

Charles Durning

      Harvey Middleman, Fireman 1965, Stiletto, I Walk the Line, Sisters, The Sting 1973, The Front Page, Dog Day Afternoon,

The Fury, An Enemy of the People, The Muppet, Movie 1979When a Stranger Calls, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas,

Tootsie 1982, A Tiger's Tale, It Nearly Wasn't Christmas, To Be or Not to Be 1983, When a Stranger Calls Back,

The Hudsucker Proxy, Home for the Holidays 1995 , Elmo Saves Christmas, Shelter, O Brother, Where Art Thou ,

State of the Main, Death and Texas, The Golden Boys 2008, Deal, Good Dick, Room and Board 

Dan Duryea

    The Pride of the Yankees, Ball of Fire 1941, The Little Foxes 1941, Mrs. Parkington, Scarlet Street, Black Bart,

 Larceny, Winchester '73, Chicago Calling 1952, Thunder Bay, Lady on a Train 1945, Terror Street , Storm Fear, Battle Hymn,

The Woman in the Window 1944, Slaughter on 10th Avenue 1957, The Burglar, Platinum High School, Six Black Horses,

The Flight of the Phoenix 1965, The Bamboo Saucer, Incident at Phantom Hill, Criss Cross 1949

Marlo Dwyer

     Airport, Not as a Stranger, Lady in the Iron Mask, Dangerous Mission, Missing Women, Short Grass, A Life of Her Own 1950, 

Mrs. O'Malley and Mr. Malone 1950, Caged, The Woman on Pier 13, Follow Me Quietly, Crossfire 1947,

Blondie Goes to College 1942, Under Age, Tradewinds, Lady Be Careful, Florida Special, Footlight Parade 1933

Ruth Dwyer

Slightly Dangerous 1943, For Me and My Gal, Calling Dr. Gillespie 1942, Unfinished Business, Mannequin, A Hero Fort a Night, The Racing Fool, White Pants Willie, Stepping Along, The Nest, The Patent Leather Pug, Crack o' Dawn, White Fang , The Canvas Kisser, Seven Chances 1925, The Gambling Fool, Cornered 1924, The Reckless Age 1924, Jack O'Clubs, His Mystery Girl, Clay Dollars, The Evil Eye, The Lurking Peril 1919

Franklin Dyall

        Prince Charlie, All at Sea 1940, Mr. Satan, Fire Over England , The Case of Gabriel Perry,

  The Private Life of Henry VIII 1933, Men of Steel, The Gaunt Stranger , Atlantic, The Garden of Resurrection 1919,

  Esther 1916Easy Virtue 1928

Richard Dysart 

L.A. Law: The Movie 2002, Hard Rain, Panther, Back to the Future Part III 1990, Wall Street,

The Last Days of Patton (TV) 1986, Blood & Orchids (TV), Pale Rider 1985, Malice in Wonderland (TV), 

Mask, The Thing 1982, Norma Rae (TV), Bitter Harvest (TV), Churchill and the Generals (TV) 1981,

Being There 1979, Prophecy, An Enemy of the People, It Happened One Christmas (TV), 

The Hindenburg 1973, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (TV) 1975, The Crazy World of Julius Vrooder, 

The Terminal Man, The Hospital 1971, Petulia, The Sporting Club, The Lost Man, 

The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman (TV) 1973, Love With the Proper Stranger 1963

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